Need for Speed

Need for Speed game rating
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Need for Speed (2016)

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The story revolves around the main protagonist and 5 other racers in a ragtag group. Spike, Amy, Robyn, Manu, and Travis race for reputation and money to impress their racing idols. The racing idols are Magnus Walker, Akira Nakai, Risky Devil, Shinichi Morohoshi and Ken Block. Eventually, the protagonist becomes the ultimate icon by beating all the idols and the other 5 racers

The game features many real-life tuning companies. It also has only dawn to dusk racing which did not go well with some critics. The game is the best in terms of visuals and is very close to the real deal.

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shad0fx's picture

shad0fx 3 months 1 week ago

One of my guilty pleasures of the Need for Speed games to fall back on. The live-action sequences were funny. There was a little attempt at depth with the story but overall it was kind of so-so for the story. For gameplay, it felt like the controls were a lot better than they had been for previous titles.

albertalba's picture

albertalba 3 years 9 months ago

I've never been much into racing games but I got the chance to play this via Origins. Considering that the last racing game I've played was the ancient Lotus series in DOS, NFS gave me a good look at the modern racing game experience

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