Top 15 Greatest Weapons in D&D (Most Legendary Weapons)

D&D best weapons
A cloaked character wields a Sword of Answering

In Dungeons and Dragons, What are the most legendary weapons of all time?

There are hundreds of weapons in Dungeons and Dragons’ rich history. With such variety, it can be hard to know which ones are better than others. In this list, we will break down the most Legendary weapons in the game!

15. Defender

The glowing hilt of the Defender [Photo Credit: Wizards of the Coast]

Our list kicks off with the Defender, a weapon that proves to be just as protective to its wielder as it is dangerous to enemies. A light blue aura originates from a bright gem that sits at the top of the hilt. 

 Each time the blade is used at the start of a character’s turn, they have the option of channeling energy from the gem into the aura, at the expense of striking power. If they choose to do this, a transparent shield blast forth from the base of the Defender, and arcane sigils around the edge of the shield seem to pulse ever so slightly. 

Whether you are fighting Kuo-toa cultists in the deepest parts of the Underdark or taking on a fire giant in the heart of a volcano, the Defender could mean the difference between life and death.

Defender Stats:

  • Functions as a +3 sword (can be any sword)
  • Attack bonus can be transferred to AC
  • Requires Attunement

Why this weapon is legendary:

  • The Defender allows for the perfect combination of offense/defense
  • It has a glowing shield!
  • Could be the reason that a giant’s axe misses your party’s Paladin or a dangerous Inflict Wounds spell bounces off your Fighter. 
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