[Top 15] D&D Best Potions That Are Useful

Although oils and potions are not as exciting or as shiny as gems, gold, and jewels, they are both useful and valuable in D&D 5e campaigns. Hiding potions in treasure chests is also a fun way for GMs to award PCs for a good encounter. In this article, the liquids mentioned are not always ingested, as they can also be used to cover weapons. Also, unless otherwise mentioned, the item names are potions. Read on to find out more about amazing oils and potions that can be purchased in an apothecary or found along the way!

15. Animal Friendship 

The first item on this list is the Potion of Animal Friendship. If you shake the vial, you may notice a less than appetizing concoction of fish scales, hummingbird tongues, cat claws, and squirrel hairs. If you can get past the grossness (good thing this is roleplay rather than for real), this potion turns into a spell that can be cast on an animal that is both seen and heard. This potion can be quite useful if the party is trying to navigate in the wilderness where lots of predators can be found. It would also be kind of cool to have this potion for camping and hiking in real life except drinking it would be rough. 

Why Animal Friendship Is Fun

  • This is an effective way to make friends with an animal rather than to cause them harm. 
  • After drinking this potion, they will be able to understand the animal’s motives. That can be useful for cooperation rather than confrontation.
  • Animal Friendship is great because it can be used on any animal. Unless the GM differs, the potion affects all animals. 

Animal Friendship details:

  • The spell lasts up to one hour, and the target of the spell needs to make a DC save of 13. 
  • If the caster or party attempts to harm the animal, the effect is canceled. 
  • This potion is both uncommon and valuable, as each vial costs between 125 gp - 200 gp.

14. Flying

This is another potion that I would love to use in real-life scenarios. Although not as repugnant as other potions, the liquid looks a bit unpleasant to taste as it is clear and floaty with impurities. When the PC drinks this potion, they gain flying speed equal to walking speed for an hour. However, after exactly one hour, the PC will tumble unless they have another method of staying in the air. 

Why Flying Is Fun

  • Flying rather than walking can be a great way to avoid an encounter with monsters or if seen, to avoid being struck by opponents.  
  • This potion would also help party members who do not have a high dexterity score keep up with the others. 
  • An hour is a long time to be flying. The PC could gain a lot of ground in that time.

Flying details:

  • Not only is the PC allowed to fly, but they are also allowed to hover. 
  • As a very rare potion, a vial is worth 500 gp. 
  • The highest height of flying can be determined by your GM. 

13. Giant Size

Can you imagine, especially as a medium or smaller character, drinking a potion and then becoming Huge for 24 hours? Everything else grows along with the character: armor, clothing, weaponry, and carried items. The Potion of Giant Size is Legendary, meaning that it is difficult to find, let alone use! When you do find this potion, the ingredients are disgusting: a white liquid with the tongue of a giant clam. It smells like rotting algae but has a sickly-sweet flavor. Bottoms up! 

Why Giant Size Is Fun

  • For 24 hours, the PC who drinks this potion will have a Strength of 25 and hit points are doubled.
  • The extra strength, hit points, and damage will be useful against larger creatures, like dragons or other giants. 
  • This is a great potion for small or medium sized PCs who normally do not have a high Strength score. 

Giant Size details:

  • Reach of melee attacks increases by 5 feet. 
  • If the PC is larger than medium size, the potion will not work. 
  • Damage for weapons is three times the normal size. (As an example, roll a 3d8 instead of a 1d8) 

12. Healing 

The Potion of Healing is a glimmering red liquid. In my opinion, this is the most useful potion on this list because it restores hit points and returns the character back to health. The greater the healing potion, the more hit points that are restored. Read on to find out more details about the Potion of Healing!

Why Healing Is Fun

  • The potion of healing is fun because it saves the cleric spell slots when drinking healing potions. 
  • These potions are important to have on hand in case of a rough encounter and your party’s healer is out of commission. 
  • GMs can place healing potions around the venue for PCs, especially after a difficult encounter. 

Healing details:

  • Healing potions are common and easy to find. PCs can purchase them for 50 gp.  
  • Common Healing restores 2d4+2 hit points and Greater Healing restores 4d4+4 hit points. 
  • Superior Healing restores 8d4+8 hit points and Supreme Healing restores 10d4+20 hit points. 

11. Heroism 

Who doesn’t want to be a Hero in the game? (Well, maybe a stealthy assassin rogue, but that’s beside the point.) Luckily, the PC doesn’t have to choke down a totally disgusting liquid, as the potion appears to be blue, bubbling, and steamy. After drinking the last drop, the PC will gain both hit points and the same effects as the Bless spell without having to concentrate. Read on to find out the benefits of the Potion of Heroism!  

Why Heroism Is Fun

  • Whoever rinks this potion will temporarily gain 10 hit points. 
  • This potion is great to have, especially if the player who drinks the potion is down on hit points. The temporary boost may save the character, especially during a rough encounter.
  • Also, after drinking the potion, the Bless spell is also in effect for 1 hour. 

Heroism details:

  • The Potion of Heroism is rare, so the cost is approximately 180 gp per vial. 
  • PCs who use this potion will enjoy the effects for exactly 1 hour. 
  • With the Bless spell, the PC will roll a 1d4 for bonus points on attacks and saving throws. 

10. Invisibility

The Potion of Invisibility is one of my top choices. There’s something exciting about being able to disappear and lurk around. The Potion of Invisibility can be used to hide from enemies, to open treasure without owners knowing about it, or to find out information without being detected. Read on to find out more about this fantastic potion! 

Why Invisibility Is Fun

  • This would be a great opportunity to spy and sneak up behind enemies without being seen. 
  • The PC has exactly 1 hour to move around and not be seen. 

Invisibility details:

  • This is an expensive potion and costs about 600 gp per vial. 
  • The potion is null and void if the PC attempts to cast a spell or attack an opponent. 
  • The PC will want to find another place to hide, as the spell ends after exactly 1 hour. 

9. Invulnerability 

It someone with a strong stomach to chug this potion, because the tasty ingredients of this glowing light liquid are either a Hydra’s heart, or the blood of a champion gladiator. These potions are rumored to be toted in iron flasks, and the liquid has a syrupy texture, and have both a tart and iron-like taste. However, the payoff would be worth it, as the PC would have invulnerability. Read on to find out more! 

Why Invulnerability Is Fun

  • To be invulnerable would be invaluable in combat, especially if the battle is fierce and your healers are out of range or out of commission.
  • The PC enjoys immunity for exactly 1 minute to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. 

Invulnerability details:

  • This potion is both legendary and valuable, worth 3,840 gp. 
  • PCs will have to act fast because the duration of this spell is only 1 minute. 

8. Longevity 

The Potion of Longevity is literally the fountain of youth in the world of D&D! In my research, there are different ingredients for this recipe: adder’s fang, dead spider, mummy lord wrappings, a philosopher’s stone, planetar pinion (I don’t even know what that is),  and a tiny heart. The amber elixir sounds delicious, but the benefits are worth it. Read on to find out more about the Potion of Longevity!   

Why Longevity Is Fun

  • After drinking the potion, the PC’s age is reduced by 1d6+6 years. The youngest age is 13. 
  • If the PC wants to drink an additional Potion of Longevity, there is a 10 percent chance that they will age 1d6+6 years. 

Longevity details:

  • The potion is considered as very rare, and quite valuable. The cost of a vial is 9,000 gp!
  • The effects of the potion occur immediately. 

7. Maximum Power

The Potion of Maximum Power is a spellcaster’s dream, because of the massive amount of damage a PC can inflict on an opponent. When opening the vial to drink, the liquid is a glowing purple color. The smell is pleasant, like plum and sugar. However, there is a muddy flavor to the potion. Read on to find out more about the awesomeness of the Maximum Power Potion! 

Why Maximum Power Is Fun

  • Spellcasters can use a 4th level spell or lower and inflict the maximum damage to an opponent. A dice roll is not necessary after drinking this potion. 
  • The Potion of Maximum Power is great to use against an enemy that has a lot of hit points. 

Maximum Power details:

  • This potion is designed only for spellcasters. 
  • The effects of this potion range from immediate to 1 minute. 
  • Although rare, the cost of this potion is 1,400 gp. 

6. Mind Reading

The Potion of Mind Reading is a great spell to have if you want to understand the motives of a creature. The concoction consists of a thick purple liquid with floating shades of pink. The ingredients of the potion are a bit stomach-churning: Mind-flayer brain or aboleth blood. When imbibed, the PC will be able to cast a Detect Thoughts spell on the creature. The affected party will have to make a DC 13 save or the caster can read their thoughts. Read on to find out more about this potion!

Why Mind Reading Is Fun

  • The potion is great to use for interrogation if the PC wants to ask the opponent a question. 
  • PCs may be able to gather insight and avoid battle. 

Mind Reading details:

  • A vial of this rare potion is valued at 450 gp. 
  • The affected target must have an Intelligence score of 3 or the potion will not work. 
  • The potion works with any creature in sight within 30 feet. 

5. Oil of Etherealism

For PCs who want or need to disengage from an encounter, the Oil of Etherealism is useful. Unlike a potion where the liquid would be consumed, the Oil of Etherealism, a cloudy gray oil, is applied on the skin, much like sunscreen. It’s a good thing it is not drunk because the main ingredient is the eye of a night hag. Also, this oil covers the PC, the weapons, and equipment for 1 hour. Read on to find out why this oil is excellent to have on hand! 

Why Oil of Etherealism Is Fun

  • This is the perfect potion to use if you are getting pummeled in combat and need to make a quick getaway. 
  • The Oil of Etherealism is great to use for information gathering, basically for snooping or spying. 
  • Who would not want to walk through doors, objects, and walls? 

Oil of Etherealism details: 

  • The oil is slathered on like a lotion, and It takes 10 minutes. 
  • One vial will suffice for beings that are Medium size or smaller; otherwise, it will require an extra vial. 
  • This rare potion is worth 1,200 gp. 

4. Oil of Sharpness

The Oil of Sharpness is useful to enhance piercing and slashing weapons and works on ammunition as well. The oil is clear, sparkly, and contains miniscule silver shards. Somewhere out there, Dracula is missing his teeth, because vampire fangs are the main ingredient. Read on to find out more about this very rare and awesome item! 

Why Oil of Sharpness Is Fun 

  • The Oil of Sharpness has +3 for attack and damage, so this may help defeat enemies in combat. 
  • This will be great to use if the opponent has high armor class and is difficult to hit. 

Oil of Sharpness details:

  • You can slather up to 5 pieces of ammunition or one piercing or slashing weapon per vial.
  • The oil takes 1 minute to apply to the weapons or ammunition. 
  • A vial of this oil is valued at 3,200 gp. 

3. Oil of Slipperiness 

This is a great oil to use if you need to be unrestrained or if you want to set a trap for enemies running in your direction. The option of using the oil on the body or on the ground makes this item more versatile. The oil, made of Ochre jelly oil or a specialized type of water weed, is a great defense mechanism. Read on to find out more about the Oil of Slipperiness! 

Why Oil of Slipperiness Is Fun   

  • Wouldn’t it be fun to watch your enemies slip and fall in an encounter?  
  • While wearing the oil, the PC cannot be paralyzed, restrained, or slowed by non-magical means. 
  • Also, the PC cannot be affected by Difficult Terrain.

Oil of Slipperiness details:  

  • The Oil of Slipperiness takes about 10 minutes to apply and can cover a 10-foot radius on the ground. 
  • Unlike many other oils and potions, the Oil of Slipperiness lasts for 8 hours. 
  • This uncommon item is worth 480 gp. 

2. Speed

The Potion of Speed is great for PCs who can use a dexterity boost (It would also be a great potion to have in real life to combat the afternoon slump). When opening the vial, the liquid inside is a mix of yellow and black. Ingredients of this concoction consist of Demilich dust or marilith sword. Read on to find out why the Potion of Speed is among the best!

Why Speed Is Fun

  • The PC who drinks the potion will double their speed, gain an additional action per turn, increases AC by +2, and has advantage on Dexterity saving throws. 
  • This is great to use against a difficult opponent and can be used as a hasty retreat if overpowered in combat. 

Speed details: 

  • The Potion of Speed is very rare and worth 400 gp. 
  • The potion’s effect lasts for 1 minute. 
  • After the spell ends, the PC will be exhausted and not able to use an action or move until the following round. 

1. Vitality 

The Potion of Vitality would be amazing to have in real life! It’s restorative nature is great for PCs who have been through a difficult encounter. Apparently, the potion is made from the heart of a Nalfeshnee, and the red liquid pulses when the vial is opened. Read on to find out why the Potion of Vitality is among the best!

Why Vitality Is Fun

  • After drinking this elixir, any exhaustion or fatigue is immediately erased. 
  • Any diseases or adverse effects from poisons are automatically healed. 
  • This potion is great to have after a difficult encounter. 
  • Using this potion may save a spell slot and give your party’s healer a rest. 

Vitality details: 

  • This very rare potion is valued at 960 gp. 
  • The potion takes effect immediately. 
  •  Any hit points lost within 24 hours are restored.
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