Battlefield 5 Best Weapons For Every Class (2019 Edition)

Battlefield 5 Best Weapons
This years Battlefield 5 comes packed with a punch

What Are The Best Guns in BF5?

Here are some tips to choosing the best gun per class. Each gun has been given their pros and cons to better understand why they are the best to use when becoming better.

At the end of this guide you will be improving your game through using these guns and getting more kills! 

Best Guns for Medic Class

It’s tough being a medic in a game where survival is key. Your main focus is keeping your teammates alive through med kits and reviving them.

You are limited to SMGs when it comes to primary weapons. However in any case they can be the impactful factor when trying to get those kills your team needs.

Every good medic needs a gun that can help keep them alive when trying to revive a downed teammate.

Here are the best guns to use when playing as the medic class.

Best weapon for Medic: Suomi KP-31

Luckily for any medic the Suomi KP-31 is known for its fire damage and accuracy. This makes it any medic’s number one go to weapon when trying to stay alive. 

Weapon Statistics For The Soumi KP-31:

Unlocked At Rank: 1
Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic & Automatic
Rate Of Fire:

  • 770RPM [Standard Magazine]
  • 981RPM [Light Bolt Magazine]

Magazine Size(s):

  • 20 Rounds [Standard Magazine]
  • 50 Rounds [Extended Magazine]

Starting Ammunition:

  • 60+20 Rounds [Standard Magazine]
  • 100+50 Rounds [Extended Magazine]

Maximum Ammunition:

  • 80+20 Rounds [Standard Magazine]
  • 150+50 Rounds [Extended Magazine]

Here’s why the Soumi KP-31 makes the list:

  • Consider the Suomi KP-31 to be better when compared to its predecessors in Battlefield 3 the MP7 or MP90.
  • A weapon that suffers from its range ability yet makes up for the lack of distance with its accuracy in close combat while, packing a kick that outmatched by any other SMG in its class.
  • The Suomi KP-31 at first may suffer from its 20 bullets per magazine, it can be upgraded to allow the player a magazine capacity of 50 bullets.
  • A beast when it comes to hip firing and medium range combat action.
  • Pair with a combination of an m1911 and a few smoke grenades to get maximum effect of its use.

The Best Setup For the Soumi KP-31:

  • Slings and Swivels
  • Ported Barrel
  • Extended Magazine
  • Recoil Buffer

To see the Soumi KP-31 in action there is an awesome video below that highlights its finest moments in war.

2nd best weapon for Medic: MP 40

The MP 40 wrecks havoc in every combat situation that the soldier faces in battlefield 5

This weapon has the ability to be useful in both long range and medium range combat. However, in any common case SMGs aren’t always useful when it comes to long range combat.  The reason for that is the fact these guns sometimes have a way of straying bullets due to its kick. This particular SMG has been a franchise favorite since Battlefield 1942.  Here is why the MP-40 is a veteran soldier must have weapon.

Weapon Statistics For MP40:

Unlocked At Rank: 4
Firemode:  Automatic
Rate Of Fire: 540 RPM
Ammunition Type: MP40 Projectile
Magazine size: 32 Rounds
Starting Ammunition Size: 5 Magazines
Maximum Ammunition Size: 5 Magazines
Reload Time: 4.3 Seconds

Here’s why the MP-40 makes the list:

  • The MP 40 is benefiting in both scenarios of close and long range combat.
  • Second best option when it comes to going against Assault and Support class players.
  • Doesn’t sacrifice its rate of fire through the difficulty of long range combat
  • Pair with a trench pistol and light AT grenades for better use when in close action combat.
  • An identical twin of the Thompson in comparison to spread, damage rate, and recoil patterns.
  • Has a slightly faster reload time than the Thompson in this class.

The Best Setup for the MP40:

  • Quick Reload
  • Enhanced Grips
  • Barrel Bedding
  • Recoil Buffer

To see this beast of a weapon known as the MP-40 in action you can visit the link below for its best highlights.

3rd best weapon for Medic: Thompson Gun

A favorite classic of any mafia action movie, this Tommy gun has surpassed a vast amount of wars both on mafia war turfs and the militant war. 

A weapon that has become a fan favorite of the franchise ever since Battlefield 1942.  The Thompson gun is tied to comparison of the Suomi KP-31 for its performance. A go to weapon when it comes to getting immersed into the thrill of combat at close range. It is hard to leave this weapon off the list.  As it is one of my current favorites to use in game during  close combat action. Who could forget the nostalgic feel of the godfather and other mafia movies?

Weapon statistics of the Thompson:

Unlocked At Rank: 20
Fire mode:  Automatic
Rate Of Fire: 

  • 720 RPM [Standard Magazine]
  • 900 RPM [Lightning Bolt]

Magazine Size(s): 

  • 20  Rounds[Standard Magazine]
  • 50 Rounds   [Extended Magazine]

Starting Ammunition Size(s): 

100+50 Rounds [Extended Magazine]

Maximum Ammunition Size(s):

  • 80+ 20 Rounds [Standard Magazine]
  • 150+50 Rounds [Extended Magazine]

Here’s Why The Thompson makes  the list:

  • 720 RPM makes this gun one of the best in its class.
  • Slightly better controlling accuracy than the Soumi KP-31
  • Specializations can make this gun the best weapon in the game by far.
  • High Aimed Recoil + lower muzzle velocity makes this gun best for both combat scenarios.

Best attachments for this weapon:

  • Enhanced Grips and Recoil Buffer assist in helping in areas of controllability.
  • Rank 3 Upgrade Light Bolt Bullets improves fire rate to 900 rpm
  • Quick Aim, Ported Barrel, and Polished Action to reduce horizontal and hip fire recoil.
  • Extended Magazine doubles the capacity to 50 rounds per magazine.

To check out the highlights of the Thompson check out the video below for up close action:

Best Weapons For Assault Class

For those experienced in Battlefield 5, we all know how versatile this class can be.

It is the primary go to class when trying to outnumber a tank or objective. This class definitely excels at medium to long range combat compared to the other classes. 

For that matter here is the best weapons to use when choosing the Assault class. Keep in mind that this class specifically has a limitless range of its assault rifles and semi-automatics

Best weapon for Assault: M1A1 Carbine Assault Rifle [M1 Carbine] 

This assault rifle is known to many as being one of the most iconic weapons of World War II

In Battlefield 5 it is clear to see why this assault weapon is one of the most beloved weapons in any historic war.  The M1 Carbine is unlocked for the Assault class upon reaching rank 5. Here is why we feel that this gun is the top choice of Assault classes.

Weapon Statistics:

Unlocked At Rank: 5
Fire mode:  Semi-Automatic
Rate Of Fire: 450 RPM
Ammunition Type: .30 Carbine
Magazine Size(s): 

  • 15+1 Rounds [Standard Magazine]
  • 30+1 Rounds [Extended Magazine]

Starting Ammunition: 
32+ 16 rounds [Standard Magazine]
Partial Reload Time: 2 Seconds
Empty Reload Time:  3.05 Seconds

Here’s why the M1 Carbine makes the list:

  • Four body shot kill up to 50 meters gives players a chance to lay low and play smart before going into close combat action.
  • Suffers from long range abilities however, like most rifles get the job done in close combat action. Players wanting to play long range style should use  High Velocity Bullets. 
  • Highest in Class rate of fire at 450 Rounds per Minute [RPM].
  • Low per-shot recoil that enables players to make the most of its magazines.

For best results with this weapon use this set up:

  • Magnified Optics
  • High Velocity Bullets
  • Extended Magazine specialization

To check the M1 Carbine in action checks out this video below for its best highlights:

2nd best weapon for Assault: TURNER SMLE

The Turner SMLE is one of the best weapons in the assault class. 

The Turner SMLE beats other weapons in the assault class when it comes to  damage and recoil time.  The SMLE is closely compared to being a match made in heaven with the G43.  However, the SMLE does slightly less damage then our number one gun for this class.  Where there is a flaw in this weapon it makes up for its controllability compared to others.  Here are some reasons why the SMLE has made the list for best weapons in the Assault class.

Weapon Statistics For the SMLE:

Unlocked At Rank: 10
Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
Rate Of Fire: 360 RPM
Magazine Size(s):

  • 10 Rounds [Standard Magazine]
  • 20 Rounds [Extended Magazine]
  • 10+1Rounds [Detachable Magazine]

Starting Ammunition Size(s):

  • 30+10 Rounds [Standard Magazine]
  • 40+20 Rounds [Extended Magazine]
  • 44+11 Rounds [Detachable Magazine]

Maximum Ammunition Size(s):

  • 40+10 Rounds [Standard Magazine]
  • 50+20 Rounds [Extended Magazine]
  • 55+11 Rounds [Detachable Magazine]

Partial Reload Time: 2.05 Seconds

The Reasons why this weapon is the best:

  • Slightly more controllable in long range combat compared to other weapons in the assault class.
  • This weapon packs a powerful punch with each bullet like a knockout from Mike Tyson.
  • Mostly intended for long range but can accommodate close combat action.
  • Four body shot kill at 50 Meters.
  • Higher than average rate of fire

The best setup for the Turner SMLE:

  • Quick Aim
  • Enhanced Grips
  • Detachable Magazines
  • Polished Action

To check out the highlights of the Turner SMLE at its finest moments check out the video below:

Best Weapons For Support Class

This class may be the most important class of them all.

As a support class player your job is keeping your teammates well equipped with ammo.

To do this it is best recommended to stay with your team and always equip with as much ammo as possible.

Since you’ll be spending your time supplying your teammates with ammo, it is best to keep in cover while using this class.

Yet what guns could help you along the way to doing this?

Here are the go to guns when it comes to the support class.

There may be limitations in gun use however; this class makes up for it in having the most fortifications. In a nutshell this class is known to be the ultimate team player in Battlefield 5. 

Best weapon for Support: Lewis Gun

The Lewis Gun first entered the war as an anti-aircraft gun during World War II

At first this weapon was made aware of through the “Road to Battlefield V” promotional event for the game. However, since its release there have been a lot of support players who choose to use it due to its versatility. The size of its magazine and amazing accuracy has helped to make this gun a good option for most players. 

Weapon Statistics For The Lewis Gun:

Unlocked At Rank: 10
Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate Of Fire:  540 RPM
Magazine Size(s):

  • 47 rounds [Standard Magazine]
  • 97 rounds [Extended Magazine]

Starting Ammunition Size(s):

  • 94+47 Rounds [Standard Magazine]
  • 97+97 Rounds [Extended Magazine]

Maximum Ammunition Size(s):

  • 94+47 Rounds [Standard Magazine]
  • 97+97 Rounds [Extended Magazine]

The Reasons why this weapon is the best:

  • The largest magazine capacity amongst the Light  Machine Guns at 47 rounds per magazine.
  • One of the most controllable during sustained up close combat due to its relatively mild per shot recoil and a moderate fire rate of 540 Rounds Per Minute.
  • The measured recoil allows the weapon to excel at medium distance combat
  • Best when used with a Bipod for better aiming down sights.

The Best Setup For The Lewis Gun:

  • Extended Magazine
  • Improved Bipod
  • High Velocity Bullets
  • Quick Aim
  • Recoil Buffer
  • Barrel Bedding

To check the Lewis Gun out in action during its finest moments make sure to check out the video below:

2nd best weapon for Support: FG-42

The FG-42 is known to many veteran players as the most versatile that the class has to currently offer. 

In times of trying to keep up with your teammates supplied with ammo. You need to be able to stay close and know your surroundings. For that matter The FG-42 is one of the best options to choose when playing as a support class player. It allows the player to quickly maneuver in and out of cover through hip fire. The FG-42 is known to many veteran players as the most versatile that the class has to currently offer. It has the ability to become your enemies’ worst nightmare in Battlefield 5.  This happens to be one gun that Mr. Regime uses to ply away enemies in close combat action during battlefield 5 streaming.

Weapon Statistics For The FG-42:

Unlocked At Rank: 16
Fire Mode: Fully-Automatic & Semi-Automatic
Rate Of Fire:  670 RPM
Magazine: 20 Rounds
Starting Ammunition: 60+20 Rounds

Why the FG-42 makes the list:

  • The only support class weapon with the ability to mount a bayonet through upgrades.
  • Best when maneuvering out of cover and while being in cover through hip fire accuracy.
  • The highest fire rate of all Light Machine Guns in Battlefield 5.
  • Favors closer range combat than most other Light Machine Guns in the game.
  • Has the quickest time to kill ratio in its class due to high recoil.

The best setup for the FG-42:

  • Quick Aim
  • Barrel Bedding
  • Recoil Buffer
  • Lightened Stock

To see the FG-42 in its finest glory of war check out the video below:

The Best Weapons For Recon Class

For the battlefield 5 players who enjoy sitting back and keeping an eye over the action. Enemies see this class to be known as the gleam of light before they see that fateful white light.

A precise patient minded and well positioned Recon player has the ability to clear most objectives without coming in contact with the enemy. This class comes with two play styles; the sniper who keeps an eye through the scope of a sniper while distancing from the action.

The pathfinder styles, who like most battlefield 5 classes has the ability to move in medium and close range combat. Their ability to scope headshots from a distance away makes this class one to watch out for.

Here are the best weapons to use when playing as a Recon class player.

Best weapon for Recon: Lee Enfield No. 4 MK I

The Lee Enfield No.4 MK I has been a franchise favorite sniper since Battlefield 1942

It was originally allowed to players who choose engineer and recon classes. However, with the improvements of the weapon it has been suited best for Recon players. Veteran Battlefield 5 Recon class players have favored this weapon for its abilities to all medium range accuracy without losing damage rates.  Mr. Regime has been known to never enjoy sniping but when he does he kicks ass with the Lee Enfield No.4.The upgrades for this weapon allows the player to be able to counter anything that may come its way.

Weapon statistics for the Lee Enfield No.4 MK I:

Unlocked At Rank: 1
Fire Modes: Bolt-Action
Rate Of Fire:

72 RPM [Standard Magazine]

84 RPM [Machined Bolt]

Ammunition Type: .303
Magazine Size: 10 Rounds
Starting Ammunition Size: 20+10 Rounds
Maximum Ammunition Size: 30+ 10 Rounds

Why the Lee Enfield No. 4 MK I makes the list:

  • Variable reload times helps keep the player in action.
  • More suitable when it comes to medium range engagements as a Recon class player.
  • Has the largest magazine capacity and highest fire rate of all recon class weapons.
  • Suffers from having the lowest muzzle velocity of 500 m/s.
  • Highest RPM of all sniper rifles in Battlefield 5.

The best setup for the Lee Enfield No. 4 MK I:

  • Quick Aim
  • Machined Bolt
  • Slings and Swivels
  • Variable Zeroing

To see highlights of the Lee Enfield No. 4 MK I in its glory of battle in Battlefield 5 check out the video below: 

2nd best weapon for Recon: Gewehr M95/30

Famous for its useful capabilities in World War I, The Gewehr M95/30 rewards a player who chooses to use it; through a good balance between close and long range combat.  

The key to using this gun is being patient and timing your shots so that if missed, you don’t give up your position on the map.  Thus, if any close by enemies are on your tail you still have a chance to maneuver before they kill you.  With any good sniper rifle, this weapon works perfect with any scope that you attach in Battlefield  5.  It also has the capability to help maneuver when in close combat through the detachable scope.

Weapon Statistics For The Gewehr M95:

Unlocked at rank: 6
Fire Modes: Bolt-Action
Rate Of Fire: 

  • 58 RPM [Standard  Magazine]
  • 67 RPM [Machined Bolt]

Magazine Size: 5 Rounds
Starting Ammunition: 20+5 Rounds
Maximum Ammunition: 30+5 Rounds
Why the Gewehr M95 makes the list:

  • Second best weapon to use in Recon class.
  • Maximum damage is the highest of the Recon class weapons.
  • Damage drop offs doesn’t occur until 30 meters, which is 10 meters longer than other bolt action weapons in Battlefield 5.
  • Consistent reload time due to its en-bloc chip which results in faster reloading times.

The best setup for the Gewehr M95/30:

  • Quick Aim
  • Custom Stock
  • Machined Bolt
  • Variable Zoom

To see the Gewehr M95/30 in battlefield 5 during its moments of glory check out the video below:

Each class has their own benefits to their weapons and ways of play.  It is up to the player to find out which class best fits their way of playing. Battlefield 5 has a way of entertaining and keeping its fan base on the edge of their seats. A way of showing historic moments in a way that is beyond imaginations expectations. This list has been composed of currently what we feel are the best weapons to use no matter the class chosen.

Mr. Regime hopes this list of best weapons to use for each class helps you become the player who ends up kicking ass. The player who ends up helping the team through glory and victorious battles. If you feel there should’ve been a weapon put on the list or left off the list let us know by commenting in the comments below. 

Until next time fellow battlefield troops, stay covered and know thy enemy.  

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