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There are a lot of different ways of playing Banished.

Have you already played Banished with mods?

If you have visited this article, I’m going to assume that you’re one of many fans of Banished, a city-building video game by Shining Rock Software. Perhaps you have played it from A to Z and are wondering what’s next? Perhaps you’re looking for something new and exciting, yet undiscovered, but aren’t ready to move on from your favorite game to a new one? Whichever is your truth, it has brought you here, and your search will be rewarded. If you were looking for new ways to play Banished, ways different from the traditional version of the game, look no further! Here, you’ll find new mods and features that are absolutely worth checking out.

10. Increased Resources Combined

Resources are useful for building structures and roads, heating houses, and making tools.

This is what playing with this mod looks like!

What are resources? Resources are the materials that you need for building, warming up homes, and often in the production of various goods. Banished has such resources as logs, stone, iron, and coal. You can collect some of them from all over the map, others can be obtained from mines and quarries. One of the key factors of a successful city is having all the resources in abundance, and it can be a very delicate balance to maintain.

Why Increased Resources Combined Is Fun

  • Having more of all the resources means spending less time obtaining them, which will let you concentrate on whatever you enjoy the most in the game, whether it’s expanding or decorating.
  • No more taking nervous peeks at your number of tools and worrying you’ll run out of them because of the lack of logs or stone. Just make sure you have enough blacksmiths!
  • Forget about buying resources from merchants in the trading port. Exchange your precious goods for something more useful, like new livestock or new seeds.
  • You won’t need to build as many forester’s cabins, which will give you more space on the map to build other things.
  • Your citizens will never be cold again because now you have enough logs to be chopped into firewood and enough coal to warm their houses. Again, just remember to hire enough woodcutters depending on your population.

Get the mode as part of the main game available on Steam

9. Japanese Facilities

Add an eastern note to your community with this modpack.

As the title suggests, this modpack allows you to build various facilities in the romantic Japanese style. The chief value of this mod is esthetical: it doesn’t offer you any facilities or professions that you won’t find in other mods, but no other mod will offer you these beautiful Japanese structures. So what facilities exactly do we get with this new design?

Why Japanese Facilities Is Fun

  • The first building in Japanese style is the Japanese Temple. It offers your citizens to have a religion and to satisfy their religious needs, which, as you may already know, boosts their happiness.
  • We also get to build a Japanese Shrine. Contrary to what the name suggests, this building will serve as a centre for education rather than for faith.
  • Finally, we get the Japanese School. It serves the same purpose as the Japanese Shrine, but it looks different and it’ll compliment your Japanese neighborhood for sure.

Get the mod here.

8. Japanese Houses

Thanks to this mod, your citizens will have an even larger choice of housing.

What does playing with Japanese houses look like? 

The Japanese Houses modpack will add additional options for your list of residential buildings available in the game. Now, you can create a whole Japanese neighborhood with houses in Japanese style, to make your village more inclusive and diverse. 

Why Japanese Houses Is Fun

  • Three Japanese residential buildings will appear in your list of houses: the Japanese Thatched House, the Japanese Tiled House, and the Japanese Row House.
  • The Japanese Thatched House is the most basic building which, although easy to build and not very demanding in materials, will satisfy the needs of the family that will move into it.
  • The Japanese Tile House differs in looks from the Thatched House, and it also offers a bit more warmth and comfort for its residents. A quality that has its price, which you’ll see when checking the resources required to build it.
  • The Japanese Row House is a temporary place for your citizens to live in. A sort of a hotel, if you will. It fits 7 families comprising up to 4 people each, and it’s a magnificent building to have just in case you fall behind with building houses and your population will grow so much that some of your citizens may end up homeless. A temporary home is better than none!

Get the mod here

7. Colorful 2 Floors Little Houses

Colorful roofs are an amazing way to stand out among the rest of the real estate!

Playing Banished with colorful houses.

The name of this modpack is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? It offers you new residential buildings which are colorful and have two stories. Technically, they are two separate buildings: first, you build a one-story house, and then, as a separate building, you build a second floor right on top of it. 

Why Colorful 2 Floors Little Houses Is Fun

  • The same amount of space can now provide housing for two families instead of one. That’s right, the ground floor will house one family, and as soon as you build the second floor, it’ll have a separate entrance through the stairs and it’ll become home for another family.
  • You can experiment and build a neighborhood that only has one-story houses with a tiny garden space next to each - I’m sure it’ll look very countryside-like.
  • The second floor can be built on top of other buildings, not only on top of the ground floor of a colorful house, for example, on top of a regular wooden or stone building and even on top of a blacksmith, a hunting cabin, or a fishing dock.
  • This modpack is an amazing way to add color to your city. Breathe life into those streets with new yellow, red, green, and blue houses and create whole cheerful neighborhoods for your citizens to enjoy!

Get the mod as part of the main game available on Steam.

6. Unlimited Mines and Quarries

Mines and quarries are a necessary evil, but you should keep residential houses away from them.

 Unlimited Mines and Quarries Gameplay.

You may remember my mentioning mines and quarries as a means of obtaining resources required for building and production. Quarries allow to get stone and sometimes other materials like marble, and mines provide iron, coal, and, in some mods, salt and precious stones. Normally, every mine and quarry has a limit to it. Once you reach it, there’s nothing else you can obtain from it, and you’ll have to build a new one if you want to continue getting materials. So what’s up with this modpack?

Why Unlimited Mines And Quarries Is Fun

  • As the title suggests, the mines and the quarries will become limitless. It means that every single one of them can be used forever. They’ll never run out of resources, so you will never run out of them either!
  • Having unlimited mines means that, in the long run, you’ll have to build fewer of them than you’d have to if they were limited. This also means that, when planning on the landscape of your map, you can opt for valleys rather than mountains and have more space for buildings, pastures, crop fields, and orchards that must be on the plain ground.
  • Never having to worry about your mines and quarries running out of resources means you can hire more miners and stonecutters than you actually need and trade any excess of resources. There’s no risk of shortage of stone or iron for building or tool production, so why not spare some for the sake of trade?

Get the mod here.

5. NORTH 7

The life of a Viking is full of hardships, but it’s still worth living.

NORTH 7 Gameplay 

NORTH 7 tells a story about Vikings, harsh, stoic, prepared for the unforgiving weather of this modpack. You’ll see some new ways of doing things in this game: new ways of fishing, hunting, and farming. In order to decide if you like them, you’ll need to try playing with this mod.

Why NORTH 7 Is Fun

  • When starting a new game, you have a chance to decide on the conditions on which you start. You can be a farmer, and the game will give you the advantage of good crops. Choose to start as a shepherd, and you’ll start off with good livestock. Or embrace the golden rush and become a gold hunter - that’s all entirely up to you.
  • This mod has some beautiful Nordic buildings stored for you. Build a Norse Temple where your Vikings will sacrifice animals according to their ancient rituals. Set up a Thingstead, an ancient meeting-place for your citizens to solve disputes and to make decisions. Live the authentic life of a Viking!

Get the mod as part of the main game available on Steam.

4. DS Fences And Decorations

The career of a landscape architect awaits!

 Take a look at what this modpack has to offer!

Have you ever thought, while playing Banished, that efficiency is not everything? Have you perhaps craved to build a town that not only functions flawlessly but looks so, too? If you have, DS Fences And Decorations will let you unleash your inner city architect and make every street, lane, and avenue pleasant to the eye!

Why DS Fences And Decorations Is Fun

  • You can now make your city full of flowers with the beautiful flower beds this modpack offers. Orange and blue, purple and yellow, they will add charm to otherwise boring streets.
  • Fences! People like privacy and they don’t always like dealing with neighbors. Give them what they want. Separate residential buildings with stone, wood, or green fences and save your citizens from too much exposure to their neighbors’ curious looks.
  • Plant trees almost anywhere you want! The air will finally become clearer with chestnut, pear, and peach trees growing in the streets. Create parks and squares for your citizens to stroll around when they’re not working. They’ll enjoy nature as much as you will enjoy the newly gained beauty of your town.
  • Explore other decorations such as benches, statues, and lanterns, dive into landscape design, and make your Banished world a better place! 

Get the mod here

3. Medieval Town

Guide your citizens through the darkness of the Middle Ages.

Medieval Town Gameplay 

Welcome to the Middle Ages! The times are dark, but it’s up to you to lighten up the life of your citizens. This modpack may be a challenge for the new and the inexperienced, but it’s an excellent way to up the difficulty level without the risk of severe failures and quitting the game altogether. Shall we dive into what’s new?

Why Medieval Town Is Fun

  • You’ll use resources that you may have never used before. Now you can obtain salt and clay for processing fish and meat and for building more advanced structures. With salt, you’ll be able to produce salted fish and meat. Clay will go to production of pottery, bricks, and roof tile.
  • New foods! You can finally plant grains such as barley or wheat, which will be processed into flour in the windmills and watermills, which will then be used for bread making in the bakeries. And who doesn’t love bread?
  • Categorized storage spaces? Yes to that! In Medieval Town, you can build all kinds of storage, big and small, for common use and for food only. Build a Grain Silo near your grain crop fields, and its space won’t be occupied by tools or textiles. Build a Root Cellar, and you’ll know it will store nothing but fruits and vegetables. How convenient!
  • A lot of new buildings aimed at increasing the health and happiness of your citizens! Make an appointment at the dentist’s to keep your dental hygiene at the top level. Spend an afternoon at the library to stay well-read and educated. Drop by the bathhouse to treat yourself to a few hours of pampering. And finally, impress the travelling merchants and the passing by nomads with the gigantic Medieval Cathedral!

Get the mod as part of the main game available on Steam.

2. CC: New Frontier

The buildings from the Colonial Chapter mod certainly know how to stand out.

CC: New Frontier Gameplay

CC, which stands for Colonial Chapter, is one of my personal favorites for its diversity, richness, and being moderately challenging. You’re a European nobleman (or conqueror - whichever you prefer) who set out on a journey to a new land hoping to build a fully functioning society here. Are you up to the task?

Why CC: New Frontier Is Fun

  • An extended choice of professions to assign to your citizens. You can now have butchers, shoremen, dredgers, and many other workers that don’t exist in the non-modded game version.
  • Those workers in the new professions have to work somewhere, right? This means you’ll have a ton of new buildings in this modpack, especially shoreline buildings. In the original game version, you can’t really do anything with the shores except build a trading post and spam fishing docks everywhere. No more! Now you’ll be able to place shorehouses, hunting blinds, and many other buildings which will finally bring your shores to life.
  • Even longer production chains than in Medieval Town! Bake bread, make dairy products out of milk, produce dried, salted, and smoked fish, make all sorts of clothes for your citizens from silk, linen, and cloth. The sky’s the limit!

Get the mod here

1. Megamod

This mod provides a mega-variety of crops, animals, and buildings!

Megamod. Sounds big, doesn’t it? Well, it is big. It’s the most massive, all-inclusive Banished modpack so far. Any type of residential building you have ever seen in another modpack will probably be here. Any profession you’ve ever seen in another modpack will definitely be here. This mod is for experienced Banished players, those who don’t feel dizzy from long production chains and who want to build a life as rich as possible for their society.

Why Megamod Is Fun

  • It offers a gigantic map, so you can be sure you’ll have plenty of space for all those dozens and dozens of crop fields and orchards and hundreds of buildings.
  • It allows for an incredible variety of neighborhoods. You can decide on the style of architecture, you can mix or separate, and you can truly unleash your inner architect with this modpack.
  • You’ll have more jobs for your citizens than ever before. Honestly, you probably won’t be able to keep up with all those professions, but don’t worry, you can always keep the list of professions open on the side of your screen.
  • Your citizens’ diet has never been richer. With so many different fruits, veggies, nuts, meats, and seafood, their happiness is practically guaranteed!
  • One word: cheats. In case it gets tough (and it will get tough at times, make no mistake), you can always click a magical button offered by the modpack to add logs or stone, or food, or tools to your storage space, depending on what shortage you’re facing now. You may not have to use it often, if at all, but isn’t it great to just know that it’s there in case you need it?

Get the mod here.  


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