Top 10 Best Banished Mods That Make The Game More Fun!

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Beautifully crafted mods make Banished incredible to play!

What Are The Best Banished Mods?

As one of the best city-building survival game in existence, Banished can easily consume many hours of your time while you build up the perfect village for your citizens while battling the elements.

The game has been around since 2014, so for those who have played in the past and want to breathe new life in the game, there is a solution: mods!

The community around Banished have made some fantastic mods over the years. If you’re curious as to which ones are the best of the best, check these out!

10. Fish Farm

No water nearby?  Put in a fish farm to ensure your villiage thrives.

Have you ever started a game in Banished only to find your village isn’t near a river or lake? That can be really frustrating since fishing is one of the easiest ways to get food for your town. This mod solves that problem by allowing you to build a fish farm! Hut, fence, and pond included.  Your fish farmer will be able to gather all the fish your village will need to get through the harsh beginning years.

This mod makes Banished even more fun by adding a whole new profession building and profession. As well, having an additional way to include a food resource is always a good option for your town!

See Fish Farm in action: 

Get Fish Farms Here

9. Colorful 2 Floors Little Houses

Cute, cozy, and colorful: this mod offers a variety of multi-family housing.

Want nice looking houses that can hold more than one family? Look no further than the Colorful 2 Floors Little Houses mod. The mod includes six different color two-story houses. One family of five lives in the bottom floor, while another family of five live on the second floor. This is the perfect way to utilize space with stylish housing that keeps with the theme of the game.

This mod makes Banished even more fun by being able to cut down space taken up by housing in a way that looks great. This helps to free up space for other buildings, farms, and decorations.

See Colorful 2 Floors Little Houses in action: 

Get Colorful 2 Floors Little Houses Here

8. North 6.2

Beauty Abounds: this mod makes the game a million times more beautiful!

North 6.2 is a mod that takes Banished to a whole new level. Acting as though it were an expansion for the game with a focus on realism and survival, North 6.2 includes a new landscape that is set in a northern region. It includes realistic climates, sounds, wild animals and resources, buildings done in an old Nordic style, a reworked trading system, and much more. North 6.2 is the mod to try if you’re wanting a complete overhaul of the game.

This mod makes Banished even more fun by adding a whole new take to the game with gorgeous graphics.

See North 6.2 in action: 

Get North 6.2 Here

7. DS Small Village

Provincial Town: this mod brings new resources to your little town.

This mod is a collection of mods that add an old world feel to your buildings and home, as well as adds additional resources. It’s broken up into six mods of the following: homes, production, services, storage, jetty and bridge, and stone bridge. It adds cellars, homes for larger families, and so much more. For resources, it adds honey, comb honey, royal jelly, mead, and mulled mead.

This set of mods makes Banished even more fun by adding a nice variation on how the buildings look while providing great additional resources so that your villagers have more food and alcohol options.

See DS Small Village in action:

Get DS Small Village Here

6. Better Fields

Far Better Farms: this mods improves everything about your farm from field placement to workers.

Are your farms and orchards lacking? Try this mod! The better fields mod makes all things relating to farming better. It enhances crop fields, orchards, and pastures, making them much more versatile. With the Better Fields mod, placement of fields is easier. You can go with larger or smaller field sizes. There are even more workers!

This mod makes Banished even more fun by making farming easier. With farming now an even easier task, your villagers will be abundant with food, making survival that much more likely.

See Better Fields in action: 

Get Better Fields Here

5. Medieval Town

Options Options Options: variety is the spice of life and don't your villagers deserve it?!

The Medieval Town mod is a large mod with many features. All of the buildings provide that medieval look, but aside from aesthetics, this is a very feature rich mod. The houses are bigger with more options. New production buildings and shops include a bakery, apothecary, barber shop, dentist, butcher shop, library, pond, and more. There are new vendor shops and town buildings, such as cloth store, stone vendor, water tower, and bathhouse.

This mod makes Banished even more fun by adding new professions, resources, ways for your villagers to be happier and healthier, and giving an overall better look to your town.

See Medieval Town in action: 

Get Medieval Town Here

4. Japanese Houses

On the Eastern Front: try out the Japaneses themed buildings.

Tired of the medieval and old European look of your homes? Why not try the Japanese Houses mod! With this mod, three new styles of homes are added to the game. It includes thatched and tiled houses, which fit the same amount as usual. For something that fits even more family, it has included the row house. The row house can hold up to seven families, with four people per family.

This mod makes Banished even more fun by adding a unique variation to how the housing in the game appears. With the row houses, it makes life a bit easier by putting the housing of multiple families into one building.

See Japanese Houses in action: 

Get Japanese Houses Here

3. Steph's Grain Silos

Storage Silos: this mod gives you two options for storage of grains and coal.

Wanting to store your grains somewhere other than the barn? If so, this mod is for you. The mod was specifically made to include two types of silos in the game: a grain silo and a coal silo. The grain silo will hold any kind of grain, such as corn and wheat, and has a massive capacity of 30,000. The coal silo works pretty much the same but instead stores coal.

This mod makes Banished even more fun by providing a better way to store grains and coal without having to worry about taking up room in your barns.

See Steph's Grain Silos in action: 

Get Steph's Grain Silos Here

2. Colonial Charter: Journey

Georgous and versatile: this mod has so many updates and fun buildings.

Wanting a whole new Banished experience? The CC: Journey mod acts as an expansion on an already fantastic game. A megamod in itself, there are new buildings, extensions of previous building chains, new professions, city wall buildings, and more. As well, it includes new starting conditions that will add a different way of playing the game. This is one of the most popular Banished mods, and you should try it out to see why.

This mod makes Banished even more fun by adding a ton of new content. It’s like playing a better version of Banished.

See Colonial Charter: Journey in action: 

Get Colonial Charter: Journey Here

1. MegaMod

The Mod to End All Mods!  This megamod really does have it all!

Saving the best for last, the MegaMod was put together by the same modders that created the popular Colonial Charter mods. It has pretty much anything and everything you could want. It contains over 95 mods within the megamod, and is an overhaul of the game itself. Some of the included mods are Colonial Charter, Medieval Town, Debug Menu, Soup Kitchen, Fantasy Castle, ChooChoo, UI Improvements, EB Apothecary, and so much more. Really, there is too much to list it all. There are new starting conditions, terrains, and more. The MegaMod has it all.

This mod makes Banished even more fun by including all of the most popular mods (and then some) into one massive mod. It will change how you play the game.

See MegaMod in action: 

Get MegaMod Here

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