[Top 50] Best Alien Movies We've Ever Seen

Best aliens movies
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There are a variety of alien films, but only a select few top the list.

There are a ton of science fiction movies out there, but only a few delve deep onto the question: “Are we alone?” From the first contact to an outright invasion, below is a compiled list that satisfies your thirst for alien knowledge. Grab your popcorn and get ready to binge on some of the best alien movies we’ve seen.

50. Under the Skin

Under the Skin Trailer

An alien assumes an attractive female identity and stalks men in a Glasgow street to prove a point of the human condition, only to discover she too might be consumed by humanity.

The film depicts many real-life scenarios where Scarlett Johansson talks to non-actors. The footage was obtained by a hidden camera. 

49. Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1

Alien Invasion: SUM1 Trailer

Taken on blind faith, Private S.U.M 1 must protect a group of human survivors living underground. After several months of quiet guard, he discovers there is more to his mission than he signed up for, but his truth-seeking rebellion endangers the entire mission.

One hundred days of fear.

48. Beyond Skyline

Beyond Skyline Trailer

While running from an alien invasion, Mark and his group are abducted into an alien flagship. Mark uses his police negotiating skills to reason with his alien captor. Here he forms an ever so slight connection to the intelligent being and discovers he is not much different from the others on the spaceship. 

This sequel to Skyline brings a closer look into the Aliens invading Earth.

47. Ender’s Game

Enders Game Trailer

A highly gifted cadet called Ender goes through the trials of becoming the next fleet commander. The only thing standing in his way are the other cadets. Ender must battle his way to the top if he is going to prove to the others he is fit to save Earth from a future attack. What he doesn’t know is the Fleet Commanders have other plans to stop a war. 

The next generation of space commanders begins in a class filled with the gifted.

 46. Coneheads

Coneheads Trailer

Beldars’ mission was foolproof: take over the humans. He just didn’t know how lovable we are. Now the alien couple must adapt to human life after the expectancy of their daughter. Beldar adopts the surname Conehead and integrates his family into society. He quickly forgets his mission until the Highmaster, who sent the Coneheads to conquer Earth, calls upon Beldar to provide evidence of his rule.

The woes of parenting are universal, especially if you’re trying to take over Earth.

45. Stranded

Stranded Trailer

A minuscule alien pathogen holds power over an entire crew of explorers. An infected crew member begins a transformation, and one by one, they fall victim to horrific visions, which ultimately turn them against each other. 

As if infection on Earth wasn’t bad enough, this team must survive against a new pathogen that’s out of this world.

44. The Recall

The Recall trailer

All these friends want is a lovely vacation in the woods. Little do they know they need to fight to save humanity from a ship full of aliens—good thing they have a quirky woodsman as a neighbor.

The prophecy is upon us.

43. My Stepmother Is an Alien

My Stepmother Is An Alien - Trailer

Another scientist attempts to contact aliens. In Stephen's case, he ends up finding a wife. Though she might be eccentric, he is blinded by her many talents and is unaware of the threat she imposes to his beloved planet.

Dan Aykroyd and Jon Lovitz star in this out of the world comedy.

42. Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch Trailer

A team documents the ranch after the owner’s son disappears. But, after the team furthers their investigation, they discover there is more than one family who calls this ranch their home. Now the team must save themselves while capturing the evidence of the mystery.

Are you willing to unlock the secrets within Skinwalker Ranch?

41. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) trailer

There are three kinds of alien encounters: sighting, evidence, and contact. For Roy, he obsesses over his encounter with a UFO. With the help of scientists, he attempts to make contact once more.

Experience Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece which was inducted into the National Film Registry in 2007. 

40. Extinction

Extinction Official Trailer

Peter often deals with the nightmare of an alien invasion, but it’s not real, of course. Or so he thought. He’s had premonitions of saving his family, and luckily, he’s dreamed of this moment in preparation to save the world.

In Extinction, Peter is prepared to face his nightmare.

39. Apollo 18

Apollo 18 Trailer

Sometimes it’s better to leave well alone. The Apollo crew is sent on another mission that is top secret, but what they discover on the moon has been undocumented until now. The stranded crewmembers must fight to live and preserve the secret they have uncovered.

These are the discoveries that the astronauts won’t tell you about.

38. Paul

Paul Trailer

Two comic enthusiasts from Britain travel to the United States for Comic-Con. They take a road trip through the desert—when it happens. A truck is stranded alongside the road, and inside they meet Paul, an alien. Clive is overwhelmed by the experience and continues to be paranoid, but nevertheless, he and his buddy Graeme help him escape the FBI.

He promises peace… and booze. 

37. Oblivion

Oblivion Trailer

Jack is on a mission to repair old drones that once helped Earth win an extraterrestrial war. He has no recollection of life before his mission but feels an attachment to the old world that humans once thrived on. His mission has nearly ended when unknown objects invade Earth, and it is up to Jack and his team to save what’s left of their old planet.

Tom Cruise stars in the sci-fi action movie Oblivion.

36. E.T. the Extraterrestrial 

ET The Extraterrestrial (1982) Official 20th Anniversary Trailer

E.T. may be stranded here but young Elliot just made the discovery of a lifetime. He helps the alien evade government officials, and they quickly form a bond. He agrees to help E.T. send a message home, but still shows the alien what it is like to be human.

E.T. The Extraterrestrial is another one of Steven Spielberg’s films to make it in the National Film Registry.

35. Battleship

Battleship Trailer

NASA transmitted communications to a planet that seems habitable. It took several years to hear anything back. Instead of sending a signal, the alien lifeforms wage war with Earth. It is now up to the naval battleships to save us. 

Humans are communicators by nature, but sometimes it's okay to be left on read especially for humanity's sake.

34. Signs

Signs Trailer

Crop circles emerge around the world, signaling an alien invasion. A former priest, Graham, and his family hunker down after they face a figure in the field. After learning critical information about the alien’s weakness, they must act fast if they are going to survive an attack and to restore their faith once more.

They are here, in M. Night Shyamalan’s film Signs. 

33. The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave Official Trailer

It comes in waves. A devastated Earth is battling against an imminent threat from “the others.” After taking refuge, the military sets up a base, and Cassie must figure out who to trust before the final wave of attacks. 

Actress Chloë Grace Moretz was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for her role as Cassie Sullivan. 

32. The Blob (1958)

The Blob Trailer

A meteorite harbors a growing alien lifeforce that devastates a small town in Pennsylvania. A teenager, Steve, stumbles across the meteorite and sets a string of events in motion. It’s up to him to figure out how to stop the blob from consuming the whole town.

Steve McQueen stars in the sci-fi horror The Blob, where he landed his first leading role as Steve Andrews.

31. Mars Attacks

Mars Attacks Trailer

The Martians claim they come in peace, but let’s not be too naïve into thinking their presence is made with good intention. As a lower species to them, the takeover seems to be easy, but they haven’t met the good people of Earth and our “great” taste in music. 

We stand no chance against the Martian invasion. 

30. Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers Trailer - 20th Anniversary Edition

It was only a matter of time before finding alien life after humans set out to colonize other planets. The alien ‘bugs’ learn to anticipate the human’s tactical moves and uses it to their advantage in an attempt to save their home. John Rico and his fleet must surprise the interstellar bugs with the ultimate weapon of destruction if they are going lay claim to the planet Klendathu in the name of humankind.

The satirical military science fiction was originally named Bug Hunt at Outpost Nine, but was later changed to benefit the novel title Starship Troopers.

29. Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles Trailer

A hodgepodge of service members readies themselves for a battle against a hostile extraterrestrial force. It is their duty to find the alien’s weakest point and eliminate them. Along the way, Sgt. Nantz must motivate his team to continue the fight for their city and the world.

The battle for humankind begins in LA. 

28. District 9

District 9 Official Trailer

District 9 follows a camp where sick aliens are forced into after landing in South Africa. They are forgotten and forced to fend for themselves for twenty years. The camp is relocating, but an alien in district nine, Christopher Johnson, plans to escape Earth's oppression.

The oppressor has become the oppressed. Sharlto Copley portrays a governmental figure who gets a taste of his own restrictions.

27. Venom

Venom Official Trailer

Eddie Brock gets the break he’s been searching for. The former investigative journalist is approached by a researcher who disagrees with the methods of her company and looks to expose them. Eddie discovers one of his acquaintances is being held for human testing, and he tries to break her free, except unknown to him he has just become the first successful human test subject.

Tom Hardy portrays the anti-hero, Venom.

26. The Thing (1982)

The Thing (1982) Official Trailer

An American research team discovers a malformed flight crew nearby and takes them, and a dog, back to study in their lab. The dog changes and takes over the other kennel dogs, and the research team understands there is something alien about what they are witnessing. They slowly become paranoid. Their survival is solely based on fact, which is difficult when everyone is being taken over by “the thing.”

The thing no one can trust.

25. The Thing (2011)

The Thing (2011) Trailer

The 2011 re-make celebrates the human discovery of an ancient dig harboring an alien body. To the team's better judgment, they extract the alien from the ice and expose themselves to "the thing" that can replicate any lifeform.

Beware the thing inside the ice. 

24. War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds Trailer

It’s every mother’s worst fear to drop their kids off at dads’ house, let alone the world be invaded by aliens on the same day. Luckily, Ray Ferrier is intelligent enough to lead his children away from the invasion. He makes the decision to go to Boston where the mother is and discovers the enemy’s weakness along the way.

Stephen Spielberg loosely adapts the book written by H.G. Wells in his own vision. 

23. Dark Skies

Dark Skies Trailer

A suburban family is stricken by strange occurrences. Beings observe them in the night, and it is up to the parents to keep their children safe. They are informed these beings have brought terror to other families, but it results in the abduction of “the chosen.” This is one of those times being the golden child can work against you.

It happened to the Barrett family, and it could happen to you.

22. The Day the Earth Stood Still

The Day the Earth Stood Still Trailer

An alien species lands on Earth with an attempt to save the planet itself. The alien ambassador, Klaatu, has witnessed the destruction the humans have caused through war and greed. Humans better start convincing the alien ambassador we are worth saving.

Keanu Reeves' character Klaatu helps humanity realize the world we have is not something to be taken for granted.

21. The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Trailer

The Fifth Element begins with a great evil approaching Earth. A designated priest is in contact with an aiding alien species, and informs the President they need to retrieve five elements to save Earth from destruction, but the fifth element might be hard to convince. 

First impressions matter when you’re trying to save Earth.

20. Life

Life Official Trailer

A space probe makes a magnificent discovery on Mars, life! Unfortunately, it’s deadly. The entire team aboard the International Space Station is doing their part in containing the ever- growing species called “Calvin.”

Some things are better left undiscovered.

19. Pandorum

Pandorum Trailer

On a mission to colonize an earth-like planet, members from the space crew wake up from their hypersleep pods. They suffer side effects called pandorum and have no recollection of how much time has passed in their mission. The ship is under duress, and the crewmembers must find a way to fix it if they are to save humankind, but they discover they are not the only beings aboard the ship.

Dennis Quaid stars in Pandorum.

18. The World’s End (2013)

The World's End Trailer

All Gary wanted was a night out with his childhood friends. His desperation for youth triggers a brawl that reveals an android posing as a teenaged boy. With little hope left, Gary heroically tries to save humanity with his friends.

Simon Pegg is Gary King, a drunk middle-aged man pining for his youth.

17. The Fourth Kind

The Fourth Kind Trailer

Abbey, a psychologist, treats patients who display similar experiences. She then puts them under hypnosis and learns of similarities in their alleged abduction. These abduction stories lead Abbey to believe she is an abductee, but the people around her disagree.

Abbey struggles to make sense of her own tragedy, but could it have been aliens this whole time?

16. Predator (1987)

Predator Trailer

A team of commandos is on a mission of their own when an unseen force stalks them with its thermal imaging. Just as the team approaches the extraction point, they are attacked by the creature. It’s up to Dutch to show him how a real man takes charge, and they battle it out as equals. Well, almost.

Only one man is worthy enough to combat the alien intruder.

15. Predators

Predators Trailer

In an unknown jungle, a group of killers arms themselves for an unknown battle. They soon discover they are on another planet, and the inhabitants will kill them as a game. The group devises a plan to free some of the aliens that are held captive, with a favor in return.

Each species has its predator.

14. Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow Trailer

Major William Cage is not a trained combat soldier, but the world relies on him to fight, over, and over again. The alien’s technology is far too advanced, but we have the upper hand. Cage has the ability to reset time due to an encounter with the alien’s DNA. Enough time passes where is skilled enough to combat the enemy forces.

In a never-ending battle, time is on our side.

13. Sector 7

Sector 7 Trailer

A team at an oil rig work tirelessly to uncover a more efficient fuel. But, Hae-joon's uncle plans on using a newly discovered lifeform to further his research. The life-form escapes and reins terror at the oil rig. They must use the weapons at hand to contain the creature before it escapes.

Almost all of the scenes were against a greenscreen due to the heavy CGI elements.

12. The Watch

The Watch Trailer

Only one man, as determined as Evan, can save us now. Mysterious murders plague a suburban neighborhood. After the cops dismiss the crimes. Evan forms a neighborhood watch to save the world from an alien invasion.

Meet your local alien-fighting neighborhood watch.

11. Aliens in the Attic

Aliens in the Attic Trailer

A family takes a trip to the middle of nowhere. Aliens come to invade Earth, but unknown to them, their mind control tricks won’t work on a household of kids. Not all of the aliens are about mind control and invasion, which comes in handy when they need to prepare for battle.

They’re mean, they’re green, and most of them have come to take over the world.

10. Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Trailer

The world is under attack by giant alien beings who came from under the ocean. Earth has built “Jaeger” machines capable of fighting the invasion, but the program loses funding. Eventually, the director of the Jaeger program calls ex-pilots out of retirement to end the fight once and for all.

Pacific Rim is actually a set driven movie that eliminated most of the CGI elements in respect of cities and buildings.

9. Attack the Block (2011)

Attack the Block Official Trailer

These aliens just landed in the wrong South London street. It’s up to one gang to fight back and reclaim their block. This is their moment to show off how badass they really are.

Join the fight against outer space in Attack the Block.

8. Event Horizon

Event Horizon Trailer

A rescue crew is sent into deep space after receiving a distress signal from the ship Event Horizon. Once aboard the ship they find the entire crew massacred. Soon after, the rescue team suffers from violent hallucinations due to an alien force that is possessing the ship.

Hell is closer than you think.

7. Cloverfield

Cloverfield Trailer

This is not a fight against aliens, it’s survival. Chaos surrounds the city, and no one knows why these events are happening. Lucky for us, we get a sneak peek at the events through this exclusive footage of the invasion. It records a group in New York, as they attempt to survive the destruction.

Cloverfield captures the final moments before the end.

6. The Signal

The Signal Official Trailer

The signal has chosen Nic and his friends. After an abduction— that he still can’t explain—Nic becomes increasingly agitated after he tries to make sense of where he is and what it all means. He searches for his friends and they plan to escape the facility they are being held at, but escape is not an option.

What’s your signal?

5. Men in Black

Men In Black Trailer

For decades we have been peacefully living alongside aliens. Agent K is impressed with a local police officer’s ability, and offers him a job that changes his life forever. Newly recruited Agent J is about to defend Earth from a criminal who is out of this world.

Watch out criminals, The Men in Black are here to police the aliens that inhabit the Earth.

4. Independence Day

Independence Day Trailer

An alien spaceship enters Earth’s orbit and threatens several cities across the globe. After setting up a forcefield, attacks on the ship seems hopeless. It’s up to a team of experts to outsmart the aliens before they destroy the Earth.

We fought for independence, and we will do it again.

3. Prometheus

Prometheus Trailer

A mission to find where we come from sends a ship called the Prometheus to a distant moon. The crew members find evidence of a species who once inhabited the planet, but find out that they have abandoned their home. They recover a vile that could prove we were a creation from another being, but this opens up another mystery of why the aliens wanted to destroy it.

We have been searching for an answer to our existence. 

2. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Official Trailer

Nobody is who they appear to be. An alien lifeforce is replicating itself with the identity of your loved ones. Unfortunately for Dr. Bennell, no one believes his theories and sends him to an institute for hysteria. Here he must convince his own doctor of the invasion.

Everyone is turning into pod people.

1. Aliens (1986)

Aliens (1986) Trailer

It’s been decades since Ripley lost her crew to the aliens. After the Weyland Company rescued her, she learns the same place she lost her crew is now a terraforming colony. They lose contact with them, and now Ripley must face her nightmare once more.

The alien queen had no postproduction manipulation, and an entire team was used to maneuver the life-size prop.

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