Top 10 CSGO AUG Skins (Best CSGO AUG Skins)

Best CSGO AUG Skins
Scoping out the hot Ts...

These are the best AUG Skins

The AUG is a Counter-Strike classic, formerly known as the bullpup in earlier versions of Counter-Strike (due to the location of the magazine behind the trigger group). This weapon, like it's Terrorist counterpart the SG 553, can aim with a scope. Making the weapon great for getting rid of snipers and any stray heads poking around. It's time to scope out the best skins for the AUG!

10. The Bengal Tiger

These stripes don't run...

The true king of the jungle, tigers are bigger than lions and... actually in the jungle. The Bengal Tiger true to its name bears the iconic stripes of its title animal. Prowling through the jungle you can stalk your prey and pounce right before they plant the bomb. They won't know what hit them before they hear the crushing sound of their helmet explode. Their corpse flies backward and you hear the beautiful sound; "Counter-Terrorists Win!".

The Bengal Tiger is a desirable skin and the market prices show this. StatTrak Factory New Bengal Tiger skins are currently on the Steam Marketplace listed for $124.21! If you want to opt out of the StatTrak you save some but it's still a steep $19.98. I guess that's the cost of an endangered species!

Check out the Bengal Tiger in action 

AUG Bengal Tiger Skin in Action

9. Triqua

I enjoy long walks on the beach, a nice sunset and reloading a bullpup...

Varying materials and designs make this skin as sleek as it is dangerous. The opposing colors of orange and the off-blue add a design element that pleases the part of your mind that desires symmetry in your skins. The choice of these colors is no accident, if you look at a color wheel you will see that blue and orange are opposite each other. This makes them complementary colors, making this skin a piece of art.

Art can be expensive and generally, the cost is inflated depending on who is looking at it. The good news here is the Triqua is currently listed on the Steam Marketplace for $0.81 Factory New! This is a great skin to fill your AUG with and at an affordable price to boot! My Steam Wallet gives two thumbs up!

Check out the Triqua in action 

AUG Triqua Skin in Action

8. Aristocrat

Pinkies out...

"Ooh, you fancy!". A fancy man (or woman) needs a fancy skin. What better skin to show off your fanciness than a skin named after the high-class society you belong to? The intricate designs along the side of this skin are those fit for royalty! Stay in style while stopping the B rush on Inferno with this bad boy... just make sure you do it with your pinky out. 

The rich and high class normally pay more for everything. Good news is you have a tax break or something because the Aristocrat has a price for the lower class plebs, like me. As I write this it is listed on the Steam Marketplace for $10.16 Factory New StatTrak or the affordable price of $1.91 non-StatTrak. Take a bow!

Check out the Aristocrat in action 

AUG Aristocrat Skin in Action

7. Torque

Let's put some torque on this baby...

Get ready to pull some G force! This skin will accelerate you so fast you'll need some jet pilot training. Complete with warnings on the side, you'd expect to find this rifle on the floorboard of a jet or in a space shuttle. With its distinctive color pattern, you will stand out from the rest of those scrubs with their AUG contractors. 

How much does this ride cost you may ask? If you want maximum torque, the StatTrak Factory New is currently listed at $6.44. For non-StatTrak there are listings at $1.80 at the moment. Might want to jump on those fast though... they take off.

Check out the Torque in action 

CS:GO - AUG Skin in Action

6. Fleet Flock

Here birdie birdie...

Team up with your flock and get matching AUG skins with the Fleet Flock. The stylish artwork mixes clouds with Swallows (the bird). The symbolism I take from this particular skin is that in groups or as a team you can accomplish anything. They may be cute birds, but watch the damage they can do to your car when it is parked under their tree. I hope you like white spots on your nice red paint!

Stylish skins like this one are typically the type that fetch a high price on the marketplace. If you are a fan of basic looking skins, good for you. This, however, is not basic and is sitting at $34.01 for StatTrak Factory New, at the time of writing this. If you want don't care about counting your birds or prey, grab the regular Factory New showing now at $10.69... That's a lot of bird seed!

Check out the Fleet Flock in action 

AUG Fleet Flock Factory Skin in Action

5. Hot Rod

What's your 0-60?

People have been 'souping' up cars since they could turn a wrench. I like to think skins are the video game equivalent of doing just that. Taking your car apart and changing things to your liking. This skin gives that hot rod classic feel and pairs really well with a Candy Apple Five Seven if I might say so myself. A few scuffs and this thing is ready for the track!

Car parts are expensive, so how about a hot rod for your AUG? Yeah, you guessed it. The Hot Rod is hard to find and currently, there are only Factory New listings on Steam Marketplace. They are going for $78.59! Man, that red looks good though...

Check out the hot rod in action 

AUG Hot Rod Factory Skin in Action

4. Chameleon

*sticks out tongue*

Change according to your surroundings to adapt, overcome and defeat your enemies with the Chameleon. The chameleon's weapon is its tongue, stretching out from it's hidden spot towards your barrel it's a perfect simile. Hide in your environment to unleash the element of surprise and while you do it, you have a cool freakin’ lizard on your AUG. I guess I should have started with the cool lizard… 

Your steam wallet won't go into hiding for this skin. It's one of the more affordable high tier AUG skins. Currently, you can snatch it out of the air on the marketplace for $17.59 StatTrak Factory New, or $3.86 Factory New. That's something to show your true colors for!

Check out the Chameleon in action 

AUG Chameleon Skin in Action

3. Syd Mead

The AUG of the future...

A bright light peers through the alley and a man comes through the portal. He reaches out to you and tells you, "You're the only hope for humanity"! Then he hands you this rifle. Red and yellow, the colors of danger. Mixed with the futuristic design of a spaceship, this thing works in space.

Not to worry, your steam wallet is good in space too. The Syd Mead will fit nicely in your hands (maybe one of them is robotic) for the cool price of $36.30 for StatTrak Factory New. Oh that price not cool enough for you? Try $8.19 for Factory New (both prices current as of writing this). Small price to pay to save the future of humanity.

Check out the Syd Mead in action

AUG Syd Mead Skin in Action

2. Stymphalian

Brush up on your Art History...

This is one of those skins that you take one look at and go "Damn.". There really isn't much else to say. This community designed skin depicts a Greek-inspired piece of art. Stymphalian birds in Greek mythology have bronze beaks and eat humans, oh, and they can shoot their metal feathers at you. After you are done imagining the sheer brutality of fighting a winged beast of this nature, check out the gorgeous artwork on this skin. 

Ancient Greek art must be expensive... Not only does this skin sport some artwork of savage birds it's also fairly priced. You can grab a StatTrak Factory New for $29.60, or Factory New $7.54. I'd recommend staying with Factory New or Minimal Wear, don't damage the art. 

Check out the Stymphalian in action

AUG Stymphalian Factory Skin in Action

1. Akihabara Accept

Awh! Kawaii!! K/D Desu Ka?

This skin screams out Counter Strike Global Offensive. With the badass anime character on the side sporting some awesome lingo. "1v5 clutch" and "Get Rekt" among them, this skin is a must for E-Sports players. It is flashy, unique and personable. This is the weapon you use in a sporting event as you take down one player after another, all for the sport of the game.

Professional E-Sports skins deserve professional E-Sports prices. By far the most expensive AUG skin this will run you from $51.19 (Battle-Scarred), to $1,129.43 (Factory New). Rest assured though, if you have this skin, every single person in your match will have skin envy. 

Check out the Akihabara Accept in action

CS:GO - AUG Akihabara Accept Skin in Action

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