[Top 25] Best Korean Horror Movies (That Are Fun To Watch)

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Scare yourself to death with these 25 Korean Horror Films.

Looking for something creepy to watch? Then look no further than Korea’s lineup of terrifying films. From hordes of aggressive zombies to vengeful ghosts, the country has produced a plethora of excellent films that will surely keep you up at night.

And here are the top twenty-five best Korean horror films.

25. Peninsula (2020)

Starting off the list is this sequel to the critically acclaimed zombie flick, Train to Busan. Taking place four years after the events of the first film, Peninsula follows a former soldier, Jeong-Seok who returns to Korea to retrieve a sum of money.

Instead of copying what made Train to Busan so great in the first place, this sequel took a different route, emphasizing more action and less drama and drawing inspiration from western media. It may not be the sequel that we’ve all been waiting for but Peninsula is still an enjoyable flick nonetheless.

24. Gonjiam Haunted Asylum (2018)

A crew of horror vloggers sets out to investigate an abandoned asylum that’s known to be haunted to gain traction until they soon realize that all the rumors about it may be true after all.

There have been a slew of found footage films made in recent years that are either good or bad; Gonjiam, however, is part of the former. It's an entertaining flick that will have you on the edge of your seat with its creepy setting and many scares. While it may not bring a new spin to the sub-genre, it is still an entertaining movie that's deserving of your attention.

23. Into the Mirror (2003)

A former lawman, now working as a security guard in a shopping mall connects a string of mysterious deaths that are all linked to a mirror.

Being alone in a dark and empty room with your reflection is already creepy enough as it is, but this movie manages to heighten it even more. It delivers one of the most unique concepts yet to craft an eerie viewing experience filled with thrills and many striking imageries. 

The movie even received a fairly decent remake back in 2008.

22. #Alive (2020)

In #Alone we follow the story of a video game live streaming who becomes trapped in the confines of his apartment during a zombie apocalypse.

Here’s another zombie flick that will have you screaming at your screen thanks to the many tension-filled action scenes jam-packed with gruesome zombies. It’s also a nice commentary on isolation which definitely feel familiar for us due to the pandemic.

21. Apt (2006)

In this unnerving Korean film, a young woman named Oh Se-jin is tangled in a strange situation in her neighborhood where a series of strange deaths occur.

Apt’s setting alone already guarantees an enjoyable viewing however there’s more to it than that, as it also provides many tension-filled scenes that will have you cowering in fear. Although its story might not be its strongest suit, it still remains to be a decent movie that will not fail to scare you.

20. The Divine Fury (2019)

In this action-packed film, follow the story of Yong-hu, an MMA fighter, and a priest named Ahn as they battle and exorcise demons.

A movie that combines action, horror, and the possession sub-genre to create a fantastic film full of thrills and chills. What it may lack in scares, it more than makes up for with its many action sequences supported by strong performances. 

If you like your horror with a little bit of action, then this film is for you.

19. Phone (2002)

Journalist Ji-won is caught up in the middle of a conspiracy that’s seemingly related to her cellphone. 

Just reading that synopsis alone would probably make you think of “One Missed Call” but don’t be fooled as Phone is more than that. It’s a suspenseful film that's made even better by great performances, particularly from the child actor, so if creepy children in movies scare you, give this one a chance and you'll certainly be traumatized.

18. White: The Melody of the Curse (2011)

When a Korean group band performs a music video that they found on an old VHS tape, they find themselves cursed by it.

Here’s a movie that has a promising premise which it actually manages to execute fairly well. Expect tons of scares and unsettling moments sure to keep you up at night. Although it may not be a genre-defining film, it is still a solid movie that’s well worth your time.

17. Death Bell (2008)

A group of teenage students is trapped within the confines of their school and is forced to participate in a deadly game in which they must solve a series of complex puzzles.

While this movie may present itself as just another supernatural movie involving a vengeful ghost, it's actually more akin to the movie Saw. Featuring a large cast of characters forced into elaborate yet deadly traps heightened by tense sequences and ghastly makeup work. It's a movie that's worth every second of your attention.

16. Whispering Corridors (1998)

A spirit of a student who died at an all-female high school in South Korea returns to haunt the school and terrorize everyone in it.

Here’s a movie that will hook you with its intriguing mystery along with a perfect gloomy atmosphere. Say what you will about its very slow pacing but it still remains to be one of the best that the country has to offer.

15. Rampant (2018)

A prince and his fellow countrymen band together to battle the undead in ancient Korea after returning from imprisonment.

This movie was one of the first to be released following Train to Busan's success, but instead of being a carbon copy, Rampant takes you on a time period adventure that's not only bloody but is also fairly unique. It features the expected zombies, but what really sets out this movie is its mesmerizing setting. 

14. Hansel & Gretel (2007)

When a father-to-be crashes his car, he is rescued by a girl in the forest, but when he attempts to escape, he discovers a terrible truth.

Get ready for one visually stunning and mind-boggling film you’ll ever see in Hansel & Gretel. It’s a movie that mixes fairy tales with traditional horror to craft an unforgettable film that will have you questioning what you’re seeing.

13. A Record of Sweet Murder (2014)

A serial killer invites a South Korean journalist and a Japanese cameraman to an abandoned apartment in South Korea; however, they are aware of it and are eager to document the encounter.

Unlike the other movies on the list, A Record of Sweet Murder is actually a combination of South Korean and Japanese horror from the mind of Kōji Shiraishi, the same director who brought us the disturbing Noroi: The Curse and Occult, so anticipate the same dose of insanity. And like those movies, this one is not just focused on a single genre but actually more, guaranteeing one of the most balls to the walls crazy films you’ll ever watch.

12. Bloody Reunion (2006)

A group of former students reunites with a dying teacher only to find themselves being hunted one by one by a masked killer.

Slasher is a rare sub-genre when it comes to Asian horror, but somehow Korea manages to create one that’s full of thrills and chills. Bloody Reunion is an excellent film filled with tension and many brutal death scenes, along with a captivating mystery sure to have hooked.

11. The Silenced (2015)

Joo-ran is sent to a mysterious boarding school, where several students have gone missing.

In some ways, The Silenced is very reminiscent of the movie adaptation of Fatal Frame. It delivers a ton of creepy scenes and some sympathetic characters who make the movie more enjoyable to watch. On top of that, the movie can also be quite stylish at times which makes it very alluring.

10. Wishing Stairs (2013)

A legend is circulating around a boarding school that tells a staircase leading to the dormitory that usually has twenty-eight stairs, but if an extra one appears, your wish will be granted. What follows, however, is a terrifying ordeal.

The first Whispering Corridors may be a fantastic film but Wishing Stairs is arguably the best in the anthology franchise featuring likable characters thrust into terrifying events in addition to beautiful cinematography that will have you immersed. 

If you only have to watch one movie in the franchise then make sure it's this one!

9. The Mimic (2018)

The mimic revolves around a woman named Hee-yeon and a young girl named Shin Rin-Ah being tormented by an unseen creature that can imitate a human voice.

There’s nothing creepier than a movie based on an urban legend, and the Mimic truly doesn’t disappoint. It’s a movie where the feeling of being watched is constant and it is chockful of genuinely terrifying scenes that even made me jump. Simply watch the trailer and you’ll be enticed to watch the film instantly!

8. Parasite (2019)

Parasite follows a poor family that devised a plan to work for a wealthy family and pose as unrelated and highly qualified individuals, only to later discover that the house's walls might hold a secret.

Prepare for a genre-bending experience with Parasite. It's a movie that's not only a dark comedy but also a drama and features a shocking conclusion that I guarantee you won't see coming. Although it may have little to no traditional scares and is debatable whether it is actually horror or not, it's still nonetheless a great movie that everyone should try at least once in their life.

7. Bedevilled (2010)

A woman named Kim Bok-nam who lives on an island seeks revenge on those who caused her daughter's death.

Bedevilled is not your typical Korean flick and because of this, it actually surprised me. What seemed to be like just another revenge film turns out to be a movie with a lot of depth that takes its time to make you feel about its many characters through various emotions, such as love or genuine hatred. Even characters you thought you'd hate, like the prostitute and Yeon-hee, turn out to be someone you'd want to root for. It also has some heartful moments that will pull you in. 

Although its trailer may suggest that you will be in for a dark comedy revenge film, Bedevilled is more than that. It is a depressing film that celebrates female empowerment in the eyes of judgers.

6. Thirst (2009)

After a failed medical experiment, Sang-hyun, a priest, is turned into a vampire and forced to renounce his ascetic habits.

Alluring vampires, bloody kills, and sex are only some of what makes Thirst such a captivating watch. It provided a new take on the familiar vampire sub-genre and turned it into something original, resulting in one of the most insane yet beautiful films that will surely sink its teeth into you.

5. I Saw the Devil (2010)

After an agent, Kim Soo-hyeon, exacts revenge on a serial killer for killing his fiancée, what soon follows is a thrilling game of cat and mouse full of horrific murders.

Unlike your typical slashers, I Saw the Devil is a “whydunit” film that provides a fast-paced action full of brilliant death scenes and riveting yet sometimes hard-to-watch fights. And with the movie running for two hours and a half, expect a constant thrill ride until the end.

It’s shocking, gory, and at times vile but it’s the thing that will keep you wanting more.

4. The Host (2006)

The Host is a touching tale of a man trying to save his daughter after being abducted by an unknown creature who emerged from the water.

A movie that mixes a genuinely heartfelt tale of a family with a little bit of humor resulting in one of the best Korean movies of all time. With a likable cast of characters, intense set pieces, along with a unique and terrifying creature, it’s easy to see why The Host is beloved by many.

3. Train to Busan (2016)

Train to Busan is a dramatic tale of Seok-woo and his daughter, along with other train passengers who are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

This is a zombie movie like no other. It features highly bombastic zombie actions in a very claustrophobic setting on top of a truly touching story that will surely move you to tears. It also has a slew of highly likable characters that you will want to root for all the way to its conclusion.

2. The Wailing (2016)

Set in the small village of Goksung in South Korea, police officer Jong-Goo investigates a series of bizarre murders caused by a mysterious disease brought by a stranger.

The Wailing is a movie that will get under your skin with its slow and methodical atmosphere that takes its time to unravel but has one of the most satisfying and frightening third acts. The movie is a bit of a gut punch but it still delivers an unforgettable experience.

1. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

A Tale of Two Sisters is a fantastic drama about Su-mi and Su-Yeon returning home after being released from a mental institution only to be greeted by a cruel stepmother and a ghost within their walls.

The best Korean horror movie of all time delivers one of the most intriguing mysteries in the country's entire horror lineup, along with a slew of truly terrifying scares that will crawl under your skin. It also features plenty of plot twists that will change the context of the film without being hamfisted. 

If you decide to watch this movie, then I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.


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