[Top 15] Best Medieval Games That Are Amazing

Best Medieval Games
Dodge this, you bastaaaaaardddd!

Do you like to slash other people with swords or daggers? Or perhaps you prefer to cut people in half with a two-handed axe? I remember playing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare back in 2012, where I would annoy the Mason’s by throwing oil pots at them and watch them burn, then proceed to cut their heads off!

These sorts of games will most definitely turn you into a psychopath, but they’re fun so, oh well. Without further explaining what goddamn medieval games are about, let’s get into our first game:

15. The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt

Play as Geralt, sometimes as Ciri, and hunt people or monsters for money - or perhaps because of moral reasons. Keep in mind, being a witcher, means that you are completely emptied of human emotions - that’s why you won’t struggle with annihilating other people or creatures.

You will be able to level up, acquire better armor or swords, discover the world which is filled with different terrains, NPC’s, and an amazing storyline. I also appreciate the setting that the game takes place in, it takes place in a medieval part of human history, mixed with magic ‘n’ stuff. Try this game out, one of a kind!

14. Kingdoms Reborn

Lovely colony simulator, you’re gonna start with nothing and be in charge of some small, pathetic village, but with enough time, you’ll build an indestructible empire. The game has unlockable tech and building options in large quantities - you won’t run out of things to do in this game!

You can play this game both in singleplayer and multiplayer, although they’re both fun, I found it to be the most fun in multiplayer because of its well-built PVP system. Try this game out, it offers more relaxed gameplay!

13. Medieval Dynasty

The graphics are nice. You can build stuff in here, develop your hamlet, farm cabbages while listening to a remarkable soundtrack that this game offers, and collect tools that vary in quality - you can build houses with them, improve walls, or just farm crops. My favorite part about this game is the hunting, if you’re professional, you will use a crossbow or a bow, if not, you could always attack a wisent with a hammer!

A year ago the game was a bit off-putting for me, it was buggy as hell and my saves would often get corrupted, but as of today, the game works smooth and pleasant, which says something about the developers - they listen to the community and improved the game greatly within this year.

12. TM - Prologue

This is not a game where you should expect gruesome action to take place, instead, you’ll be managing a tavern. That’s right, this game offers relaxing gameplay where you’ll make sure that your tavern is in good shape, the salary of your workers is satisfiable to fit their needs, and just, in general, do stuff that every tavern man should do.

You start with a small room, as clients go in and out, you’ll make money and experience that you’re gonna put into building an even bigger tavern with fancy tables, benches, better food, better atmosphere and better everything - silly, but a fun game at the same time!

11. Hellish Quart

A game where you’ll attend in duels, the game offers impressive physics and realistic duels that took place in medieval times, although the characters might be a little historically inaccurate, it’s still fun as hell to play this game!

You are fragile in this game, it’s not a game where you’ll take 50 slashes to the face and live happily ever after, you need to be careful at all times so that you don’t get your head, hands, arms, or anything else cut off. Of course, the same applies to your enemy.

10. Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™

A game with well-developed game mechanics and plenty of satisfying gore. This is not your typical medieval game where you’ll go up against humans from different factions, here you’ll be a leader of orcs and engage in battles for fortresses in a very brutal fashion.

This game also has a nemesis system, in which enemies will react to how you treated them previously - they will appreciate your mercy, despise you for shaming them, betray you or even join you and admire you. This system creates an even bigger and dynamic world with many interactable/memorable characters.

9. Pathfinder: Kingmaker

An RPG with gameplay similar to the Fallout series and Baldur’s Gate, you can pick 1 out of 16 classes and go on an adventure filled with mysterious creatures and powerful bosses. The game has plenty of replayability and I assure you that it’s impossible to get bored with this game.

The game is fairly difficult though, depending on which class you’re going to play. My favorite class is the Wizard, although this game brought me on the brink of ragequitting and uninstalling at least 300 times, it always kept me in because this game is highly rewarding!

8. Going Medieval

It’s like Rimworld but in a medieval setting. According to the lore, 95% of humanity went extinct. Well, OKAY, but you’ll be in charge of the remaining 5% and building your city from scratch, or at least from a pathetic hamlet.

I’ve mentioned that this game is like Rimworld, the difference being here is the ability to build on different heights and also different in terms of tech and research.

7. Battle Brothers

This one is a pretty graphically simple, turn-based RPG set in medieval times. You’re gonna be playing as a group of mercenaries in a rich, sandbox world where you’ll decide who’s desirable for your squad of thugs under your control, who should eat a sword, accept contracts and receive awards.

The game is hard. You have to adapt to the harsh world that this game offers, make sure to properly train your men, otherwise, they will die - forever. In this game, if your character dies, it’s gone forever and will significantly weaken your team of mercenaries.

6. A Plague Tale: Innocence

The game has gorgeous graphics and fun gameplay and… plenty of rats. The game takes place in 14th century France, completely ravaged by rats. You’ll be playing as Amicia and looking after your little brother in this gritty, dark world filled with disease, death, and bad rats.

This game will also hit you in the feels, it has a well-designed storyline with multiple cool characters that you will want to stay alive throughout the game, interactions between Amicia and her younger brother will melt your heart a little bit sometimes and of course, the soundtrack - it’s rare to listen to such magnificent music in any other game than in this game. Try this game out, it differentiates itself from other medieval games!

5. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

A game with unique mechanics, complex/realistic combat with a steep learning curve, and plenty of lands to conquer - if you want a true challenge, then you should most definitely get this game. But if you’re not a huge fan of games that require time and a lot of patience to master, then avoid this game at all cost!

Make poisons, use them against your foes, tickle or kill your enemies with swords, pick locks for treasures, buy yourself a horse and treat it like a princess. The game has plenty of quests and a storyline, so it’s not just a sandbox. Anyways, get this game!


This game brings multiple classes that have their unique looks and styles of combat - you can play as a Viking, a Samurai, or a Knight. In the multiplayer, you can engage in a 1v1 duel or fight with your friends against enemies. The multiplayer section has multiple game modes to try from, but if MP is not your cup of tea, you could always play the campaign mode in singleplayer.

Combat is complex and varies on which class you decide to play as, this game is particularly difficult for newcomers, but highly rewarding at the same time. Besides that, the game comes up with glorious graphics and an awesome soundtrack - try this game out, it’s a lovely gorefest!


That video sums up Mordhau well. It’s a realistic and immersive game, with sometimes moments that will be either buggy, weird, funny, or the 3 things at the same time. You’ll be able to customize the mercenary that you want to play as, come up with builds, and engage in extremely gruesome battles in multiple game modes.

So can you dodge this, you bastard? Or will you try this game out? It’s very similar to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, just with better graphics, improved combat, and more classes to pick from. The game is awesome and worth a try!

2. Gloria Victis: Medieval MMORPG

A Polish game in which you slay everything that moves! Conquer lands, engage in realistic battles and build your kingdom+army. The world feels alive and interactive, allowing you to create your character with many different settings. Immersion in this game is off the charts - you’ll be amazed by its amazing combat system and gore, massive multiplayer PVP potential, and satisfying land control system.

It’s a lovely game full of potential, I hope it achieves as much as humanely possible in the future and I wish the best to the developers!

1. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

I’ve never seen a more epic game than this. This game offers massive battles between varying factions, you can encircle and conquer fortresses, discover and colonize new lands with your badass army.

Influence in this game is used as currency, it’s used to start wars or improving and enlarging your army - it’s also used to boost your army’s morale and keeping it cohesive. 

The game is a bit grindy and you’ll have to spend plentiful of hours on this game to see satisfying results. It’s a time-waster(in a good way) and it’s also one of the best games set in medieval times. Try it out, you’ll love it!

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