Top 10 Best MTG Streamers in 2023

Not all heroes wear capes... some just play MTG on stream. Meet the top 10!

As you probably know already, Magic: The Gathering has been a popular card game for decades and the online community has grown significantly in recent years. With the rise of live streaming platforms, players and fans alike have access to a vast array of content creators, including streamers who specialize in MTG.

In 2023 the world of the famous card game is as competitive as ever but there are a few streamers who stand out from the rest. In no particular order, here are the top 10 best Magic: The Gathering streamers of 2023

1. Jimmy Wong

As well as being a well-known actor and musician, Jimmy Wong is a popular Magic the Gathering streamer who is known for his entertaining and educational streams. Commonly playing the commander format of MTG, he has a great sense of humor and is always eager to share his love of the game with his viewers. He also co-hosts a podcast with fellow player Josh Lee Kwai where they discuss their experiences playing the commander format. He has even been contacted by Wizards of the Coasts themselves to preview new sets at exhibitions and on their YouTube channel.

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2. LSV

Luis Scott-Vargas, also known as LSV, is a professional Magic the Gathering player who has won numerous tournaments including fifteen Grand Prix top 8s and ten Pro Tour Top 8s. The Oakland-born gamer also writes about the game. His work includes collaborating with and becoming the editor and vice president for

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Real name Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa is a Brazilian Magic: The Gathering Player. He became the youngest player to ever reach 300 lifetime Pro Points back in 2011. He was elected into the Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame in 2012 as the first player from South America. Having seventeen Pro Tour Top 8 finishes under his belt, Da Rosa is the all-time leader in prize money won playing professional-level Magic which is a pretty big achievement if you ask me!

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4. Kenji Egashira

Also known as NumotTheNummy, Egashira is another popular MTG streamer who runs a youtube channel providing high-energy and entertaining videos. Playing full-time, you can find him streaming his matches on Twitch every weekday. In 2013, he completed a personal challenge in which he streamed for all the 365 days that year. He is a content creator for multiple Magic sites and has become a staple to the American Grand Prix coverage team. His most notable awards include winning second place in the 2018 Magic Online Championship and winning a place in the 2020 Magic Rivals League with a strong finish in multiple Mythic Championships.

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5. Tolarian Community College

Tolarian Community College is a YouTube channel maintained by its host “The Professor”, a character played by Brian Lewis. The YouTube channel focuses on MTG related product reviews such as card sleeves, deck boxes or playmats and products from Wizards of the Coast themselves like event decks and booster boxes. He also discusses deck lists for various formats like commander or pauper but also standard, modern and legacy.

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6. Carmen Handy

American MTG player and content producer Carmen Handy is known for her articles on StarcityGames, casting events as a colour commentator on the SCT Tour and even helping write scripts for Tolarian Community College. She is currently part of the Play Design team as Wizards of the Coast. Her professional play includes being invited to become part of the Rivals League in January. Following from that in October of the same year, she finished in the top 8 of the 2020 Season Grand Finals playing Gruul Adventures.

Unfortunately, she does not possess a streaming channel but you can find her current work as a game designer at Wizards of the Coast.


7. Gaby Spartz

Born in Ecuador, Gaby Spartz started streaming on Twitch in 2015 while also working at Dose, her market research company. By the time April rolled around she was a Twitch partner and that summer left her research job to focus on full-time streaming and doing commentary at professional MTG events. Her work also includes reporting at tournaments, the worldwide release of Magic: The Gathering Arena and has even contracted for Wizards of the Coast themselves and writing content for their website

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8. Stephen Croke

Screen named @crokeys and representing Scotland, Croke played his first game in 2018 through Magic: The Gathering Arena and has been streaming it ever since. Prior to streaming full time, he used to be a barman and a children's entertainer. Being a card game connoisseur, you can find him over on his twitch channel providing a good sense of humour and engaging gameplay.

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9. Brian Kibler

Kibler is a game designer, streamer and collectable card player. He has had great success at playing the popular card game with five Pro Tour Top 8’s and 13 Grand Prix top 8’s winning three of them including the first one held in the 1997-98 season and most recently Grand Prix Sendai. After a pause in his career, he was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2010. Well-deserved for someone who has been dedicated since they started playing at only 15 years old!

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10. CalebDMTG

I think it’s safe to assume that this guy was born a gamer as he grew up playing arcade game Crystal Castles on his father's Atari. He was eventually introduced to MTG at ten years old when he saw some classmates playing it across the room. The artwork and lore of the card game intrigued his interest as he enjoyed reading fantasy novels. Wanting to know more about the game, Caleb started going to local game stores and asking more experienced players for advice. Finally, his gameplay became more advanced after watching pro-matches and listening to the commentators

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