Top 10 Best Resident Evil Games To Play Today

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Even if you haven’t played the Resident Evil games, you have likely heard of it. Resident Evil is a household name in the gaming industry as well as Capcom’s top-selling franchise. Resident Evil has sold almost 100 million copies worldwide. Resident Evil also popularized the survival horror genre in the industry. Recently, Resident Evil Village has been announced and is likely to go on to become a successful game. We will look at the top 10 Resident Evil games to play today.

10. Resident Evil 0

This is a prequel to the first Resident Evil game as it focuses on Bravo Team’s STARS member Rebecca Chamber and former Marine Lieutenant Billy Coen working together to survive against zombies and other mutated creatures through various locations in the Arklay area.

One interesting aspect of the game that differentiates it from other early Resident Evil games is the partner system. Throughout the game, you play as Rebecca and Billy and they’re together for most of the game; you can freely switch from Rebecca and Billy. There isn’t an inventory box, but both characters have their own inventory space and you can drop an item, so you can pick it back up later if you have the room for it.

The game is fun to play. Like in a Resident Evil game, this game has a lot of terrifying monsters including a leech monster that seemingly appears at random. It also has a good soundtrack, especially the save room theme.

Rebecca and Billy in a train during the first section of the game.

9. Resident Evil 5

This was released in 2009, and the second Resident Evil with the gameplay style introduced in Resident Evil 4. You play as Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar as they go through Africa fighting against people and monsters infected with a parasite called the Uroboros.

This game has a partner system, like the one introduced in Resident Evil 0, in the sense that you have a partner following you around and supporting you. Other than that, the game plays very similar to Resident Evil 4. Like in Resident Evil 4, you can get in-game currency and buy new items and weapons to strengthen your arsenal.

Just like Resident Evil 4, this game was very successful.  It has sold around 12 million copies according to sources.

Chris Redfield and Sheva back to back.

8. Resident Evil (1996)

The game that started it all. Released in 1996, you play as STARS member Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine who must survive a mansion filled with zombies and other creatures while finding out what happened in the mansion.

You solve puzzles to gain access to new areas throughout the game. You can get new weapons, and fight enemies with them. However, ammo limited, so you must be smart about using your ammo. Saving is also limited as you need ink ribbons; just like ammo, you must be smart about how much you save.

While not the first horror game, Resident Evil popularized the horror genre in gaming. This led to sequels of the game, and new horror games from other companies who wish to make horror games of their own.

Chris, Jill, and Wesker talking after just arriving at the mansion.

7. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

This game was released in 2017. Fans had become frustrated with Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6; one of the reasons was that 4, 5, and 6 focused more on action rather than horror. Capcom made Resident Evil 7 to be scary and did a very good job.

You play as a new character named Ethan who must find a way out of a farmhouse from a family infected with a virus. Unlike the games before it, this game’s gameplay is in a first-person.

As already mentioned, this game is very scary. You must explore areas while avoiding the family trying to come after you. This game is especially scary when you play VR (I would recommend anyone to do a playthrough of this game in VR). Lastly, there are other modes, you can get as DLC, where you play other characters such as Chris Redfield.

This game sold millions of copies. The upcoming Resident Evil 8 seems to be in first-person gameplay again and will be featuring Ethan. If you like Resident Evil 7, then look forward to Resident Evil Village.

Ethan shooting at one of the infected family members.

6. Resident Evil 3 (2020)

This game was released in 2020. Just like in the original Resident Evil 3, you play as Jill Valentine who is trying to escape Raccoon City while being hunted down by a monster called Nemesis.

It plays like the Resident Evil 2 remake as it has the Resident Evil 4 over-the-shoulder gameplay. One difference is that there are no weapons that can be used as a defense item when grabbed; when grabbed by an enemy you can keep tapping a button to decrease the damage taken. Jill can dodge enemies in the game and, when done correctly, you can cause a slow-motion sequence where you can shoot the enemy as they move very slowly. 

While some areas from the original are included, while some were taken out, there are new areas in the game such as the underground train station. Some areas in the original are expanded upon such as the hospital. 

If you liked the Resident Evil 2 remake, then you are likely to enjoy the Resident Evil 3 remake as well. It got good reviews and sold 2.5 million copies. 

Jill encountering Nemesis in the streets.

5. Resident Evil 2 (2019)

This was released in 2019. After the remake of the first game came out in 2002, fans have wanted a remake of the second game. After years of waiting, their wishes came true.

Like the original Resident Evil 2, you play as Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield who are surviving the viral outbreak in Raccoon City. You can get various parts for your weapons to upgrade them. It also has the A and B scenario, although it is done a bit differently.

Areas you explore, such as the police station, are redesigned and reimagined. Some of the monsters are reimagined as well such as the Ivy monster you encounter in the laboratory. You can use defense weapons such as knives and grenades to get an enemy off you if grabbed.

Unlike the remake of the first game in which the gameplay was tank controls, this game has the gameplay style of Resident Evil 4. You can save as many times as you like in assisted and standard; people who want a more traditional Resident Evil experience can choose hardcore mode where they must use an ink ribbon to save.

The game was a success as it was heavily praised. It sold around 6 million copies.

Leon and Claire at a gas station preparing to defend themselves from zombies. 

4. Resident Evil 2(1998)

This is the sequel to Resident Evil 1 and was released in 1998. You play as rookie police officer Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield who must survive Raccoon City as it is infested with zombies and other creatures.

Much of the game plays like the first game; the tank controls are the same, resources are limited, and you must solve puzzles to access new areas. One new addition, in the game, is you can upgrade your weapons. An example is a shotgun that Leon gets; you can find new parts later in the game, so you can upgrade your shotgun into a stronger shotgun.

Another noteworthy element is the A and B scenarios. This game is set up to where you must play both characters’ stories to get the full experience. You will be playing Leon A and Claire B if you picked Leon first; you will be playing Claire A and Leon B if you picked Claire first.

Just like the first game, this game is overall very fun to play. This game was even more successful than the first game. Many people still play this game to the very day this article was published. 

Leon and Claire in the STARS office together.

3. Resident Evil 3 (1999)

This was released in 1999. This game takes place before and after Resident Evil 2. You mainly play as Jill Valentine, the female protagonist of the first game, and you must escape Raccoon City while avoiding a monster trying to hunt you down called Nemesis.

This game plays the same overall as the two previous games. One difference is that Jill can dodge enemy attacks, although it can be difficult to do at times. Jill can get a variety of weapons such as a shotgun and grenade launcher.

You go to many places throughout Raccoon City. You go through places including the uptown area, police station, and hospital. There are parts in the game where you are given the choice to choose what Jill does; this can change how certain events play out.

Once you beat the game, you unlock mercenaries mode where you must fight through hordes of enemies under a time limit. Every time you beat mercenaries mode, you get the in-game currency that allows you to buy infinite weapons for Jill to use in story mode. 

Jill fighting against zombies in the uptown area of Raccoon City.

2. Resident Evil (2002)

This is the remake of the first game and was released in 2002. Just like in the original game, you play as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine in a mansion infested with zombies and other creatures, but with updated graphics and new content.

New content included new areas, defense items such as daggers and grenades, new puzzles, and new monsters such as Lisa Trevor and Crimson Heads. As already mentioned, the game’s graphics are superior to the original, so the areas are much more detailed. Just like the original, the game is very fun to play overall.

Chris Redfield encountering a plant monster called Plant 42. 

1. Resident Evil 4

This game was released in 2005. This changed the series as it went from the tank controls to the over-the-shoulder gameplay many new Resident Evil games use. You play as Leon Kennedy who goes to Spain to find the president’s daughter while fighting people and monsters who are infected with a parasite called Las Plagas.

As already mentioned, this uses the over-the-shoulder gameplay, therefore, making it possible to shoot anywhere. You can get various weapons through purchasing them from a merchant, and you can upgrade them as well. There are some quick-time events in the game. You start off exploring a village, then a castle, and then an island.

Once you beat the game, you unlock two modes including mercenaries where you kill as many enemies as possible to unlock new weapons that Leon can use in the main story. The other mode is where you play as Ada as she does a mission on the island.

This game was a big success and has sold around 8 million copies. This also has heavily influenced the third-person shooter genre because it made the over-the-shoulder gameplay as the standard in third-person shooters. 

Leon fighting against the infected villagers.

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