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Civ 6 Victory Types
*Ding dong* Hello sir/madam, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior Megatron?

Science or faith; sophistication or domination; shake hands or take a knee; what victory will you choose?

As human civilization rolls on, achieving “victory” is something easier said than done. (though Elon looks like he’s well on his way to a science victory.)
In Civilization VI however, you have some options. 
There are 6 victory types to pursue, none of which are mutually exclusive, so choosing one can be a bit tricky as needs evolve and circumstances change. 
So which victory type is best persue? I will discuss the 6 victory types, where I place them on this favorites list and why.

Score Victory (Meh)
The “Score” victory isn't so much a victory type as it is a turn limit. (something we could all probably use.)

Civ’s doomsday calendar automatically stops at year 2050 for some reason (I guess we don’t make it passed that.) It’s as if 2050 hits and the disembodied voice of John Cleese just starts yelling “Stop! Stop! Everyone stop what you’re doing!” and Sean Bean, dejected, moves on to his next ill-fated role.
If no one has achieved another victory type (assuming you kept them enabled), the remaining civs are scored according to various factors like science and culture output.

Just one...more...turn...
By disabling other victory types you can play at leisure. Instead of a race you can just play and gain points however you like; it's Civ: Seaside Resort Addition.

Score Details:

  • Disabling other victory types leaves no choice but to wait.
  • The game will end automatically in the year 2050, if no other victory has been attained by then score is calculated based on various factors.

Diplomatic Victory (Easy to attain if not warmongering)
Diplomacy: the only victory type that can be bought… he said, to the surprise of no one. 

Diplomatically, you must be voted into this victory type, but you can usually just buy the diplomatic points needed to vote yourself into office.  
All punditry aside, if you can accumulate enough diplomatic victory points either through wonders, voting, or ahem “incentive” then congrats, you win. It may not be a particularly impressive victory, but it’s there.

The Diplomatic Difference:
Requires no physical interaction with other civs.
Many diplomatic victory points can be attained by the shrewd civ; gold buys votes.
Diplomatic favor (currency used in negotiations) can be spent to buy votes from other leaders.

Diplomacy Details:
Diplomatic victory points are needed to win, but leaders can vote to take these points away.
When enough points are earned (20 on standard speed) you become the world leader, netting you a Diplomatic Victory.

Science Victory (Easy but boring)
Like an episode of lost in space: I'm aware of it, I'm just not that interested.

Definitely one of the most straightforward victories, but one of my least favorites because of it.
Science victories are won by colonizing another planet; so the first civ to collectively tell everyone on earth where to stick it wins, and goes on to star in Civilization: Beyond Earth.
While it is nice to be on top of the technological food chain, and if it comes down to a space race so be it; personally, I'd rather use science for a Giant Death Robot victory parade routed through every capitol.

The science behind the science:

  • Requires no interaction with other civs.
  • Biggest requirements are science and production, which you want high anyway.

A science victory is achieved when you complete 4 stages:

  • 1. Launch a satellite
  • 2. Land a human on the moon
  • 3. Launch an exoplanet expedition
  • 4. Establish a Martian colony
  • 5. (optional): Use advanced technology to speed up your expeditionary forces by light years.

Be the first one to meet all requirements, and be the first of your rivals to venture beyond the stars.

Cultural Victory (Challenging and interesting)
If anyone was wondering, it's Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park. Half-dome dead center is the giveaway.

Become the tourist capital of the world by having more tourists than any other civ.
As civs build culture they will also increase in tourism and gain domestic tourists, but if your culture attracts more tourists from a civ than they have of their own, you gain cultural influence over them. 
Earn additional tourism from things like wonders or great works of art; once a civ has gained cultural influence over every other civ, it’s game over.

Why culture is king

  • Requires no actual physical interaction with other civs; just keep pumping out culture and tourism.
  • Building wonders, using policies and other means boost tourism and bring tourists to your civ.
  • Use rock bands as your cultural converters; bringing tourists to your civ one guitar riff at a time.


  • Domestic tourism is generated at a rate of 1% of culture you’ve ever earned (including inspirations); keep this in mind to generate domestic tourists and keep culturally insulated.
  • As you accumulate higher cultural pressure and tourism, more foreign tourists will visit your civ, when you have more than any other civ has of their own, you win. 

Religious Victory (Fun and challenging)
Beliefs aside, this is probably the best looking and sounding of all the Civ victory movies.

Putting the “holy” into “holy war,” ironically, (or maybe fittingly) winning a religious victory is the most similar to domination victory; just do like so many other nations did and replace “conquering” with “converting.” 
If you can make your religion predominant in every other civilization, you’ll earn that one way trip to heaven...or nirvana...or wherever it is you believe in. 
Will you peacefully let people choose their own religion, or is there room for only one true belief?

Two tickets (to paradise)

  • Allows for a more active playstyle, using various religious units to do battle with each other.
  • Your follower beliefs will become stronger and stronger as you convert more and more people.
  • Some civs, such as Spain, can benefit mightily from a strong combo of religion and military.

Religious victory Details: 

  • Cities can house more than one religion, but only one religion can be “predominant” per city.
  • Once your religion has become predominant in at least half of all other civs’ cities, your faith is rewarded with a religious victory. 

Favorite: Domination (Most active play-style)
The "My way or the highway to Hell" of victory types.

Domination is probably the simplest victory type: capture all other capitals in the game. Boom, you win. 
This victory type gives every civ incentive to let their unique unit shine. 
While the AI isn’t known for its brilliance, with the right AI mods it’s entirely possible to be outplayed.
Even without mods, achieving a Domination victory on the hardest difficulties can be quite the challenge, and part of what makes this my favorite victory type. 

Why it dominates:

  • It’s a victory type that virtually every civ gets a chance to flex their unique unit.
  • Makes the game generally more dynamic and fast-paced.
  • Makes warmongering a more tactical endeavor, rather than just a rash land-grab.
  • Allows you to outright stop other civs from achieving any other victory.


  • Accomplished when a civilization conquers all other civs’ starting capitals.

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