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Jesse Faden concept art from Control

Although there aren't many weapons in Control, the user can modify their combat experience by using mods. Some of the weakest weapons can become incredibly powerful thanks to these tweaks. The player has the option to change both Jesse and how her weapons feel. The finest personal mods as well as the best mods for each weapon will be discussed in this article.

1. Grip

Demonstration of the launch ability.

The first weapon you receive is Grip, which is the most adaptable. It performs admirably and is quite accurate at both close- and far-range shooting. Therefore, some of the better mods are those that either allow you get more usage out of it through employing abilities or something that lets you pump out more damage because of its versatility and ability to be incredibly accurate. There are unique mods for each weapon in the game, and those are typically the best for that particular weapon.

Best mod: Eternal Fire

Effect: Chance to refund ammo on hit with 100% bonus

My personal preference for Grip is Eternal Fire. Since it is an absolute mod, it is of a higher level, and it gives you ammo back when you strike an enemy. The real kicker is that as long as you strike someone, you'll always get ammunition back. This is beneficial because it allows you to reload as little as possible.

Second Best mod: Precision Source Bonus

Effect: Source Gained from headshots with max bonus of greater than or equal to 10

Second best has to be this. Since Grip is very accurate, you can sit at a medium range and collect Source (the in-game currency) from the headshots you accrue. Highly effective.


2. Shatter

Jesse fights airborne Hiss in the Panopticon.

Shatter can be used to effectively eliminate enemies at close ranges. It essentially works like a shotgun with a wide field of fire and is effective in close-quarters combat. It has a lot of power, so some of the finest exclusive mods you can obtain for it reduce the spread and concentrate all the extra strength on a small number of foes.

Best mod: One-Way Track

Effect: Decreases projectile spread by 100

This mod is good because it helps nullify some of the weaknesses of Shatter, which is the wide range.. 

Second Best mod: Shatter Projectile Choke

Effect: Decreases the spread of projectiles by 27%

Again, this one helps with the weakness of Shatter just not to the extent of One-Way Track. This one is kind of interesting though since the argument can be made that this is the better one due to its percentage, but it depends on how far you want to upgrade Shatter. If you upgrade it more, this is probably the better option. These two mods are interchangeable.


3. Spin

Mindbendending stuff, ain't it?

Spin is the submachine gun weapon that you get in the game. This weapon is best for the weaker enemies in the game. Control functions like Metroidvania, so you’ll traverse some of the same areas multiple times. There are some rather weaker enemies that Spin can deal with easily, though it can also shred certain stronger ones as well. 

Best Mod: Spam Mail

Effect: Increases damage after a kill

By far, this is the finest mod. As far as I'm aware, either it doesn't mention a cap or there isn't one. Since you can easily defeat the above-stated weaker foes, this is extremely beneficial against them.

Second Best Mod: Spin Grouping Efficiency

Effect: Increases accuracy by greater than or equal to 22%

Spin has an accuracy issue due to its machine gun nature and this mostly fixes that.


4. Pierce

Jesse fights some Hiss in an open area.

As with other weapons, Pierce imitates more well-known ones; therefore, this one has the appearance of a sniper rifle. Like regular rifles, Pierce is incredibly powerful at great distances. Due to the fact that you'll be gazing down sights the majority of the time, it's advisable to acquire mods that will improve these qualities.

Best Mod: Pierce Aimed Fire Boost

Effect: Increases damage when aiming by 65%

The absolute best mod. Since you’re spending 95-99% of the time aiming down sights for this weapon, this just provides that extra boost you need to take out stronger enemies with headshots. 

Second Best Mod: Pierce Zoom Boost

Effect: Increases the zoom by 35% 

Again, this helps since you’re zoomed in most of the time. It does not provide the damage boost that the aforementioned mod does, but provides you a bit of a further reach. This helps in the wider open areas of the Oldest House.


5. Charge

Hiss floating above the office setting.

Charge is my favorite weapon in the game. The reason for this is that it deals significantly more damage to foes when it hits them directly, in addition to dealing splash and knockback. This makes it useful for both killing adversaries quickly in small locations and separating enemies for quicker kills in larger spaces. Since Charge is a rocket launcher-style weapon, one drawback is that it takes a while to fire, so it's preferable to get mods that speed up the process.

Best Mod: Thin Space

Effect: Increases projectile speed by 500%

The best one. You’re pretty much firing a machine gun rocket launcher. This just makes killing enemies much quicker and easier. 

Second Best mod: Critical Ammo Refund

Effect: Ammo recovery when at critical health by 6%

No nearly as good as Thin Space, but does help keep consistent damage without reloading as much. 


Personal Mods

While Control offers strong gunplay, the game offers the player a host of supernatural abilities that ups Jesse’s arsenal when fighting the hiss. She can also be outfitted with mods to increase these abilities. Here are some of the best ones she can acquire:

Best Personal Mod: 

Health Boost - Stats vary

Flat or percentage health mods are some of the best in the game because they help you take more damage especially in the later stages of the game. Having that extra health can be the difference between dying and living.


Second Best Personal Mod:

Energy Recovery - Stats vary

Energy is the resource you use when using your supernatural abilities. As with health, pretty much any flat or percentage increase will be incredible since it will allow you to use your abilities more, which can turn the tides of fights when you don’t have to wait for the energy to recharge. 


Third Best Personal Mod:

Dodge Efficiency - Decreases the cost of evading by 25%

Dodging is crucial and also takes up a lot of energy. Not only is it used inside of fights to dodge abilities, but it’s also used as a traversal tool to get around the Oldest House faster. Decreasing the amount of energy dodges take just adds that many more dodges to use before your energy cools down. 

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