Top 15 Best CSGO Workshop Maps

CSGO Best Workshop Maps
CSGO Has a vast array of custom made maps and gamemodes

15.)Friday the 13th [Hide and Seek]

This map is set in Friday the 13th which makes for great gameplay and map design choices.. This map is great fun with friends and has lots to discover and play around with. It is an overall fun and spooky map to play with your friends.

  • Many hiding spots
  • Unique setting
  • Lots of replayability

Download: Friday the 13th [Hide and Seek]

14.)Headquarters (Co-op Strike)

Headquarters is a great map to play with friends or alone. It is an objective centered horde game mode. This map will have you hacking sneaking (or breaking) into a hi-tech facility to siphon information. Meanwhile hordes of enemies blast you and your friends down. This map is great challenging fun to play over and over.

  • Optimal for 1-5 players
  • Great map design
  • Chaotic and fun with friends

Download: Headquarters (Co-op Strike)

13.)Seek Hotel (Hide and Seek)

Seek Hotel is a fun hide and seek map. It has very creative hiding outposts, which will make for great gameplay and all around fun with friends.This map has lots of features to discover and use against the seeker or the hider.

  • Many hiding spots
  • Unique setting
  • Lots of replayability with friends

Download: Seek Hotel (Hide and Seek)

12.)Mixed Hardcore Survival (2018)

Mixed Hardcore Survival is a great adventure map to play alone or with friends. This map has it all, from cutscenes to boss fights to an in depth crafting system. This map is challenging and will give you lots to mess around with and have fun with.

  • Variety of unique locations
  • Includes Boss fights
  • Is a challenge with or without friends

Download: Mixed Hardcore Survival (2018)

11.)Home Invasion (Co-op Strike)

Home invasion is a co-op wave defense map, which sets you and your friends as thieves breaking into a large mansion This map gets progressively chaotic as each wave passes. This map has a max player limit of 5, and is a challenging, but rewarding with hidden easter eggs and secrets to find throughout the map.

  • Great music
  • Hidden easter eggs
  • Chaotic fun

Download: Home Invasion (Co-op Strike)


Minesweeper is a simple yet challenging logic game. While not original to CS:GO It has been ported over by mapper Ansimist. This map retains the core aspects of Minesweeper and offers different difficulties.

  • Offers variety of difficulties
  • Easy to control
  • Singleplayer

Download: Minesweeper


Bhop_lusine is a great bunny-hopping course. It starts off easy, but becomes progressively more difficult and offers a great challenge. The visual and layout design of the map is well executed and makes for a great map to play alone or with friends.

  • Progressive difficulty
  • Great Visual design
  • Great Layout

Download: bhop_lusine

8.)Aim Challenge

Aim Challenge is exactly what it sounds like, a map meant to challenge your aim. It's a small course where the goal is to kill all the enemies and finish as fast as possible. It’s layout as a training course is great and it’s difficult enough to leave room for improvement.

  • Keeps track of your time
  • Great for practicing aim
  • Great layout and enemy placement

Download: Aim Challenge

7.)Prison [Hide and Seek]

Prison is a great hide and seek map with lots of fun to be had. It is a spooky map with many hidden easter eggs and hiding places. This map will leave you and your friends’ spines tingling as everyone tries to scare each other.

  • Spooky setting
  • Lots of hiding spots
  • Cool secrets to find

Download: Prison [Hide and Seek]

6.)Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is exactly as it sounds, chaotic fun. This is a map that can hold up to 32 players, absolutely crazy. It plays exactly as it sounds, one person shoots the next with a loaded R8.

  • Crazy fun with lots of friends
  • Up to 32 Players
  • Great execution

Download: Russian Roulette


1 versus 1, the classic gamemode to test your abilities against friends. This 1v1 map is simple, it offers a couple headshot positions and all guns. This map is great fun to play with friends. WOODEN KP is a great 1vs1 map that doesn’t tire out easily.

  • 1v1 map
  • Simple layout
  • Offers all weapons

Download: AIM -1VS1 - WOODEN KP


Bhop_japan is a great bhop map for beginners. Bhop_Japan has a unique Japanese styled theme and map design. It is also very fun and a well designed bhop map with a great layout.

  • Japanese themed bhop course
  • Built for beginners
  • Great design/layout

Download: bhop_japan

3.)KFC Job Simulator v2

KFC Job Simulator is a great way to prepare for work at KFC. It’s a really fun map where the focus is on serving and preparing orders for customers as quickly as possible. Play solo or compete against your friends in teams of 2 and have some fun.

  • Competitive and cooperative play
  • Serve fast food
  • Play solo or with friends

Download: KFC Job Simulator v2


Have you ever dreamed of boxing? No, instead you can knife fight your friends in this boxing style map. This map is great for some close and intense 1v1 knifing battles between you and your friends.

  • Knife fight against friends
  • Cool boxing theme
  • Competitive play against friends

Download: 35hp_dream_boxing_v2

1.)Western Massacre

Western Massacre is a pvp style deathmatch gamemode. It is set in a western style setting with all weapons available. It has a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 12 players, it’s chaotic and fun classic western action.

  • All guns available
  • Max 12 players
  • Unique setting

Download: Western Massacre

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