[Top 25] CSGO Best Workshop Maps That Are Fun

The best of the best from the CS:GO community.

CS:GO can be quite a stressful game sometimes, and the best way to get out of a losing streak is to play a different and more uplifting game. Workshop maps will do just that; these community-made maps offer players a lot of variety in playing CS:GO. With so many to choose from, it'd be time-consuming to wade through them all. Lucky for you, we just listed some of the best of the best.


#25 crashz’s Crosshair Generator

crashz’s Crosshair Generator is like a candy shop for crosshairs. Take your pick from a plethora of crosshairs, all used and certified by the best of the best. Can’t pick the right crosshair? Well, why don’t you try one out on the shooting range? Pick a crosshair and test it on bots.

Why crashz’s Crosshair Generator is fun:

  • Pick any crosshair or make your own from scratch.
  • Test out your new crosshair with the help of endlessly spawning bots.
  • You can improve your aim and speed while dispatching some bots.

Come and check out the map.


#24 Training – Blank

CS:GO meets Superhot. This map allows players to duke it out with bots in slow motion. The monochromatic and riveting gunplay is sure to get you itching for more.

Why Training – Blank is fun:

  • Shoot down bots in slow-motion and look cool while doing it.
  • Practice flicking and one-tapping in style.
  • It’s a great training map for newer players.

Come and check out the map.


#23 Clutch Challenge (Cache)

Replay some of the greatest clutches ever pulled. Players can now relive and experience the insane clutches performed by some of the greatest players of all time. Players can choose from 15 clutch moments and compete with other players.

Why Clutch Challenge (Cache) is fun:

  • The map allows players to replay 15 game-winning clutches.
  • The map is also a great training course for improving aim and reaction time.
  • Players worldwide can compete and pull off clutches within seconds.

Come and check out the map.


#22 Yprac Practice and Warmup

Need the perfect warmup map? Congratulations! You found it. The Yprac Practice and Warmup Map has it all: a shooting gallery, movement training, prefire training, and aim training. Anything you can think of, they have it.

Why Ypac Practice and Warmup is fun:

  • The map offers a plethora of training courses to improve one’s skills.
  • The prefiring training allows players to predict possible points where enemies will camp.
  • The shooting gallery allows you to mow down bots if you get a little bored.

Come and check out the map.


#21 Friday the 13th [Hide and Seek]

Jason Voorhees pays CS:GO a visit. Two players engage in a thrilling game of hide and seek, with one player assuming the role of the infamous slasher while the other hides and cowers. Tense moments of silence and spine-tingling jump scares abound.

Why Friday the 13th [Hide and Seek] is fun:

  • Players can finally live the dream of becoming a crazed serial killer, while another runs and hides for dear life.
  • Players can take turns and switch roles to keep things exciting.
  • The layout and overall atmosphere of the map are both thrilling and fun.

Come and check out the map.


#20 surf_kitsune

Surf through this Tron-inspired map and zip through the course like a master. surf_kitsune allows players to practice and sharpen their surfing skills with this cool and simple map.

Why surf_kitsune is fun:

  • The course is fairly easy to accomplish and is perfect for players who are just starting to surf.
  • The map’s layout is easy on the eyes and allows the players to surf easily without cluttering their vision.
  • The map is perfect for sharpening one’s surfing skills and performing some sick moves.

Come and check out the map.


#19 bhop_hextra

Practice your bhopping skills with this vibrant kaleidoscope of a map. Don’t stop and keep the momentum going as you zip through the colorful and neon-inspired design of this map.

Why bhop_hextra is fun:

  • Players can practice their bhopping skills with this eye-popping map.
  • The layout of the map promotes endless replays.
  • The map is a great way to kill time while practicing bhopping.

Come and check out the map.


#18 Hijack

Terrorists have hijacked a chartered jet carrying foreign officials, and negotiations can go south any minute. CTs must navigate through a section of the airport and secure the hostages before things go awry.

Why Hijack is fun:

  • The map's realistic premise is  perfect for players with a keen interest in realistic shooters.
  • The map is expertly designed; the intricate layout and highly detailed set pieces make for a great hostage-scenario.
  • The large, sprawling map is perfect for tense and prolonged shootouts.

Come and check out the map.


#17 De_rats_1337_v2

Honey, I shrank CS:GO. De_rats finally makes its way to CS:GO, allowing players to shrink down and play in a huge map resembling a kitchen. The layout and size of the map allow players to get creative in accomplishing the mission.

Why De_rats_1337_v2 is fun:

  • Players get to explore a unique and quirky world from the perspective of a rat.
  • The map’s size and intricate design allow players to explore and come up with new ways to beat the enemy.
  • Given the map’s design, players can easily lose themselves just exploring every crevice of the map.

Come and check out the map.


#16 Endemic

Zombies have invaded CS:GO, the only way to survive is to keep moving and keep your finger on the trigger. Players will team up as they make their daring escape while fending off hordes of the undead. Better make sure your aim is up to snuff, unless you want to join the undead.

Why Endemic is fun:

  • Players can annihilate an endless swarm of zombies.
  • The tight corridors and fast-paced action make for a tense and exciting experience.
  • It’s a great map to play with friends on a Saturday night.

Come and check out the map.


#15 Alien [Hide and Seek]

If you think getting stalked by a masked killer is bad, then you haven’t seen anything yet. This map comes from the same creator as the Friday the 13th map, except this time you’ll be playing against the Alien. Players are placed inside an impressive recreation of the Sevastopol Station from Alien: Isolation. Players must escape from the Alien that stalks its halls to survive. To make matters worse, the Queen just got out of containment. Well, fu…

Why Alien [Hide and Seek] is fun:

  • The tension is cranked up to 11, as players must now face either the Alien or the Queen herself.
  • The creator made a near-faithful recreation of the station from Alien: Isolation.
  • The map, along with the presence of the Alien, creates a nerve-wracking atmosphere similar to the original game.

Come and check out the map.


#14 Grove Street

Grove Street, home. At least it was until it was raided by terrorists. Players can now revisit the famous cul-de-sac in Los Santos. Instead of defending it from rival gangs, players will now have to purge the terrorist threat that has invaded it.

Why Grove Street is fun:

  • Players can get a chance to visit Grove Street once more.
  • Defend Grove Street from terrorists and show them who’s boss.
  • It’s a great map to play with your homies and relive memories from your childhood.

Come and check out the map.


#13 Headquarters [Coop Strike]

Put your stealth and infiltration skills to the test. Join up with other players to infiltrate a secret location and accomplish the mission. Players can either go in sneaky-beaky like or with guns blazing.

Why Headquarters [Coop Strike] is fun:

  • The stealthy gameplay can provide a tense experience even for stealth afficianados.
  • Players can join their friends and get in on the fun.
  • Stealth not cutting it for you? Then it’s time to go full Rambo.

Come and check out the map.


#12 Bikinibottom

Players can finally visit the zany underwater city of Bikini Bottom. Players can explore the iconic fictional city while playing their favorite CS:GO modes. Too bad you can’t visit Spongebob and the gang.

Why Bikinibottom is fun:

  • Die-hard fans of the cartoon can finally visit and explore their favorite cartoon city.
  • You can explore Bikini Bottom while playing your favorite game mode.
  • Defend the Krusty Krab or the Pineapple Residence of everyone’s favorite sponge from invading terrorists.

Come and check out the map.


#11 2buildings_csgo

Go on an all-out war and wipe out your neighbors, figuratively. This map pits players between two warring buildings; players can either snipe enemies from across the base or get up close and personal on the enemy’s home turf.

Why 2buildings_csgo is fun:

  • Players can either play it safe or approach the enemy for a more personal touch.
  • The layout of the map can create tense and exhilarating moments.
  • Players could easily punch in hundreds of hours of endless fun.

Come and check out the map.


#10 1V1 Metro

Players can go head-to-head in the ultimate test of might. 1V1 Metro pits two players in a subway station, and only one can come out on top. Why stop there? Players could instead choose to go on an all-out war with their friends and see who the winning team is.

Why 1V1 Metro is fun:

  • It’s great for settling feuds and ruining friendships.
  • Groups of friends can also opt to join in on the fun.
  • It’s also great for practicing your aim with a friend.

Come and check out the map.


#9 Overpass 2077

Experience Overpass like it was in Night City. The beloved fan favorite gets a cyberpunk makeover. Players can finally experience the hustling and bustling nightlife of Cyberpunk 2077, minus the bugs and glitches.

Why Overpass 2077 is fun:

  • Overpass gets a makeover that will make cyberpunk fans gush.
  • The nighttime setting and neon lights change how players play due to the overhauled lighting.
  • It’s CS:GO but with a cyberpunk aesthetic. What else is there to say?

Come and check out the map.


#8 Dust 2 Night

It’s the same old Dust II, but at night. This small difference has a way of changing up the dynamics of the map. It forces players to focus and keep a lookout for lurking enemies, plus, Dust II at nighttime does look low-key relaxing.

Why Dust 2 Night is fun:

  • Play the same old Dust II but at night.
  • The small change forces players to sharpen up their aim.
  • Playing Dust II at night has a relaxing vibe to it. There's nothing like nailing headshots on a Friday night.

Come and check out the map.


#7 reef

Experience the perfect summer getaway ruined by pesky terrorists. This excellently crafted map forces CTs and terrorists to go head-to-head in a quaint, seaside town.

Why reef is fun:

  • The beautiful seaside setting is almost enough to make you forget that it's been invaded by terrorists.
  • The layout of the map allows players to get creative and get a jump on the enemy.
  • The sprawling design of the map can make for tense and exciting situations.

Come and check out the map.



Terrorists have invaded N.E.R.O. via submarine, and your mission is to eliminate the terrorist threat and defuse the situation. Players must race against time as terrorists aim to detonate a stockpile of nuclear warheads.

Why SUB-ZERO is fun:

  • This community-created map immerses players in a cool (pun intended) and intricately designed Arctic setting.
  • The layout of the map forces players to be on guard and wary of their surroundings.
  • The map is set in the Arctic, with a freaking submarine at the entrance.

Come and check out the map.


#5 Destructible Inferno

Ever wonder how that box full of warheads in Mirage doesn’t blow up when you detonate the C4? Yeah, me too. Now you can witness the carnage of destructible environments in CS:GO, or at least in Inferno. Players can now wreak havoc and destroy the structures of Inferno, whether dismantling cover or just fooling around with the physics system.

Why Destructible Inferno is fun:

  • Players can witness destructible environments in real time.
  • The destructible environments mix up gameplay, as players can now destroy obstructions and circumvent obstacles.
  • Seeing buildings and other stuff go boom is just plain satisfying.

Come and check out the map.


#4 awp_retro_neon_v1

Snipe enemies in an arena-style matchup. This map places two teams on a neon and retro-themed map, where only one team will come out on top. The map offers plenty of room and cover for players, and the layout allows them to get creative.

Why awp_retro_neon_v1 is fun:

  • The retro-futuristic setting and layout of the map are perfect for teams to duke it out on.
  • The map offers players plenty of options to get ahead of the enemy.
  • Arena-style combat is bound to entertain players for hours on end.

Come and check out the map.


#3 coop_mission_haunted

This map places four players in different locations spread across a sprawling mystery that they must uncover. The players will encounter traps and numerous puzzles along the way, all the while fending off all sorts of monsters.

Why coop_mission_haunted is fun:

  • The map contains several smaller maps filled with traps and puzzles.
  • Players will encounter waves of unique and deadly monstrosities.
  • The entire map is one big swooping adventure with a mystery at its center.

Come and check out the map.


#2 SQUID GAME (2 - 64) 

Get the chance of a lifetime and play the games from the smash hit show "Squid Game," in CS:GO. As the title suggests, players will now be able to play the infamous games from the popular Netflix show. The twist is that the final game will be a free-for-all melee match between the remaining players, and only one can come out on top.

Why SQUID GAME (2 - 64) is fun:

  • Players can participate in the eponymous games of the series.
  • A total of 64 players can participate and join in on the ensuing carnage.
  • The nature of the games themselves makes for an exhilarating and fun experience.

Come and check out the map.


#1 CSGO Kart

Go-kart with a twist. Players can now play go-karting in CS:GO. Why? Well, to be honest, I’m just as clueless as you guys, but hey, it looks fun. Instead of racing towards the finish line, players must capture the enemy team’s flag, and vice versa.

Why CSGO Kart is fun:

  • You can now play capture the flag while riding go-karts in CS:GO. It’s not every day that you read a sentence like this.
  • Run circles around your enemy or just blow them up with rockets. You read that correctly: the go karts have rockets.
  • The premise alone is guaranteed to have you sink hundreds of hours into it.

Come and check out the map.


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