[Top 10] CSGO Best Zombie Maps

The undead has invaded CS:GO.

Getting tired of plain old bots? Get the blood pumping and shoot down zombies in CS:GO. Zombie maps are community maps that bring the undead into the world of CS:GO. These maps can be a great way to unwind after a losing streak and indulge in some mindless fun.


#10 Lake of Horror

Lake of Horror pits players against hordes of the undead in an eerie lakeside location. Players can team up and take on the endless swarm of undead nightmares as they emerge from the fog. The map is obscured by a dense fog that ramps up the tension, forcing players to remain vigilant while unspeakable horrors stalk them from the shadows.

Why Lake of Horror is fun:

  • Friends could team up and fight off the undead.
  • The foggy and unnerving setting creates a sense of fear as you never know what could emerge from behind you.
  • The map’s simple, if repetitive, gameplay is a great way to kill time and have fun with friends.

Come and check out the map.


#9 ze_infiltration_final_r1

You only have one goal: keep your finger on the trigger and never, ever stop moving. This map places players in a claustrophobic facility where they must evade and escape the undead as it pursues them relentlessly. Players must be quick on their feet and even quicker with a trigger, because one mistake and you’re done.

Why ze_infiltration_final_r1 is fun:

  • Players must race against their pursuers in a daring cat-and-mouse chase.
  • Fending off the undead is a tense and exhilarating experience.
  • The relentless pace of the map keeps players on their toes and doesn’t give them a chance to breathe.

Come and check out the map.


#8 Zombie Trainstation

Take up arms and purge the undead from an abandoned trainyard. The map doesn’t waste its time and immediately lets players jump in and do what they came to do: mow down zombies. Players can join forces and choose their weapon of choice as they cut down swathes of zombies.

Why Zombie Trainstation is fun:

  • Groups of friends can huddle together and shoot down an endless number of zombies.
  • The map’s layout is designed to build tension without completely overwhelming the player.
  • Each player can choose from CS:GO’s in-game arsenal to defend themselves from the undead.

Come and check out the map.


#7 coop_zombie_evasion

This map requires players to explore an expansive map in search of four items while fighting their way through crowds of zombies. The sheer size of the map is countered by the pitch-black darkness and an overall spine-chilling atmosphere. Teamwork and vigilance are the keys to survival, as it’s easy to get lost and be overwhelmed by the hordes of the undead.

Why coop_zombie_evasion is fun:

  • It features a massive map with multiple areas to explore.
  • The nighttime setting masks the horrors that lurk in the shadows.
  • The objective and overall vibe of the map are perfect for friends who are itching for a fun yet scary experience.

Come and check out the map.


#6 ze_outlast

Fans of Outlast can revisit Mount Massive Asylum once more, except this time, they’ll be causing the carnage. As you would’ve guessed, players will find themselves roaming the halls of the underground lab of the notorious asylum. Players will have to find a way out while fighting off hordes of the undead, as well as the Walrider itself.

Why ze_outlast is fun:

  • Players will be able to reliveroaming the halls of the infamous location.
  • You can get to play against the feared Walrider from the first Outlast.
  • Finally, you can avenge all those times you nearly died from a jump scare while playing the game.

Come and check out the map.


#5 ze_nostromo

Here's a sneak peek of the map.

ze_nostromo presents to players what will happen if Alien: Isolation meets CS:GO. Players are placed within a recreation of the Nostromo from the sci-fi horror classic Alien. However, instead of facing off against the Alien, players must survive and escape from the undead.

Why ze_nostromo is fun:

  • Fans of both Alien: Isolation and CS:GO can enjoy a game that incorporates elements from both games.
  • The claustrophobic setting makes the experience even more intense.
  • Players can now explore the Nostromo while blowing off the heads of the undead.

Come and check out the map.


#4 [COOP] NaziZombies – (Broken)

As if regular zombies weren’t bad enough, now you’ll have to contend with Nazi zombies. This ambitious map allows players to experience what it’s like to fend off the zombified members of the Third Reich. The map also throws several puzzles your way, while Nazi zombies attack you with a case of the munchies.

Why [COOP] NaziZombies – (Broken) is fun:

  • Players can eliminate horde after horde of undead Nazis.
  • The dreary atmosphere contrasts with the non-stop and pulse-pounding action of killing zombies.
  • The puzzles offer variety to spice things up.

Come and check out the map.


#3 Endemic

Endemic mixes things up by allowing players to be the zombies and spread the infection to other players. Endemic puts players at the heart of a subway station where a zombie outbreak has occurred. What's the catch? Any one of the players can be infected. Players must escape before all hell breaks loose.

Why ze_endemic_v1_3 is fun:

  • Players can mow down zombies or be the zombies themselves and infect other players.
  • The nail-biting suspense keeps players on their toes as they make their escape.
  • The subway’s tight and long corridors can make for intense and scary situations.

Come and check out the map.


#2 Silent Hill Dawn

Players will find themselves trapped within the macabre and disturbing world of Silent Hill, where the only way to survive is to keep moving and keep fighting. Players will have to navigate through a claustrophobic, nightmarish world while defending themselves as the undead descend upon them.

Why Silent Hill Dawn is fun:

  • Silent Hill’s eerie and desolate world creates the perfect setting for a tense and terrifying experience.
  • Players will get to experience shooting down zombies within the realm of Silent Hill.
  • Zombies in Silent Hill—what else is there to say? Too bad Pyramid Head couldn’t join the party.

Come and check out the map.


#1 ze_bioshock

Return to the underground city of Rapture and eliminate the splicers—or rather, the zombies—that plagued the once great city. Players can get a chance to revisit and explore Rapture’s famed locales and wipe out the zombies that roam its halls. 

Returning characters such as the Big Daddy and the Songbird will also be present to make things even more challenging. To even the playing field, players can once again power themselves with Plasmids and step up their game.

Why ze_bioshock is fun:

  • You can finally revisit Rapture and wipe out the zombie scum that afflicts it.
  • You can power up and use Plasmids as you mow down the undead.
  • You get to relive boss battles with the Big Daddy and the Songbird.

Come and check out the map.


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