Cuphead Best Super - Which is Best?

Cuphead Best Super
Time to break out the big guns!

While taking a stroll across the Inkwell Isles, defeating bosses and taking contracts, you may notice a series of buildings you can interact with called the Mausoleums. There is one on each Isle, and if you manage to parry all the ghosts before they can get to the urn in the center, then you are rewarded by the magical Legendary Chalice with one of three usable Super Arts. When you gather all five cards in your Super Meter you can activate whichever Super Art you have equipped, which can give you a massive bonus during boss battles. Although all of these Super Arts are extremely powerful, which one is the best? Which is the most useful, most powerful and can be used on the most bosses?


3) Super Art II - Invincibility

  Invincibility in Action

Out of all three Super Arts, Invincibility is the least useful overall with quite a few drawbacks when compared to the other two. According to the game description, this Super Art allows you to “Cross the astral plane to become invulnerable for a short time,” which sounds great on paper but in practice it has a few conditions that make it less practical.

First and foremost is that the invincibility you gain doesn’t last long, so it is better for specific areas where you struggle rather than gaining an advantage over the boss. Second is that the Super Meter doesn’t fill up while Invincibility is still active so time you put in hitting the boss won’t build up any energy, which is important since this is the only Super Art that specializes in defense rather than offense.

While not the most useful of Super Arts, Invincibility does have its perks, not to mention that being invulnerable, even if it is for a short while, is a useful power for getting past a particularly difficult stage and learning attack patterns.


Super Stats.

  • Only lasts for several seconds
  • Doesn’t allow damage from projectiles or falling
  • Super Meter doesn’t fill up while it’s in use

Super is Best For

  • Personally difficult bosses
  • Lots of projectiles or minions
  • Getting through Pacifist runs in Run and Gun levels

How to Get This Super


2) Super Art I - Energy Beam

  Energy Beam in Action

The first Super Art you gain, the Energy Beam, does quite a bit of damage and serves as a wonderful introduction to these new powers. After beating the first Mausoleum and achieving this Super Art you are now able to perform a kind of ultimate attack, which is described in game as “A devastating attack spills from your head. Horizontal only (ground or air).”

This does bring up one of the disadvantages to this weapon though, the fact that it is only for horizontal use which makes it difficult or even impossible to use on some boss phases. There is also the added difficulty that if the platform in the stage moves you have a chance of falling and losing health, or once the art is performed it is possible that you can get hit right afterwards from an attack you weren’t able to dodge.

Even so, the Energy Beam is most useful for taking out smaller enemies while also hitting the boss, and it does excellent damage where it can be used, making it pretty great for dealing with most bosses.

Super Stats.

  • Does 87 damage
  • Only horizontal shots
  • Won’t take damage until Super is done

Super is Best For

  • Taking out killable many minions
  • Long range attacking
  • Non-moving platforms

How to Get This Super


1) Super Art III - Giant Ghost


According to the description, this Super Art allows you to “Maneuver your spirit and body simultaneously for maximum damage,” and while that may sound confusing, once you master using the Giant Ghost there can be no contest for what the best Super Art is.

When activated, the buff soul of Cuphead or Mugman rises from their bodies and moves around the screen in whatever direction you point the joystick, however the ghost moves continuously and needs to be regulated to keep that position. While this is challenging it isn’t impossible, and one of the many suggested ways to use it is to lock yourself in place so you can direct the ghost while not running head first into any projectiles.

This may take some time to get the hang of, but the benefits for doing so are enormous, including doing substantially more damage than the Energy Beam, being able to reach any boss anywhere on screen, and giving you a pink heart to parry when it runs out to give you more energy to do even more damage. Overall this Super Art is a beast, and if you can tame it you can take out any boss you come across.

Super Stats.

  • Does 4 damage per hit, MAX 112 damage
  • Dashing does not affect the Ghost
  • Gives a parry-able heart when this Super is done

Super is Best For

  • Motionless or hard to reach bosses
  • Levels without many minions
  • Fixed platforms

How to Get This Super


What do you think of our choices? What is your favorite Super? Let us know your opinions in the comment section down below.

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