[Guide] DayZ How To Cure Sickness

DayZ How To Cure Sickness
Are you friendly? What are you eating?


Howdy boys and girls, let me tell you something about diseases in DayZ, if you are new, YOU WILL GET THEM 100%! The reasons why you’ll catch one of the diseases will be because you didn’t know how to protect yourself from them, you were too lazy to wash your hands or you decided it was a genius idea to eat some good ol’ human meat!

I’ll properly teach you what to avoid to not get sick in DayZ, what medicine to take if you did end up getting sick. You can also watch this video about DayZ diseases:


5. Salmonellosis

Do you see that buck? You’re quite happy about hunting it down, SO happy in fact that you decided to eat a chunk of raw meat from that animal - as a result, you caught salmonellosis(or Salmonella). Luckily for you, this is the least dangerous disease in DayZ.

Symptoms: Vomiting(Pretty frequent, very prone to dehydration/hunger)

Duration: Varies whether you’re taking medicine or not

Causes: Eating raw or rotten meat, drinking with blood-covered hands

Prevention: Cook your bloody meat and wash your hands!

Treatment: Charcoal tablets or multivitaminTetracycline pills(again, this disease is easy to cure as it has 2 types of medicine for it)

4. Influenza

You’ve been sitting in some remote warehouse and it’s raining outside and you’re thinking to yourself, why the hell is it raining for such a goddamn long time, screw this - you proceed to go for a few kilometer hike and end up resting in a cozy house, unfortunately for you, there’s a new symbol in the bottom right corner. Surprise!

Symptoms: Coughing, sneezing(Annoying if you’re trying to sneak up on somebody with your pickaxe)

Causes: Contact with an infected survivor, contact with items that were handled by the infected survivors, exposure to cold

Prevention: Wearing a mask, avoiding contact with infected survivors

Treatment: Tetracycline Pills or just wait it out!

3. Common Cold

Similar to Influenza, it will happen if you run around naked out in the rain or just swim in lakes fully clothed. Get some tea and start a campfire, cry yourself to sleep and miss the times when you were healthy!

Symptoms: Coughing, sneezing

Causes: Prolonged exposure to cold, contact with infected survivors

Prevention: Shoot approaching infected survivors, wear warmer clothing and don’t run out in the rain and if you have to, take multivitamins!

Treatment: Tetracycline pills or just waiting it out, eat food, and stay warm(campfires, etc. are recommended!)

2. Cholera

Drinking from a water bottle with bloody hands? Nope. Drinking from a bottle with dirty water AND with bloody hands? Mega nope! Don’t do that, and don’t whine about puking every 20 seconds!

Symptoms: Vomiting every goddamn 30 seconds!

Causes: Drinking from ponds, rivers, streams. Drinking from spawned water bottles or canteens which have a 50/50 chance of infecting you, or just drinking from water bottles and canteens that were used by a survivor infected with Cholera

Prevention: Use chlorine tablets with your water bottles,  boil the water in a cooking pot/frying pan. You can also sanitize the water bottles with a disinfectant spray or alcoholic tincture.

Treatment: Tetracycline Pills or fighting it off naturally, eat small amounts of food/water to not vomit uncontrollably!

1. Brain Prion Disease

You’re hiding in a military/radar base near Tisy, far in the northern parts of Chernarus, yet all of the sudden, you can hear a person simultaneously laughing and crying - you’re creeped the F out, you’re starting to nervously load a magazine for your freshly found KA-101, you load your gun and wait for the sick bastard to enter the room through the door - BAMBAMBAMBAM! The sinister man drops dead, you still shaking decide to examine the dead body after a few seconds and see nothing out of the ordinary - a sawed-off BK-43 with a couple of buckshots, a knife, sledgehammer, and an unsettling backpack that you’ve gazed into for good 15 seconds.  It’s wet, covered with flies, clearly overloaded and blood is dripping from it. You didn’t look into it, you didn’t even take his other items, you just stormed out of the building and erased this memory from your mind.

Symptoms: Uncontrollable, random outbursts of laughter/crying, shaky hands(makes it very hard to aim)

Causes: Cannibalism :O

Prevention: Don’t eat human meat, sweetheart. Also, watch out for lunatics offering you fat of unknown origin.


The default button for suicide in DayZ is F11.

Summary of this article:

That’s pretty much it, folks!

  • Cook food
  • Purify water
  • Wash your hands
  • Stay warm

Those are my 5 rules of staying healthy in DayZ, both mind, and body. Oh and also shoot pricks that are either sneezing or laughing!

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