[Top 10] D&D Best Artificer Weapons and Armor

Best items for artificers in 5th edition DND
A workshop is never complete without a good assistant

Half-built death rays and fire-resistant plating are common sights within an artificer’s workshop, after all, what can an adventurer trust if not in their gear?

Artificers are one of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons fan-favorite classes. They are artisans and engineers, mixing the complex sciences of the arcane with beloved technology.

Unlike most adventurers, artificers are capable of building exotic and magnificent things from scratch, giving birth to amazing weapons and armors to battle the ancient evils that prey upon the unwary.

Oil your tools, strap on your overalls and make sure you put on the correct goggles, for today we dive into an artificer’s workshop to talk about the best equipment an adventurer such as yourself could craft for themselves…or rip from the cold grasp of an unsuspecting dragon.

At 14th level, artificers' deep understanding of magic items allows them to reverse engineer their requirements, ignoring all class, race, spell, and level requirements on attuning to or using a magic item, something which we’ll consider when choosing the items for this list.

Keep in mind that wondrous items are optional in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, so make sure your campaign allows them before buying your DM their favorite drink and a massage coupon in exchange for one of these items.

10. All-purpose Tool.

Found within the pages of Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, the All-purpose Tool is much more than it seems. This magical screwdriver can take the form of any type of artisan tool that you might require as well as bolstering your magical prowess.

Why the All-purpose Tool is great.

  • Always prepared. Artificers' many features let them create devastating effects and build magnificent accruements. This bad boy can let you have any tool you need simply by touching it.
  • More cantrips. While using this tool, you can focus your creative forces to gain the ability to cast a cantrip from any class’s spell list as an artificer cantrip for 8 hours!
  • The power of science. You gain a bonus ranging from +1 to +3 to your spell attacks and your spell save DC’s while using this tool as your focus. Now you can channel your techno-magic with unfathomable prowess!

All-purpose Tool Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:all-purpose-tool

9. Armor of Invulnerability.

Blanketed by a thick layer of enchantments, this armor is waiting for a braver armorer or a mighty battle smith to wear it into battle.

Not only is this a great set of plate armor, but it’s also wrought from the finest alloys known to dwarves. While wearing it, our artificer becomes resistant to all sources of non-magical damage, even elemental ones.

If that’s not attractive enough, our artificer can become immune to non-magical damage for 10 minutes, becoming virtually invulnerable against most foes!

Why the Armor of Invulnerability is great

  • Enduring. Since it makes you resistant to all non-magical damage, this means you now have effectively twice as many Hit Points against mundane damage, letting you outlive your enemies.
  • High Armor Class. Since the Armor of Invulnerability is a set of plate armor, Battle Smith and Armorer artificers can don this armor set for a whopping 18 armor class.

Armor of Invulnerability Details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/magic-items/armor-of-invulnerability

8. Spellguard Shield.

Tinkering with the mystical forces of the universe is a dangerous task which the Spellguard shield makes bearable.

While wielding one, you have advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects, but wait, there’s more! Spell attacks also have disadvantage against you.

Hunkering behind one of these can make you an unbeatable force to spellcasting enemies!

Why the Spellguard Shield is great.

  • Save or Suck sucks! Dungeons & Dragons is filled with terrifying spellcasters with a broad arsenal of spells, some of which can outright neutralize their foes. Fear them no more, for now, you’ll always have a second chance at succeeding.
  • Wide magic. As your artificer grows in power, magic becomes a more prominent source of danger. A spellguard shield will be used consistently for many high CR encounters featuring spells or spell-like abilities as its main course.

Spellguard Shield Details: https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Spellguard%20Shield

7. Sentinel Shield.

Do you know what else is widely useful? Initiative. Most artificers do not have dexterity as a high priority, which translates to going low in the initiative order more often than not, but not anymore!

The Sentinel Shield is an awesome tool that grants you advantage on all initiative checks! a dream come true for a battle-thirsty adventurer.

What is important for an adventurer? Staying alive, and detecting danger before it strikes. While wielding a Sentinel Shield, you have advantage on all Wisdom checks that involve perception, benefits so great that they are comparable to a feat, or even better.

Why the Sentinel Shield is great.

  • Fast Reflexes. Have your worries about going last in the initiative to go in a puff of smoke while wielding this beauty.
  • Attunement free. Unlike most wondrous items, the Sentinel Shield does not take up an attunement slot, that’s right, you can benefit from this powerful magical item without it affecting your ability to equip another.

Sentinel Shield Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:sentinel-shield

6. Wand of the War Mage.

There are very few problems in life that can’t be solved with the application of absurd magical firepower, and the wand of the war mage helps with just that.

In addition to ignoring half cover when making a spell attack, while holding this wand you gain a bonus to spell attack rolls determined by the wand’s rarity, something artillerists would gladly fight for.

Why the Wand of the War Mage is great.

  • Precise hits. Like all spellcasters, artificers get access to powerful spells to vaporize their foes, however, spell slots are limited and every missed attack counts. This means that the Wand of the War Mage increases the chance no spell will be in vain!
  • Ranged acumen. Half cover increases a creature’s AC, making them harder to hit. A bonus to damage in addition to dismissing half cover is a benefit comparable to a feat.

Wand of the War Mage Details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/magic-items/wand-of-the-war-mage

5. Holy Avenger.

After unraveling the complex enchantments of the gods through the power of science, our artificer unlocked the potential to wield a relic forged to battle all forms of evil.

Thanks to the Magic Item Savant feature, our artificer can wield this paladin exclusive greatsword, the staple legendary blade of goodness!

Besides having a +3 bonus to attack and damage, this holy blade is particularly deadly against fiends and undead, dealing an extra 2d10 radiant damage against them, as well as bathing nearby allies in an aura of protection.

Why the Holy Avenger is great.

  • A worthy weapon. With its amazing damage output, the Holy Avenger is one of 5th edition’s most powerful weapons! In the hands of a Battle Smith, no foe shall survive the power of scientific holiness!
  • Protective boon. Allies within 10 feet of you while wielding this blade (including yourself) are mantled by an aura that gives advantage on Saving Throws against spells and other magical effects.

Holy Avenger Details: https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Holy%20Avenger#content

4. Staff of Power.

Befitting an archmage, this magical Quarterstaff gives its user a +2 bonus to spell attack rolls, Saving throws, and AC!

Additionally, its wielder can expend some of its many charges to cast several powerful spells

Spellcasting is the biggest part of any spellcasting class, so it’s no surprise that an item that is not only an excellent weapon, but also bolster the artificer fairly limited spell selection is worth slaying ten dragons for, and, thanks to the Magic Item Savant feature, we can take that quest.

Why the Staff of the Magi is great.

  • Superb AC. All artificers would benefit from the +2 bonus to Armor Class and Saves, turning an already durable character into the hardiest scientist in the realm!
  • A magical weapon. Not only is it a magician’s best friend, but the Staff of Power is also a powerful +2 Quarterstaff that packs a mean punch, perfect for any melee-oriented artificer.
  • More spells. One can’t ever have too many spells per day. The 20 charges can be expended to bring forth powerful spells without ever touching our spell slots.

Staff of Power Details: https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Staff%20of%20Power#content

3. Robe of Useful Items.

Stuck in a dark room? Thrown against the wind and left at the mercy of the elements? Worry not. This robe lets you channel your inner Macgyver by taking out a broad variety of items from its pockets!

While wearing the robe, you can use an action to detach one of the patches, causing it to become the object or creature it represents. Once the last patch is removed, the robe becomes an ordinary garment.

Why the Robe of Useful items is great

  • Utility on demand. From daggers to a pair of mastiffs, the Robe of Useful items can become a deadly asset in the hands of an ingenious artificer, coming up with a solution for any tricky situation.
  • Inconspicuous. Since it looks like a simple, colorful robe, you’ll never be too far from it, so unless you’re forced to infiltrate a nudist cult, almost no one will have a reason to suspect your fashion.

Robe of Useful items Details: https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Robe%20of%20Useful%20Items#content

2. Winged Boots.

Unless you have a fly speed thanks to your race, artificers struggle from a lack of mobility which usually leaves them open against the perils of the world, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

A pair of Winged Boots can give our artificer a flying speed equal to our walking speed for 4 hours, a feat only achievable by combining magic and technology, making the fly spell look lame.

Why the Winged Boots are great.

  • Overland travel. There are very few distances you can’t traverse with a 4-hour fly speed. Skip over obstacles, dodge shady foes and laugh at those lacking your verticality!
  • Greater mobility. Artificers lack three-dimensional movements; thus the Winged Boots cover a disadvantage that could put your life at risk. Never again suffer harassment from flying foes or stay behind when your perfectly timed bomb goes off early.

Winged Boots Details:  https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Winged%20Boots#content

1. Pistol.

Found within the Dungeon Master’s Guide, firearms are revolutionary weapons that bring the power of gunpowder and lead into the world.

If your Dungeon Master allows them, you could perhaps be the first person ever to manufacture a gun!

While they usually take time to reload, an artificer can use their infusions to completely circumvent its downsides and blast their foes with a rain of bullets.

Why a Pistol is great

  • High base damage. A Pistol boasts 1d10 Piercing damage. This means that their innate high damage makes them superior to both a Longbow and a Hand Crossbow.
  • One-handed danger. Unlike longbows and heavy crossbows, pistols are one-handed weapons, so a gun-slinging artificer could fire away from behind their shield, mixing a powerful offense with a high defense.

Pistol Details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/equipment/pistol

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