[Top 15] Best D&D Figurines We Love

Best D&D Figurines
A horde of enemies rushes towards the party!

Every DM needs a collection of minis to run their campaign. But how do you know a mini is worth it? 

There are SO many D&D figurines and miniatures out there for almost any kind of campaign. But sometimes, a DM can get overwhelmed. How do you know a mini is going to be that perfect one for your next BBEG? Read on to find out our favorite D&D figurines!

15. Familiars

So many companions, so little time. 

If your campaign includes magic users or a Ranger, it’s a good idea to have minis lying around for the most common animals chosen as companions. Or, you can have your players visit a fun pet store a la Critical Role, and you can hand them little visual representations of their new pets!

What makes the Familiars pack great: 

  • This pack includes a cat, a frog, and an owl. There are multiple different options for your familiar-holding players. 
  • Having figurines of the players’ familiars can remind them to use their abilities and make role play more fun!
  • If familiars are included in combat, having a miniature of them helps remind you not to leave them out. 
  • Scouting missions involving wizard familiars just became SO much easier to visually plot out 
  • Come on. These are so cute!

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/collections/rpgs/products/w-familiars

14. Doors

They may not look interesting, but like any random NPC, they're important to the experience!

Okay, listen. It may not be exciting, but doors are essential to holding bought or homemade indoor environments together. A solid door is worth the money. 

What makes Doors great: 

  • Each pack comes with two similar doors with intimidating stonework. However, they’re not so stylized that they couldn’t be used for any indoor environment that you like!
  • These doors provide a clear visual representation to your players of the end of the space. 
  • If an encounter is occurring and your party is in two separate rooms, it can help to have some doors marking that so that you know which enemies you can hit. 
  • Listen. Most indoor spaces are going to need doors. It’s an investment. 
  • Another Critical Role reference incoming: if your party has as much trouble with doors as Vox Machina did, these are an enemy. 

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/collections/rpgs/products/wizkids-deep-cuts-doors-online-store

13. Skeletons

He may not have a brain, but he knows how to swing a pickaxe!

You can’t have a dungeon crawl without a few skeletons lying around! And it wouldn’t be D&D if some of those skeletons didn’t stand up and try to kill you. 

What makes Skeletons great: 

  • These are an easy enemy for any party, and add a creep factor to any dark dungeon. 
  • Like a lot of D&D official miniatures, they come in a pack of two! More bang for your buck, and more gross enemies for your players. 
  • In large groups, enemies such as these can be a frightening onslaught. It’s a great way to challenge your cleric!
  • Skeletons can easily add interest to any campaign backstory--who once occupied these skeletons’ bodies? 
  • These minis are skinny, and you can easily fit multiples of them into your DM preparation kit!

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/products/d-d-skeletons

12. Zombies

Ugh, just looking at these grosses me out. What a creepy option for your dungeon!

Just like skeletons, the undead are a common sight in dungeons. And undead are different from skeletons, okay? These guys have skin and stuff, which is a lot creepier in this player’s personal opinion. 

What makes Zombies great: 

  • Undead can be a little heartier than skeletons and have different abilities. If you’re using both, you’ll want differing minis so you and your players don’t get confused. 
  • There are multiple different kinds of undead in published D&D content and player-created content as well. These minis can represent most subsets of undead humanoids. 
  • These two minis come pre-painted!
  • If you have a new player that is insistent on playing an undead character even though that’s not is a thing in published D&D content, they can use one of these as minis! One is masculine and one is feminine, meaning your player can play whatever gender they please. 
  • These little guys have so much character--you can see their lumbering zombie walk in their bodies!

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/products/wizkids-wardlings-painted-miniatures-zombie-male-zombie-female

11. Goblins

These guys are always a thorn in the side of a traveling adventurer. 

It’s almost guaranteed that a group of adventurers will run into either some Bandits or a group of Goblins when traveling. These are essential in a DM’s mini collection. 

What makes Goblins great: 

  • This pack comes with three Goblin minis with different weapons. It’s very affordable to buy more than enough to challenge your party. 
  • If you have a player that wants to be a Goblin, they could use one of these minis as their player character!
  • These little guys can set the perfect tone for what traveling combat is usually like in a typical D&D campaign, which can be helpful for new players. 
  • Goblins are gross, but also cute? These miniatures are the same. 
  • Depending on your campaign setting, these guys can also serve as little villager minis!

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/collections/rpgs/products/d-d-nolzurs-goblins-72556

10. Orcs

This guy is coming at your party with determination!

Orcs are another classic enemy in D&D. You can’t go wrong having a few Orc minis lying around!

What makes Orcs great: 

  • Little to no assembly is required for these guys, a perk of most minis from the official line of D&D miniatures. 
  • You always get two in a pack, so you already have more than one enemy for your party to fight!
  • Orcs are a good enemy for your players to fight no matter their level. 
  • You can use these miniatures for multiple different kinds of orc enemies, from your basic foot soldier to an orc berserker!
  • If one of your players decides to play an orc fighter or barbarian, they could use one of these minis as their player character. 

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/collections/rpgs/products/d-d-orcs

9. Mimics

Imagine reaching into a chest of what you think is treasure, and finding this instead!

Mimics are another staple of any classic D&D campaign. These monsters have the potential to be jump scares in a creepier campaign, a source of humor in a light-hearted story, or even a formidable foe for a beginner party.  

What makes Mimics great: 

  • Mimics are easy to plop into any dungeon or other terrain within your campaign. 
  • These miniatures are super stable and easy to move around; no little parts or outstretched limbs that may get broken off after multiple uses. 
  • Mimics are a great way to remind your players who’s boss (Enemies can pop out at any moment! Better watch out!). 
  • Multiple minis come in a pack for maximum creep (or humor) factor. 
  • Even the most inexperienced player will recognize a mimic! New players may get excited to see something they recognize. 

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/collections/rpgs/products/d-d-mimics

8. Owlbears

Is it just me, or is this Owlbear kind of cute? 

Owlbears are another icon in the D&D world. It is a prime example of the fantasy element of D&D that we all know and love. 

What makes an Owlbear great: 

  • Owlbears are hearty foes for players levels one to three, and a great one to throw at your party as they traipse through the forest all naive-like. 
  • The utter ridiculousness of this animal combination is a silly spark for roleplay!
  • This mini may not be the most imposing size-wise, but it sure looks aggressive with its paw outstretched. 
  • Once painted, this little guy might end up staying on your desk as a cool decoration. 
  • Come on, haven’t you always wanted to know how one of these guys looks? 

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/products/d-d-nolzurs-owlbear-73291-online-store

7. Arcane Fury And Divine Might

So many magical options for your casters, they won't know what to do with themselves!

Magic is a focal point of D&D. So, why shouldn’t it be represented in mini form? It’s both useful AND cool looking! Yeah, it’s not ONE mini...but bending the rules a little is all a part of D&D. 

What makes Arcane Fury And Divine Might minis so great: 

  • If you have spellcasters in your party, you know the confusion and frustration that comes with forgetting where spell effects are happening on the map. These minis give you a cool marker for magic so that never happens again!
  • This pack comes with seventeen-- that’s right, SEVENTEEN --different spell effect minis. And they’re all pre-painted!
  • No matter what kind of casters you have in your party, there’s at least one effect mini that they’ll benefit from having. From mage hand to spiritual weapons to Bigby’s Hand, this set has it all. 
  • It is SO cool as a player to see your character’s magic manifested onto the board! Your players will thank you for including their abilities in your battle planning. 
  • Having magic minis such as these also reminds your players that they have a spell going, either reminding them to use it to make attacks (like with spiritual weapons) or to roll concentration checks!

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/collections/rpgs/products/d-d-spell-effects-arcane-fury-divine-might-73047-online-store

6. Beholder

I sure as heck don't want to be the player staring down this guy!

Beholders are a classic D&D enemy. It’s a good one to have in your DM arsenal for any campaign!

What makes a Beholder miniature awesome: 

  • No assembly is required for this guy!
  • A figurine of this size won’t break the bank, even if you buy it already painted. 
  • Terrifying. Just look at that thing. It’s enough to scare any player!
  • A Beholder is used in multiple D&D official campaigns, such as Forgotten Realms and Spelljammer, but can also fit easily into any homebrew campaign. 
  • This monster is more intelligent than your average hack and slash enemies, more akin to a mini-boss (or boss depending on your party’s level), and can be fun for a DM to roleplay!

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/collections/rpgs/products/d-d-nolzurs-beholder-online-store

5. Gelatinous Cube

It's like that movie about The Blob, but somehow funnier. 

One of the first iconic monsters of D&D is the Gelatinous Cube, a sentient blob that holds the remains of previously defeated adventurers inside its transparent body. It’s both terrifying and hilarious!

What makes the Gelatinous Cube great: 

  • Older players will appreciate the callback to some original D&D ridiculousness. 
  • It may look like an un-intimidating ice cube at first. However, players unfamiliar with the Gelatinous Cube will understand its power once you use the second piece of this mini, which features the enemy’s previous meal. 
  • This enemy is the perfect mix of classic D&D and terrifying foe for a beginning group of dungeon crawlers!
  • The Gelatinous Cube may spawn some hilarious roleplay amongst your party. 
  • It just. It looks so silly, guys. It gives me so much joy. 

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/collections/rpgs/products/d-d-nolzurs-gelatinous-cube-73401-online-store

4. Adventurer's Campsite Set

It's everything a traveling adventurer could ever want!

I promise this is only one of two sets in this list! But listen, every DM starting their mini collection needs some basic environment pieces. This is a great way to start that collection. 

Why the Adventurer’s Campsite set is great: 

  • This set features everything your players might need or have while traveling! From bedrolls to a wagon and horse to a keg of ale, this set has you covered. 
  • Until your players are at that vaguely annoying point where they can teleport everywhere, you will get use out of these pieces almost every single session. 
  • Various pieces such as the chests and the horse can be used in multiple settings other than camps!
  • Environmental pieces such as these help with your players’ immersion, as well as yours. 
  • Come on, who doesn’t want to arrange their campsite with these cute little things before a bandit encounter?

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/collections/rpgs/products/d-d-nolzurs-dventurers-campsite

3. Purple Worm

Imagine setting this big boy down on the table in front of all your players-- that'll earn you some HUGE DM points. 

If you watch Critical Role, you know how insane these enemies are. But not only are they formidable, but they also look AWESOME. 

What makes a Purple Worm great: 

  • This is a mini that can give you a ‘wow’ moment! Every DM gets satisfaction out of a player’s expletive as you put something like this on the table. 
  • A Purple Worm is a challenging enemy that can take your players off guard. After all, it’s not as often talked of as D&D classics like dragons, mimics, or the Gelatinous Cube. 
  • This is a mini that can also serve as a cool shelf decoration once your players (hopefully) defeat it. 
  • This enemy is perfect for a campaign that ventures underground or takes place in the Underdark. 
  • Before or after the encounter your players can venture through the tunnels made by this worm’s enormous body, serving as dark foreshadowing or a chilling reminder of the dangers of the Underdark. 

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/collections/rpgs/products/d-d-fangs-talons-purple-worm

2. Kraken

Doesn't this make you want to do a pirate campaign? 

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a COMMON enemy...but who can resist such a cool looking monster? If your campaign goes to sea, this is a mini you’ll want to pick up. 

What makes a Kraken great: 

  • This mini comes with SO many useful accessories-- two sandbars, a rowboat, a treasure chest, and a pile of gold. These accessories have SO much reuse value. 
  • The tentacles of this beast are detached from the main body, making it easy to move them around during encounters. 
  • This mini comes already painted! No boring grey plastic here. 
  • The details around the head of this mini will surely excite and terrify even the most stoic of players. 
  • The Kraken is also a great display piece!

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/collections/rpgs/products/d-d-icons-of-the-realms-monster-menagerie-3-kraken-and-islands

1. Adult Sapphire Dragon

Doesn't this make you excited AF for your next D&D session?

What kind of list would this be without a dragon miniature for Dungeons and DRAGONS? Adult dragons don’t only look badass, they are the perfect boss fight for an experienced party. 

What makes the Adult Sapphire Dragon great: 

  • This is a special edition figurine in celebration of 45 years of D&D! It’s not only a fun mini to use in your campaign, but it’s also a collector’s item. 
  • The beautiful, transparent blue color that will make your players say “Ooooooo!” as you destroy them. 
  • The Adult Sapphire Dragon is one to pull out for an ‘oh no’ moment amongst your players--this ‘mini’ is six inches tall, towering over player character minis. 
  • This dragon is different from a regular Adult Blue Dragon and has a stat block that you can easily find. 
  • Once you’re done using this mini in your campaign, it’ll look awesome on your desk or bookshelf!

Full details and price: https://shop.wizkids.com/collections/rpgs/products/d-d-icons-of-the-realms-sapphire-dragon-premium-figure

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