DnD: Best Sorcerer Spells For Every Level

D&D Best Sorcerer Spells
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Picking the best isn't easy, let us help you make the right choices for every level!

The spellcaster class of D&D, Sorcerers wield incredible power. They don’t have the biggest pool of spells to choose from, but what they can pick from are wildly intense straight out the door. From the very first level 1 spell, they’re all winners. Which is great, except when you’re trying to limit your choices so you get the very best. Below is a list of the best spells for each level, carefully researched and ready to help you build your very best Sorcerer.

Best Level 1 Sorcerer Spells 

Best Level 1 Sorcerer Spell: Shield

A magical barrier appears to shield the caster, helping block damage and protect the usually low armored user. Once cast until the start of your next turn, you gain +5 bonus AC, which is especially invaluable at starting levels. And the shield helps against attacks including triggering attacks.

On top of the +5 bonus AC, the Shield also completely eliminates Magic Missile. The caster takes no damage from Magic Missile for the duration of the spell, removing that threat entirely from level 1.

Best used when: 

  • Surviving! When you’re still at any low level, having the extra boost of defense is vital
  • Nerfing Magic Missile. If you know your enemy is capable of using Magic Missile, shield is the perfect way to stop those annoying missiles.
  • Raiding. Just as you’re about to engage with a boss, popping shield for the added layer of defense is always good

Second Best Level 1 Sorcerer Spell: Mage Armor

The caster, or any unarmored and willing creature, gains on touch magical armor until the spell ends. The target gets a base AC of 13 plus their Dex modifier. While the spell's duration is 8 hours, it will also end if dismissed as an action or if the target puts on armor. 

This spell is equally as crucial as shield during low levels, when keeping your squishy just-budding character alive long enough to level up. The bonus great part of this spell, you can really help keep a partymate in a fight or survive it yourself a whole lot easier.

Best used when: 

  • Preparing for a Fight. As soon as the dice falls for initiative, you’ll want to be suited up. As the spell lasts for several hours, it wouldn’t hurt to cast Mage Armor at the first sign of trouble ahead.
  • Tucking Tail. They say those who fight and run away, live to fight another day. There’s no shame in retreating when outmatched, covering your hide with magical armor as you haul it away is just common sense. You might be falling back from combat, but the enemy is still fighting.

Best Level 2 Sorcerer Spells

Best Level 2 Sorcerer Spell: Aganazzar's Scorcher

The caster lets lose a 30 feet long, 5 feet wide line of flames in the direction they choose. Each creature in its wake must make a Dex saving throw, a failed throw takes the full 3d8 while a successful throw takes half the damage. 

The reason Aganazzar's Scorcher is the best level two, besides being a wall of instant fire and severe damage, is that the damage greatly increases as you level. If cast from a slot level of 2 or higher, the damage increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 2nd.

Best used when: 

  • Thinning Trash-Mobs! Nothing reduces enemy numbers as good as a sudden blast of fire, perfect for grouped up or advancing/charging enemies.
  • Buying Time. Even if you don’t hit an enemy, a blast of fire will likely grant you a moment or two to buff as the enemy avoids burning to death.
  • Gaining More Damage! You get an additional 1d8 die when casting the spell in slots above level 2 slots, plan ahead and be ready to set the town on fire.

Second Best Level 2 Sorcerer Spell: Snilloc's Snowball Storm

The caster picks a point within 90 feet and the spot erupts with magic snowballs. All creatures in a 5 foot radius of the point's center must make a Dex save. The snowball frenzy deals 3d6 cold damage on a failed save, half on a success.

Other than the amusing possibility to cast a flurry of snowballs in the middle of a desert, for example; this is another spell that gains an additional dice when cast at a higher level slot. You get an additional 1d6 for each slot that’s level 3 or higher, in this case.

Best used when: 

  •  Ambushing a target. As the range of this spell is 90 feet it would be absolutely possible and no doubt pretty effective to cast it on an unsuspecting enemy who has yet to notice you, knocking them with a shock of freezing cold damage.
  • Causing a Distraction. If you’re needing to avoid combat, casting a sudden burst of magical snowballs nearly a hundred feet away would catch anyone’s attention long enough to sneak through- especially if in a desert where snow is less likely to crop up!

Best Level 3 Sorcerer Spells

Best Level 3 Sorcerer Spell: Melf's Minute Meteors

On cast, six small meteors are created and circle the caster. When cast and as a bonus action, 1-2 meteors can be cast flying towards any point or points within 120 feet. On impact of a solid surface, the meteors explode and each creature within 5 feet of the impact has to make a Dex saving throw or take 2d6 fire damage, half the damage on a successful save. 

Not only can you send the meteors to do damage on a bonus action, you also gain additional meteors if you use this spell in slots 4 or higher. 

Best used when: 

  • Hurling Damage From a Safe Range. With the 120 foot reach, you can easily lob these meteors and deal some awesome damage while playing it safe.
  • Giving a Good 1-2 Punch! As you’re able to send meteors off to wreak damage as a bonus action, you still get to deal separate damage with an attack turn.
  • Practicing Your Deadly, Deadly Aim. As you gain higher level spell slots, and cast this spell in slot levels 4 or higher, you get more meteors to play with. Get in some throwing practice now so you can be a juggling nightmare in the very near future.

Second Best Level 3 Sorcerer Spell: Fireball

Pointing their finger at a targeted point within 150 feet as if to accuse is of some wrongdoing, the caster's fingertip sparks ominously before a roaring flame engulfs the guilty point. Any creature within a 20 foot radius of the point must make a Dex saving throw, taking 8d6 fire damage on a failed save, half damage on a successful one. 

This magical, aggressive fire isn’t just an on-the-surface inferno, it blazes trails around corners and torches any flammable object in its radius that isn't worn or carried. If cast with a spell slot level of 4 or higher, you gain an additional 1d6 for each advanced slot.

Best used when: 

  • Barbecuing With Guests. As the flames can easily dance around corners and under tables, sending a wave of hell into even just the entry to a room of enemies would heat things up. It would not only cause more than a few solid blisters, it could very easily trap and cook them all in one convenient spot. 
  • Ignoring Smokey the Bear. Despite the risk of a forest fire, if a road or trail is blocked by enemies, you can quickly clear the way while staying a safe 150 feet distance away. Just don’t forget the marshmallows, and a really, really long stick-!

Best Level 4 Sorcerer Spells

Best Level 4 Sorcerer Spell: Vitriolic Sphere

A 1 foot ball of green acid flies to a spot the caster chooses within 150 feet, which explodes in a 20 foot radius once it reaches its goal. Each creature in the 20 foot radius has to make a Dex saving throw, taking 10d4 acid damage as well as 5d4 more acid damage at the end of it's turn if the throw fails. A successful saving throw grants half the damage and no additional damage at the end of its turn. Damage increases by 2d4 for reach slot if the spell is cast with a 5th level or higher slot.

With an incredible 150 foot reach and awesome 20 foot radius of damage, plus two sets of damage dealt on failed saves, this spell can really pack a massive, acid-filled punch.

Best used when:

  • Fumigating Mobs! The huge 20 foot radius makes it an amazing AoE to bug-bomb those pesky mobs.
  • Bowling for Baddies. Even if the enemies are a bit spread out, you can really saturate a room with the acid sphere and strike most if not all of them down.
  • Hitting Hard and Far. Another ranged attack, you can cast it up to 150 feet of your location and hit targets even further away with its large ring of damage 

Second Best Level 4 Sorcerer Spell: Ice Storm

A 20 foot wide and 40 foot tall cylinder forms on a targeted point within 300 feet of the caster, dropping down a violent barrage of rock solid hail. Any creature caught in the cylinder has to make a Dex saving throw, with a failed save dealing 2d8 bludgeoning damage plus another 4d6 cold damage while a successful throw is half. 

The hailstones also turn the storm’s ground surface into a difficult terrain until the end of your next turn. The spell also gains an additional 1d8 bludgeoning for every level when cast using a spell slot level 5 and higher.

Best used when: 

  • Making Mob-sicles. With the spell’s radius and amble damage, trash mobs are quick and easy to deal with. It's as simple as unleashing an icy flurry on a mob and letting them chill adequately before serving- just like ma used to make! 
  • Raising Some Hail. Or rather, to be more accurate, you’re dropping lots of hail directly on a big baddie, dealing a heavy helping of damage and a little something to help cool his temper.

Best Level 5 Sorcerer Spells

Best Level 5 Sorcerer Spell: Immolation

Flames consume one creature the caster can see within a 90 foot radius, and the target has to make a Dex saving throw. On a failed save, the target takes 7d6, and has to repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns until duration ends or a save succeeds, taking an additional 3d6 for every failed save. On a successful save, the target takes half damage and doesn't get the extra 3d6 on the end of its turn. A successful throw also ends the spell, and the flames cannot otherwise be extinguished unless by magical means. If the spell’s damage reduces the target's HP to 0, they turn to ash.

Awesome damage and secondary damage, it can really be useful when working down a boss. It also turns them to ash, which is not only cool, but if the ashes get scattered, they can’t always be resurrected. It also casts a bright light in a 30-foot radius and dim light for an additional 30 feet

Best used when: 

  • Burning the Wickerman. If you’re fighting a boss or a difficult enemy, especially any weak to fire damage, sacrificing it with fire is a great answer. 
  • Turning on a Light! An added bonus to using Immolation to cleanse trash mobs with pure sweet flames, anyone in your party without Darkvision will benefit from the new light source of everything flammable burning bright for them. 

Second Best Level 5 Sorcerer Spell: Cloudkill

A massive, poisonous sphere centers on a choice point within 120 feet of the caster, swirling its thick yellow-green fog until it blankets a 20 foot space, including around corners or under tables. The toxic cloud makes the area heavily obscured, and poisons the air in its radius. Creatures must make a Con save when first entering the area or at the start of their turn, taking 5d8 poison damage on a fail, half on a success. All creatures are affected regardless of if they need to breathe or not, or if they try holding their breath. 

The spell can last up to 10 minutes with maintained concentration, but it can be cleared away early with a strong wind. The deadly fog also rolls 10 feet away from the caster at every start of their turn, billowing along the ground and even spilling into holes or openings. If the spell is cast with the 6th level or higher spell slot, it gains another 1d8 of damage per additional level.

Best used when: 

  • Dropping a Silent but Deadly Surprise. As the spell requires up to 10 minutes of concentration, you can use its 120 foot reach to quietly tuck away somewhere safe in the back and let one rip, sending this toxic cloud to deal with enemies.
  • Crop Dusting with a Jumbo Jet. Between its long reach and large damage radius, you can do some massive, industrial-sized crop dusting, thoroughly saturating groups of enemies with a mob-stopping pesticide cloud.
  • Dutchovening Mobs. If you find yourself with a room full of baddies and have a good 10 minutes on your hands, you can easily and quietly float this cozy murder-cloud into the unsuspecting room and close the door behind it. 

Best Level 6 Sorcerer Spells

Best Level 6 Sorcerer Spell: Chain Lightning 

A powerful bolt of lightning arcs towards a target of your choice within a 150 foot range. 3 bolts web from that target to hit up to 3 additional targets within 30 feet of it. The initial target doesn't have to be a creature. Targets must make a Dex saving throw, taking 10d8 lightning damage on a fail or half the damage on a successful save. 

Not only does this spell do an incredible amount of damage, but when cast in higher spell slots you gain more bolts of lightning to damage more targets.

Best used when: 

  • Connecting the Dots! As you strike the shocking bolts into mobs, it immediately hits up to 4 targets with the chance for more targets at higher levels, making a nice connect-the-dots game of combat.
  • Performing a Rock n’ Roll-esce Light Show. If you want to have fun with a flashy display that carries more than a little sting, then start sparking up! I’m sure the enemies will like the pretty glittery lights before they die.
  • Using the Dark Side. On top of the damage and CC, you have the awesome extra bonus of using force-like magic lightning to literally shock your enemies, reminiscent of Darth Sidious himself.

Second Best Level 6 Sorcerer Spell: Circle of Death

A ring of twisting, swirling energy rises from a targeted point within 150 feet of the caster, forming a 60 foot sphere centered on the spot. Every creature caught in the rippling bubble’s radius makes a Con saving throw, taking 8d6 necrotic damage on a fail, half on a success. 

Unlike the previously mentioned spells, instead of gaining just 1 extra damage die per higher leveled spell slot used when casting, you get 2 extra d6’s per slot level 7 and higher. 

Best used when: 

  •  A Ring of Fire Just Isn’t Enough. While it's always great to round up a trash mob into a burning ring of fire as you hum Johnny Cash- sometimes you still need a little something more. Whether it's to finish off left over, charred baddies, or you just want to change things up, this spell is an awesome choice.
  • Blotting Out the Sun, and Life. If the sun-blockingly huge, rotting doom-ball of bubbling negative energy and decay isn’t enough on its own to convince you to give this ring a toss- then you should consider the extra bonus damage gained when casting this spell using higher leveled spell slots! You get a bonus of 2d6 per every slot level higher than 6. Casting this spell with a level 7 or higher slot gives you 2 extra dice for each additional level. You’re not just causing a faux eclipse of the sun with this Circle of Death, you’re snuffing out the light in an enemy’s eyes. 

Best Level 7 Sorcerer Spells

Best Level 7 Sorcerer Spell: Finger of Death

A stream of negative energy sends searing pain through a creature the caster sees within 60 feet. Target makes a Con saving throw, taking 7d8 + 30 necrotic damage on a failed save and half on a successful one. Any humanoid killed by this spell rises from the dead as a zombie at the start of the caster's next turn, and is permanently bound to follow the caster's verbal commands to the best of its abilities. 

The massive necrotic damage is great, of course, but having a zombie thrawl who indefinitely follows your command until its death is an awesome bonus. 

Best used when: 

  • Flipping the Bird to a BBEG. If you’re staring a big baddie boss in the kneecaps, just point your special finger at him and unload a whole mess of damage on him. (Note: A boss’ immunity or lack of is dependent on your DM, the bird may or may not fly!)
  • In need of a (Decayed) Hand. If you find you could use a rotten hand or two, point a Finger of Death at a soon-to-be bestie who will then follow your commands, albeit only to the best of their abilities, results will vary. 
  • Too Close for Comfort. When you want a somewhat ranged attack to stop an enemy who’s already too close dead in their tracks. 

Second Best Level 7 Sorcerer Spell: Fire Storm

The caster picks a location within 150 of themselves and a furious storm of wildly whipping flames erupts in the targeted area. The storm is made up of sheets of flames and consumes up to ten 10 foot cubes, all arranged however the caster pleases so long as each cube has at least one face adjacent to another cube’s face. Creatures caught in the flaming area must make a Dex saving throw as the storm deals out 7d10 fire damage for a failed save, half on a success. 

The fire engulfs flammable items in it's area that aren't worn or carried, and you get to decide if plant life in the area is damaged or not.

Best used when: 

  • Dividing up Mobs. If you feel it would be easier to break up a large group into fight-sized pieces, setting an area in the middle of them will do the trick. Not only will you definitely thin down their numbers, but the survivors will no doubt scatter into smaller groups.
  • Setting Boundaries. Maybe you or someone in your party needs to buy a little time without an enemy trying to eat your face. Putting up a flaming time-out barrier between you and the face-eaters will give you some space and time to work with.

Best Level 8 Sorcerer Spells

Best Level 8 Sorcerer Spell: Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting

Casting a 30 foot cube centered on a chosen point up to 150 feet away, the spell removes all moisture from creatures caught in the cube's radius. Each creature within range must make a Con save, excluding constructs or undead. On a failed save the creatures take 10d8 necrotic damage, half as much on a success.

Given its incredible range and decent radius, this spell works perfectly for mobs. It does a great amount of damage, more than enough to kill groups and even if they make a successful save it knocks them for a few loops.

Best used when: 

  • Getting Rid of Weeds. If you find you’re fighting plant or especially water elementals, hit them with Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting! As they’re water or heavily water based, it causes their saving throw to have disadvantage
  • Turning Grapes into Raisins. Given the awesomely huge area of damage, it's easy to turn juicy, plump grape-like mobs into dehydrated raisins where they stand.  

Second Best Level 8 Sorcerer Spell: Incendiary Cloud

Centered on a targeted point within 150 feet of the caster, a 20 foot swelling cloud of smoke and sparking, white-hot embers forms a sphere. The thick cloud can flow around corners and heavily obscures its radius, lasting up to 1 minute with continuous concentration or until a wind of 10 mph or greater disperses it. As the cloud swirls into formation, any creature already in its radius, or any who enter the area for the first time or ends its turn there, must make a Dex saving throw. The blistering steam deals out 10d8 fire damage on a failed save, half on a successful one. 

The cloud moves steadily away from the caster at every start of their turn, rolling 10 feet each time for its duration or until cleared by a strong wind. 

Best used when: 

  •  Making Steam-Cooked Baddies. While not outright flames and flickering fire, this steam can easily cook up mobs or BBEGs with ease. 
  • There’s Only 1 Minute to Spare. This spell only lasts for up to 1 single minute, and only if you maintain concentration, but that’s more than enough time to drop groups of enemies with a massive hit of fire damage. 

Best Level 9 Sorcerer Spells

Best Level 9 Sorcerer Spell: Meteor Swarm

With a 1 mile casting range, you provide aerial assault with 4 giant, flaming meteors screaming to earth, causing each creature within a 40 foot sphere centered on the site of impact must make a Dex saving throw. This sphere can spread around corners to nab any hiding creatures, too. It deals 20d6 fire damage and 20d6 bludgeoning damage on a fail, half the total damage on a successful save. Flammable items not worn or carried also burst into flames.

Unbelievable damage and unbeatable range, this 40 foot sphere is nearly inescapable as it spills around corners and under covers. It can be cast from 1 mile away, and causes 4 separate impact zones, so 4 of these damage spheres are cast at high range to deal pretty instant death.

Best used when: 

  • Raining Down God-Like Wrath. If you need to decimate an entire village, the best and safest way to do it is while a mile away and hurling huge flaming rocks at it. Hopefully, it's just a village of enemies.
  • Checking Off the Damage Checklist. As its fire and bludgeoning damage, it will deal damage even to creatures resistant to magical or specifically fire damage.
  • Knocking Down the Dominoes. Breathtakingly amazing against mummies and skeletons specifically, as they’re vulnerable to fire and bludgeoning respectively, the damage is beyond incredible against any enemies. Meteor Swarm goes above and beyond CC and clearing out trash mobs.

Second Best Level 9 Sorcerer Spell: Power Word: Kill

The caster targets one creature they can see within 60 feet and utters a single word. If the creature has 100 HP or less, it instantly drops dead. However, if it has over 100 HP, nothing happens. As it's a kill-spell, it doesn't deal any damage. A valid target will simply fall over dead immediately, resistances and immunities have no protection against it, save for spells like Death Ward or other instant-death guards. The targeted creature doesn’t have to hear or understand the word, or even know the caster is present. 

Usually, you won’t know a creature’s exact HP, which makes this spell a bit of a coin flip and adds a little touch of balance to how powerful it can be. That said, this is a quick but wildly efficient spell, well worth the attempt in a challenging fight regardless of the target's possible HP. 

Best used when: 

  •  Getting the Last Word. Whether it's the first thing you do right off the bat in a fight or something you try after pecking away at an enemy for some time; if your foe’s HP is 100 or less when cast, you both defeat them immediately and get to win the fight by getting in the last word.
  • Down to Your Last Hope. As it can’t hurt anything to try, except for maybe making you look like a weirdo muttering to yourself, you really have nothing to lose by casting this spell, especially if you’ve done everything else already!

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