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Have you ever thought about playing a multiclass player character (PC) in a campaign? The D&D Player’s Handbook states that “multiclassing allows you to gain levels in multiple classes.

Doing so lets you mix the abilities of those classes to realize a character concept that might not be reflected in one of the standard class options.” Why not have the best of both D&D worlds and pick the best aspects of a PC? Through research, I have discovered the best rogue multiclass combinations to use if you decide to mix it up and try out! Read on to find out more!

5. Rogue/Druid

Starting the list is the Rogue/Druid combination! Nature-loving and thieving, the Rogue/Druid combo would be fun to play and would make for an interesting dichotomy, because the PC would be both environmentally conscious and law-breaking. Also, if a campaign takes place mainly in the wilderness, a Rogue/Druid would make an excellent addition to the party! Read on to learn more about the Rogue/Druid!

Why Rogue/Druid Is Great

  • At first level, Druids have Cantrips that are cast at will, meaning you do not have to prepare or use a spell slot. Cantrips are instantaneous!
  • To become a Rogue/Druid multiclass, the PC will need to have at least a 13 in Dexterity and a 13 in Wisdom. (At least the number doesn’t have to be too high.) 
  • Proficiencies for the Rogue/Druid combo are light armor, medium armor, one skill from the class’s skill list, shields, and thieves’ tools. (Note: Druids will not wear or use armor made of metal.)

4. Rogue/Fighter

The Rogue/Fighter would be a stealthy and strong combination, especially for close range (hand-to-hand) encounters. The PC could stealthily sneak up on opponents and use strength skills to inflict additional damage. Read on to find out more about the lethal Rogue/Fighter multiclass!

Why Rogue/Fighter Is Great

  • Proficiency bonuses are one of the advantages of multiclass PCs. According to the D&D Player’s Handbook, “For example, if you are a fighter 3/rogue 2, you have the proficiency bonus of a 5th level character, which is +3.” 
  • Proficiencies for the Rogue/Fighter multiclass includes light armor, medium armor, one skill from the class’s skill list, shields, simple weapons, martial weapons, and thieves tools. 
  • To become a Rogue/Fighter, the players must have a 13 in Dexterity or a Strength ability score of 13. 

3. Rogue/Monk

If you have read past articles, you may recall that I play a rogue in a current D&D 5e campaign. After reading about the benefits of both the rogue and the monk, I am seriously considering adding Monk as an added class to my character. I think to be able to use stealth and martial arts (in case I fail the Stealth roll) in close combat would be beneficial. Plus, adding a storyline to adding the Monk class would make my character more multi-dimensional. The idea of not always having to wield a weapon may make my character more useful in combat. Read on to find out more benefits of a Rogue/Monk multiclass character! 

Why Rogue/Monk Is Great

  • The ability scores required for a Rogue/Sorcerer combination are a minimum Dexterity Score of 13 and a Wisdom Score of 13. 
  • Multiclass proficiencies for the Rogue/Monk are light armor, one skill from the class’s skill list, simple weapons, shortswords, and thieves tools. 
  • When adding a monk as an additional class, the PC develops the magic of KI as they progress in levels. 

2. Rogue/Sorcerer

The Rogue/Sorcerer combination would be amazing, as stealth meets raw magic! How fun would it be to Sneak Attack and cast a spell on an opponent? As the levels progress with this combination, the PC can use both arcane magic and thievery, while being both charismatic and dexterous! Read on to find out more! 

Why Rogue/Sorcerer Is Great

  • Multiclass proficiencies for the Rogue/Sorcerer are only for the rogue (light armor, one skill from the class’s skill list, thieves’ tools), but the spells that a sorcerer has makes up for it. 
  • Besides the cool features of a rogue, a first level Sorcerer will have four Cantrips, two known spells, and two first level spells. (Yes, please!) 
  • The ability scores for Rogue/Sorcerer are at least a 13 in Dexterity and a 13 in Charisma. 

1. Rogue/Wizard

Ending this list is the Rogue/Wizard combination. How fun would it be to sneak around, steal loot, and cast spells? For a PC to multiclass as a Rogue/Wizard, they will need an Ability score of 13 for Dexterity and a score of 13 for Intelligence. Read more to find out why the Rogue/Wizard is an excellent choice for multiclass PCs! 

Why Rogue/Wizard Is Great

  • Not only can you remove traps and be stealthy, but as a first level Wizard, you also know three cantrips of your choosing from the spell list. 
  • The ability scores for Rogue/Wizard are a lucky 13 in Dexterity and a 13 in Intelligence. 
  • Like Sorcerers, multiclass proficiencies for the Rogue/Wizard are only for the rogue (light armor, one skill from the class’s skill list, thieves’ tools), but the spells that a sorcerer has makes up for it.


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