[Top 11] D&D Best Rogue Multiclass That Are Fun To Play

Best D&D Rogue Multiclass That Are Fun To Play
DnD has many different and fun Rogue multiclasses to play.

Rogues are a super fun class to play in D&D. They have a lot of diversity on their own, and this can make them exciting to make and enter campaigns with. That said, multiclassing as Rogue can be a whole world of fun on its own. 


11. Rogue/Sorcerer 

Sorcerers are great, just not for Rogues.

Rogues and Sorcerers aren’t normally a combination you would think of. A lot of the time when people multiclass, they go for more similarities in classes, like melee focused or spellcasting focused. For Sorcerers in general, it’s not always a good idea to multiclass. 

However, if you take a few spell slots from the Sorcerer and focus on building it with a Rogue, it can be decently beneficial. There are some spells you might want for your Rogue, or if you just want to add a little spice to your character, you can use the Sorcerer spell slots. 

Why Rogue/Sorcerer Is Great 

  • You can use Sorcerer spell slots to your advantage with little cost 
  • Your Rogue won’t suffer from a few levels being taken away 
  • It provides a little diversity for your character with the ability to spellcast 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You want to try out a decent Sorcerer multiclass 
  • You want to give your Rogue some extra attack and fun spells 
  • You can think of a fun and creative background for the multiclass to exist with


10.  Rogue/Monk

Monks can't give any benefits to a Rogue.

Initially, this doesn’t seem like a good idea because they’re similar in their martial fighting skills. They have similarities, but Wisdom is also not a priority for Rogues where it is for Monks. However, if you can play it right, the Rogue can benefit somewhat from the Monk side of the multiclass. 

If you put in a certain amount of levels into the Monk side while you level up, you can get to upper abilities that can be beneficial. This is specific to the Way of the Shadows Monk, since it is a stealth Monk subclass. However, most of the beneficial sides to the Way of the Shadows Monk are in the higher levels. The ability to turn invisible specifically would be very beneficial to a Rogue, if it wasn’t such a high level in the Monk abilities. 

Why Rogue/Monk Is Great 

  • Their similarities can be their strength and make those abilities stronger
  • The Way of the Shadows Monk can strengthen Rogue abilities 
  • Have to put in levels on both sides to really benefit from it 

Choose This Multiclass if…

  • You prefer to prioritize stealth for Rogues 
  • You understand how to use martial combat to the best of its ability
  • You can use a Way of the Shadows Monk in a Rogue-like way


9. Rogue/Wizard

The Wizard and Rogue can only work together in a specific way.

Initially, this doesn’t seem like a good idea until you look further into it. The Rogue/Wizard combination is actually pretty iconic when you do your research on it, and can be a good multiclass idea. 

Honestly, this combination is not ideal if you don’t go after the Arcane Trickster. This is what you’ll want to focus on for this multiclass combination. The Wizard levels of your multiclass can give you more spell slots for the Arcane Trickster, which is why you would multiclass in the first place. 

Why Rogue/Wizard Is Great

  • A very iconic combination with the Arcane Trickster aspect of the Rogue 
  • Good multiclass idea for beginners as it has an easy set up 
  • The Wizard gives more spell slots for the Arcane Trickster 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You’re unsure how to multiclass and want to learn
  • You would like a magic aspect to your Rogue 
  • You like to use or would like to try the Arcane Trickster Rogue 


8. Rogue/Barbarian

Barbarians are great fighters, but loud.

The Rogue/Barbarian is another interesting combination, as the Barbarian isn’t known for stealth and quietness. In contrast to the Rogue, Barbarians are usually quite loud and brutish, but that doesn’t mean a Rogue can’t get mad every once in a while.

We also can’t sell short the damage that Barbarians provide with their Rage feature. You can always Rage after you Sneak Attack, which would be ideal for this multiclass. You don’t need to dabble too much into the Barbarian to get the base benefits, so this multiclass is good if you only want to give a few levels from the Rogue into multiclassing. 

Why Rogue/Barbarian Is Great

  • Great use of character building because of combat differences 
  • More strength and power into fighting with the use of the Barbarian
  • The Rogue can have more versatility in attacks with Rage and Barbarian proficiencies 

Choose This Multiclass if…

  • You like to be creative in character construction
  • You would like your Rogue to have more versatility in attacks 
  • You want to try multiclassing but not rely too heavily on it 


7.  Rogue/Paladin

Paladins and Rogues together just don't make sense roleplaying wise.

This multiclass comes with a lot of confusion for people. Not because of the way it plays, but because a lot of the time the Rogue is seen as a thief or a spy when roleplaying, which doesn’t go with the Paladin’s holy and divine ways. However, Rogues don’t necessarily need to be this way, and who’s to say the church doesn’t do some sneaking around? 

Divine Smite is always a good use of damage, and a Rogue that focuses on melee can benefit from this a lot. The dueling style of a Paladin is also something the Rogue can benefit from. It’s ideal to put a few levels into the Paladin, but most of your levels into the Rogue for combat purposes. 

Why Rogue/Paladin Is Great 

  • They’re a very unique combination because of their differences in backgrounds
  • Divine Smite is a good bonus damage feature for the Rogue to utilize 
  • The Paladin fight style is also good for a Rogue to utilize in combat 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You want to try something people don’t normally go with
  • You’re good at using multiple fighting techniques 
  • You’re creative in your character construction and background


6. Rogue/Druid

Druids get more benefits than Rogues in this multiclass.

Rogues and Druids both come from lurky backgrounds, which tends to make them a good combination when building a character. This multiclass can be more beneficial to the Druid side rather than the Rogue side if not played correctly. 

Rogues can benefit from a Druid’s Wild Shape or spell casting depending on the proficiencies, but a Rogue’s ability check proficiencies. It’s important to know what you’re doing for this multiclass, because if the skill proficiencies don’t benefit both sides, then there can be a strength imbalance that causes issues.

Why Rogue/Druid Is Great 

  • The use of Wild Shape can provide a new and fun combat for the Rogue  
  • The right skill proficiencies can cause this duo to be pretty strong and beneficial
  • The Wild Shape can provide a new fighting style for the Rogue to master 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You understand proficiencies and their complications with multiclasses 
  • You like to use Wild Shape for skill checks
  • You like to have a background where there’s not many people involved in your character’s life


5. Rogue/Fighter 

Fighters can help benefit the Rogue fighting style.

This is a multiclass that just tends to make sense. Rogues and Fighters are a combination that people normally think of when they go to multiclass as one or the other. They  mold well together, no matter which side you focus on.

Fighters depend on which Fighting Style you pick, so it's important to pick a good one. It’s usually recommended that when multiclassing as a Rogue/Fighter that you pick Archery, as it boosts accuracy. Just make sure you don’t get too lost in the Fighter side of this multiclass, and keep the levels as even with or lower than the Rogue as possible.  

Why Rogue/Fighter Is Great

  • A fantastic combination that boosts both sides of the multiclass
  • The Archery Fighting Style is a great style for the Rogue to benefit from
  • There’s an increase in armor class from the Fighter from the lower levels 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You like multiclasses that fit well together 
  • You prefer multiclasses that affect mostly combat 
  • You can stay focused on the Rogue side and not get lost to the Fighter side 


4. Rogue/Cleric

Clerics give the Rogue some diversity.

The Rogue/Cleric can seem off putting at first. A lot of people don’t play their Rogues as necessarily good people, especially not healers. This multiclass creates a diversity in the Rogue field that can be fun to play, and can certainly throw your DM or GM off. 

The great thing about multiclassing as a Rogue into a Cleric is that there’s a lot of ways you can go with it. You can ideally go into Light Domain, Grave Domain, or Divine Domain for your Cleric levels, and you don’t need to give too many levels to the Cleric in order to truly benefit from it. This is what gives this multiclass its diversity.

Why Rogue/Cleric Is Great 

  • Diversity in what to choose for the Cleric side of things 
  • Gives the Rogue more diversity in playing 
  • Creates a creative new abilities for Rogues that isn’t played too often 

Choose This Multiclass if…

  • You want to try something new and exciting 
  • You want a unique Rogue that can help out others as well 
  • You want to have diversity in the path you can choose for your multiclass 


3. Rogue/Ranger 

Rangers give Rogues some more attack power.

The Rogue and Ranger combination can be really good for combat if it’s played right. Rogues, compared to other classes, can fall behind when it comes to combat skills, so the Ranger really boosts the Rogue’s missing combat skills. 

With the proficiencies in armor and weapons, the strength of the Rogue can go up. This also increases with the Ranger’s Fighting Style. Since the Ranger relies on skill usage, this can benefit the Rogue as well, since they are proficient in many things. The Ranger’s second level abilities like Archery can help a Rogue’s damage a lot.

Why Rogue/Ranger Is Great 

  • Proficiencies are higher with this combination 
  • The Ranger’s Fighting Style benefits the Rogue’s combat abilities 
  • Archery can help boost a Rogue’s combat damage

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You want a Rogue with higher damage ability
  • You want more combat diversity for your Rogue 
  • You want to utilize Fighting Style on the Rogue 


2. Rogue/Warlock 

Warlocks give Rogues the attack power they've been looking for.

Both of these classes are really versatile. Rogues arguably are the most versatile class in the game, but the Warlock is as well. The combination of these two makes for a pretty strong multiclass. 

Rogues can benefit from Warlock spell slots with just a few levels. With the Eldritch Evocations, you can make your Rogue really powerful, and also versatile with the spells available for the Warlock. You can also benefit from the skill proficiencies from the Warlock as well and make a skill diverse character. 

Why Rogue/Warlock Is Great

  • The Warlock makes the Rogue powerful and strong
  • They’re both versatile multiclasses with their abilities 
  • You only need a few levels of the Warlock to truly benefit from it 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You like versatility to be apart of your playing 
  • You like melee and spellcasters together in one 
  • You like to have a lot of skill proficiencies 


1. Rogue/Bard

Bards and Rogues together become the ultimate proficiency master.

This is an iconic combination in the D&D world. You can become a total trickster with this multiclass, and create lots of havoc with the abilities utilized. The Rogue/Bard multiclass is one for people who like to have fun with the game. 

You don’t need to take too many levels of the Bard to benefit from it. With the Bard Expertise and the Rogue Expertise, you can become proficient in a lot of things. This can make you really good at skill checks and protect you from a lot of in-game complications. With addition to the Arcane Trickster, your Bard levels become even more beneficial to the Rogue side. 

Why Rogue/Bard Is Great

  • Benefits from proficiencies from both classes 
  • The Arcane Trickster can make the Bard levels even more beneficial
  • Become really good a lot of things 

Choose This Multiclass if…

  • You like to be proficient in a lot of things 
  • You put proficiencies and roleplaying above combat 
  • You like melee and spellcasting combinations 

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