[Top 5] D&D Best Warlock Builds That Are OP

Best D&D warlock builds
Magical power comes in many forms but the warlocks is admittedly one of the most interesting

Which are the 5 most OP D&D warlock builds?

Ever thought about making a deal with the Fae, or selling your soul to the Devil, or bargaining with some Eldritch Horror for powers untold (in a D&D campaign of course)? If the answer is yes then you’ve come to the right place dear reader! Here I’ll show how to make an OP warlock character that’ll be sure to satisfy your deepest desires.

Warlock is a class that brings many possibilities to the table in D&D and is one of the best for multiclassing combinations. It’s also very fun to roleplay because of your otherworldly patron. Here we will focus on the most powerful combinations featuring both melee and ranged builds.

For your ability scores you should always prioritize charisma since it’s a warlocks spellcasting ability.  Constitution should be next in line to boost your hp and after that dexterity.  With wisdom and intelligence next your dump stat should be strength. Starting with charisma (15), constitution (14), dexterity (13), wisdom (12), intelligence (10) and strength (8).

5.  Charismatic devil (for more spell slots and flexibility)

A warlocks spell slots are kind of different from others in D&D and to balance the fewer number of them multiclassing into bard is a safe bet. Bard’s also a charisma spell caster so there’ll be no conflict in that and you get access to a great spell list and some pretty useful class abilities. 

For this build I’d go with a Tiefling with a Fiend Patron and Pact of the Tome multiclassing into College of Lore Bard. This build will give you an excellent spell caster and a flexible character that’s also fun to role play. A devilishly charming menace to wreak havoc in the DMs table.

  • Tiefling will give you +1 in intelligence, +2 in charisma, resistance to fire damage and some cool spells through the Infernal Legacy like hellish rebuke and darkness.
  • You can get proficiency in deception and intimidation as well as a background that gives you perception for some killer roleplay
  • The Fiend pact will give a couple of really useful spells like Burning Hands, Command and even Fireball as well as some interesting features like Dark One's Blessing and Hurl Through Hell (10d10 of psychic damage that can come in handy)
  • With the Pact of the Tome you get 3 cantrips from any classes spell list 
  • For your Eldritch Invocations you should choose Agonizing Blast (to add your charisma to the damage of your Eldritch Blast), Repelling Blast (to keep enemies away from your squishy caster self), Book of Ancient Secrets (for ritual spells), Devil’s Sight (hey, now you can see through the Darkness Spell), Sculptor of Flesh (polymorph is awesome) and One With Shadows (advantage can be very useful on a first round).
  • The Spell Sniper feat will also go nicely with your dearest Eldritch Blast.
  • Throw in 6 Bard levels and you also have Bardic Inspiration, a hell lot of spell slots, expertise in 2 skills and Conthercharm (advantage on saving throws against being frightened or charmed.
  • College of Lore will give you proficiency in 3 skills of your choice, Cutting Words and two spells from any class.

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4. Unholy Oathbreaker (if melee is more your thing)

The warlock is a flexible caster that can be an efficient melee combatant. But if you don’t want to be so squishy Paladin is the way to go! Charisma is still the stat for magic casting so you won’t have problems there. Just pay a little bit more attention to your strength so you can use better armor.

This time you should go with Human Variant with a Hexbade Patron and Pact of the Blade multiclassing into Oathbreaker Paladin. With this, you get quite the powerful melee-focused character and still can have the Eldritch Blast in case you need some ranged attacks, no foe will escape your mighty grasp.

  • Human Variant will get you a free feat that you should cash with War Caster for advantage on constitution saving throws to not lose concentration and some other perks.
  • With the Hexblades Patron you’ll get some cool benefits like Hexbade’s Curse (bonus to your damage rolls, critical hit on 19 and 20 and some hp when you kill the target),  Hex Warrior (use charisma for your attack and damage rolls) and Armor of Hexes (possibility to make an enemy miss when attacking you regardless of his roll).
  • Choosing the pact of the Blade’ll get you a weapon with magical attacks so you don’t have to worry so much about resistance to its damage.
  • As for Eldritch Invocations, you should get Agonizing Blast, Repelling Blast, Lifedrinker (more damage bonus), Devil's Sight, Sculptor of Flesh and One with Shadows.
  • About 6 levels of Paladin will grant you the oh so prized Extra Attack and Aura of Protection for some bonus to yours and your party's saving throws.
  • With the Oathbreaker “oath” you get you some cool spells As well as Dreadful Aspect (causing the effect Fear is so satisfying)

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3. Blade Wizard (so much more magic)

Wizard is probably the most powerful class in D&D and combining it with warlock gives it an extra edge that’s hard to resist. You can play this build as melee or ranged or a combination of both, either way you get a powerful caster that is not squishy as usual.

For this one you should get a Half Elf Hexblade Pact of the Blade warlock multiclassing into War Wizard. In the end this build allows you to have an amazingly versatile character that you can throw around the battlefield without fear of imminent death and that’s capable of some devastating damage.

  • Half Elf’ll boost your charisma and you can also use it to boost your intelligence (which you will need for your wizard spells)
  • From the Hexblade patron will come the Hexblades Curse and Hex Warrior (useful bonus plus attacks and damages with your charisma modifier) 
  • As for Eldritch Invocations get Devil's Sight and Agonizing Blast. And for the magic stuff, use and abuse of Eldritch Blast, Hellish Rebuke and Armor of Agathys.
  • At the 3rd level choose the Pact of the Blade to get a magical weapon. You also get access to the Blink spell.
  • From then on you can go wizard all the way for the amazing spell list 
  • The School of War Magic will grant some awesome boost to your AC and extra damages here and there.
  • The Shield Master feat can make your character even more of a tough nut to crack.

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2. Triple Threat (because critical rolls are so satisfying)

Now we’re getting to some very OP combinations. Admittedly it takes some time to get this build to its optimal shape, but once there you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. The greater chance to crit your attacks is just too good to pass.

For this one a Human Variant Hexblade warlock with the Pact of the Blade multiclassing into Champion fighter and Assassin rogue is perfect. Using a combination of the spell Darkness as well as all your bonuses and advantages you can deal a devastating first blow in combat and hold your own in it with ease with this build.

  • With the human you can get the feat Sharpshooter right away, also get the Crossbow Expert feat whenever possible.
  • With at least 12 levels of warlock you can get the Hexblade patron and most of itsperks, the Pact of the Blade and the Eldritch Invocations Eldritch Smite, Repelling Blast, Thirsting Blade, Improved Pact Blade, Lifedrinker and Devils Eyes. 
  • Multiclassing into fighter you’ll have the Archery fighting style,  Second Wind (to heal yourself in a pinch) and Action Surge (for an extra action).
  • Then with the Champion martial archetype, your weapon attack scores a critical on a 19 or 20.
  • With the rogue you can expertise in stealth, get Sneak Attacks and Cunning Action to expand your options with your bonus action.
  • And finally with the Assassin archetype you have advantage against creatures that haven't had a turn in combat yet.

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1. Infamous Duo (to become the god of Eldritch Blast)

Yes! Number one could be none other than the one, the only, the often banned by DMs: Sorlock. This particular combination is infamous throughout the D&D community for its amazing power (unfair amount of power some would say). Now, if you DM allows it and you want an insane ranged character this is the go-to.

With this one you should go with a Half Elf Hexblade Patron Warlock multiclassing into Divine Soul Sorcerer. In the end, playing with the sorcery points to spell slots conversion and taking full advantage of all the potential of Eldritch Blast this build is to be feared and respected and a certified way to have an extremely OP warlock. Also a certified way to get your DM to hate you.

  • Besides the bonuses, Half Elf will give you Elven Accuracy.
  • With a level 9 warlock you can get the Agonizing Blast, Repelling Blast, Lance of lethargy and Eldritch Spear.
  • Plus Hexblade Curse for a +6 damage per ray more or less.
  • The Sorcerer multiclass will get you sorcery points that can be used for a lot of things, like gaining additional spell slots. And the Metamagics Careful and Quickened Spells can really come in handy.
  • The feature Favored by the gods is also awesome to avoid missing an attack.

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