[Top 5] D&D Most Evil Dragons

D&D Most Evil Dragons

Dragons are among the most popular creatures in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, so much, in fact, that the moniker is part of the title of the RPG! There are good dragons, and then there are evil dragons, also known as chromatic dragons. Through research and gaming, I have discovered 5 of the evilest dragons in D&D lore! Read on, and hopefully your PC won’t have to encounter one of them for a very long spell!

5. Arauthator

Also known as Old White Death, Arauthator is an adult white dragon who originated from Oyaviggaton on the Sea of Moving Ice. Orphaned as a wyrmling, Arauthator’s main purpose of existence is to avenge the death of his murdered family members. As with all white dragons, Arauthator is considered as chaotic evil. Read on to find out more about Arauthator!

Why Arauthator Is Fun

  • Not only can Arauthator speak Common, but he can also imitate voices to confuse and lure opponents.
  • For Arauthator, patience is a virtue. Basically, he will camouflage himself in snow and wait to pounce on prey.

Arauthator details:

  • Arauthator loves to dig into deep caverns for gems and treasures.
  • This dragon has a particular affinity for gnomes and will devour them.
  • Arauthator is always learning new spells.

4. Borys

Borys of Ebe, also known as The Dragon, the Sorcerer King of Ur Draxa, and the Butcher of Dwarves, exists from the world of Athas. This chaotic evil red dragon was once a human male. Read on to find out more about this evil dragon with too many names!

Why Borys Is Fun

  • Apparently, Borys’ power derives from Obsidian Orbs that exist in his stomach.
  • Borys’ was once a warden of Rajaat and had to transform into a dragon to keep him
  • imprisoned.

Borys details:

  • Borys’ would drain the life force of other creatures to gain power and eventually evolved from a human to a dragon.
  • His strength ability is the equivalent of a 40 th level PC.
  • Thanks to Borys’ boorish and destructive behavior, the world of Athas was desecrated.

3. Dragotha

If an ancient neutral evil dragon married a lich and had a baby, it would be Dragotha. Formerly a male red dragon, Dragotha is a Dracolich that resides in Wormcrawl Fissure, and is the consort of Tiamat. He is over 2,500 years old. Read on to find out more about the evil Dragotha!

Why Dragotha Is Fun

  • Dragotha has infinite energy because he is undead; he never tires!
  • This dragon was sentenced to become undead because he killed another dragon.
  • Opponents of Dragotha will have to endure several types of breath weapons: flame, frost, and poisonous gas.

Dragotha details:

  • As an evil dracolich, Dragotha would take double damage from holy weapons.
  • However, Dragotha is immune to being turned by a good cleric.

2. Klauth

Also known as Old Snarl, Klauth is a red Gargantuan Dragon who is over 800 years old. His powers are equivalent to a 14 th level spellcaster. Both chaotic evil and charismatic, Klauth has a ring of cold resistance that is as frigid as his heart. Read on to find out more about the evil Klauth!

Why Klauth Is Fun

  • Old Snarl is hard to surprise because he has stealth ability (+7) and perception (+22).
  • Klauth carries two wands (one of fireballs and one of lightning bolts) because one wand isn’t enough! In addition, Klauth can use both wands simultaneously.
  • This dragon is particularly strong with a Strength ability score of 30!

Klauth details:

  • Klauth has immunity to fire damage.
  • Klauth is a challenge to defeat! He has 546 hit points and an AC of 22.
  • This dragon can also use Frightful Presence to scare his opponents!

1.Tiamat the Dragon Queen

Tiamat originates from the Realm of the Nine Hells of Baator, and she is a deity: the evil Dragon Goddess of Greed. (The fact that she likes gold and treasure is an understatement!) Tiamat’s alignment depends on the version of D&D played: 3.5 is lawful evil and 5e is chaotic evil. She also has five dragon heads that has a different color: black, blue, green, red, and white. Read on to find out about the otherworldly dragon!

Why Tiamat Is Fun

  • The Dragon Queen can intimidate her subjects with Frightful Presence, and then attacks with two claws and her long tail.
  • Tiamat would be a challenging opponent! With 615 hit points, she is quite difficult to defeat in battle.
  • She has the additional skills: Arcana (+17), Perception (+26), and Religion (+17). Tiamat would be difficult to surprise!

Tiamat details:

  • She is immune to non-magical slashing attacks.
  • Tiamat’s only weakness in ability scores is Dexterity with a score of 10.
  • The Dragon Queen speaks three languages: Common, Draconic, and Infernal.

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