The 25 Best Elden Ring Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners

Are you a boy, or a girl?

1. Choose your class and use your attributes wisely.

Which class you choose before beginning the game is not crucial because any mistakenly spent level can be compensated later. However, if you do not have enough time to make this compensation or you do not want to do it, this choice may be more important for you. Maybe having a glimpse of the gameplay, pros, and cons of certain classes and builds beforehand may provide the player with an insight into the journey he or she is going to experience.

The mistakenly spent attributes, on the other hand, can be compensated by resetting the stats which can be done by Rennala. However, considering the weapons, sorceries, incantations etc. which require some attributes to be higher, the runes you gain throughout your adventure gain importance. Also, you cannot always respec your character.


  • The fact that you can reset your character does not mean that you can play without reasonable decisions.
  • Little research may be beneficial for the player to establish strong and fun builds.
  • Yes, you can reset your attributes, but this is not infinite so do not waste your larval tears.


2. Look for the towers to open the map.

The vastness of Elden Ring’s map is no longer a mystery or a leak. The game is enormous and full of diverse content; however, without a map or with a map only roads on it, the experience may turn into torture.

Fromsoftware usually does not mind torturing its fans. Yet, this time they decided not to do so and put little drawings of towers on the undiscovered places of the map. These drawings indicate that there is a map piece there. Although this seems to be slightly directing the player and thus undermining the exploration, they are not always a piece of cake. Sometimes they can even direct you into the danger itself.

Concerning the map piece icons:

  • In the gigantic Lands Between, they are quite helpful.
  • They can generate an objective for the player, though it can be postponed or just ignored.


3. Examine the map.

The map of Elden Ring is, except for certain icons and the markers you can put, a drawing just like any other real-life map would be. While some places are shown with icons, there are many details and locations which the map does not directly indicate.

Some caves and dungeons may be an accurate example of this situation. When acquiring a new map piece, the player should examine the map and determine a route other than the one grace shows. Because otherwise a great chunk of the content that the game offers is going to be missed.

Concerning Elden Ring map:

  • From an aesthetic perspective, it can be said that it has a nice appearance.
  • Not everything is indicated as a question or exclamation mark, so the player is pushed from his or her comfort zone to understand what the map says and explore.


4. Death is a mechanic. 


No matter how good you are at exploration, you will inevitably taste death during this adventure. Most of the games consider “death” as a result of the failure of the player. However, in Elden Ring, the player is invited to learn from those mistakes and face the foe or any other hardship in a different way.

Yet, this does not necessarily mean that dying to Tree Sentinel three hundred times at level 5 is what you should be doing during your journey. Death is a reminder that tells you no matter how powerful you get; the enemy is capable of killing you.

The death mechanic is:

  • Significant because it is a way to learn.
  • A reminder of the strength of the creatures in the Lands Between.
  • The reason for you to play the game cautiously.


5. Explore as much as you can.

The most prominent feature of Elden Ring that attracts players is its capability of making us feel free in the Lands Between. The open world is balanced in a way that encourages the player to explore and experience their own adventure in a way he/she desires.

Even the first step, which is the actual first step taken into the grassy landscape of Limgrave, does not greet the player. Instead, after wandering around for a couple of minutes, the first enemy of the game is introduced if we do not count squirrels, rabbits, eagles, and the former boss which is scripted to destroy you in the Chapel of Anticipation. If you are not committed enough, most likely the result will be “You Died” screen.

So how and why is the exploration mechanic important?

  • Thanks to the vast map of the game, you can always turn back and go somewhere else if there is any impassable obstacle.
  • Through exploration, the player both “gets good” and improves his or her character in an entertaining and satisfying way.
  • The huge difference among many areas in Elden Ring is an experience which every gamer should enjoy.


6. Examine your surroundings.

Speaking of exploration, merely roaming around the vast valleys of the Lands Between may not be enough to see and experience everything in this game. The game literally conceals itself from the player, thank god not always. In my opinion, the way Elden Ring motivates the players is quite a rewarding method and that is why Fromsoftware games are loved that much.

All around the open world of this game, developers hid many things behind invisible walls, across a height to which you can reach by an invisible bridge, or even a mighty and epic boss fight which I am not going to spoil for a beginner.

The mysteries all around the Lands Between are significant because:

  • They are the core motivation for the player to explore because they most of the time offer satisfactory rewards.
  • It is still an experimental method to insert the content into the gameplay by literally burying it underground let alone making it reachable indirectly.


7. Try not to miss mini dungeons.

The path shown by grace is obligatory for the player to beat the game. Yet, as I wrote above, there are many things beyond this. Mini dungeons, for example, might seem repetitive to the eye; however, they contain little puzzles, a boss fight in the end, and at least a decent reward. Furthermore, the creepy atmosphere of these dungeons makes them worth experiencing.

The title says, “try not to miss mini dungeons”. But how? 

After a couple of hours into the game, the statues shown in the picture below are encountered more often. When you interact with them, they show the way to a dungeon through a blue beam coming out of their hand. If the way the beam shows is not clear enough, this icon appears on your map and shows the way to the dungeon with a blue indicator. 

The reasons why mini dungeons are important can be listed as:

  • They are a significant part of the exploration in the game.
  • They provide the players with rewards such as weapons, armor, or other items as well as runes which they essentially need to strengthen their character.
  • Although after a point the bosses at the end of the mini dungeons repeat, they still offer a challenge, and the very structure of dungeons change too.


8. Do not ignore the time of day. 

There is a day-night cycle in Elden Ring, and it does not only affect the looks of the game. Try visiting a place during the morning, noon, and night. There will be unignorable differences which demonstrates how immersive the game is constructed.

A normal NPC may turn into a hidden boss that only appears during the night, or there might even be bosses or other creatures that only spawn at night in places that you cannot even guess.

The day-night cycle in Elden Ring contributes to the game because:

  • It contributes to the aesthetic design of the game’s world.
  • It makes the player visit certain areas again.
  • It diversifies the content.


9. You can buy a lantern.

All around the Lands Between there are dark, gloomy, and obscure places where you must have a torch in the second hand. Considering if you are playing with a shield or you are two handing a big weapon, the torch undeniably becomes a disadvantage for you.

The developers came up with a solution to this problem which is the lantern. This item can be bought from a specific merchant who is located beside a site of grace in the south part of Liurnia.

The lantern is functional because:

  • It is not held in hands, instead, it is attached to the body.
  • It is bought for once and is yours forever.
  • It provides a sufficient amount of light.


10. Do not forget to check your inventory.

As the Tarnished progresses through his or her journey, the ingredients stashed in the inventory slowly become a pile of useless items. Most of them look like something useful for a different build or a different situation.

However, there are some items which function regardless of the build but in specific conditions. Rainbow Stones , for example, can be used if you are reluctant to jump or drop down somewhere below because it looks dangerous. If they crack upon throwing, this means you would die after that leap. Also, there are Glowstones which basically give light if you are in a dark cave and have neither a torch nor a lantern.

Checking the items in your inventory may help you because:

  • There might be some items that you need at the moment, and you overlooked before.
  • There are many items with functions that differ from PVE and PVP, so just regularly have an eye on your pile of items.


11. Exhaust the dialogues

There are many NPCs to all of which you can talk to. While some of these NPCs are not that important for any quest lines or the general course of events in the game, some are.

In order not to miss any content, the player should be exhausting dialogues, which means interacting with the NPC until he or she (or it) starts repeating the last words. By doing so, the possibility of missing parts from the game is minimized.

You should exhaust all the dialogues because:

  • The continuation of a questline may depend on the exhaustion of an NPC’s dialogue.
  • You can get to know more about the character you are talking to, which is also useful for you to understand what a quest requires from you.


12. Mind your equipment load

It is understandable that the player wants to be protected from outer attacks and deal a significant amount of damage at the same time. Equipment load is a game changing mechanic about this issue which is determined in accordance with the balance between your endurance point and the weight of your equipment. 

The game does not give you full freedom on this issue, which is quite understandable. If you want to be able to carry a heavy armor set and a colossal weapon, you have to level up your Endurance, because otherwise you will be heavy rolling. In other words, your rolling speed will be highly reduced which gives your character a lethal combat handicap.

Equipment load should be minded because:

  • It can significantly change the results of your combats.
  • Rolling is one of the main movements of the game, you may want to keep it at least medium.


13. Trust Torrent’s athletic talents

Torrent is the mount in the game that is given to your character by Melina. It is called “spectral steed”, so it is not a normal mount, it has supernatural capabilities.

For example, it can double jump by stepping on a spectral platform. You can spam this mechanic as much as you want and have interesting results.

Torrent’s movement capability is useful because:

  • It makes the player more mobile.
  • You can even get to the places where you normally cannot go.
  • It can also be used during combat and give you a great advantage.


14. Do not hesitate to use summons

In the beginning of the game, a witch appears in the Church of Elleh and gives you a bell called Spirit Calling Bell . It functions to summon the spirits that you collect all across the Lands Between.

Some players consider using this item as not fully experiencing Elden Ring because it makes combat too easy. However, it should be noted that Elden Ring is a more casual Fromsoftware game which means it addresses a broader majority of the gamer community.

Spirit Calling Bell is quite useful because:

  • By summoning spirits, you can make boss fights way easier and get used to the game.
  • You can play experimentally thanks to the freedom in combat provided by the spirits that aids you.


15. Do not forget to upgrade your gear.

Probably the most encountered blacksmith of the game is Smithing Master Hewg, which is shown in the picture above. You should not be ignoring seeing him because he might think you are dead. Yes, he cares about you.

Joking aside, the player should always be aware of the level of his or her gears. Do you think your damage is too low? Or are you taking too much damage although you level up enough Vigor? Most likely, you should pay a visit to Hewg and upgrade your items.

Upgrading your gears is important because:

  • It has a chance to cause dramatic changes in terms of combat.
  • It makes you understand the capabilities of your build.
  • It provides the player with the full potential of any specific item.


16. Use jumping and jump attacks.

Jumping is the most novel mechanic implemented into the gameplay of Elden Ring. Of course, this is the case when you compare this game with older Soulslike games. If you talk about the “newly” added jumping mechanic to someone who has never played a Fromsoftware game, he or she would be shocked because jumping is something you can do in video games since the 70s.

So, what kind of innovations are introduced to the players by “jumping”? First of all, just like the movement capabilities of Torrent, the player is given the potential to reach further. Also, using jumping in combat is especially important as well.

Jumping in general is both fun and functional because:

  • It provides you with the capability to explore more freely.
  • It is a reliable form of attack because of its stagger potential and damage.


17. Do not stash a pile of golden runes, consume them.

Golden Runes are collectibles which can be found all across the vast map of Elden Ring. If you do not know what they are for, you should definitely learn. They give runes when they are consumed.

If you know and still do not care about them, I can suggest you give them a try. Because when the runes they offer are combined, or when you are a few runes short from the next level, the Golden Runes are the best option.

You should be consuming the Golden Runes because:

  • They simply give you what you fight for and what makes you stronger.
  • In case of emergencies, you can gain runes out of nothing thanks to Golden Runes.


18. Two handing might be more beneficial than you thought.

You probably felt or would feel disappointment after beating a hard boss and being rewarded with a weapon that you cannot use because of your attributes. 

Actually, in some cases it is possible to use them to the full potential although you cannot meet the requirements. Try two handing the weapon in question. Furthermore, two handing any weapon increases the damage you can deal even if your attributes are sufficient for the weapon.

You should try to use weapons two handed because:

  • It basically increases your damage.
  • If you are unable to use them because of your attributes, two handing might be the solution.


19. Give a chance to different weapons.

It is quite understandable that sticking to a weapon you found early in the game. The reason for this is probably feeling comfortable and significantly upgrading that weapon.

However, no matter what build you choose to play with, there is a variety of weapons the game offers to the player. As you progress through the game, you will definitely collect numerous weapons. You can examine the gameplays of these weapons or directly try them out in lower-level areas.

You can try unused weapons because:

  • They have the potential to drastically change your gameplay.
  • By doing so, you will make use of the rewards you won earlier.


20. Examine the moveset of bosses.

Bosses are the main goals in the Elden Ring. They are not only the biggest enemies of certain areas but also a method to see how your character and you improved through your journey.

However, neither pure talent nor pure stat or level grinding would provide you with the power to eliminate any boss that you encounter. In order to successfully defeat bosses, all you need to do is examine the moveset of the bosses, understand the logic of the boss, naturalize your dodges, and keep calm. Elden Ring, just like other Soulslike games, is a way to test your patience and psychology.

Learning the movements of a boss is crucial because:

  • Bosses fight in certain patterns; you may even sometimes memorize their moves.
  • Recklessly diving into fighting might cause you to die a lot and not to learn from those deaths. You should be calm and learn from your mistakes. You can try not to hit but try to avoid the hits of the enemy.


21. Do not play excessively defensive

It is not a mystery that Elden Ring is a game in which the enemies are able to devastate you in seconds. This may cause players to play too defensively, which is quite understandable.

However, no matter how robust your build is, you should be hitting your enemy on a regular basis because of the poise mechanic. Poise is an invisible bar which decreases on every single hit you blow on your enemy. When this bar is fully emptied, you cause the boss’ or the enemy’s poise to be broken and they fall. In other words, the opponent becomes totally vulnerable to your critical hits for a couple of seconds. This is how Elden Ring rewards aggressive play styles.

You should be regularly dealing damage to your enemy because:

  • The poise mechanic gives you the chance to finally hit a critical damage.
  • The aforementioned critical damage chance motivates you to play more aggressively.


22. Don’t be wasteful in terms of runes

Runes are the units which you use for nearly everything in the game. You level up with them, you buy stuff with them, and also you sell things in return for runes.

Rune economy should be handled carefully if the player does not desire to lose one hundred thousand of them because a jump did not go as expected.

You should be aware of your runes because:

  • Runes are the means to level up for you, you should check them and act accordingly.
  • Through runes, you can trade. However, you should be aware of the prices and not exaggerate when buying materials.


23. Try different builds.

This game is full of potential in terms of the combination of different mechanics which results in a successful build at the end. There are tons of guides because of this, and this remarkably makes the game replayable.

Regardless of which class you choose, you can try new builds if you are bored or the current build you are using is not effective enough for you.

You should try other builds because:

  • The content is almost endless. You should not be avoiding the entertainment offered by an intelligence gameplay or by crashing your enemies with a colossal weapon.
  • By trying different builds, you can find a more suitable way of playing the game.


24. Have a look at “scaling”

It is quite entertaining to try out new weapons in Elden Ring because there are various weapons to give a chance. It is worth having a look in your inventory if you are bored by the weapon you have been using for fifty hours.

However, the aspect you should mind is the scaling mechanic. It is written in the bottom left corner of the weapon stats, and it shows how the damage dealt by you when using this weapon is affected by your attributes.

Scaling should be minded by the player because:

  • By glancing at the scaling, it is possible for you to find the perfect weapon.
  • Through scaling, the future way for you to play the game might be shaped.


25. Mash the buttons when captured by enemies.

Almost all the enemies in Elden Ring have nasty moves in terms of combat. One of the most irritating ones of these is capture attacks. When captured by the enemy, most of the players have a reflex to drop the controller and accept their fates.

However, if you mash the buttons on the gamepad, your enemy will leave you sooner and you will have a chance to survive that attack.

Mashing the buttons when captured by enemies is crucial because:

  • It gives you a second chance nearly every time.
  • It may make you keep calm during the combat because being captured does not mean destined death any more.

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