15 Best Europa Universalis 4 Mods That Are Amazing!

best eu4 mods
Imperialism has never been so fun.

What Are The Best Europa Universalis 4 Mods?

If you’ve played enough Europa Universalis 4 you’ll probably have noticed that things can get a bit repetitive over multiple playthroughs.

This can be fixed, however, through the introduction of mods to spice things up!

Here’s a list of 15 amazing mods for you to try out and enjoy today!

15. Shattered Europa

It’s no big secret that some nations in EU4 naturally do better than others. Especially in multiplayer games, playing as the little guy can often be a real challenge with powers such as France or The Ottomans around, but Shattered Europa aims to fix that! A simple mod at its core, it releases every nation with cores at the start of the game and allows for a more balanced and interesting game - albeit a more ahistorical one.

  • Adds over 350 new countries, both starting ones and formable ones!
  • Extends the end date up to the year 3015, allowing you to play for a whole lot longer!
  • Adds a ton of new stuff, including new religions and trade goods to further aid in the immersion!

You can find the mod on the Steam Workshop here.

14. Missions Expanded

Yet another simple addition which adds so much flavor to the game. Missions Expanded provides a huge amount of mission trees to a variety of nations, including every single country in Europe! Playing as a minor nation is more viable - and interesting - than ever before with this mod!

  • Over 240 new mission trees have been added to the game, meaning over 240 nations made more fun!
  • With new special bookmarks you can easily find a fun nation you’ve never gotten the chance to play before!
  • Allows for both historical games and ahistorical ones based on which missions you set as your goals.

Link to this simple and wonderful mode here.

13. The Weird Map Mods Mashup

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the more “uniquely creative” side of Europa Universalis modding. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Texas and Iceland switched places, or the Danish straits weren’t there, or what if the Balkans didn’t exist and Brittany was longer? No? Well, someone did!

  • Completely changes the map, country positions and gameplay for a whole new experience.
  • Changes up the colonial game, South America and related colonial regions swapped with Africa.
  • Allows for interactions between nations which normally would never interact, such as the HRE and Japan.

You can install this wonderful collection of mods here.

12. Long After The End

Europa Universalis, like most Paradox games, has been made to allow the player to experience history first-hand and change its course. What this mod offers is the chance to look into the future - a bleak and dark one, but a future no less! Reclaim lands lost after the end of the world and rebuild it from the ashes!

  • An entirely new set of nations to play across the globe, from North American kingdoms to tribal Australian nations.
  • An empty Europe ripe for colonization by both the East and the West.
  • A whole new set of cultures, religions, trade nodes and more!

A link for the Steam Workshop page here.

11. The Snap - Bringing Balance to EU4

Inspired by Marvel’s “Infinity War”, this mod aims to bring balance to the game in the most direct way there is: removing half the nations. At the start of the game, half of the nations will be snapped out of existence. Flip the coin, see where it lands and reclaim the lands left behind!

  • A brand new experience whenever you start a new game - the nations which disappear are picked randomly every time!
  • An option in the mod allows removing all the major players, so that the world wouldn’t be dominated by them post-snap!
  • Makes colonial ventures and claiming all the newly freed up land an option for all with a free colonist!

Pick up the mod here!

10. Plato’s Europa

The player in EU4 exists to change the course of time - this much is true. But what if the course had already changed long before you began playing? Plato’s Europa greatly changes the way the game starts with different starting nations, religions and more. Shape the world to your will - whether it’s returning to what our own world saw or something entirely different.

  • Brand new starting nations and more viable minor religions.
  • Countries with new, unique sets of mission to explore and challenge yourself with!
  • An extended timeline and changes to religion, diplomacy and more!

Download Plato’s Europe here!

9. Always War

Sometimes, you just want to go to war. Sometimes, you can’t really be bothered with casus bellis and waiting, and infamy. And sometimes you’d like to watch the world burn - and perhaps your PC, if you’re not careful. A true ‘stress test’ for your CPU’s capabilities, Always War puts you at war with every nation around you, and does so for all nations in the world. If you want a challenge and the chance for a world conquest, this mod is for you.

  • No worries about diplomacy, economy or much of anything - a pure war-focused mod for your destructive needs.
  • A real challenge, as you’ll need to adapt quickly whenever you are met with a new enemy.
  • Entertaining to observe as you can never know which nation will rise to the top and conquer it all!

Pick up Always War from the Steam workshop here.

8. Third Odyssey: Back to the Motherland

Not many nations have history geeks as excited as Byzantium, and I am no exception myself. This mod lets you live out a unique fantasy - that of a Roman new world, led by the advanced nation of Elysia. Claim the Americas for the glory of the Roman empire - and maybe even take back your rightful homeland in Europe in this incredible mod!

  • A new and exciting nation to play in the New World.
  • A chain of interesting and unique events and decisions to add flavor to your gameplay.
  • A drastically different world as colonization is dominated by the Romans.

A link to the mod can be found here.

7. A Song of Ice and Fire

Game of Thrones fans will love this mod! Set in the world of George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy novel series, this mod lets you take control of nations from Westeros to the lands across the Narrow Sea! Will you unite the seven kingdoms or see them fractured further? Or, perhaps you’ll choose to play as an observer in the East - all of that is up to you.

  • A whole new setting to play in with a new set of nations and religions that come with it.
  • Tons of flavor and events to immerse you in the world of Westeros.
  • The chance to play as any one of your favorite leaders in Game of Thrones and the ability to change the outcome of the war.

Join the war for the Seven Kingdoms here!

6. Common Universalis

Not every mod is out to change the map, or to explicitly add new content. Common Universalis is a mod which instead aims to improve what’s already there. By bringing more balance and introducing new key features, the mod makes the game far more enjoyable to those seeking a more historically accurate and logical game.

  • Adds new functionality, such as government capacity and dynamic expansion, which makes the game more balanced and makes running massive empires more difficult.
  • Provides more historical accuracy with events and decisions themed around the accomplishments of real world nations.
  • Changes the development so that you don’t just spend your mana to improve it, instead going for a more logical progression of it.

This fantastic mod can be found here.

5. Beyond Typus

Beyond Typus is not just a mod, but a modpack, including additions from some of the mods already covered earlier. The mod includes brand new map graphics, provinces, nations, regions and more. Just how expansive this mod is can seem intimidating, but as we head further into the top 5 this will only get more wild!

  • Heavily modified province development and more provinces to play with, with doubled development across the board for better balance.
  • Overhauls brought to different parts of the world, including colonial regions in the Americas.
  • Provinces added across the world allow for more accurate depictions of maps and expansion.

Pick up Beyond Typus here!

4. Voltaire’s Nightmare

Europe being in the name of the game, there’s a reason this mod exists and is as fantastic as it is. With a narrowed scope to the European continent, Voltaire’s Nightmare adds a huge amount of content to the game while keeping the focus all on Europe. With hundreds of provinces and more than 250 new national ideas, the mod is sure to keep you interested in playing more!

  • Hundreds of new provinces with a fully detailed map of Europe to play on.
  • New religions, ideas, government types and more!
  • Play from 1054 all the way up to 1871, with each starting date fully accurate and up-to-date!

Pick up Voltaire’s Nightmare from the Steam Workshop here!

3. Imperium Universalis

Don’t you just miss the glory days of Rome? Well, you’re not alone in that, as this mod has been made to bring you back to that exact period. Take control of a classical era civilization and shape Europe and the world the way you want it.

  • Control ancient empires from the Romans in the west to the ancient Indian nations in the East.
  • Take on an entirely different version of EU4 with brand new graphics, events, decisions and more.
  • Experience a brand new chapter of history in extreme detail.

This mod is available for download here.

2. MEIOU and Taxes

When talking about expansive mods, there’s no way not to mention MEIOU and Taxes just for how massive it truly is. With over 1500 new provinces, a longer timeline, new religion mechanics and so much more, there’s a reason this mod has become on of EU4’s most recognizable and popular mods. If you enjoy vanilla and want more of it, look no further!

  • Huge additions to the map with over a thousand new provinces to explore and conquer and 500 years to do it in.
  • New graphics and music offer a change of pace from your regular EU4 playthroughs.
  • Changes to trade, religion and subject integration offer entirely new gameplay.

You can get this fantastic mod here.

1. Extended Timeline

The fun of EU4, like many Paradox Interactive games, comes from being able to explore and change history. With this mod, you can do so from the start of our era to a thousand years into the future. Claim rule over ancient Rome and try to maintain it, beat back the Mongol invasion of Europe, take part in the crusades or the 3 kingdoms war in China, or go all the way to the modern era. You can do all of this and so much more with this mod today.

  • An incredibly long possible gametime spanning from 2 CE to 9999 CE.
  • A massive number of new start dates with accompanying nations, both starting ones, releasable ones, formable nations and ones spawned from events.
  • A huge amount of additional mods are available to expand the game further, adding more events, decisions and mission trees for a multitude of nations.

So download the mod here and start changing history today!

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