[Guide] Fate Grand Order Best Five Servants To Farm Embers

Let the grind begin...

Embers are the main measure to go and level up any Servant. And you’ll be spending 40% of your time playing Fate: Grand Order running the Ember Gathering grounds for those cards. So why not try and minimize your time there by getting people who can reliably three-turn the highest node?

These are the top five best Servants for farming any node! While the majority of them do require other units to help with the repeated Noble Phantasms (Called ‘looping) and most of them are only available for a limited time, they are still the top of the line when it comes to farming. Get your hands on a friend’s copy to take them for a ride, and work with substitutes for support.

Oh, and this guide was written prior to the release of the 7th Anniversary in the NA server, so a certain funny vampire won’t be included. 


5. Arash

  • Insanely powerful Noble Phantasm
  • Low-cost 
  • Allows for other important team members to remain safe.

I talked about him before, and you know him. You know what he does. If you don’t, read on.

Arash’s Noble Phantasm blows him up along with the enemies. That would be bad for farming, but it does high damage. Stupidly high damage. He also has a skill that gives him some NP to get his Noble Phantasm up on the first turn if you equip the right Craft Essence. And if you give him Guts, he’ll be able to potentially use the Noble Phantasm again!

But the point of farming is to get it done quickly, and being a Buster Noble Phantasm, Arash does have a hard time in rebuilding his NP.  Which is why most people use Arash to quickly clear off one wave and bring in someone else, preferably one of the latter people on this list. His low cost, incredibly easy way of getting copies of him to improve the Noble Phantasm and get Servant Coins to give him a headstart on NP makes him reliable in all nodes save for ones with the Archer’s nemesis, the Lancers. 


4. Nitocris

  • Instant Noble Phantasm
  • Has great chance of Insta-kill
  • Arts AOE Noble Phantasm

Now, if you want someone that can potentially spam Noble Phantasms, get Nitocris.

Her second skill provides enough NP to use the Noble Phantasm immediately upon the start of battle. This means with the right setup, she can go ahead and use it twice in a row, even more so if you use her first skill; it boosts her ability to insta-kill any non-boss enemy while also boosting her Arts cards. That means she will build more NP with Arts cards and get a higher refund on her Noble Phantasm.

Her Noble Phantasm already has a good chance of insta-killing enemies, so she does have a way of fighting against her class’ natural enemy; the Riders. Her generally low damage output does keep her lower on this list, but she’s the last person on this list that’s commonly available. 


3. Morgan

  • Incredibly high damage
  • Can charge up her Noble Phantasm
  • Class advantage

One of the best supports in this game is the Caster version of Altria AKA King Arthur. And here’s her counterpart, and being one of the strongest Buster AOE Noble Phantasms in the game to boot. While she is limited, she is available often enough that she might as well be story-locked.

She has access to two skills that can be used to raise her NP, one of them even providing some NP Regain. At max level, it allows her to get her NP up to full so she can use her Noble Phantasm on turn one. And seeing how Berserkers dish out more damage against all of the enemy types in the Ember Gathering grounds, she can wipe out anything!

Buster Looping can be harder to pull off than Quick; all because Quick can at least get some NP back while Buster doesn’t. So that means the next one on this list is someone who can get it done: 


2. Edmond Dantes

  • Quick AOE Noble Phantasm
  • Avenger class advantage 
  • Gets high refund on Noble Phantasm

He didn’t start off as being that great. But with a buff to his second skill and Skadis, the Count found himself in a prime position as a prime farmer. While other units are apart of the double Skadi system, he’s considered the best unit of the setup.

His second skill used to boost how much NP he gets from any situation, which while good, would always pale in comparison against those that just straight up gained NP. A buff to this gave him 50% at max level, allowing him to get the ball rolling on farm on Turn 1 with less skill uses.

Being an Avenger gives him access to some automatic NP Gain each turn, plus higher damage output. While being Quick does put him at a slight disadvantage compared to the more useful Arts, he’s still the top of the list in terms of being able to loop with Quick Cards. You can wait and hope for him to be available, or pick him up from a friend. 


1. Space Ishtar 

  • Arts AOE Noble Phantasm
  • Can charge up NP
  • Works in any support team

Yup, this gal again. Call me biased, but I really do think she’s the best at this. She’s the farming queen.

Take Morgan’s ability to charge up and combine it with the class advantages of Dantes, and you get Space Ishtar. Having some automatic NP charge each turn, the ability to gain 50% NP in a single turn, boost her damage output AND having the ability to change her Noble Phantasm’s card type gives her all of the advantages she would ever need.

She fits into any support-type team because of this. And because her default Noble Phantasm is an Arts type, she can loop a lot more often than most people. She doesn’t need much, just her in the party and let her rip the enemy a new one.

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