Fifa 19 Best Young Strikers (Top 15 Most Amazing Young Strikers)

Best young strikers in Fifa 19
Mbappé: better with him than against him

Who are the top wonderkids in Fifa 19 playing as central strikers?

Nothing more exciting for all the supporters around the world than the discovery of a new wonderkid. And nothing more annoying when you see your magic one abandon your home team, for new rewards and more lucrative shirts (I’m a Udinese fan, I know it well). 

But in Fifa 19 you are the one in charge, and you decide whoever stays or not. Here’s the list of the best young strikers in Fifa 19. Some of them are a real bet and is all on you to let them bright: train them constantly and in a few years you’ll have the next top scorer, or an enormous surplus-value to find others.


15. Pietro PELLEGRI

Pellegri - new Italian talent

Many see in Pellegri one of the bests future Italian strikers. He has been the joint-youngest player to appear in Serie A ( He made his debut at 15 years and 280 days) with Genoa. With his former team, he scored 3 goals (at 17 years old) before going to France.


  • AGE                                     18
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT         188 CM – 80 KG        
  • OVERALL - POTENTIAL        67 - 87


  • SPRINT SPEED          74
  • STRENGTH                 72
  • FINISHING                   70
  • DRIBBLING                  68 
  • BALL CONTROL         67




Why choose Pellegri:

  • He is really young, and his abilities increase super-rapidly.
  • He is a perfect big striker, able to move in the offside line, and difficult to contrast in the air due to his height.
  • Perfect if you are not training a big team, as a promising young to put aside a more experienced one.
  • Is not so agile, but his strength is enough to keep the ball and let the team breathe  


14. Thiago ALMADA

Thiago Almada - the "new Messi"

Is not a direct central striker, more an offensive midfielder or left-wing; some of them called him “the new Messi”: maybe is too much. But for sure Almada is one of the greatest talents in the entire football. I hope great comparisons will not ruin this new promise. 


  • AGE                                      19
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT:         171 CM – 62 KG
  • OVERALL - POTENTIAL       67 – 87


  • BALANCE                      86
  • AGILITY                         84
  • ACCELERATION           81
  • SPRINT SPEED            79
  • DRIBBLING                   70

Why Almada is a great wonderkid:

  • The good physical skills let you enjoy using him in the starting team since the first day of his arrival 
  • He starts with discrete finishing skills
  • Is an able assist maker


13. Tammy ABRAHAM

Tammy Abraham - goals season 2018/19

We all know the great things he demonstrated with Chelsea this year, but with the Villans the last season he has already made great things. In Fifa 19 you’ll find him there, starting with a decent overall (75), immediately competing for a shirt in the starting team. The real problem is his high value (around 12 million ): not in all the clubs you can afford a similar price. 


  • AGE                                      21
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT         191 CM – 80 KG
  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL     75 – 85


  • SPRINT SPEED             81
  • STRENGHT                    79
  • FINISHING                     78
  • HEADING                       77
  • ATTACK POSITION        77



Why Abraham is a great young striker:

  • Whit his height is almost impossible to contrast in air
  • Has good finishing skills, and that ensures no waste of chances since the beginning
  • Although his height is quick enough


12. Erling Braut Håland

Håland - A monster striker

The monster of Dortmund at the time was playing for Salzburg, after having shocked the FK Molde funs in his Norway. In Fifa 19 he doesn’t have a great overall (68) but thanks to his physical points he can be immediately useful in a lot of attacks. 


  • AGE                                     19
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT         194 CM – 87 KG
  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL     68 – 85


  • STRENGHT                 84
  • AGGRESSION             80 
  • SPRINT SPEED           80
  • ACCELERATION          77
  • FINISHING                    68



Why choose Håland:

  • Fight against his monstrous body is tough work  for every defender in the game
  • In air will dominate all your crosses 
  • Is really cheap (around 1,8 mln)
  • Is quite agile despite his height 



Greenwood - Rising Star - skills and assist

One of the best players still under the age of 20, Greenwood has demonstrated this year how he is a sure talent and future star. His skills are outstanding, his personality incredible for his age. In Fifa 19 he is only 17, but with all the qualities to emerge, and all the right skills waiting to be trained.


  • AGE                                         17
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT             187 CM – 68 KG
  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL         66 – 86
  • WEAK FOOT                            *****


  • ACCELERATION             78
  • SPRINT SPEED              76
  • AGILITY                           73
  • STAMINA                         68
  • COMPOSURE                 68


  • FLAIR 

Why choose Greenwood:

  • Is the highest overall between the 17 years old players
  • The things he is demonstrating nowadays with Manchester United assure the potential growth of this wonderkid
  • Useful high capacity in using the weak foot
  • Is high and useful in headers, but has also good physical skills, making him strong and not too slow


10. Andrea PINAMONTI

Pianomonti show: goals and assist

In loan from Inter to Frosinone in 2018-19, he has made an excellent season, scoring only 5 goals but playing constantly and convincing for his efforts. He is a well-built striker, strong and powerful, able in headers, and quite concrete in the finishing.


  • AGE                                         20
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT             188 CM – 72 KG
  • OVERALL - POTENTIAL          70 – 86


  • BALL CONTROL                       74
  • FINISHING                                73
  • ATTACK POSITION                  70
  • VOLLEYS                                 70
  • HEADING                                 69 

Why choose Pinamonti: 

  • He has  a good combination of  good price and discrete starting profile 
  • It has good athletic skills that combined with his body characteristics make him able to score in different manners: striking, heading, volleying



RAFAEL LEAO - Fantastic Goals, Skills, Assists

With AC Milan, even if the Rossoneri have suffered during the last year, Leao has demonstrated good skills and abilities, scoring different goals, penetrating the defences easily showing above-average dribbling techniques and great body resistance. He has been almost the only one that had saved the Milan attack, adding a little bit of creativity and potential danger, repeating the good things he has shown in France.


  • AGE                                      20
  • HEIGHT AND WEIGHT        188 CM – 81 KG
  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL      74 – 86


  • ACCELERATION            87
  • SPRINT SPEED             85
  • STRENGHT                    77
  • SHOT POWER               77
  • COMPOSURE                76
  • FINISHING                     76
  • DRIBBLING                    76



Why Leao is a useful and promising young striker:

  • He has great physical skills, is really difficult to trap or block
  • If you usually attack vertically, he is the perfect one for counter-attacking or harming wide defences
  • He is also really good in air game, due to his height


8. Lautaro MARTINEZ

Lautaro "El Toro" Martinez - Top Goals & Amazing Skills

With Inter he has been absolutely unstoppable in the initial first round of Serie A, scoring almost every week, and being a real nightmare for all the defences. Able with the ball, strong, quick and always ready to fight, Lautaro Martinez is one of the best strikers in circulation, promising a bright future: rumours want him to join Messi at Camp Nou next year. 


  • AGE                                      22
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT         174 CM – 81 KG
  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL     84 – 91


  • JUMPING                        88
  • FINISHING                      86
  • AGGRESSION                86
  • ATTACK POSITION        85
  • DRIBBLING                     85
  • BALL CONTROL             84
  • HEADING                        82





Why Lautaro is a monster choice between young strikers:

  • He is already a top player, and with all the possibilities to develop his skills
  • He is able in all the attack skills and has also excellent physical and dribbling skills that permit  you to have a real complete attacker
  • Despite his height, his jumping permits him to be a constant threat even in the air 
  • Only thing, is obviously quite expensive (around 45 million)


7. Moise KEAN

Moise Kean - skills and goals

When Juventus let him play some matches the last year, all the people went crazy thinking about his future in the Italian national team. He for a while never stopped scoring every few minutes Allegri was releasing him from the bench. This year with Everton wasn’t that outstandingly concrete and cynical, but  I’m sure he’ll show in Goodison Park what he already demonstrated in Italy a year ago.


  • AGE                 19
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT         181 CM – 79 KG
  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL    73 – 87


  • SPRINT SPEED           79
  • DRIBBLING                  76
  • FINISHING                   75
  • ACCELERATION         75
  • STRENGHT                 75
  • AGILITY                       75

Why Kean is a highly promising striker:

  • Because he already showed how in perfect conditions he can make the difference even at highest levels
  • He is tough and quick, having all the characteristics of a modern striker 
  • He is not too expensive (around 8 million)


6. Federico CHIESA

Federico Chiesa - Insane speed skills and goals

No doubt that he is one of the best Italian promises. Federico Chiesa is showing since a pair of years his absolute and genuine talent, illuminating his surely bright future. Without him, Fiorentina would have passed severe difficulties. As a matter of fact, when he is not in physical or mental shape, all the rest of his team accuses that.


  • AGE                                       21
  • HEIGHT AND WEIGHT         175 CM – 70 KG
  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL      79 – 87


  • ACCELERATION                  87
  • AGILITY                                86
  • SPRINT SPEED                   85
  • DRIBBLING                          84
  • SHOT POWER                     81
  • BALL CONTROL                  81



Why Chiesa is among the best young strikers:

  • He is a pure talent, driving mad the defenders dealing with him with really good dribbling skills combined with good positioning
  • His agility is a huge plus that helps you concentrate his training in the shooting skills
  • He is also a great assist maker
  • Is not too expensive, if confronted with his skills, field position and age (around 18 million)


5. Patrick CUTRONE

Patrick Cutrone - All goals with Milan

To look at the veins swelling onto his neck is already a spectacular thing. Almost all AC Milan supporters in Italy disapproved his transfer to Wolverhampton. Cutrone was raised in the youth teams of Milan, being a  Rossoneri’s supporter himself. 

The plenty of good things he showed in Italy were not enough to convince Milan executives to believe in him. But we are quite sure they’ll regret that.


  • AGE                                         21
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT            183 CM – 78 KG
  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL        77 – 89


  • ATTACK POSITION             80
  • FINISHING                           80
  • SPRINT SPEED                   77
  • HEADING                             76
  • BALL CONTROL                  76
  • ACCELERATION                  75
  • HEADING                             75

Why Cutrone is one of the top young strikers in Fifa 19:

  • He is complete in almost all the skills that a striker needs, and with good training, he will really smash up every defence 
  • He is an absolute cynical killer, able to transform every simple ball in a potential occasion
  • He is not so expensive if confronted with his age, skills and position (around 18 million)

4. Christian KOUAME

Kouame - Deadly Skills Runs & Goals

He showed great skills with the Genoa shirt, doing really well last year, scoring many goals and creating a lot of opportunities. Now playing in Fiorentina he has more concurrency but is still demonstrating his value. Is a sure bet among the young strikers: in the career mode he’ll gift you several pleasures and grant a sure growth. 


  • AGE                                             21
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT                185 CM – 70 KG
  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL             75 - 89


  • SPRINT SPEED                      86
  • ACCELERATION                     84
  • JUMPING                                 80
  • ATTACK POSITION                 78
  • FINISHING                               77
  • DRIBBLING                              76



Why Kouamé is one of the best young strikers to buy:

  • He has a really good pack of technical and physical skills
  • He is really fast and good in moving long the offside line
  • Able to create also a good amount of assists, due to his agility and his movements around the area
  • He is not too much expensive (around 15 million)


3. Joao FELIX

Felix - Crazy Skills, Goals & Assists

Felix’s performances in the years sparked the interest of a lot of European clubs. This until Atlético Madrid made him sign in 2019 for a club-record transfer, worth 126 million €, becoming the fourth most expensive football transfer, and the second-highest price for a teenager. Since that time he hasn’t already shown an incredible amount of skills in Atletico Madrid but is sure he’ll be among the next top players.  


  • AGE                                         19
  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL         78 – 89
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT             180 CM – 70 KG


  • AGILITY                             84
  • SPRINT SPEED                83
  • COMPOSURE                   82
  • REACTIONS                      81
  • DRIBBLING                        81
  • ATTACK POSITION            80
  • SHOT POWER                   80
  • FINISHING                          78



Why Joao Felix is a sure talent among young strikers:

  • His rapidity with the legs is one of his best characteristics, and let you use him as a really good dribbler (he has also a 4-star skill-moves ability).
  • In no time he’ll become a cynical and clinical finisher 
  • He is obviously incredibly cheap if his game price is confronted to the one Atletico Madrid really paid to take him (121 million vs 16,5 million in Fifa 19)
  • He has a really good pack of mental skills for a player of his age


2. Marcus RASHFORD

Look How Good Marcus Rashford Has Become!

The real phenomenon of England. He is the youngest English player who has scored at his debut with the national team (in 2016). Playing for Manchester United since the age of 7, he’s working to become the new symbol of Red Devils. meanwhile, he continued to surprise the Old Trafford and all the Premier League viewers with his magic tricks. 


  • AGE                                             21
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT                 186 cm – 70 kg
  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL            83 – 90
  • SKILL MOVES                             5/5


  • SPRINT SPEED                      93
  • ACCELERATION                     90
  • AGILITY                                   88
  • STAMINA                                 86
  • SHOT POWER                        85
  • DRIBBLING                             84
  • BALL CONTROL                     84
  • ATTACK POSITION                 84



Why Rushford is one of the best youngest strikers:

  • No doubt his skills are reasonably outstanding, due to his magic in real football. But in Fifa 19  he becomes a monster, physically super powerful and technically impeccable. 
  • He has a huge margin of growth
  • He is quick as a thunderbolt. Same for his shots 
  • He is high enough to be a threat with headers 
  • The skill moves mixed with his agility and dribbling are illegal 


1. Kylian MBAPPÉ

Mbappé - The best young player of the game

Maybe the next  Ballon d’Or, Mbappé became well-known and found his consecration especially during the last World Cup, winning as absolute protagonist the title with an outstanding France, and scoring even in the final. But his skills were already incredible during his experience with Monaco, which led through the League One. He’s the one with the highest potential in Fifa 19


  • AGE                                         20
  • HEIGHT and WEIGHT             178 cm – 73 kg
  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL         88 – 95
  • WEAK FOOT                            4/5
  • SKILL MOVES                          5/5


  • ACCELERATION                       96
  • SPRINT SPEED                        96
  • AGILITY                                     92
  • BALL CONTROL                       91
  • DRIBBLING                               90
  • FINISHING                                88
  • ATTACK POSITION                   88
  • REACTIONS                              87



Why Mbappé is the best young striker in Fifa 19:

  • Because is probably the best one in the real world
  • Is incredibly complete and he has not a weak point, and that at the age of 20
  • He moves faster than light  
  • His skill moves mixed with his dribbling and acceleration skills are ridiculously powerful 
  • He’s able to strike really well with both feet 
  • Incredible assist maker 
  • 88 at the age of 20! That’s foolish.

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