[Top 10] FM23 Best Assistant Managers Who Are Amazing

FM23 Best Assistant Managers Who Are Amazing

10. Brian Kidd

Not signing Brian? You're Kidd-ing.

Brian Kidd begins the game unemployed after leaving Manchester City and has vast coaching experience.

The 73 year-old has an extensive knowledge of English football and has fantastic coaching attributes across the board. Kidd is a good motivator which means he is ideal for conducting team meetings, his people management skills will help to keep players happy and he is excellent at judging player ability. The former Manchester United assistant has superb coaching ability in all areas, demonstrating his adaptability. Kidd is able to coach both attacking and defending to a high level, has good tactical knowledge and is also great at working with youngsters.

Tactically, he prefers the popular gegenpress but is perhaps a little old-fashioned with his preferred 4-4-2 formation!

Why Brian Kidd Is A Good Assistant Manager:

1. He is available on a free transfer meaning no compensation will need to be paid.

2. His ability to work with youngsters and judge potential means he could be the man to spot your next wonderkid.

3. He is strong in the five key areas needed to be a good assistant manager; motivation, judging player ability and potential, people management and tactical knowledge.

Brian Kidd statistics can be found here.


9. Edd Vahid

On me Edd son - Vahid is a great signing if you can afford him.

The former head of youth development at Southampton starts the game unemployed and has some excellent stats despite only having a two star reputation. He is perfect for a low level club as his reputation means he is attainable but his wage of around £12,000 is a hefty salary for a lesser club. 

Vahid has the characteristics to be an assistant manager and has quality numbers in all of the key attributes to be your right hand man. He is excellent at judging players and also working with youngsters, meaning he could be available to you in the transfer market.  

Why Edd Vahid Is A Good Assistant Manager:

1. He starts unemployed and his lower reputation means, finances permitting, he is attainable for a variety of clubs. 

2. Vahid has very good player ability and player potential attributes allowing you to ask him recommendations on current and future players. 

3. Working with youngsters is another strength of the Englishman so he might be perfect if you are looking to build for the future. 

See more about Edd Vahid here


8. Rui Aguas

Rui is a man manager and helps keep everyone happy.

Rui Aguas is the assistant coach at Egyptian club Zamalek and is an excellent cheap option, earning only £500 per week.

He holds a Continental Pro license and will look for wages of around £1,600 per week to join you and he won’t cost you a fortune in compensation either. Aguas’ strongest attributes are to be found away from the training pitch as they in his people management skills and judging player ability and potential.

The Portuguese favours the tiki-taka approach and comes with an extensive scouting knowledge of important footballing countries like Brazil, Portugal, France, Argentina and Columbia.His knowledge of these countries is something you should definitely tap into.

Why Rui Aguas Is A Good Assistant Manager:

1. He is a good cheap option, not costing much in wages or compensation.

2. His excellent scouting knowledge of several countries allows him to recommend signings to you from lots of different places.

3. Aguas’ ability to judge player ability and potential also make him useful in recommending new signings and giving opinions on players you already have.

Find out more on Rui Aguas here.


7. Zsolt Low

Start Low? No chance, this guy is only interested in elite clubs.

The Hungarian is another assistant manager who is unemployed at the start of the game and comes with a 3.5 star rating.

Low was Thomas Tuchel’s former assistant at Chelsea and, at just 43 years old, has room to improve with a potential ability of around 160. He is also someone you can potentially persuade to join you even if you are not at one of the elite clubs.

He has an extensive scouting knowledge of Austria, England, France, Germany and Hungary making him useful to recommend a signing from these countries. Low is excellent at working with youngsters, coaching defending and prefers a tiki-taka style of play.

Why Zsolt Low Is A Good Assistant Manager:

1. He is unemployed and willing to join clubs outside of the elite, meaning you have a chance of adding a quality coach to your backroom staff.

2. Incredible scouting knowledge of a range of countries giving you the chance to find hidden talent.

3. He is excellent at working with youngsters so could be used in a variety of roles within the football club.

See more on Zsolt Low here.


6. Helmut Jungheim

Don't be a Helmut, sign Jungheim!

Jungheim is yet another to start the game unemployed and his three star reputation and wage demands mean he is someone for the more elite level clubs to look at. 

The former Bayer Leverkusen head of youth development has never been an assistant manager before but his stats speak for themselves and he is perfect for the role. Jungheim is excellent at working with youngsters meaning he is a fantastic coach to have to develop your wonderkids and is superb at spotting a player’s potential and is also an excellent tactical coach. 

If you are at a club who can meet his £15,000 a week wage demands then he is a great candidate for the assistant manager role. 

Why Helmut Jungheim Is A Good Assistant Manager:

1. Brilliant at working with youngsters and spotting their potential, helping you build your side for the future. 

2. He has excellent tactical knowledge and is an excellent tactical coach. 

3. Jungheim’s top class people management skills mean he will be key at keeping your squad happy. 

Check out Helmut Jungheim here.


5. Hermann Gerland

If you want to sit back and delegate duties, Hermann's your man.

Gerland is a highly experienced German coach and is available on a free transfer at the start of your save.

He was the head of youth development at Bayern Munich before following Hansi Flick to the national team set up and has a complete scouting knowledge of his home nation.

His incredible attributes mean he is able to take charge of training and different roles across the club and is more than capable of having jobs delegated to him. Of the five key assistant manager attributes, he is strongest at judging player potential but also has excellent motivational, people management and judging player ability skills.

Gerland’s strong ability to judge player potential and his score of 20 for working with youngsters mean he is someone to ask to recommend a signing or make a judgment on a young player already at your club. 

Why Hermann Gerland Is A Good Assistant Manager:

1. Gerland is perfect for recommending a young signing and excellent at working with younger players in the squad.

2. His high level of motivation skills mean that Gerland is perfect to lead team meetings or give team talks should you wish to delegate these tasks. 

3. He is unemployed and available at the start of the save. Attempting to sign him is a no brainer!

See more on Hermann Gerland here.


4. Richard Kitzbichler

The Kitz will cost but he will be worth it.

Kitzbichler is a coach at Southampton and has an extensive scouting knowledge of China, Austria, England and Germany. This scouting knowledge makes him the perfect person to identify potential talent in these differing nations and with his very good player judging statistics he is sure to find you a gem or two.

The Austrian is only 48 years old but is vastly experienced having held coaching roles around the world, he has a high level of discipline, works well with youngsters and has people management skills. If you are to attempt to lure him away from Southampton, he will demand a good wage and will cost you nearly half a million in compensation.

Why Richard Kitzbichler Is A Good Assistant Manager:

1. His extensive knowledge of different countries combined with his ability to spot potential mean he is perfect to recommend new signings.

2. His people management skills are very useful in keeping the squad happy.

3. He is skilled at providing tactical advice and setting training schedules for your team, perfect if you wish to delegate.

Find more on Richard Kitzbichler here.


3. Philipp Laux

Phil your boots with Laux and you won't look back.

Philipp Laux starts the game as a coach at Borussia Dortmund but has statistics that make him a more than suitable candidate for the assistant manager role.

Some of Laux’s most highly rated stats are motivation, people management, judging player potential and ability and tactical knowledge. High motivational skills mean you can delegate jobs such as match day team talks to Laux and his people management skills are key to player happiness.

As your assistant he will be able to help with suggestions for signings and will have a strong knowledge of the star ratings of your current players. He has very few weaknesses and is able to perform multiple roles in the backroom staff.

Why Philipp Laux Is A Good Assistant Manager:

At 49 years old, he is still a young coach with lots of time to improve.

His abilities to motivate and keep players happy are superb and will help keep players happy.

He is very good at judging player ability and potential, meaning he understands the abilities in your squad and can identify talented young players.

Philipp Laux details can be found here.


2. Sebastian Kegel

Kegel pondering whether to join you.

Kegel is the head of youth development at RB Leipzig and has a two star reputation. His statistics are already very good and at only 39 years old he has time to improve further and the two star reputation means he is attainable, but you will need to pay out a fair chunk per week for his services.

The German has strong motivational and people management skills and is also able to judge players and work well with youngsters. He began his journey with Leipzig in 2010 as a youth coach and now is the time for him to be used to directly impact the first time.

Kegel’s preferred tactical style is one of the most used as it is the gegenpress with a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Why Sebastian Kegel Is A Good Assistant Manager:

1. His preferred tactical approach is one that is used by the vast majority of players so he will fit into the style of most managers.

2. His two star reputation means that he is attainable if you are happy to match his wages and pay the compensation.

3. Kegel’s stats are all very good, and he has high ratings in four of the five key stats for an assistant. He is perfect to have tasks delegated to and will be able to recommend signings to help the team.

More details about Sebastian Kegel can be found here.


1. Paolo Morganti

Need more? Get Morganti- he is really very good!

Morganti is another head of youth development but, unlike many others, he is employed by Italian giants Juventus. His attributes are absolutely brilliant and lend themselves perfectly to being an assistant manager, particularly if you wish to delegate team selection at any point during your save. 

The Italian’s ability to judge player ability means he can tell you exactly who is the best player in each position at your club and his ability to judge potential makes him the ideal person to spot any wonderkids.  As well as having 20s in judging players, he also has the highest score for working with youngsters, his mental coaching, motivations and managing people. 

Why Paolo Morganti Is A Good Assistant Manager:

1 .He is superb at working with youngsters and is also brilliant at judging potential that means he is perfect to spot wonderkids. 

2. Should wish to delegate team talks, Morganti is perfect to take on that role due to his ability to motivate. 

3. Having a score of 20 when managing people, he is a great person to have to keep the harmony in the squad. 

See more on Paolo Morganti here.


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