[Top 15] FM23 Best Strikers Of All Time

FM23 Best Strikers Of All Time

15. Victor Osimhen

The new ruler of Naples?

The 23-year-old Nigerian striker already has excellent attributes despite his young age and he will only get better as your save progresses.

Osimhen’s technical attributes are good but he excels physically, particularly his acceleration, pace and strength. The Napoli forward is tall and possesses good agility, balance, jumping reach and is a good header of the ball so he can deliver goals aerially.Trying to prise him away from his current club will be costly, setting you back over £100 million but he will continue to develop and consistently find the net.

Why Victor Osimhen Is A Great Striker:

1. He is young and will improve.

2. He has explosive speed.

3. He can be used in a number of different striker roles.


14. Antoine Griezmann

He may be older but he's still full of flair

The Frenchman is not the quickest of players but he is a smart player off the ball and is one who has flair and has great vision allowing him to spot a key pass.

Griezmann reads the game well, takes up excellent positions and is able to dribble past opponents to score and create goals. Despite being on the wrong side of 30, there is still some room for him to get even better should you choose to take charge of his club. Atletico do not want to sell him.  

Why Antoine Griezmann Is A Great Striker:

1. He is a very determined player.

2. His technique and vision allow him to spot and play killer passes.

3. He is versatile and is able to play as an attacking midfielder as well as a forward.


13. Joăo Félix

The young pretender to the crown?

Félix is on loan at Chelsea from Atletico de Madrid and possesses lots of ability as well as time to improve even further.

His technical attributes are very good, displaying excellent dribbling skills, a great first touch, superb passing and wonderful technique. The Portuguese also has brilliant mental attributes, not least his flair, vision, decision making and his off the ball movement. His finishing has room to improve but is already at a good level as is his composure and ability to make the right decisions.

Why Joăo Félix Is A Great Striker:

1. Incredible technique and passing ability.

2. An intelligent player who takes up great positions off the ball.

3. He is young and will get even better.


12. Lionel Messi

He turned out to be half decent, didn't he!

He may be 35-years-old but you can’t leave Messi off this list! His age, and huge wages, are the only reasons he isn’t placed any higher.

His stats are still unbelievable with multiple attributes being a 20; dribbling, technique, determination, flair and vision are all given the top mark. The Argentine’s finishing, passing, first touch and freekick taking are all magnificent making him a wonderful player to have and one that will score and create so many goals for your team.

Why Lionel Messi Is A Great Striker:

1. His statistics are still absolutely unbelievable.

2. His levels of passing, technique and vision mean he will also provide chances and assists for your team.

3. He may cost big money but signing Messi is sure to please the board and supporters alike.


11. Cristiano Ronaldo

The greatest scorer of them all?

Like Messi, Ronaldo has to be on this list despite his advancing years.

He is a magnificent finisher, superb in the air and almost perfect from the penalty spot. Mentally, he has excellent determination and shows great leadership skills to help guide your team. Even at 37-years-old, the striker’s fitness is still at a top level as is his anticipation and off the ball work. Ronaldo will still score you goals and has all of the attributes needed to score them in different ways making him incredibly hard to defend against.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is A Great Striker:

1. A magnificent finisher, with his feet, aerially and from the spot.

2. He is a leader and fully determined to succeed.

3. Shows no signs of slowing down with his fitness levels.


10. Dušan Vlahović

This lad can score in a variety of ways!

The 22-year-old Serbian striker is one of the most complete front men to buy on Football Manager 2023.

Physically his statistics are excellent particularly his natural fitness, stamina and strength and also displays great bravery, determination and off the ball movements. Despite his young age, his finishing is excellent which, when combined with his composure, makes him lethal in front of goal.

Vlahović is a safe bet from the penalty spot and can score goals on the ground and aerially making him a great alternative to the more expensive options. 

Why Dušan Vlahović Is A Great Striker:

1. He will cost less than others on this list, meaning he is a more realistic capture.

2. He can score all types of different goals.

3. Physically he is strong and fit.


9. Romelu Lukaku

Chelsea's loss is Inter's gain

The Belgian’s time at Chelsea may not have gone how the club would have hoped but he is an excellent Football Manager 2023 forward.

Lukaku has incredible physical attributes, scoring 20 for his balance and strength and, alongside being big and strong, he has great pace. His pace helps him with one of his preferred moves of knocking the ball past opponents and running beyond them.The striker, who is on loan at Inter Milan, is an excellent team player who is very determined and a great leader for the time. In front of goal he is composed and a brilliant finisher who is also deadly from the penalty spot. 

Why Romelu Lukaku Is A Great Striker:

1. His physical attributes are excellent.

2. In front of goal he is composed and an excellent finisher.

3. He is a great leader and demonstrates fantastic teamwork.


8. Gabriel Jesus

Good at getting on the end of crosses!

Arsenal missed their Brazilian forward in their title run in with Manchester City last season and he is also a player you would miss in the virtual world of Football Manager.

Technically, Jesus is a very good finisher who has great technique and dribbling skills and, for someone who isn’t particularly tall, is also capable of scoring with his head.

He is a hard worker who does his best for the team while having excellent off the ball intelligence meaning he takes up great positions on the pitch to provide opportunities for him to use his flair and creative talent. Jesus won’t come cheap, with the Gunners valuing their player around the £200 million mark.

Why Gabriel Jesus Is A Great Striker:

1. He works hard for his team.

2. He is a good finisher with sound technique.

3. He is a flair player who possesses good dribbling skills.


7. Lautaro Martinez

The next Maradona? No, but still decent!

The second Inter Milan forward on the list, Martinez possesses superb stats and is best used as a pressing forward. 

The Argenitnian is physically excellent, particularly his agility and pace and has very good technical attributes including his heading ability and first touch. 

However, the 24-year-old excels mentally demonstrating a high level of aggression, great bravery, huge determination and work rate yet also great flair and off the ball movement. He is another striker who will cost you over £200 million but he will get you goals and his natural fitness means he is consistently available for selection.  

Why Lautaro Martinez Is A Great Striker:

1. He has explosive pace.

2. His heading ability and bravery make him perfect for a team who like to cross the ball.

3. Martinez is such a hard working and determined player.


6. Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian King

The Egyptian is blessed with exceptional stats across the board but you will have to manage Liverpool to work with him as they are not prepared to sell their star man!

His physical attributes are excellent, with 18 for acceleration, balance and pace as well as having great fitness and stamina. Salah’s best mental attributes are his determination and off the ball movement and will work hard for his team. Technically, he has a score of 17 for dribbling, finishing, first touch, penalty taking and technique.

The forward likes to place his shots, showing his high levels of composure and tries to utilise his pace by playing on the last defender and beating the offside trap.

Why Mohamed Salah Is A Great Striker:

1. He has incredible physical attributes.

2. He is a determined, hard working team player.

3. Salah is deadly in front of goal.


5. Harry Kane

Kane looking chuffed knowing he either wins a trophy or leaves!

The England captain is Tottenham’s talisman and his attributes on Football Manager are excellent.

Kane is deadly from the penalty spot and his 19 for finishing and 18 composure score mean he is a constant threat to the opposition’s goal. His high quality technique and superb passing abilities compliment his traits of coming deeper to get the ball and try killer passes. He is a hard working and determined team player who is very intelligent off the ball and possesses superb decision making skills,meaning he will more often than not choose the right pass.

Why Harry Kane Is A Great Striker:

1. He has great stamina and natural fitness.

2. Kane is composed and lethal in front of goal.

3. He is an excellent passer with great vision and decision making.


4. Karim Benzema

He's not olden, he's golden!

Real Madrid captain Benzema won the Ballon D’or in 2022 and still has tremendous attributes despite his age.

Benzema’s technique and first touch are exceptional and make him adept at taking possession of the ball in tight situations. He also has the ability to find the right pass with 17 decision making, 18 passing and 18 vision which add to his ability to play killer passes.

In front of goal, the Frenchman is very composed and is a very good finisher meaning he will continue to find the net with ease.

Why Karim Benzema Is A Great Striker:

1. Possesses exceptional first touch and technique.

2. He is a great goalscorer who is still performing at the top level.

3. A fantastic passer who has great vision meaning he can also assist his team mates.


3. Robert Lewandowski

He's got touch, flair and determination - what more could we ask for?!

Lewandowski is an elite player who has been one of the best forwards in Europe for many years now.

Like Benzema, the Polish forward is approaching his mid-thirties but still has outstanding attributes, including 19 finishing, 17 heading and 17 composure making him a threat aerially as well as with the ball at his feet.

Lewandowski’s physical attributes are still brilliant and he possesses a natural fitness level of 20, stamina of 18 and 16 for strength. The star striker will consistently be available for selection. Mentally Lewandowski is astounding. He is a 20 for determination, 19 for anticipation and 19 off the ball. Poland’s record scorer is an all round superstar striker who is still producing the goods at 33-years-old.

Why Robert Lewandowski Is A Great Striker:

1. He can score all types of goals with superb finishing and heading abilities.

2.He is naturally fit with great stamina.

3. Lewandowski has incredible mental attributes, particularly determination.


2. Erling Haaland

He's only a little better than his dad!

Haaland is simply phenomenal! The Manchester City forward has very little weakness in his game.

At just 21-years-old, his ability is an incredible 185 and his 20 determination almost guarantees he will reach his 195 potential. The Norwegian is very quick with great acceleration and he uses this to try and beat the offside trap. Haaland is also able to bring others into play, holding the ball up and using his 17 strength attribute.

His finishing and composure make him lethal in front of goal and he is also very confident from the penalty spot. Haaland’s physical attributes are truly brilliant. He has 19 for pace and natural fitness, 18 for jumping reach and 17 for strength. His attributes all add up to make one unbelievable footballer who will score an unreal amount of goals.

Why Erling Haaland Is A Great Striker:

1. He is only 21 and his potential is simply frightening.

2. His physical attributes are incredible.

3. Haaland’s finishing and composure make him a lethal striker.


1. Kylian Mbappe

He's almost too good, a cheat player if you will.

It was very difficult to separate Haaland and Mbappe but the young Frenchman just edges it.His current ability is already a tremendous 188 with an out of this world potential of 197.

Mbappe has explosive pace, scoring 20 for both pace and acceleration, allowing him to skip past opponents at ease. Add this to his 18 dribbling and his trait of running with the ball make him a real struggle to play against. The 23-year-old possesses 18 for composure and 17 for finishing making him clinical in front of goal and he will become completely unstoppable.

In the French league he will continue to destroy defences, scoring a bag full of goals along the way. As his manager, your job is to get Mbappe dominating European football as well.

Why Kylian Mbappe Is A Great Striker:

1. His potential of 197 is utterly incredible and he will become even more unplayable.

2. He has explosive pace.

3. The Frenchman is lethal in front of goal.


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