[Top 12] Fun Run 3 Best Characters

No sleep, no breaks, Gold Lion. Fair exchange.

What are the Characters in Fun Run 3?

You may have noticed that every character in Fun Run 3 is an animal, ranging from real-world creatures to mythical beings and even more unusual creations. Typically, the rarer and more unique the animal, the more challenging it is to obtain in the game.

When you hop into a game and check out the players on the pre-lobby screen, you might feel intimidated or even a tad envious of the characters you see. Some characters boast loads more colors, patterns, and effects compared to your lowly squirrel. You may start to wonder how you can get cooler characters and which are best!

How many characters are in the game?

You can buy new characters from the Shop. Many different kinds of characters have different requirements to obtain. You can purchase normal animals with coins, the prices of which scale according to the animal's rarity.

These animals may go for up to twenty thousand coins! If you aren’t a mega-rich Fox with chests full of coins, don’t worry. You can get many of the animals through rewards and completing tasks.

But if you do amass a wealthy bank of in-game currency, you can also acquire new animals from chests and the Runner’s Pass (think Battle Pass in games like Call of Duty). There are over 100 animals in Fun Run 3.

Some characters are variations of the “normal” animals we just went over, known as skins. You can only buy skins with gems. So, be sure to play consistently, complete your missions, and earn some gems!

In the next section, I’ll show you which characters are the best for all your fashion-related goals in Fun Run 3.


1. Gold Fox

Imagine going against that.

What is the Gold Fox?

The Gold Fox is the most prestigious character in the game and effortlessly takes the number one spot on our list. This animal is the character you need to look out for in any match you find yourself in. A player who has obtained the Gold Fox will undoubtedly be a massive competitor to overcome. 

Possessing the Gold Fox suggests you have a firm command of the game’s mechanics and are not afraid to spend countless hours grinding your way to the top. The Gold Fox is one of the rarest and most demanding characters to acquire. 

No other animal has such a pervasive reputation that draws half as much attention as the Gold Fox. The original Fox is one of the game’s most iconic animals and has been part of the franchise for multiple issues. The Gold Fox expands on this reputation and solidifies the player as a master of the art of Fun Run!

How do you get the Gold Fox?

You can only earn the Gold Fox character through the ranked leagues. Every ranked season, which lasts a couple of weeks, logs the ratings of all players above the Elite rank. These players are then pitted against each other in a ranking list.

You can earn ratings by winning Clan Battle, Quick Race, and Cup Race games. Losing games in any of these modes results in a rating loss. If you accumulate the highest rating among all league players by the season's end, you will be gifted the Gold Fox and reign as ruler of all fun runners!


2. Gold Lion

 There's a reason you can't just buy the Gold Lion

What is the Gold Lion?

Next on this list is the Gold Lion. This character clocks in as our second-best animal because of its prestige and flashy appearance. The Gold Lion is a rare animal skin you cannot purchase with coins or gems.

In fact, you can only view the Gold Lion in the shop after obtaining the character. If you enter a race sporting this eye-catching animal, you’ll inspire fear in your opponents and complete admiration! The Gold Lion is much rarer to see in Quick Race and Clan Battle, so be wary of the user's strength when you come across it.

How do you get the Gold Lion?

Arena is one of the three game modes in Fun Run 3. Like the league rankings mentioned earlier, Arena has seasons. These seasons are much shorter and last 3-4 days.

During these seasons, you can earn trophies by winning an Arena race. The trophies you earn contribute to your placing among 50 players each season. The seasons consist of specially-themed maps where your races will take place.

Six different themes can appear during the arena seasons. If you come first in the rankings for all six themes, you will be crowned the ultimate Grand Champion and receive the Gold Lion!


3. Diamond Griffin

Gulp. Friends?

What is the Diamond Griffin?

The Diamond Griffin is a special skin for the Griffin animal. It is made of solid, sparkly diamonds, similar to gold skins. The Diamond Griffin is the only skin of its kind, making it a lovely character to have. Due to its tedious and demanding requirements, the Diamond Griffin is the rarest character in this list.

How do you get the Diamond Griffin?

You can send special invites to your friends, linking them directly to the game. If your friend starts playing through your link, both of you will receive rewards. The more friends you invite, the better rewards you will get. 

After successfully introducing one hundred friends to the game, you will be compensated handsomely with a pristine, jaw-droppingly beautiful Diamond Griffin. But finding friends to invite is much easier said than done.


4. Skink

Why would you name a character “Stink”? Oh, oh…

What is the Skink?

The Skink is a stoic, badass reptile that will incite respect among your fellow Fun Run friends and foes. Owning the Skink is one of the best indicators of a player’s heightened skill level. It is widespread for high-level players to party up and wreak havoc in Clan Battles, boasting this stone-cold character as twins.

How to get the Skink?

Cup Races offer a chance to win special rewards depending on your cup performances. The biggest reward is the Skink. Considering the hyper-competitive nature of the Cup Race game mode, no one can underplay the difficulty of picking up one of these Skinks.

But I urge you to strive, grind, and put in your best effort to get a Skink of your own. The confidence boost will reverberate throughout your Fun Run gameplay!


5. Gold Bunny

So, a gold animal wasn’t enough? A chainsaw? Really?

What is the Gold Bunny?

The Gold Bunny is a beautiful and unique skin for the Bunny. It is part of the same skin group as some of the other gold characters in this list. A trend I’m sure you’ve noticed is that gold is the bread and butter of character beauty in Fun Run 3.

The Gold Bunny means nothing short of extreme dedication and commitment to the craft of the game. This character ranks as one of the most challenging characters to acquire. However, it goes further than that in suggesting a powerful position in the Fun Run 3 community.

The strategy for acquiring the Gold Bunny lies in group XP multipliers, which require many players to unite and make group efforts to maximize player growth. The owner of the Gold Bunny sits directly in the middle of this dedicated clan of Fun Runners!

How do you get the Gold Bunny?

The description of the requirements for getting the Gold Bunny is much simpler than the actions you need to take to get this character.

You will earn XP for every race in any game mode. Increasing your level can allow you to unlock new rewards, new animals, and new power-ups. The maximum level you can reach is level 29. You can choose to prestige when you’ve got the max level. 

This action will reset your level, and you’ll advance to the next prestige. Reaching max prestige is how you’ll get your ever-elusive Gold Bunny.


6. Gold Rhino

Worked my tail off for this set (pun intended), and now I have to buy the gold version too?

What is the Gold Rhino?

The Gold Rhino is the animal's gold skin. It is shiny and mighty attractive. Owning this skin, you exude a veteran aura your opponents will pick up on. It is rare and only for players of extreme dedication and high mechanical skill.

How do you get the Gold Rhino?

In the Cup Race game mode, you can enter three cups: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each cup requires a different entry fee. The Bronze Cup is the cheapest, and the Gold Cup is the most expensive. 

Each Cup will consist of four-player races similar to Quick Race. Winning a race will increase your position in the rankings for your current Cup. Achieving the first-third place will earn you special rewards.

In addition to these rewards, you will also accrue Crowns, which you can use to buy more items and animals. 

One of the animals you can get with Crowns is the Rhino. Each animal you can buy has accompanying items, such as an outfit. Acquiring the whole set for any animal in the Cup Rewards Shop will grant you the option to purchase the gold version for 34,000 Crowns.


7. Arctic Fox

No matter how many foxes they are, they’ll never stop being awesome

What is the Arctic Fox?

The Arctic Fox is one of the most beautiful characters in the game. Its elegant white fur radiates a captivating charm in its simplicity, inviting viewers into a world of enchantment and grace. This character follows the trend of paying homage to the timeless icon, the Fox.

How do you get the Arctic Fox?

It’s almost impossible to get the characters from previous Runners Passes. Once a season ends, all items will go with it. Each season lasts over a month, giving you plenty of time to score some rewards. 

Sometimes, the game will re-release certain items and even entire Runners Passes, allowing you a second chance to own beautiful characters like the Arctic Fox! If you’re one of the lucky players with this character, consider yourself blessed.

The Arctic Fox first appeared in season 27 of the Fun Run 3 Runners Pass. It came with an outfit and a host of other fantastic rewards.


8. Fennec Fox

Hearing Roulettes going off will not be a problem anymore.

What is the Fennec Fox?

The Fennec Fox is a variant of the original Fox. Its features are curious and adorable, a fantastic combination. Adorned with a coat of lush purple fur and magnificent, oversized ears, it stands out like a gem amidst the sea of ordinary Fun Run animals. It’s a plus for any animal skin to be a version of the legendary Fox.

Although the character's cute nature may suggest otherwise, this skin tends to appear in teams of deadly, skillful players as a pair of menacing foxes ready for anything. If this sounds like you or something you’d like to be, then this rare, mythical creature is just what you need.

How do you get the Fennec Fox?

Like the previous entry in this list, the Fennec Fox comes from a Runners Pass season. And just like the Arctic Fox, it can no longer be acquired, as the season has already ended. The Fennec Fox was part of the well-received season 34.

The Fennec Fox was part of a flurry of new stylish Fox skins that prove the unwavering love for the Fox within the Fun Run 3 community.


9. Gold Monkey

I’m rich 

What is the Gold Monkey?

The Gold Monkey is the luxury sports car of the Fun Run world. It does not suggest skill or experience, just an insatiable desire to own anything mega-expensive and highly sought after. A skin clad in shiny gold, the Gold Monkey will impress all your friends in Fun Run 3. 

How do you get the Gold Monkey?

The Gold Monkey is the most expensive skin in the game. Acquiring it is no easy feat, as it only appears in the shop once every three days. This rarity underscores the players' determination to look sharp and dapper while racing to victory in Fun Run 3. You can purchase the Gold Monkey in the shop for 6,000 gems.


10.  Lion

The fox of Arena. Just classic.

What is the Lion?

The Lion embodies raw aggression and an unyielding determination to emerge victorious. Its commanding presence perfectly complements a swift and lethal playstyle, striking fear into opponents and dominating the competition. Acquiring this character can be challenging, often reliant on sheer luck and perseverance.

Renowned as one of the premier characters attainable through the Arena game mode, few match the Lion's prestige. However, its scarcity and elusive nature can also be a source of frustration for aspiring players, adding an extra layer of challenge to the quest for fashion. 

How Do You Get The Lion?

In Arena mode, rewards await as you participate in races and play normally. After each run, you may receive a random gift, potentially containing a new animal. Among the coolest options is the Lion, one of the sought-after Arena animals!


11. Black Cat

I love the purp- I mean black cat!

What is the Black Cat?

The Black Cat has steadily become a dominant favorite among the Fun Run 3 community. It is somewhat of a cult favorite for outstanding players. Owning this character elevates you to a certain prestige of skilled Fun Run 3 players.

It’s an intimidating skin, with mysterious effects swirling about its deep purple fur coat. The ominousness of the Black Cat is based on its Halloween-related release. If you’re looking to send shivers down the spines of your enemies and win games in style, the Black Cat is a surefire character option.

How to get the Black Cat?

As mentioned above, the Black Cat embodies the Halloween spirit—spooky with an air of mystique. It costs a whopping 1,500 gems and is only available during the scariest time of the year, Halloween. This season has many other in-theme items and animals you should pick up to go with your snazzy Black Cat!


12. Fox

This animal IS Fun Run 3!

What is the Fox?

The Fox is our final character in the top 12 best Fun Run 3 characters list. It is a legendary Fun Run 3 franchise classic synonymous with the game's title. 

The love and attention players give this fantastically designed character can never be ignored or replicated among the rest of the Fun Run 3 cast. What attests to this sentiment is that many of the characters on this list are merely variations of this elegant animal.

Whether it be the winner of the Ranked Leagues, the ideas behind the most successful Runners Passes, or the most fearsome pick among pro-Fun Run players, it all references back to the original, badass Fox we all love.

How do you get the Fox?

Although this entry is the last on our list, I want it to act more as an honorary number one. The character's place in our hearts and status as an icon is not reflected in the difficulty of unlocking it. You can pick up the Fox for a low price of 5,000 coins. 

It is one of the first animals you and other players will buy. However, the fact that experienced and affluent players still use it is proof of our unequivocal admiration for the Fox as a community.



Fun Run 3 offers diverse characters with unique appeal and rarity. From the prestigious Gold Fox to the elusive Diamond Griffin, players can express their personalities and showcase their achievements through these captivating creatures. Whether obtained through ranked leagues, arena seasons, or special events, acquiring these characters adds depth and excitement to the game. So, whether striving for dominance on the track or simply looking to stand out in style, Fun Run 3 has a character for everyone to enjoy.


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