Top 13 Games Like Metal Slug (Games Better Than Metal Slug In Their Own Way)

Games Like Metal Slug
Improving a classic: Metal Slug might be the definitive Run & Gun, but each of these games add something to the genre.

Metal Slug might be the most definitive run and gun game since Contra, and one of the longest lasting series in its genre.

But after almost 23 years, even the most iconic games get a little old. Luckily, there are plenty of new, innovative games like Metal Slug out there for you to try out.

13. Guns, Gore, and Cannoli 2

Guns, Gore, and Cannoli 2 Gameplay

Guns, Gore, and Cannoli 2 tells the story of Vinnie Cannoli, a hardened mobster straight from a thousand Mafia parody movies, as he runs through 1944 Europe, killing both mobsters and Nazis alike. Whether bashing in brains with a baseball bat or unloading a Tommy Gun into your foes, you can cut a bloody path through the second world war.

The game supplies plenty of guns and gore, but there’s no shortage of humor either. Vinnie cracks one-liners like there’s no tomorrow, and for the enemies that stand in your way, there might not be.

Move over Wolfenstein: Guns, Gore, and Cannoli lets you shoot Nazis to your heart’s delight.

Two guns are better than one: The multiplayer mode lets you double your gore.

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