[Top 5] God of War 4 Best Builds That Are Fun To Play (2022 Edition)

[Top 5] God of War 4 Best Builds That Are Fun To Play (2022 Edition)
The very best armour to look, feel and destroy like nobody else!

God of War 4 Top 4 Armor Builds


God of War is a deeply action based game. The high intensity fights against colossal gods and giants brings awe to anyone brave enough to fight through these games. God of War 4 however is different to its predecessors. It brought in a new style of fighting, a more calculated, timing-based system that really feels like it wants you to break a controller! Along with this fighting system came a new customisation system that allowed for you to tailor a build to your fighting style. Whether you spam buttons and hope for the best, or you are an experienced fighter who wants absolute efficiency on the battlefield, we have a build for you. So here are the top 4 builds in God of War 4.


4. Ivaldi’s Cursed Mist set 


This set of armour can be unlocked once you reach Niflheim. The set adds a small constant health regeneration and also looks awesome! The swirling emerald green set gives strength, runic and defence. The small health regeneration allows for a slower playstyle as its tanky defensive stats pad you while its health regeneration negates any hits that manage to slip through.

At the max level the stats are:

  • Spaulders: 35 strength, 90 runic, 75 defence
  • Bracers: 26 strength, 68 runic, 56 defence
  • War Belt: 26 strength, 68 runic, 56 defence

The set can be crafted at Brok or Sindri’s, using mist echoes, hack silver, Niflheim alloy and Ivaldi’s rusted armour.



3. Valkyrie Armor set


The Valkyrie Armor set is the most well-rounded armour set in the game. The set gives bonuses to every stat except luck. This allows for almost every playstyle possible. The set is primarily defence orientated with an extremely high defence stat. The set has a clean gold look and is absolutely the swaggest way to show off your proficiency in the game. The set also gives a chance for a blessing of runic when using a runic attack. This is a very handy damage boost and fits in with the all-rounder nature of the build.

At the max level the stats are:

  • Cuirass: 35 strength, 35 runic, 100 defence, 25 vitality, 45 cooldown
  • Gauntlets: 26 strength, 26 runic, 75 defence, 19 vitality, 34 cooldown
  • Waist Guard: 26 strength, 26 runic, 75 defence, 19 vitality, 34 cooldown

The only downside to the valkyrie set is that to get the full set one has to kill the valkyrie. These extremely difficult bosses will make even the most experienced players struggle to win. First, kill all the valkyries. Okay, you only have to kill three to get the armour but you will have to slaughter every valkyrie in the game if you want to fully upgrade it. You will have to kill Olrun in Alfheim to get the waist guard. Killing her first is recommended as she is the easiest to kill. Then you can choose between Gondul in Muspelheim and Hildr in Niflheim. These are more difficult as they require you to beat the challenges of their respective realms first. Niflheim is especially difficult as the timing element of the mist is absolute hell trying to beat the boss. The only upside being your time resets after you kill Hildr.


2. Ares Armor


The Ares armour set is in my opinion one of the most enjoyable sets to use as well as the best-looking set. The sort of royal red and gold feels inherently Greek fitting right in with the armour set supposedly designed for the original god of war Ares. The set has a bonus where for each piece you equip your rage bar fills up quicker. As a downside to this, the bar also depletes allowing for fewer attacks before it runs out. This build is basically for any maniac who wants to play the game on full pelt without caring about anything except when the rage meter fills up again. If your playstyle is balls to the wall action this is YOUR build.

At the max level the stats are:

  • Cuirass: 55 strength, 80 defence, 30 luck, 40 cooldown
  • Gauntlets: 41 strength, 60 defence, 23 luck, 30 cooldown
  • War Belt: 41 strength, 60 defence, 23 luck, 30 cooldown

The set can be crafted in a new game plus, after defeating hraezlyr (the dragon in the mountain about midway through the game), for hacksilver and skap slag.


1. Zeus Armor


Anyone who played the original God of War games knows that something entitled ‘Zeus Armor’ is not exactly gonna be a balanced set of gear. This set of armour is one of, if not the rarest item in the game, and its ability set reflects that. The armour has alright stats but that’s not its selling point. The armour MASSIVELY increases damage inflicted. The downside to this is that damage incoming is also increased. The armour basically makes you the definition of a glass cannon. While this build can be aggravating to the point of pure genuine rage, it is undoubtedly the best build in the game for someone who has mastered the combat system. A quick search will show you how people can use this armour to literally defeat the hardest boss in the game, the valkyrie queen, in under 2 minutes. The armour is not for the faint of heart but rest assured if you are confident in your abilities and you want to add an extra layer of spice to your gameplay, then this is the build for you.

At the max level the stats are:

  • Cuirass: 60 strength, 60 defence, 60 runic
  • Gauntlets: 45 strength, 45 defence, 45 runic
  • War Belt: 45 strength, 45 defence, 45 runic

To obtain this set is truly the final objective of the game for most, as you must defeat Sigrun, the Valkyrie Queen, in the new game plus, to unlock the cuirass. The Gauntlets and War Belt can be obtained from Gondul and Hildr respectively. The ridiculous task of defeating the valkyrie queen in the new game plus is a lot to ask but for this set of armour, I feel it is truly worth it.


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