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Buying properties in GTA 5
Become a real estate investor in GTA 5!

When you can’t afford to buy properties in the current messed up economical conditions, what do you do? You buy properties in GTA 5 like the millionaire you are not! I mean, that’s the beauty of GTA 5; it’s unrealistically realistic. You can buy properties in GTA 5 story-mode as well as in the online part of GTA 5. In this post, we’ll see about the 10 best properties to buy in GTA 5 online.


10. Lombank West

Lombank West, located in Del Perro and next to the Del Perro Heights residences, provides a breathtaking view of Los Santos. The location and accessibility of this workplace remain two of the primary reasons for purchasing it. Players may parachute from the building's roof to the adjacent beach's personal aircraft spawn point. The view alone is the reason why I purchased this property.

How to get Lombank West: Link


9. Raton Canyon Bunker

When you need peace and quiet, go find yourself a bunker. While this bunker is quite far from the city, that is sometimes precisely what gamers want. This naturally fortified bunker is excellent for gamers seeking solitude from griefers and other players.

How to get Raton Canyon Bunker: Link


8. Del Perro Heights, Apartment 7

GTA Online requires players to have a high-end residence to start heists. Apartment 7 in Del Perro Heights is the most affordable high-end apartment currently accessible in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is conveniently located between Lombank West and the Morningwood Cocaine Lockup, giving it an excellent choice for those wanting to purchase all three. It is one of the cheapest apartments you can buy in the game and it is a favorite of new players.

How to get Del Perro Heights, Apartment 7: Link

7. Paleto Bay Facility

The facility is accessible by a huge circular elevator. A large garage for military-grade vehicles is located inside the site. These amenities include several rooms, as well as a war room and a lounge. Additional rooms and improvements to current rooms can be done, provided you have funds left after purchasing this expensive property.

How to get Paleto Bay Facility: Link

6. La Mesa Clubhouse

Grand Theft Auto Online players may now join motorcycle clubs and buy clubhouses for their gangs as part of the Bikers update. Players may engage in a variety of activities, including darts and arm wrestling.

However, the clubhouse's primary function is to begin recruiting members and hiring staff for the new club. While there are many clubhouses available for purchase, the one in La Mesa works best since it is the largest and is located outside of Downtown Los Santos.

How to get La Mesa Clubhouse: Link


5. The Elysian Island Nightclub

The Elysian Island Nightclub is another inexpensive acquisition that may quickly develop into a profitable investment. Players may buy one of 10 nightclubs from Tony Prince as part of the After Hours update.

They may then transform these abandoned structures into the ideal night scene by customizing the color scheme, lighting, and dancers. The experience includes setting up and managing tasks, as well as preserving the club's popularity. The Elysian Island Nightclub is in southern Los Santos near the docks.

How to get The Elysian Island Nightclub: Check here.


4. Grapeseed Document Forgery Office

Additionally, the Bikers update included the addition of a Dark Net bazaar named The Open Road. Motorcycle club presidents may use this to acquire companies to conduct illicit activities. The Grapeseed Document Forgery Office is the least expensive of the lot, which means that maximum profit is possible. Managing the company entails gathering supplies and defending it against attacks.

How to get Grapeseed Document Forgery Office : Click here.

3. Maze Bank Tower

Most of the finest properties in GTA Online have a low risk, big return potential. However, it may be enjoyable for players to spend a lot of money on a property, particularly if it is the largest structure in Los Santos. Maze Bank Tower is one of four office buildings in the game that may be bought.

With the acquisition, the office, like most enterprises in the game, will have a plethora of tasks to do in order to make money. Additionally, the player may convert their workplace into a secure residence by purchasing the accommodation upgrade, which includes a basic bed, closet, and bathroom.

How to get Maze Bank Tower: Look here.


2. Galaxy Super Yacht Pisces Model 

For those with a lot of money and a desire for waterfront property, the Galaxy Super Yacht is ideal. Each ship type is unique, but they all include a huge bridge and three distinct decks.

The Pisces Model includes nearly everything that the Aquarius Model does without costing an additional million. The 210-foot-long ship has three guest cabins, a large sun deck, two helipads, a hot tub, and a range of various air and water vehicles available for a ride.

How to get Galaxy Super Yacht Pisces Model: Chech here.


1. La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse

Possessing a car warehouse is required to perform Source Vehicle missions, which are one of the most lucrative methods to make money in Grand Theft Auto Online. For $1,500,000, players may get the most inexpensive one on the market, the La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse. That is a significant investment, but it will quickly pay for itself if players begin selling their stolen cars on a regular basis. Purchasing more vehicle warehouses will increase the amount of money that can be earned through Source Vehicle tasks. Las Mesa is an excellent entry-level warehouse location, however spending further funds in additional garages may be beneficial.

How to get La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse: Click here.



Buying properties in GTA 5 is a requirement to unlock other fun missions. To be able to buy properties in GTA 5, you must receive a call from Simeon Yeterian and once you get that call, make sure you have enough dough to buy all the amazing properties there are to purchase in the game. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, let me know in the comments below what you think about this list.

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