[Top 10] GTA 5 Best Cop Mods That Are Fun!

GTA 5-Best Cop Mods that are Fun
LSPD, the heroes who keep the streets of Los Santos safe... well, at leat when Michael or Franklin isn't around!

They keep us safe and the streets secure! Do something nasty and they will be there for sure! And they are always only 3 numbers and one phone call away! They are the Los Santos Police Department! 

We have all had a pretty thorny relationship with them now, haven’t we? After all, GTA V is not about being the good boys now, isn’t it? and today you will find out about the best cop mods out there for you to start having fun with!

10. Arrest Peds V

GTA5-Best Cop Mods

As players, we only used to rob, steal, assault and do pretty much every illegal thing under the sun, right? and of course the pedestrians and the “normal” people always have a bad day if they cross paths with us! Then we just escape in hot and fun pursuit! 

But what if you can arrest the pedestrians as the player? Now wouldn’t that be fun?! Luckily, there is a mod that allows you to do this! Once you aim the gun long enough, the pedestrians will raise their hands and surrender, and the best part is you can put handcuffs on them and deliver them to the local police station!

You can download it and try it yourself from here!


9. Unarmed Police

GTA 5-Best Cop mods that are Fun

Once your wanted level intensifies, cops will use all their firepower to put you behind the bars. But it would be hilarious if cops come at you only with their bare hands, right? and this mod will allow you to brawl with all those cops with your mighty bare hands!


How fun would it be to fistfight your way out of police custody? You can download the mod from here and laugh your way out of trouble! But beware, they might have melee weapons!

8. Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

GTA 5-Best Cop mods that are Fun

One of the biggest problems we face in GTA 5 is that no matter what we do (Well… illegally!) after a brief amount of time, the cops get to know about it! even if there are no witnesses around! 

This mod fixes this problem and adds a more realistic touch to the game’s wanted system. After the mod is installed, when you commit a crime in public (we know you like beating up random people when you are bored!), a witness will have to call the police. However, if you can snuff the witness before calling, the police will not show up! 

You can download it from here!


7. Police Menu V

GTA 5-Best Cop mods that are Fun

While not altering any gameplay effects, the police menu mod will give you instant access to various police-themed weapons and vehicles. Trust me, gaining instant access to the Los Santos Police Armory will come in handy. and that added extra firepower will make it more fun! 

You can download the mod from here!


6. Del Perro Police Dept. Vehicle Pack

GTA 5-Best Cop mods that are Fun

This mod will update all cop vehicles and add more vehicles you will love to cruise! In addition to the already existing police cars, this mod will add various SUVs that you won’t be able to find easily in the regular game.

You can get the pack from here.


5. Coastal Callouts

GTA 5-Best Cop mods that are Fun

Coastal Callouts is more than a mere mod! This is a massive DLC pack that adds renewed features to GTA V and is truly a remarkable mod! Are you a fan of Baywatch? Because this mod is just like the famous tv show!

You can rescue sailors, fight ship fires, chase fleeing boats, and much more with this. Not to mention all the awesome vehicles, boats and helicopters you will get with it! This is one of those “must-have” mods.


4. Emergency Lighting System 1.05

GTA 5-Best Cop mods that are Fun

With various unique lighting patterns, this mod is sure to brighten up and lighten up your GTA 5 game experience. Something tells me that you will be spending plenty of time in cop cars after getting this mod installed! 

Get it from here.


3. Dynamic Lighting System 1.4.1

GTA 5-Best Cop mods that are Fun

Just like the Emergency Lighting System mod, the Dynamic Lighting System will give you better control and choice over vehicle lighting systems. It may not entirely change your gameplay, you will enjoy the new features.

Get it from here!


2. San Andreas State Troopers + Trooper Ped 3.0

GTA 5-Best Cop mods that are Fun

This mod will replace the San Andreas Sheriff’s department with State Troopers. And of course, they will give you a hard time if you ever cross the line. In addition, the mod will feature a diverse array of State Trooper vehicles and it will be fun to steal them and ride them!

Get the mod from this link.


1. LSPD First Response

GTA 5-Best Cop mods that are Fun

LSPD First Response mod is perhaps the best mod that is out there for GTA V! The mod completely transforms the game and gives you a unique experience about the other side of the line. 

Let’s face it, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are not model citizens of Los Santos! And we always enjoy it that way, don’t we? For once, now we have the chance to see how it really feels like to be a cop in Los Santos and uphold the law! (Rather than breaking it) 

Get yourself ready for a whole different GTA 5 experience and get the mod from here.


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