[Top 5] GTA Online Best Arcade Games

GTA Online arcades need more appreciation! Check this list out if you're unsure which arcade game you want to buy first.

How many times have you spawned in your arcade and ran straight downstairs to the basement to plan the casino heist, paying no attention to all the awesome arcade games you could decorate the space with?

Too many I’m sure, we’ve all been there. Check out this list of the five best and most fun arcade games in GTA Online and make full use of your arcade!


5) Penetrator

Penetrator is great fun for fans of the classic real life arcade game "Tempest".

One of the cheapest options starts this list off, coming in at $101,500 it’s Penetrator. The aim of the game is to blast green squares by positioning in the correct column and shooting inwards towards the red square. You can do a full circle around the outer square, allowing you to make a perimeter around the outbound green squares. Penetrator is a tough one, especially if you’re going for the challenges.

The game closely resembles the real-life arcade game Tempest, which was released back in 1981 by Atari. Why this game is great - It gets pretty tricky the longer you go on, so it’s good for those who want a challenge.

It’s on the cheaper end, and It’s fun to compete against friends and outdo each other’s high scores. Game details - price: $101,500, game type: tube shooter, developer: Degenatron


4) Axe Of Fury

For something a little different, Axe Of Fury is definitely worth the money.

Coming in at a devilish $666,000, Axe Of Fury is the most expensive game on the list. The idea is to strike the target zone with a hammer as hard as possible to get the most points possible. To power up the swing, players must tap A, X or ENTER depending on which platform your playing on to bring the meter to the top of the power bar.

The meter will then drop from the top to the bottom very quickly, when this happens you have to hit the button once more in the red zone to get the most points. You will get a low score if you leave it too late or hit the button too early. This one is all about using timing and judgement to swing the hammer at the perfect time, it’ll definitely have you raging if you just can’t get the meter to land in the sweet spot, haha.

 Why this game is great - It'll most likely take you many times to get a total score, making it very addictive. It’s different to the regular arcade machines, It looks good in the arcade. Game details - price: $666,000, game type: strength tester, developer: unknown.


3) Monkey's Paradise

Monkey's Paradise is great for those looking to save some money.

In this one, the idea is that the red square that you control is a monkey swinging from tree to tree, the trees being the green squares. Like Axe Of Fury, this one requires you to push the button/key at the right time (when the red square is to the right).

It takes a seriously high level of hand-eye coordination to score high on Monkey’s Paradise, one misclick and you’ll find yourself falling into the depths and back at the starting line. Monkey’s Paradise only costs $90,000, so if you’re on a budget and can’t wait to start gaming away, this one would be a good suit for you! 

Why this game is great - it’s fun to test your reaction time, It’s one of the cheaper arcade games which makes it great for those with a little less money to spend, the arcade machine itself fits well in the arcade. Game details - price: $90,000, game type: scrolling shooter, developer: Degenatron.


2) Race And Chase

Race and Chase takes up more space in the arcade and looks much more unique than the regular machines.

I didn’t know which one from the trilogy to pick here, so let’s include them all. The series consists of Street Legal, Get Truckin’ and Crotch Rockets. Street Legal has you racing sports cars at high speeds. You’ll have other racers to pass and obstacles such as lorries and trucks to avoid while competing against the timer.

Get Truckin’ and Crotch Rockets follow the same concept, except in Crotch Rockets you’re racing bikes and in Get Truckin’ as you might expect, you’re driving a truck.

Why these games are great - It’s cool to see your character actually get in the car/on the bike before playing the game as opposed to just leaning forward onto the arcade machine and starting the game, being able to play as a sports car, truck, or bike is really cool (although paying for them separately is not, haha). 

These games put life into the arcade and give your friends something more unique to look at when you invite them over. Game details - price: Street Legal is $410,000, Get Truckin’ is $369,500 and Crotch Rockets is $385,000 Game type: racing, developer: AKEDO.


1) QUB3D

QUB3D was first introduced a few instalments of the GTA series ago in GTA 4

QUB3D first appeared in GTA IV, as well as in The Ballad Of Gay Tony and The Lost And The Damned. It made its return in GTA Online when arcades were released with the Los Santos Summer Special update. QUB3D is GTA’s answer to Tetris, the aim of the game is to fit blocks in with each other before they fill up the screen.

After you fit pieces together they will break, allowing you more room when more blocks come falling from the sky. Alongside being a GTA classic, it’s a really fun game for fans of tile-matching puzzle games. There are some ridiculously high scores made by players on this game, if you’re up for it give it a go!

Why this game is great - The desire to beat your high score will keep you coming back, It can be played in GTA IV, GTA V, and GTA Online, you can play a single game for hours if you refuse to lose. Game details - price: $333,000, game type: tile-matching puzzle game, developer: Pixtro.



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