GTA 5 Best Ways To Gain RP Fast [Top 10 Ways]

GTA 5 Best Ways To Gain RP Fast
There are more ways than ever to gain RP in GTA 5.

GTA Online has come a long way since 2013 and so have the methods of earning RP. Over the years bigger and better ways of gaining RP have come about, and that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about today!

Combining the methods on this list and doing them intermittently will have you levelled up in no time (It’ll also stop you getting bored with the repetition of one method, haha).

10) Adversary Modes (Any Level)

Adversary modes are a great way for players of any rank to gain some good RP and level up. Slasher and Hunting Pack are two good choices if you don’t mind waiting, but sometimes it can be difficult to get players to join. To avoid wasting time, your best bet is to join the ones you get invited to or see are popular. Nothing worse than sitting in a lobby no-one is joining!

Rockstar frequently put different adversary modes on double money and double RP, so jump on that chance when you see it. Once you’ve found one, doing it back to back will rack you up a solid amount of RP.

How it works - Adversary modes give you a good amount of RP and are fun to play at the same time. They can often be found under quick job on your phone, or you can host them through the menu.


9) Spin The Wheel At The Casino (Any Level)

This guy shows what winning big on the wheel is like.

This one is very luck based hence why it’s ranked so low, but if you have luck on your side you can land some big RP boosts, the most being 15,000 RP.

You get a free spin once every 24 hours so giving the wheel a spin and testing your luck in between some of the other more reliable methods on this list won’t do any harm, you might just win big!

How it works - you have a one in twenty chance of winning either 2,500, 5000, 10000, or 15000 RP.


8) MC Businesses (Mid Level)

Like the CEO work, this one requires a little setup. First you’ll need an MC Clubhouse which surprisingly doesn’t cost that much, the cheapest one goes for $200,000.

Once you’ve got your clubhouse you’ll need to choose your business - any of them will do as all of the sourcing and selling missions give you a good amount of RP.

Like most businesses in GTA, it takes a lot of grinding to see results. MC businesses require a lot of maintenance, and before you even purchase the clubhouse, you’ve got to decide if you’re willing to put up with LJT calling you at the worst possible time.

How it works - choose an MC Business and do sell missions once the stock is full


7) Organization Work As A CEO (Mid-High Level)

This video details some CEO businesses.

If you’re a higher level with access to an office, building a business enterprise is a great way to keep a steady flow of RP coming in by repeating the missions. I recommend vehicle cargo as your first port of call - both the source missions and delivering the cars to the buyer grant you big amounts of RP.

You’ll need to buy a vehicle warehouse as well as the office to get started with the missions, but once you have all of that set up, you’ll be ready to go. Grabbing a friend to help always makes things go a lot quicker too. 

How it works - buy an office and vehicle warehouse, grind source missions then sell the vehicles.


6) Being An Associate (Any Level)

Being an associate will get you some decent RP.

If you haven’t got the funds to start up your own enterprise yet but your friend has then that works out great for you too, especially if you want to prioritise RP over money.

Being in the vicinity of the CEO gives you 200RP per minute, being in the same vehicle as them will boost that even further. Having this bonus in between CEO/VIP missions is an easy way to make quick RP.

If you don’t have anyone to do this with, try joining someone’s organisation in your session. People are always sending invites so as long as you have your settings set to looking for work instead of decline invites you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

How it works - do CEO/VIP missions while sticking close to the CEO to gain extra RP.


5) Freemode Events (Any Level)

The video will show you a few freemode event examples.

Freemode events are open to everyone and are a great way to quickly earn RP. Time trials or criminal damage will be your best bet at a lower level - if you’re feeling more confident you could have a go at hunt the beast.

You’ll often find high-level players landing some crazy scores in freemode events but don’t be discouraged, a lot of the time you don’t need anything costly to give it a go and battle for first place

How it works - look on the map for purple icons, these are freemode events. Drive over and have a go for a chance at earning some RP.


4) Missions (Mid Level)


Missions combine fun with decent money making if you repeat the high paying ones.

If you prefer to keep it old school, there are still a few missions that reward good amounts of RP in return for not that much work at all. Short Trips missions pay up to 3000 RP if you play with crew members and wait fifteen minutes for the maximum payout. For those though, you'll need an Agency.

There are other missions that will get you levelled up in no time like Ballas To The Wall and Lost MC RIP, but Short Trips missions are the best if you want to repeat the mission as quickly as possible. Get some friends online, slap the difficulty on hard and rake in that RP!

How it works - missions are easy for rinse and repeating, so take advantage of the ones that pay high RP.


3) Daily Objectives (Low Level)

Daily objectives reward you with 5000 RP for completing the three challenges that are set every day. They are unlocked at level 15, so if you aren’t quite there yet it shouldn’t take you too long to unlock them. 

The challenges are often moulded to what you currently own in the game. For example if you have an arcade one of the challenges might be to play an arcade game, or if you have MC businesses an objective might be to sell from your weed farm.

On the other hand some of these challenges are incredibly easy, all you’ll have to do is fly under a bridge or play a game of tennis. You can earn a massive 230,000RP if you consecutively complete all the daily challenges for a month.

How it works - open the interaction menu and check what daily challenges are available, complete all three for 5000RP.



2) Double Money And RP Events (Level Dependant On Game Mode)

The game modes on double money/RP change frequently, so keep updated!

Like I mentioned with the adversary modes, Rockstar will frequently put selected game modes on double money and RP for a short amount of time - races, featured series and missions are common picks. Sometimes on rare occasions the bonus can even become 3X money and RP. 

This one isn’t all that reliable since double RP isn’t always on, but when it’s here it’s definitely worth dropping any other method and getting involved. 

How it works

Adversary modes, missions, races and featured series are frequently put on double money and RP, so make use of it while it’s on.


1) Cayo Perico (Mid-High Level)

The Cayo Perico heist is one of the best methods of making RP in GTA Online.

Just like with making money, rinse and repeating the Cayo Perico heist is one of the quickest ways to earn massive amounts of RP in GTA Online. You can expect to earn up to 15,000 RP for the heist including setups. 

Cayo Perico is an incredible way to earn both money and RP and get the best of both worlds. On the downside, you’ll need $2,200,000 minimum to purchase a Kosatka submarine and use it to set up the heist.

While not suited for those just starting out, you will easily make the money that you spent on the Kostaka back after a few runs of Cayo Perico and you’ll get ridiculous amounts of RP too.

How it works - after purchasing a Kosatka set up the Cayo Perico heist and repeat for 15,000 RP each time.


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