[TOP 10] GTA Online Best Looking Cars for Racing

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High flying action in some of the best cars GTA Online has to offer

What's up guys, My name's Carla, and when playing Grand Theft Auto Online, I wanna go fast! When I wanna go fast, I need the best car to do that! 

Whether you just robbed the Casino and need to escape the cops, or your friends ditched you for Call of Duty, GTA 5 never disappoints with their line of supercars and sports cars. Though each one has that "easy on the eyes" look to it, only a handful are really roadworthy when you need to go fast (and not get wasted in the process). So let's take a look at my top 10 Best looking cars for racing!

10. The FMJ - 

The FMJ Racing

She sure is pretty but man does she whip her tail back and forth. The FMJ model was released in a DLC package back in 2017 and made to resemble the 2017 Ford GT. You could purchase the vehicle for a whopping 1.6 million. After testing the car, though fast, it has poor acceleration, and the rear end of the vehicle fishtails easily and you spend more on repairs than you are actually earning in any kind of race.
 It is considered a high-performance vehicle and with its smooth angles and high speeds, it did make the 10 spot on this list. As for utilizing the car for racing, I would honestly only keep this one as a show car and not a "go car". 


9. X80 Proto - 

The X80 Proto racing

The X80 Proto was always my personal favorite for stunt racing. This bad boy is one of the original DLC cars added to GTA back in 2016 and a good thing just never goes bad. The game has since come out with much faster vehicles which do put Proto on the back burner a bit by only topping out at 116 mph. 
Where Proto makes this list though is how he hugs those curves and handles sharp turns with great ease. In some stunt races, even now, I will occasionally still choose this vehicle for that reason alone. When it comes to a course that is full of twists and turns and high flying ramps, the traction and handling is more important than the speed of the vehicle and that is where this car shines.

Annis RE-7B racing

Another older DLC model but still tried and true to what it's built for is the Annis RE-7B. Released in 2016, the model resembles a mixture of real-life luxury vehicles. One of which is the Audi R18 e-tron Quattro.
With speeds topping 123 mph, the Annis is no joke when it comes to racing. It does have some awesome traction and hangs on to curves nicely, but the major issue with this vehicle is the long burnout at take-off. This will throw your race every time so be aware of this when using the Annis. 


7 . Pegassi Zorrusso -


Pegassi Zorrusso racing

Based on the Italian beauty, the Italdesign Zerouno, and setting the bar a bit higher with a drop-top and hitting a speed of 124 mph, the Zorrusso is a beast! It has a nice take off, fast speeds, good turns, and she's pretty to look at. 
Putting this vehicle in the lower end of the 10 spot, the braking does cause a bit of swerving, and on stunt courses, it does cause some issues. It would be more my choice for straight races and business runs. I do also feel there could be a bit more that could be offered while customizing but all in all a good car!


6. Overflod Autarch-

Overflod Autarch racing

For just about 2 mill, you can get yourself our number 6 Supercar, The Autarch. Released with the Doomsday DLC, this baddie hits speeds of 125, and grips turns without needing to worry about losing your back end! 
I have a love for these styles of vehicles. Just like with the proto, it has those unique curves and lines that make it eye-catching, but also, as a fan of stunt racing, I love a car that holds well on the upside-down tunnels and high ramps without losing speed and the Autarch has that. 


5. Pegassi Tezeract - 

Tezzeract racing

It's Electric!  Ok, so electric cars are fantastic, and GTA introducing them into the game is awesome, but not as a racecar. I do find the Tezeract attractive in form and the build is creative and resembles a Lamborghini. 
 The Tezeract is a top hitter with speeds reaching 125 mph, but with it being electric, the vehicle does not handle well. On stunt tracks, and off-ramps, the vehicle loses its speed and slips on curves causing performance issues.  It's in the 5 spot simply because of the environmental thought behind the idea of it and the creativity.


4. Progen Tyrus - 

ProgenTyrus racing

I am a big fan of the Tyrus. Though the Tyrus is lower on the speed levels in this list,  don't underestimate this little demon. The Tyrus can get up to 123 mph max, grip turns, tunnels and handles drag racing like a champ.
The body style is based on the real life McLaren F1 GTR Longtail and has a sleek and slim design. This vehicle does not have as many custom options as most vehicles released before 2018, but I don't feel it's a deal breaker. This vehicle was also featured as a wheel spin win in the Casino. 


3. Overflod Entity XXR - 

Overflod Entity racing

Let's talk about our top 3  big guys now. The Entity, coming in at a hefty price tag of 2.3 million, and hits a top speed of 128 mph! Now that's the speed I'm talking about! The Entity is just about the fastest car currently available in the game.
This car is not for the new racers. It's handling is very rough and with the high speeds, you can almost bet on losing your steering pretty often until you can handle it. I do love this car, but I have yet to wina single race with it. 


2. Progen Emerus -

Emerus racing

Released during the Casino Heist DLC, of course, the Progen Emerus would and should offer a life of luxury and riches. Looks alone, I would say the car does meet that standard, that is until you fly out of the Casino parking lot and do a spin-out into a guard rail! 
The Emerus does have spin-out issues at high speeds just like the Entity, but with these high-speed supercars, you just have to learn how to race them. The Emerus has class and sass costing 2.7 million, and she earned her number 2 spot topping 127 mph in speed. 


1. Benefactor Krieger - 

Benefactor Krieger racing

The winner of my top 10 best looking vehicles in GTA for racing is the Krieger. Opinion as it is, I like the fins on the back! The fins are just showing you it's a racing shark because it is. Reaching top speeds of 127.25, where I would mention poor handling, the Krieger actually handles well! 
With both stunt races and drag races, the Krieger proves to outperform other vehicles in our top 10 hands down. The only complaint I personally have is the lack of customization options. There isn't much you can change about the vehicle. With that said, this vehicle is still top-notch and holding it down for now. 



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