[Top 10] GTA Online Most Expensive Apartments That Are Freakin' Awesome

GTA Online Most Expensive Apartments
Check out the Most Expensive Apartments in GTA Online!

In GTA Online, after hours of blowing cars up, robbing banks, shooting your way through the huge arsenal of cops, you need someplace to unwind and relax. That’s where apartments come into play. Let’s just say there is an abundance of these amazing places in the game for you to buy. So, for your convenience, we’ve picked out the 10 of the most expensive and awesome ones you can live in easily.

10 . Del Perro Heights Apt.4 ($468,000)

This apartment located at Del Perro Heights is very cool and is a prime choice for mid-level players who have earned a fair amount of cash and rep in the game. It’s located near Del Perro Pier which means it has a perfect view of the beach too. SO, whether you want a beach drive on Sunday or go to your office nearby, it’s a great choice. It also has the benefit of having an Ammu-nation nearby.

What’s great about it:

  • Near Del Perro Pier
  • A prime choice for mid-level players
  • Ammu-nation nearby

9 . 3655 Wild Oats Drive ($800,000)

This apartment located in Vinewood Hills is a stilted one so you already know it's amazing. It's one of the earlier ones in the game and still holds up. Along with its three floors and amazing interior design, the pool is a great touch. Plus you’re living in Vinewood Hills, what’s not so cool?

What’s great about it:

  • Great interior design
  • Has a pool
  • Located in Vinewood Hills

8 . Weazel Plaza, Apt 70 ($319,000)

Weazel Plaza is located near the Rockford Hills intersection and definitely has a great view of the city. While you won’t have the view of the Del Perro Pier, the Los Santos skyline will mitigate that need without any hesitation. The barbershop, Ammu-nation and LS Customs is also nearby which makes it even more lucrative.

What’s great about it:

  • Located in Rockford Hills
  • Great view of the LS Skyline
  • Barbershop, Ammu-nation, and LS Customs within walking distance

7 . Eclipse Tower Apartment 3 ($500,000)

The Eclipse Tower is one of the most prestigious apartment complexes in Los Santos. It is located in Rockford Hills and is considered the epitome of high status in the game. If you’ve earned enough cash, you definitely should move in here. The Apartment 3 is about the same as the other ones in the game but costs a little less. It’s easier to go to the Diamond Casino from here as well.

What’s great about it:

  • Located in Rockford Hills
  • Great value apartment
  • Easier to go to Diamond Casino

6 . Tinsel Tower Apartment 42 ($492,000)

The Tinsel Tower Apartment is another place in Rockford Hills you should take a look at. After being released in 2014, it got an updated interior years later to revitalize it. The view of the Hills is also great from this apartment, so it's definitely worth a shot.

What’s great about it:

  • Located in Rockford Hills
  • Updated interiors
  • Great view of the Hills

5 . Richard Majestic Apartment 2 ($484,000)

Richard Majestic is also located in Rockford Hills and as such, also has an updated interior in order to make it more attractive. While it is located in one of the busier parts of the city, many stores are close along with easy access to the highway for faster travel. In addition to that, the nighttime view is top-notch in this game.

What’s great about it:

  • Updated interiors
  • Easy access to highways and stores are nearby
  • Great night-time view

4 . 4 Integrity Way Apartment 28 ($476,000)

4 Integrity Way is located in Downtown Los Santos and also features an updated interior like the previous apartments. While it doesn’t have the same view as other high-end apartments have, it has a good view facing the suburbs. It is close to the highway too which is a bonus.

What’s great about it:

  • Located in Downtown Los Santos
  • Updated Interior
  • Near the highway

3 . 2113 Mad Wayne Thunder Drive ($449,000)

This apartment located in Vinewood Hills has a similar touch as Franklin’s house located in the same area. It has a great view of the whole city. The interiors are surely the best of the stilt apartments in the game. In addition, it also has a swimming pool and a neat garage.

What’s great about it:

  • Located in Vinewood Hills
  • Great interiors and view of the city
  • Accessible pool

2 . Eclipse Penthouse Suit 3 ($1,100,000)

The Penthouse Suite in the Eclipse Tower is something every player in the game should strive to buy. Nothing says that you mean business when you’re living the ultimate high life in this apartment. It is customizable with 3 design options and also has what surely is the best view in the whole city. 

What’s great about it:

  • Most expensive apartment in the game without the DLCs
  • 3 design options
  • Great view of the city

1 . Diamond Casino Penthouse ($1,500,000- $6,533,500)

Now, the Casino Penthouse is the peak of what you can buy as a place to bunk. All the luxury items you need to make your life amazing can be bought here. From arcade games to your own personal barber, this penthouse has everything. There are three variations of the penthouse: the Crash Pad, the Party Penthouse, and The High Roller. All of these, have different exquisite additions that are worth the price.

What’s great about it:

  • Best apartment in the game
  • Lots of luxury items can be bought
  • 3 types of variations depending on the price

These apartments will help you on your way to living the high life in the game surely. Good Luck!

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