[Guide] GTA Online Best Ways to Increase Stamina (Top 3 Ways)

Best Ways to Increase Stamina in GTA Online
Develop iron lungs

It’s either you run fast or get decimated 

By the time you dedicate your interests and activities to the relishes of Los Santos, you’ll be a running man in search of never-ending wealth. Figuratively by getting sucked into the greed of owning the fastest of cars and grandest of properties, and literally by making sure you manage to escape the cops on your tail to complete your mission objective or hide behind cover from a griefer that’s been bothering you.

To have an athletic ability to run around without feeling unhinged, you’re going to need to work on your player’s stamina. Like other player stats, stamina is the one that’s going to help you run blocks without losing health.

This article discusses the 3 best ways to increase your player’s stamina in GTA Online.


3. Swimming

Take a dive

Swimming in GTA Online is a real hoot! It's like being a kid again, only this time you get to do cannonballs and other stunts while being chased by the police. The best part? You get to do it all while wearing a snazzy wetsuit that would make James Bond jealous.

For increasing stamina, swimming is a great activity since you can explore the depths of the ocean and the mysteries it holds. You will come across numerous vegetation and shipwrecks that are going to leave you in awe, all while your stamina and lung capacity improve on the fly.

To swim:

  • Walk into a body of open water.
  • Wait until your player starts to float and then swim around.
  • You can dive inside the water too to push your player’s lung capacity to the limit.


2. Sprinting

Run like an athlete

The old-fashioned way of getting in shape and building reliable lungs is to run as much as possible. Sprinting in GTA Online is inevitable given the nature of the jobs and missions you’ll be carrying out constantly. You are bound to run around and that’s what makes sprinting a great way to increase your player’s stamina. 

Running away from the cops, getting behind cover quickly, or just taking a nice jog at the Vespucci beach, you will subconsciously elevate your stamina anyway, since you’ll be running around a lot.

To sprint:

  • Head out of your apartment.
  • Choose a scenic location to take a sprint.
  • Start sprinting till your heart desires and watch your stamina increase.


1. Cycling

Ideal for performing stunts

Hands down the most fun way to level up your stamina game is to grab a BMX and hop around the streets of Los Santos on it. In no time, you’ll get busy pulling off outrageous stunts and wheelies. In tandem, your stamina will also improve.

Cycling is a great activity to consider if you just want to relax and appreciate the visual masterpiece GTA Online really is. Grabbing a Mountain Bike and taking it for a spin around Raton Canyon or Paleto Forest is a sterling way of enjoying the stunning landscapes of the countryside.

To Cycle:

  • Make sure you have an apartment to store your bicycle in.
  • Buy your bicycle of choice from Pedal and Metal Cycles.
  • Once it’s delivered, take it out for a fun ride.



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