[Top 5] GTA Online Best Handguns in the Game

Best Handguns
Best Handguns

How good are Handguns?

Handguns are handheld firearms designed to be operated with the use of only one hand and tend to be on the smaller and more compact side allowing for quick use in sudden hostile situations. In GTA Online, Handguns are oftentimes used in vehicles, missions, and certain freemode events (“Head shot on player” “gang attacks”) purely for its versatility and drive-by inducing nature.

Are some Handguns better than others?

Different Handguns cater to different playstyles, however, there remain five unique handguns that all stand out because of a very specific weapon feature. These five weapons aren’t based on factors like fire rate, damage output, and reload time but based on overall effectiveness in all potential combat encounters players may face. Ultimately, the choice of “best” handgun depends on personal preference and intended in-game use but I’ll still try my best to convince you.


5. Marksman Pistol

“Someone say Bounty”

See Marksman in action: 

What is it

The Marksman Pistol is the first handgun on this list and one that is known for its insta-kill capability and effectiveness at any fire range. The Marksman Pistol is a single shot pistol that excels in delivering maximum damage at any distance making it one of the most popular pistol choices for those just starting out and looking to purchase a solid all-rounder weapon.

What makes the Marksman Pistol Handgun Great

  • The accuracy of this weapon allows players to be precise with each shot when at medium-long range regardless of using scope.
  • Offers the highest damage output in the pistol class (one shot only).
  • Supports a defensive playstyle due to its single shot chamber and slightly longer reload time.

Marksman Handgun Stats

  • Fire rate - Low
  • Reload Speed - 3 seconds
  • Magazine Size – 1 round

How to get the Marksman Handgun

Players can buy the Marksman Pistol at any Ammu-nation store after completing the mission Mr. Richards, for $4,350.


4. Double Action Revolver

Red Dead Redemption Crossover

See Double Action Revolver in action: 

What is it

The Double Action Revolver in GTA Online is a potent weapon designed for mid-range combat and sometimes long range when modifications are added. This one-of-a-kind pistol was released over 6 years ago as part of the Red Dead Redemption's 2 launch event (this is a starter weapon) and came with its own Treasure Hunt event that rewards players with cash, rp (level experience), and a free firearm.

What makes the Double Action Revolver Great

  • High rate of fire will deliver continuous shots in quick succession.  
  • Damage Output is highly effective with or without mods as base damage when in range will be the same saving you some money.
  • Supports a pseudo-aggressive playstyle as players can easily switch between handguns and other firearms.

Double Action Revolver Stats

  • Fire rate - High
  • Reload Speed – 2.5 seconds
  • Magazine Size – 6 rounds

How to get the Double Action Revolver

To obtain the Double Action Revolver, players must first complete a Treasure Hunt received via email from “[email protected]”. Attached to the email will be a black and white picture of one of 20 locations which will be random for each player. Once all locations are discovered players will unlock this weapon for free.


3. Pistol Mk2

The standard issue police firearm in year 2121

See Pistol MK2 in action: 

What is it

The Pistol MK2 (Mark 2) stands out as one of the most formidable firearms in GTA Online and is renowned for its armor piercing and hollow point rounds with versatility in all combat encounters. As most Handguns tend to be, the Pistol Mk2 also has decent firepower and fire rate that will provide a balanced experience when partaking in missions or doing various other online activities.

What makes the Pistol MK2 Great

  • High rate of fire will deliver continuous shots in quick successions making mission clear time much shorter. 
  • As a pistol it is very versatile and compact allowing for use in tight spaces or situations that get too crowded.
  • One of only 2 MK (upgradable weapons) pistols in the entire game.

Pistol MK2 Stats

  • Fire rate - High
  • Reload Speed – 1.3 seconds
  • Magazine Size – 30 rounds

How to get the Pistol MK2

Players can buy the Pistol MK2 after buying the base Pistol at any Ammu-nation store and then upgrading at the weapon bench (M.O.C or Avenger) for $73,750.


2. AP Pistol

A James Bond creation

See AP Pistol in action: 

What is it

The AP Pistol is one of GTA V’s oldest fully automatic weapons and the first to be recognized for its unique rapid-fire feature for a pistol. The AP Pistol can be used as a submachine gun when in vehicles and is further boosted when using extended mags. The AP Pistol is truly the perfect firearm and the only one player will want to use.

What makes the AP Pistol Great

  • The high rate of fire will deliver continuous shots in quick successions in all combat situations. 
  • It has the largest magazine chamber for Handguns in the entire game making it the best choice for drive-by.
  • Numerous Visual customization options.

AP Pistol Stats

  • Fire rate – High (Best)
  • Reload Speed – 1.4 seconds
  • Magazine Size – 36 rounds (Extended Magazine)

How to get the AP Pistol

Players can buy the AP Pistol at any Ammu-nation store for a mere$1,000.


1. Up-n-Atomizer

One shot was never this flashy nor this fun

See Up-n-Atomizer in action: 

What is it

The Up-n-Atomizer is the most unique GTA Online firearm that was released as part of the Arena War continuation update back in January 2019 and ever since has been the most fun weapon players can use. The reason for this is due to the Atomizer's special ray gun energy blast that will send anything it hits flying away. 

I strongly suggest getting this weapon as it has the best countermeasure for the Oppressors and other griefer vehicles players will encounter in online lobbies.

What makes the Up-n-Atomizer Great

  • The only firearm in GTA 5 that has a push away mechanic.
  • Becomes the strongest weapon in the game for PvP combat when able to trap the other player in a juggling like scene with each shot.
  • Able to push away the heaviest of vehicles allowing for trapped cargo vehicles to be unstuck and prevent sale failure. 

Up-n-Atomizer Stats

  • Fire rate – Medium-low
  • Reload Speed – 2 seconds
  • Magazine Size – 1 round

How to get the Up-n-Atomizer

Players can buy the Up-n-Atomizer at any Ammu-nation store for $399,000.


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