GTA Online Best Agency Locations

Best Agency Locations

Agencies are purchasable property in Grand Theft Auto Online added with The Contract DLC on December 15, 2021. All Agency allows players to take part in a wide range of illegal activities (Heist and lobby assassinations) and new vehicle modification (Imani Tech). With four different Agencies to choose from, it can be difficult deciding what the best location to choose is. Don’t worry, as a GTA Veteran ( playing since launch), I will be highlighting what makes and breaks each of the four Agency locations. A perfect business location is the first step GTA players will take if they desire success. 


4. Little Seoul (Ok)

Sitting duck inc.

The Agency located in Little Seoul is the cheapest Agency to buy at a base price of $2,010,000 (no customization) or $4,687,500 (max customization). This business can be found near the Alta Construction Site beside the center highway. This location has a multi-stair front entrance, and an open rooftop with a personal helipad. The inside main view is that of the surrounding skyscrapers while the side view is that of the Vinewood hills. Little Seoul can be very dangerous at times as it is located in the middle of a heavy PvP area, I recommend being in passive mode if you are a new/returning player.

Little Seoul Agency Pros

  • Located next to the center highway, this is the ideal location for players looking to get in and out of the main city quickly.
  • The side view shows the main map area of Los Santos allowing players to monitor what other players are currently doing.  
  • The Garage entrance is easily accessible, all current vehicles will have zero issues entering as its main entrance is right beside the road.
  • Pegasus Helicopters/Jets spawn down the block from little soul making it ideal for players who frequently use this feature
  •  The cheapest Agency to buy that has a payphone next to the main building, players that are looking to do payphone hits will benefit most from this.

Little Seoul Agency Cons

  • Located next to a heavy PvP area, getting heist setups will prove quite difficult as it is a certainty you will be attacked by griefers.
  • Main Entrance has a big staircase preventing vehicles from driving up to it, this is extremely bad when being chased by npc’s.
  • Surrounded by skyscrapers and low rises, flying the Agency helicopter/personal helicopters will have added risks of being destroyed.
  • Being the cheapest option means the majority of players own this business which oftentimes leads to conflict breaking out.
  • Covering firing is limited when on ground or on the roof.


3. Vespucci Canals (Good)

With a view like this, monitoring air traffic should be quite easy.

The Agency located near the Vespucci Canals can be bought on the dynasty 8 website at a base price of $2,145,000 (no customization) or $4,482,500 (max customization). This business can be found next to the Vespucci Canals and the local park. 

This location comes with a driveway garage entrance (on the right side) and an easily accessible front/roof entrance. The inside main view shows the east side of the map while the side view showcases the beach and its respective canals, highly recommended for players with a budget without sacrificing safety.

Vespucci Canals Agency Pros

  • The best location for avoiding PvP (the main building is far away from the usual combat zones).
  • Garage entrance comes with a side wall that can help prevent gun fire when exiting/entering.
  • Helipad is big enough for planes to land (Highly Skilled) and able to take off again without crashing.
  • Front Entrance has no obstacles or stairs allowing for outside parking.  Rather than storing or returning your active vehicle you could leave it at the entrance running and waiting.
  • Access to the local docks for quicker boat exploration/travel.
  • Tattoo & Clothes shops, Mask store, and a Hair Salon are only a few blocks away from the entrance.

Vespucci Canals Agency Cons

  • Being located  next to the Vespucci police station can sometimes make  heist setup missions way more difficult as you will gain a 3 star wanted level if you drive by too close with the stolen equipment.
  • If you get killed in this area, there is a chance you will respawn on the beach or in the canals. These areas sometimes have free mode events going on (depending on lobby size) which are usually highly competitive amongst players.
  • The roof & front entrances both have little to no cover, this will unfortunately place you in harm's way from Fighter jets and Oppressors.
  • Lack of any underground feature will cause players to be more susceptible to Orbital Canon strikes.
  • Players In Oppressors mk2 and Raiju (fighter jet) are always flying in this specific area looking for easy kills.


2. Rockford Hills (Great)

The best defendable location you can buy in the entire game.

The Agency located in Rockford Hills can be bought on the dynasty 8 website at a base price of $2,415,000 or $5.092,500 (max Customization). This business can be found near the iconic Backlot City (Movie lot) in the center of the map.

This Agency location is not as central as Little Seoul, but it's close enough to get a mix of everything while still being able to move around freely. The garage entrance is quite unique as it is both underground and has two separate doors you can enter through. Similar to Little Seoul, the main entrance is one with a lot of steps preventing cars from being driven up to the door. There is also a walkover bridge on the side that is perfect for PvP.

Rockford Hills Agency Pros

  • Has the nearest access to a vehicle mod shop and Ammunation (gun store), having it being this close is excellent for players looking to keep body armor inventory stocked.
  • If you buy specific businesses, it is possible to own an Agency, CEO office and a luxury Apartment all on the same street as each other. Having everything close by is a very handy quality of life especially for the late game.
  • The Underground Garage entrance will stop any Orbital Canon strikes from killing players.
  • There are numerous obstacles and walls surrounding the main building players can use for covering fire. 
  • Multiple points of entry/exit for players to shake off unwanted followers.

Rockford Hills Agency Cons

  • Located next to the most popular CEO Office in-game (Maze Bank West), this location can be tricky to maneuver as other CEOs will be in the area more often.
  • Main Entrance can be a pain to get to if you approach from the sides.
  • Easy to be trapped underground when fighting against multiple players or most high leveled players (600+)
  • When you exit the Agency in a personal vehicle you will respawn on the streets not outside the garage entrance. If a player knows the spawn location, it is rather easy to get killed.
  • There is a security officer behind the Agency at the movie lot that will sometimes attack players if they get too close or if they are seen pointing a weapon around.


1. Hawick (Best)

Long running driveway and aerial security makes this an ideal location.

The number 1 Agency in GTA Online is located in Hawick and can be bought on the Dynasty 8 website. The starting price is $2,830,000 or for a maximum price tag of $5,507,500. This business is located extremely far from the other 3 Agencies in the northeast region of the center map next to the Diamond Casino.

This Location has my personal favorite entrances, they are all right next to each other and have zero obstacles that can cause a crash. The main building is tucked between two larger buildings preventing air assault vehicles from attacking players in the back. With so many griefers in GTA Online, having extra means of defense is always welcomed regardless of time played. 
Hawick Agency Pros

  • The Diamond Casino/music locker is directly to the right of this Agency, the Dr Dre Heist requires you to head over to the music locker so the main heist mission can begin.
  • Massive Driveway players can use it for parking their larger vehicles (MOC or Planes).
  • Surrounding High rise buildings will prevent Aircraft assault from the north (back of Agency) allowing players to focus on what's ahead.
  • Located near roads that can take you up to Sandy Shores where your bunker and other money-making businesses are.
  • The nearby buildings are perfect for covering fire when engaged in PvP combat or when fighting off aggressive npc’s (cops mostly).
  • The least active player zone out of the four Agency locations available.

Hawick Agency Cons

  • The main entrance area is really open causing most frontal assaults rather difficult to defend against.
  • No Underground feature to stop Orbital Canon Strikes.
  • Around the corner is a very aggressive Police Station that will give you a faster wanted level due to its proximity to the Casino and Main Bank.
  • The Most expensive Agency you can buy currently (not budget friendly).
  • Multiple other businesses are located in this area making it more competitive. This varies based on how many players are actively doing CEO/MC work.

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