[Top 15] GTA Online Best Weapons (Early To Late Game)

Best Weapons in GTA Online
Lock 'N Load

Make your rivals rage quit!

GTA Online players who are tired of constantly getting their asses whooped in combat can rejoice as there are some powerful weapons in the game to help turn the tide. These armaments are not for the faint of heart and can make even the most experienced criminals quiver with fear. 

Ranging from explosive launchers to sniper rifles with deadly accuracy, players can become unstoppable forces with these weapons. Through this article, you can learn about the best weapons in the game, both at lower and higher ranks, and how to use them to dominate the streets of Los Santos. 


15. Heavy Pistol (Unlocks at Rank 1)

The Heavy Pistol

Price: GTA$ 3,750

The Heavy Pistol should arguably be the first choice of weapon you should aim to acquire once you place your first steps in the unforgiving world of GTA Online. It’s cheap, customizable, and gets you out of unwanted situations.

It’s a great weapon because:

  • At rank 1, you won’t have any better option than this as your first firearm.
  • Aside from the flashlight and silencer attachments, it can be equipped with an extended clip as well which boosts the default clip size from 18 rounds to 36 rounds.
  • It has decent accuracy. 

How to get the Heavy Pistol: Ammu-Nation/Agency Armory

Heavy Pistol description: “The heavyweight champion of the magazine fed, semi-automatic handgun world. Delivers accuracy and a serious forearm workout every time.”

Heavy Pistol stats:

  • Damage: 40.00
  • Fire Rate: 40.00
  • Accuracy: 50.00
  • Range: 35.00 
  • Clip Size: 20.00
  • Overall: 37.00


14. Flare Gun (Unlocks at Rank 1)

The Flare Gun

Price: GTA$ 3,750

One of the most practical handguns in GTA Online is the Flare Gun. It’s not an offensive weapon, instead, it’s going to offer you the best protection against griefers who are going to target you with their Oppressor Mk IIs, or any form of homing missiles for that matter.

It’s a great weapon because:

  • Shooting a flare in the air is going to redirect any homing missile towards it, which would’ve otherwise blown you up into pieces.
  • As a beginner, it’s very useful for escaping dodgy situations.
  • It’s super cheap and is available at rank 1.

How to get the Flare Gun: Ammu-Nation/Agency Armory

Flare Gun description: “Use to signal distress or drunken excitement. Warning: pointing directly at individuals may cause spontaneous combustion.”

Flare Gun stats:

  • Damage: 20.00
  • Fire Rate: 10.00
  • Accuracy: 30.00
  • Range: 10.00 
  • Clip Size: 10.00
  • Overall: 16.00


13. Pipe Bomb (Unlocks at Rank 1)

The Pipe Bomb

Price: GTA$ 500

When getting attacked by NPCs, the cops, and rival players from all directions, you’d start to feel overwhelmed and would find any possible way to retreat. In such a scenario, you’d want to throw Pipe Bombs at them as an effective deterrence.

It’s a great weapon because:

  • It’s available to be bought at rank 1.
  • It explodes almost instantly when thrown at the enemy.
  • Once the Pipe Bomb explodes, it also leaves a trail of fire, perfect for fire traps.

How to get the Pipe Bomb: Ammu-Nation/Agency Armory/Gun Van

Pipe Bomb description: “Remember, it doesn't count as an IED when you buy it in a store and use it in a first world country.”

Pipe Bomb stats:

  • Damage: 85.00
  • Fire Rate: 10.00
  • Accuracy: 35.00
  • Range: 15.00 
  • Overall: 36.25


12. Sticky Bomb (Unlocks at Rank 19)

The Sticky Bomb

Price: GTA$ 600

The Sticky Bomb unlocks slightly late in your fresh criminal career, but aiming to rank up just for it is all the more worth it. Why? you may ask. Well, because it’s a bomb that sticks on any surface and will explode only when you desire. 

It’s a great weapon because:

  • It’s extremely useful for setting up traps and catching your enemies by surprise.
  • Once you stick it onto an enemy player’s car, you can sit back and relax knowing that their life is now in your hands, and they won’t be misbehaving anymore.
  • You can have 25 units of it in your inventory, and that’s a lot!

How to get the Sticky Bomb: Ammu-Nation/Agency Armory/Gun Van

Sticky Bomb description: “A plastic explosive charge fitted with a remote detonator. Can be thrown and then detonated or attached to a vehicle then detonated.”

Sticky Bomb stats:

  • Damage: 95.00
  • Fire Rate: 10.00
  • Accuracy: 30.00
  • Range: 10.00 
  • Overall: 36.25


11. Micro SMG (Unlocks at Rank 5)

The Micro SMG

Price: GTA$ 3,750

Although the Micro SMG is not a powerful weapon by any means, it sure is pretty decent for a beginner’s drive-by weapon. Its best use case is when you’re trying to take out targets while driving; you will need weapons with a high rate of fire for it and the Micro SMG fits that criterion.

It’s a great weapon because:

  • It’s the cheapest machine gun in the game.
  • Its default clip of 16 rounds can be extended to 30 rounds. Additionally, it has other useful attachments and some cool-looking tints.
  • For beginners, it should be their first choice for an automatic weapon.

How to get the Micro SMG: Ammu-Nation/Agency Armory/Can be stolen or found

Micro SMG description: “Combines compact design with a high rate of fire at approximately 700-900 rounds per minute.”

Micro SMG stats:

  • Damage: 21.00
  • Fire Rate: 60.00
  • Accuracy: 30.00
  • Range: 25.00
  • Clip Size: 20.00 
  • Overall: 31.20


10. Marksman Rifle (Unlocks at Rank 1)

The Marksman Rifle

Price: GTA$ 15,750

As a novice, you can’t be left at the mercy of high-ranked players in the game. Using pistols and submachine guns isn’t going to cut it for too long. You’ll eventually crave a long-range weapon once you realize you have zero chance to stand against your enemies taking you out from a distance. That’s where the Marksman Rifle comes in.

It’s a great weapon because:

  • It’s available to be purchased from rank 1.
  • Its high rate of fire assures you that you’ll eventually get your enemy even if you miss your first few shots with it.
  • Its already sufficient standard clip of 8 rounds can be doubled to 16 rounds. Plus, it has other useful attachments too.

How to get the Marksman Rifle: Ammu-Nation/Agency Armory

Marksman Rifle description: “Whether you're up close or a disconcertingly long way away, this weapon will get the job done. A multi-range tool for tools.”

Marksman Rifle stats:

  • Damage: 70.00
  • Fire Rate: 40.00
  • Accuracy: 80.00
  • Range: 90.00
  • Clip Size: 10.00 
  • Overall: 58.00


9. Special Carbine (Unlocks at Rank 1)

The Special Carbine

Price: GTA$ 14,750

The Special Carbine is the only Assault Rifle you’re going to need in your criminal underworld for all sorts of combat-related activities. It’s going to provide you with the best offensive firepower for a fraction of the price compared to other Assault Rifles.

It’s a great weapon because:

  • It’s available to be bought at rank 1.
  • It has tons of great attachment options.
  • It’s an all-rounder, and the only reason you might feel the need to get yourself another Assault Rifle is when using the Special Carbine will become boring.

How to get the Special Carbine: Ammu-Nation/Agency Armory/Gun Van

Special Carbine description: “Combining accuracy, maneuverability, firepower and low recoil, this is an extremely versatile assault rifle for any combat situation.”

Special Carbine stats:

  • Damage: 34.00
  • Fire Rate: 65.00
  • Accuracy: 55.00
  • Range: 40.00
  • Clip Size: 40.00 
  • Overall: 46.80


8. AP Pistol (Unlocks at Rank 33)

The AP Pistol

Price: GTA$ 5,000

Once you’ve gotten used to the unforgiving streets of Los Santos and ranked up quite a bit, you should get yourself the ultimate drive-by weapon: the AP Pistol. This handgun is hands down the best choice of weaponry for shooting during a high-speed chase. 

It’s a great weapon because:

  • It’s got an extremely high rate of fire, as it’s a fully automatic handgun.
  • Its behemoth clip size of 18 rounds can be further extended to 36 rounds.
  • It has splendid accuracy and a very light recoil.

How to get the AP Pistol: Ammu-Nation/Agency Armory

AP Pistol description: “High-penetration, fully-automatic pistol. Holds 18 rounds in magazine with option to extend to 36 rounds.”

AP Pistol stats:

  • Damage: 26.00
  • Fire Rate: 80.00
  • Accuracy: 35.00
  • Range: 30.00
  • Clip Size: 20.00 
  • Overall: 38.20


7. Assault Shotgun (Unlocks at Rank 37)

The Assault Shotgun

Price: GTA$ 10,000

For close-quarters combat, your best bet is going to be the Assault Shotgun. It’s a fully automatic shotgun that forgives you for missing your first few shots. Owning it will definitely give you a confidence boost when you step into a building with enemies holding every corner.

It’s a great weapon because:

  • It has a relatively high damage per pellet for a shotgun.
  • Its clip size can be extended to a whopping 32 rounds.
  • You can just blindly spray with it with the assurance that you’ll pin down the aggressor immediately.

How to get the Assault Shotgun: Ammu-Nation/Agency Armory/Gun Van

Assault Shotgun description: “Fully automatic shotgun with 8 round magazine and high rate of fire.”

Assault Shotgun stats:

  • Damage: 77.00
  • Fire Rate: 50.00
  • Accuracy: 25.00
  • Range: 15.00
  • Clip Size: 10.00 
  • Overall: 35.40


6. Grenade Launcher (Unlocks at Rank 60)

The Grenade Launcher

Price: GTA$ 32,400

The Ultimate choice for obliterating anyone who even dares to give you an unsolicited stare is the Grenade Launcher. It’s like a shotgun, but instead of shooting pellets, it shoots grenades. This means that whoever is on the receiving end of those projectiles will be getting a one-way ticket straight to hell.

It’s a great weapon because:

  • It’s semi-automatic and the downtime for shooting the next grenade is hardly irritating.
  • It can be used while in cover, making it the perfect choice of weaponry to clear heavy resistance.
  • It’s got a decent selection of attachments as well.

How to get the Grenade Launcher: Ammu-Nation/Agency Armory

Grenade Launcher description: “A compact, lightweight grenade launcher with semi-automatic functionality. Holds up to 10 rounds.”

Grenade Launcher stats:

  • Damage: 95.00
  • Fire Rate: 20.00
  • Accuracy: 10.00
  • Range: 50.00
  • Clip Size: 20.00 
  • Overall: 39.00


5. Combat MG Mk II (Unlocks at Rank 80)

The Combat MG Mk II

Price: GTA$ 14,800 (GTA$ 119,000 for conversion)

The Combat MG Mk II is the pinnacle of badassery in GTA Online. Its ability to take out enemies with great accuracy makes it an extremely effective machine gun. Once your enemies see you pulling it out, they’ll sure as hell run for cover.

It’s a great weapon because:

  • It’s the best machine gun in its class.
  • With Bunker Research, you can unlock a ton of cool customizations and weapon attachments for it.
  • Its high rate of fire and a humongous magazine capacity of 100 rounds (upgradeable to 200 rounds) devastates unarmored vehicles.

How to get the Combat MG Mk II: Weapon Workshop

Combat MG Mk II description: “You can never have too much of a good thing: after all, if the first shot counts, then the next hundred or so must count for double.”

Combat MG Mk II stats:

  • Damage: 57.00
  • Fire Rate: 65.00
  • Accuracy: 45.00
  • Range: 60.00
  • Clip Size: 70.00 
  • Overall: 59.40


4. Up-n-Atomizer (Available from Rank 1)

The Up-n-Atomizer

Price: GTA$ 399,000

The weirdest, yet the coolest, weapon on this list is the Up-n-Atomizer. It’s part of the Arena Wars update that brought various futuristic weapons, clothing, and vehicles into the game. It shoots portal-like blasts that effectively knock over objects.

It’s a great weapon because:

  • It’s extremely practical. You can get your vehicle unstuck from a ditch or an awkward spot by shooting it.
  • It has unlimited ammo.
  • It’s perfect for trolling others.

How to get the Up-n-Atomizer: Agency Armory/Gun Van

Up-n-Atomizer description: “A futuristic alien pistol, also known as Raygun. Republican Space Ranger Special, fresh from the galactic war on socialism: no ammo, no mag, just one brutal energy pulse after another.”

Up-n-Atomizer stats:

  • Damage: 80.00
  • Fire Rate: 10.00
  • Accuracy: 10.00
  • Range: 50.00
  • Clip Size: 10.00 
  • Overall: 32.00


3. Heavy Sniper Mk II (Unlocks at Rank 80)

The Heavy Sniper Mk II

Price: GTA$ 38,150 (GTA$ 165,375 for conversion)

The Heavy Sniper Mk II is literally going to make you a supervillain in the lobby. Its immensely high damage coupled with some overpowered attachments will make you a force not to be reckoned with. 

It’s a great weapon because:

  • It can be equipped with explosive rounds. This means that you’ll get the power to take out even jets from the sky.
  • For PvP, this is going to be your go-to weapon.
  • It has the potential to make your enemies cry and ask for a time-out.

How to get the Heavy Sniper Mk II: Weapon Workshop

Heavy Sniper Mk II description: “Far away, yet always intimate: if you're looking for a secure foundation for that long-distance relationship, this is it.”

Heavy Sniper Mk II stats:

  • Damage: 98.00
  • Fire Rate: 20.00
  • Accuracy: 90.00
  • Range: 100.00
  • Clip Size: 5.00 
  • Overall: 62.60


2. Rocket Launcher (Unlocks at Rank 100)


Price: GTA$ 26,250

The Rocket Launcher, or RPG, is the weapon of choice for those who aren’t afraid to assert dominance on the streets and terrorize everyone who crosses their path. It’s the paramount weapon for blowing up vehicles and getting enemies to run for safety once they see you approaching them with it.

It’s a great weapon because:

  • You can literally stop a fleet of cops trying to take you down in their police cruisers.
  • You can take out a group of enemies easily with it. It’s got a decent blast radius.
  • Anyone being a nuisance will start behaving themselves if you take them out with the RPG a couple of times.

How to get the Rocket Launcher: Ammu-Nation/Agency Armory/Gun Van

Rocket Launcher description: “A portable, shoulder-launched, anti-tank weapon that fires explosive warheads. Very effective for taking down vehicles or large groups of assailants.”

Rocket Launcher stats:

  • Damage: 100.00
  • Fire Rate: 5.00
  • Accuracy: 10.00
  • Range: 70.00
  • Clip Size: 10.00 
  • Overall: 39.00


1. Minigun (Unlocks at Rank 120)

The Minigun

Price: GTA$ 47,000

The Minigun is the supreme weapon of destruction that guarantees you to obliterate anyone who pushes their luck too far against you. With a fire rate equivalent to an annoying child throwing continuous tantrums, the Minigun will only stop shooting once you let go of the trigger.

It’s a great weapon because:

  • Spraying with it will make you unstoppable. 
  • Cars, bikes, planes, all of them have a tiny chance to survive your wraith.
  • To take out enemies, it’s just a matter of pointing at them and shooting. Rest assured, the Minigun WILL kill them.

How to get the Minigun: Ammu-Nation/Agency Armory

Minigun description: “A devastating 6-barrel machine gun that features Gatling-style rotating barrels. Very high rate of fire (2000 to 6000 rounds per minute).”

Minigun stats:

  • Damage: 30.00
  • Fire Rate: 100.00
  • Accuracy: 40.00
  • Range: 55.00
  • Clip Size: 90.00 
  • Overall: 63.00



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