[Top 5] GTA Online Best Auto Shop Locations To Buy

Top 5 best auto shops in GTA Online
Inside a pimped out Auto Shop in GTA Online

GTA Online saw a new and expansive update known as the Los Santos Tuners update, and this brought a whole array of exciting vehicles, parts for vehicles, miscellaneous items, and even a new business. The Auto Shops are new and a great addition to any GTA Online player who loves their vehicles. Not only that, these Auto Shops give players a lot more for their money than other businesses, such as mini heists and a quick way to make a few extra thousand when a customer brings in their vehicle. But there’s 5 Auto Shops in GTA Online, and as such I’ve created a list which goes over the positives and negatives of each location. Have a browse below if you’re thinking about buying one.


5.  mission Row

The Mission Row Auto Shop, located on the East of the city, is one the closest to the LS Car Meet building, being as easy as following a simple road. It’s important to note that Mission Row is also one of the cheapest Auto Shops that you can buy, which will save you money that you can use to purchase upgrades for the Shop.

I would mention though that, despite the location of the Mission Row Auto Shop being on the East of the city, a good majority of the missions and exports of modified cars for customers are on the left West or North-West side of the map, which means you’ll  be spending more time driving to earn money. If you do only want a cheap Auto Shop though, I highly recommend this one! I’ve summarised below why you should purchase the Mission Row:

  • If you’re on a budget
  • Plan on buying staff for the Auto Shop
  • Want to be close to the LS Car Meet
  • Have other businesses in or near the East of the GTA map


4. Rancho

The Auto Shop located in Rancho is the furthest-south Auto Shop that you can buy, and is ideal if you spend a lot of time at the Los Santos International Airport. This location offers a colorful exterior with a variety of decals plastered all over the outside walls. Access to the front garage is also convenient due it being located next to the one of many main roads.

That brings me to my next  point, which is that this location is positioned close to the highway and other key roads, which is convenient for players who need to get across the city quickly. But players should be warned that this location is fairly costly at $1,750,000, which is a large price tag for an Auto Shop. If you plan on using it lots though, I highly recommend this Auto Shop for you. Below is a summary of what makes the Rancho Auto Shop suitable for you:

  • Good access to many important roads to get around the city
  • Colorful exterior
  • Close to the Los Santos International Airport
  • Fast and close to the LS Car Meet


3. Strawberry

A video where somebody purchases the Strawberry Auto Shop

The Strawberry Auto Shop is one of the best Auto Shop locations if you want one located in the near-center of the city, and it also has excellent access to the highway and other fast roads in the city. Despite not being the most modern looking Auto Shop that players can buy, it does have a retro appearance that I can see many players liking. It’s also within walking distance of Benny’s custom works, making it the ideal location for players who love pimping’ out their rides to the extreme.

The price tag for the Strawberry Auto Shop is also quite good, costing players $1,705,000. One final piece to mention is that the LS Car meet is both easy and quick to get to from this location, providing your car is quick and that your driving skills are adequate. Below is a list to summarise why the Strawberry Auto Shop could be suitable for you:

  • A great price
  • Excellent location within the city
  • Great access to important roads
  • A good location when doing Auto Shop missions


2. La Mesa

A video that shows off the La Mesa Auto Shop location

The La Mesa Auto Shop is the priciest Auto Shop that players can buy, costing $1,920,000! There’s a reason this Auto Shop is valued so high though, and that’s because of it being located nearest to the Casino and also being the Auto Shop furthest to the East of the city. Getting to the LS Car Meet from here is a simple drive, and like the Strawberry Auto Shop location, has excellent access to the highway.

The Auto Shop also has amazing entrance access, and isn’t owned by many players. This is a bonus if you’re looking for an Auto Shop that isn’t constantly surrounded by other players. Here is a list of the benefits that you’ll get from purchasing the La Mesa Auto Shop:

  • It’s the closest Auto Shop to the Casino
  • It’s closest to other important businesses such as an Arcade or Vehicle Warehouse
  • The LS Car Meet is just down the road from this location
  • It’s located beside the highway


1. Burton

A video that explore the Burton Auto Shop

The Burton Auto Shop is the second most expensive Auto Shop in GTA Online, and will set players back $1,830,000. The reason for this is that it’s located near the top-center of the map, and that makes it easy to get to either Los Santos Customs, an office, Auto Shop missions, or the Casino. The Burton Auto Shop is ideal for those who have the majority of their businesses in or around the top of the city, as the Burton Auto Shop has good access to many important roads for getting around the entire GTA map.

I would definitely recommend this location if you want to make money tuning up and delivering cars to customers, as this is the location closest to where the majority of the customers want their cars delivered. One important thing to mention is that this area of the city has a lot of traffic and steep roads, so you’ll want to have a fast car with good driving skills in order to get around efficiently. Below is a list of reasons why this Auto Shop may be perfect for you:

  • One of the best locations in the city for the majority of businesses
  • This is the closest Auto Shop to customers who want their cars delivered to them
  • An awesome exterior
  • Good access to most of the CEO offices and garages


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