[Top 10] GTA Online Best Drift Cars

GTA online top 10 drift cars, 10 best drift cars in GTA online
But Can your car Drift?

Not all cars in GTA Online can do a real drift. It takes the right car, customizing, and skills to properly drift a car in game.

When it comes to finding a great drift car, the looks of the car aren’t what are important, but what’s under that car is where it’s at. Brakes, suspension, speed, and general dynamics are all important when it comes to finding a perfect drift car. In GTA, this involves initial testing, customizing in the shop, and stancing the vehicle. A stance in real life has to do with lowering suspension, stretching tires, adding negative camber, and other things I don’t understand because I don’t drift real cars. In GTA, you shoot the rims to knock the car down and hope you don’t blow yourself up in the process. It’s a game glitch that helps make vehicles drift better.


10. Drift Tampa- 

Drift Tampa Showcase

The Drift Vehicle that was not a drift vehicle. Sounds like a tale of two cities doesn’t it? The Drift Tampa was released with a lot of hype and promise of awesome drifting capabilities, beast like boost and roaring engine power, but after test driving and hitting your first long slide at a high speed, it was more like a loud cat screech and a disappointing ending. At a slow speed, you can get a slow drift going with the Tampa. The body modifications like the panels, bumpers, stock brakes, and roll cages do give the vehicle the proper appearance of a drift vehicle, it just lacks the full luster that other vehicles in this list have.


9.Schyster Deviant- 

Schyster Deviant showcase

The Schyster Deviant is a sports drifting vehicle with a long body. Adding skirts, and splitters, and leaving stock brakes on this vehicle will assist in making this car slide.  The vehicle drifts really slow, but is not a great car for speed boosting and not great for efficiency. It will slide but only holds for a short period of time when you stance it. 


8.Willard Faction -

Williard Faction showcase

40k to buy before upgrades.  Classic lowrider, don't forget to add your mariachi bobblehead to the dash for good measure. Adding speed boost, and lowering the suspension and out the door the Faction goes. As a beginner drifter, and at lower speeds, you can drift just fine and have a clean turn out. It's great for learning how to control drift cars.  It’s a relatively cheap investment, and a lot of fun to drive.


7. Vapid Retinue- 

Retinue MKII showcase

Strip it down, supe it up with some sweet tires and away you go. Initial test drifting vehicle shows a decent slide but too much grip on the rear. The Vapid isn't super fast paced, and on an obstacle drift course, but once it hits it’s boost, it’s a little rocket! The vehicle does not drop when trying to shoot at the rims to stance, so this is it. In rain, the vehicle slips and slides everywhere making it a blast to play with.


6.Karin Futo- 

Karin Futo drift showcase

Starting with the Karin Futo, this car is an older Japanese model vehicle. This is a perfect beginner drifting vehicle because you really need to focus on customizing, and because this is a stolen vehicle, you can spend your money on parts! Being a beginner drifter, you will want to add skirts, bumpers, exhausts, lower the suspension, change the tires, add turbo, and then stance the vehicle. When stancing the vehicle, you are shooting the “star” between the outer rim and the inner lug nuts of the wheel. When you see the car drop on all four sides, the car is stanced. While test driving, the Futa takes a smooth curve nicely and doesn’t pull tension. It is lightweight, fast, and easy to control so this not only makes for a good drifting vehicle but an overall good racing vehicle.

5.Vulcar Nebula - 

Nebula Turbo drift showcase

The Nebula runs at a 797,000 initial investment, with full bars  acceleration stats and very minimal braking, so right out of the gate this vehicle took a swing right into the streets of Los Santos. Into the garage for customizing, I added the sticker bomb hood for fun colors, vacation luggage (because come on, drifting with vacation luggage is hilarious), lowered the suspension to competition, and added the drift intercooler bumper. With the Nebula, you also have the option to stance the vehicle under suspension so you won’t need to do this after. During a test run, the vehicle turns in and out smoothly and slips around obstacles but veers off a bit too much which can be problematic. Overall, it’s a great drift vehicle and for an experienced player, would be an excellent addition to their collection.


4.Rapid GT Classic- 

Rapid Gt Classic Drift showcase

Another lengthy muscle car,The Rapid GT Classic is modeled after the Aston Martin.  If you are trigger happy with your controller, you can change to racing brakes on this vehicle, but I stayed with stock brakes.  When test driving on the course, this car did need to be stanced first before it would drift at all. Otherwise, it was stiff, but I love muscle cars, and once the suspension was dropped, it moved much more freely. 


3.Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire- 

Gauntlet Hellfire Drift showcase

The Hellfire is a top speed muscle car that is heavy handed and though it has a natural wide spin, you can easily lose control of the vehicle if you are still wet behind the ears on drifting vehicles. Customizing isn't too pricey as you don't have to make too many adjustments.  The speeds on this car and ability to use it in drag racing makes the higher price point of 745,000 seem more reasonable.


2. Drift Yosemite -

Drift Yosemite drift showcase

It takes about  981k-1.3mil to buy the Drift Yosemite. This lowrider truck was the second released vehicle made for drifting in GTA. The Yosemite has some nice choices in customization, but you can take the vehicle out as is and it runs just beautifully. I also love that it’s a low riding truck and the long bed style gives it that extra slide appeal. I chose to do minor customizing with mine. I stayed with stock brakes, lowered my suspension to competition level, and changed to a bright flashy green color. In testing, the truck is very slippery. On the competition suspension, the truck slides better and the added boosts this truck comes with makes it an exceptional obstacle race vehicle. 


1.Banshee 900R - 

Banshee 900R drift showcase

The Banshee 900R Viper clone will initially run you 105,000 dollars plus the 900,000 dollar upgrade. This vehicle is the fine line body of the game, with the smooth criminal curves it can pull off and the long draws that leave those lasting marks everyone likes to see.  It may be expensive, but with the added boost, being one of the fastest vehicles, and least amount of additions to clutter it up, this is the top drift vehicle currently in the game. 




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