[Top 10] GTA Online Best PvP Outfits

Best PvP Outfits
Best GTA Online PvP Outfits

10. Urban Armor (The Star)

Armor without losing style

The Urban Armor Outfits came with the Cayo Perico Heist and comes in one of four variations: The Newbie, The Polished, The Star, and The Visionary. These outfits offer the first custom body armor that increases player defense against non-explosive body shots. The mask variant for the Visionary and The Polished outfits do not offer any protection from headshots. These outfits are a good starting point for brand new players who are looking to purchase cheap clothing that offers some damage reduction. 

I recommend new players get the Newbie outfit, as it is the cheapest players can get at a mere $36,052 of in-game cash. This armor set only reduces upper body damage forcing players to be extra cautious of headshot attempts.

How to get the Urban Armor Outfit

All Urban Armor can be bought at any nearby clothing store at the cashier desk.

  • The Newbie is the cheapest variation and will cost players $36,052.
  • The Polished outfit will be $59,652.
  • The Visionary is the most expensive of the bunch with a total of $61,319.
  • The Final outfit players can buy from this set is The Star for $55,819.     


9. Upscale Armor (The Swanky)

Kingpin or Killer, Why not Both

The Upscale Armor set released with the Diamond Casino Heist DLC back on December 12th, 2019. This set has a requirement that players must complete the respective diamond casino heist mission, or the set will remain locked as shown above. When players are done completing this prerequisite mission, they will quickly realize that buying one of the six options was very worthwhile.  

The Swanky and The Smart variants are the only two that come with a fur jacket, GTA physics on bullet damage will not register if the bullets encounter the fur section.  This doesn’t mean players will be invincible to bullets, but it means their characters will have a smaller hitbox even with a larger build.

How to get The Upscale Armor

There are six Upscale Armor to choose from: The Swanky, The Smart, The Neat, The Spruce, The Dashing, and The Trendy.

  • Players can only get this outfit after completing the final Diamond casino mission and only if they used “Upscale Armor” as the heist outfit during setup.
  • All six outfits will be available at Suburban or Ponsonbys at the cashier's desk.   


8. Grassland Armor (The Analyst)

King of Paintball

Grassland Armor dropped with the Cayo Perico Heist DLC on December 15th, 2020, and like their namesake, all four Grassland Armor is the perfect choice for stealth combat that’s taking place in grassy/mountainous areas. The price range for these starts off at $49,252 and will go up to a max of $86,311. 

I highly recommend players choose The Analyst outfit as it is the only option in the bunch that comes with a reinforced helmet (Lowers headshot damage). It should be noted that this will be the most expensive choice to buy. I’ve concluded that The Analyst and The Tracker outfits work best when worn in Sandy Shores while The Naturalist and The Coordinator work best in Blaine County and Vinewood Hills.

How to get Grassland Armor Outfits

  • The Analyst can be bought at any Suburban or Ponsonbys Clothing store from the female cashiers located directly in front both entrances for $86,311.
  • The Tracker can be bought at any Suburban or Ponsonbys Clothing store from the female cashiers located directly in front both entrances for $51,815.
  • The Coordinator can be bought at any Suburban or Ponsonbys Clothing store from the female cashiers located directly in front both entrances for $40,825
  • The Naturalist can be bought at any Suburban or Ponsonbys Clothing store from the female cashiers located directly in front both entrances for $49,252.  


7. Gruppe Sechs Gear (The Rigid)

I can't see outta this thing Steve

Gruppe Sechs Outfits are another set released with the Diamond Casino Heist DLC and for most the best purchase players can make. The reason for this is due to this specific category being an updated version of the pre-existing security outfits. There are Five variations that come with built-in body armor and riot helmet that will reduce player damage by 50%.

For the past 5 years, Rockstar (Game developer) has been steadily increasing the cost of new outfits, sometimes even exceeding the million-dollar mark. For all the Collectors out there, you will be delighted to know the total cost for all Gruppe Sechs Gear will add up to less than $250,000.

How to get Gruppe Sechs Gear Outfits

There are six different outfits to choose from once you have completed the specific criteria mission for the Diamond Casino heist.

  • The Rigid can be bought at any clothing store for $56,980 and has a helmet that is locked in the downward position.
  • The Imposer is the variation of The Rigid with the helmet going up instead of down for a low price of $44,555, a good price drop for a minuscule change.
  • The Shatterproof is the third variation of The Rigid that comes in a button up short sleeve shirt for the lowest price of the entire category at $28,825.
  • The Defender is the fourth variation and continuing the trend, comes without any helmet but instead comes with a black hat as replacement.
  • The Unbreakable outfit is a white and black variation like The Shatterproof outfit but with the helmet down. The cost is $58,773.
  • The Enacter is the last of the Gruppe Sechs outfits and is basically the same as the imposer but with a long white shirt and no glasses. Total cost of $44,060.


6. Upgraded Tech (The Accomplice) 


The Upgraded Tech is the first armored night vision outfit on this list and was released with The Diamond Casino Heist update back in late 2019. There are six Upgraded Tech outfits to choose from, unfortunately players will be required to complete some prerequisite missions before they are able to make a purchase. 

After the finale is complete, players should buy the cheap option for $89k and then choose the variant they truly want at a discounted price ($100 to $3520 price change). To activate night vision, players must open their interactive menu, click the style subheading then choose accessories, go to helmets and hit activate for continuous night vision.

How to get The Upgraded Tech Outfit

Players can buy all six Upgraded Tech outfits at the nearest clothing store after completing the respective Diamond Casino Heist Finale.


5. Modernized Tech (The Concealed)

I'm not Looking, I swear

Modernized Tech, what a name, released back in late 2019 and was responsible for the introduction of custom-made night vision outfits that had built in armor and were completely all black. There are currently only six Modernized Tech outfits you can choose from that will also require the completion of some prerequisite missions.

Having the ability to switch to night vision is a huge bonus in night PvP combat as players will find it a lot easier to locate your enemies from a distance. This when paired with an armored vehicle (Nightshark or Insurgent) will be the closest thing we get to an unstoppable combo in GTA Online.

How to get The Modernized Tech Outfit

Players can buy all six Modernized Tech outfits at the nearest clothing store only after completing the respective Diamond Casino Heist Finale; it should also be made aware that there is no noticeable difference between the six outfits beside an obvious longer black shirt.


4. Reinforced Padded Combat (The Swamp)

"If i stay still, they wont see me"

The Padded Combat armor set is the last outfit category on this list for the Diamond Casino Heist and the best armor set players can buy from this DLC when paired with a bulletproof helmet. Even without a helmet this outfit will still outperform the other, simply because of the extra padding it has on the arms and legs, these paddings will drastically reduce fall damage and vehicle hits.

I recommend all play styles get this outfit, there are some freemode events that really shine when you wear this outfit (Longest Bail freemode event). For players who don’t own a bulletproof helmet, getting this outfit will be less worth overall but since you’ll eventually get one for free, it should be worth the investment. 

How to get the Padded Combat Outfit

GTA Online players can buy all six outfits at their local clothing store. Also players will get a discount on all variations once a first purchase is made in the category.

  • The Woods outfit will cost players $62,864 in-game cash.
  • The Desert outfit will cost $63,249.
  • The Icefield is $58,723 to buy.
  • The Grassland will be the cheapest at $57,029.
  • The Glacier is $59,498.
  • The Swamp is the most expensive of the group, coming in at $65,108.


3. Scuba (Splinter Scuba)

Finding Willy 

Scuba suits were released with the Doomsday Heist DLC and are rather unique in the sense that when players enter a body of dive-able water, they will no longer lose oxygen and the shoes will transform into flippers making water movement significantly faster. This outfit is the best for underwater travel guaranteeing itself a permanent spot in your wardrobe loadout (allowed 10 saves at maximum).

From the moment I bought my first scuba outfit, I’ve never once removed it from my loadout rotation. When the first GTA V generational move happened from old gen (PS3, Xbox 360) to new gen (PS4, Xbox One), players were then able to switch among some saved outfits from their interaction menu. After it became so easy to change outfits, PvP gamers started to use the scuba outfit for escaping/attacking lobby players or for escaping aggressive NPC’s (Non playable characters).

How to get the Scuba Gear Outfit 

There are 22 different scuba gear outfits to choose from containing all the major color pallets.

  • The cheapest option is the Blue Scuba for $156,000
  • The most expensive option will cost players $163,000
  • The Splinter Scuba can be bought for $ 162,500


2. Team Heavy (Forest)

I can do it

The Outfit series titled “Team” is a dedicated outfit group designed with the sole purpose of giving players the best defense option for cheap, this is only because the initial release was years before the GTA Online Inflation. When players buy this outfit, they will have permanent access to the bulletproof helmet and are then able to customize it with other outfits.

Basically, once you buy this Outfit you will have the ability to make any old and new outfits in GTA Online an Armored set. As an active Day 1 GTA Online player, I can say with 100% confidence that most GTA players will have forgotten about this old method.

How to get the Team Heavy

GTA Online players can buy this outfit at the local clothing store and will receive a discounted price after their first purchase is confirmed. Also, if players already own all the items in an outfit, the final price will drop to $100. The discounted price when players own the boots (Free item) is:

  • Team Heavy Urban will cost players $30,723.
  • Team Heavy Steel will cost players $31,009.
  • Team Heavy Tundra will cost players $28,083
  • Team Heavy Forest will be the most expensive of the bunch at a total of $32,175.


1. Heist Heavy Combat (The Strength)


The Heist Heavy Combat is the best defense outfit set (Bulletproof helmet from #2) players can buy for PvP combat in GTA Online and it has remained that way since March 10, 2015, the day this outfit was released. There are only two variants that have the lower body padding (The Full body and The Strength) so it is highly recommended players choose from these only if they want the full benefit.

I bought this the day it was released, and right after I paired it with the bulletproof helmet and made it into a personal outfit. Since that day, I have never once taken it out of my saved outfits. If there are no other outfits on this list that piques your curiosity, then at least take this advice from a Veteran GTA Player, BUY IT.

How to get the Heavy Combat Outfit

To get the full outfit mentioned above:

  • Players will need to head over to the local clothing store and look for the category called “Outfits: Heist Heavy Combat”.  
  • After picking the outfit you want, go back once and scroll up until you find the category titled “Outfits: Team Heavy”, then buy one of the five options listed.
  • Players can now add the bulletproof helmet to the Heavy Combat outfit bought and then saved as a personal outfit.


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