[Top 10] GTA Online Best MK2 Weapons

What's better than a death machine? An enhanced one!

GTA Online has changed in the past few years; the gameplay went from holding up stores and robbing gangsters to fighting heavily armoured robots wielding miniguns. Rockstar knew you would need more firepower for such enemies, which is why they released MKII weapons.

What are MK2 Weapons?

Added with the Gunrunning update, the MKII (short for Mark 2) weapons are updated variations of already existing GTA Online guns. The upgrade allows you to add attachments, unlock camos and liveries, and add custom rounds.

Why are they important?

  • They are significantly better than their standard variations
  • They’re fun to use
  • Fully customizable with visual and performance modifications
  • Allow you to use special rounds like Tracer, Explosive, FMJ, and incendiary rounds.

Today we’ll give you a list of the top 10 MKII weapons available in GTA Online. Read on.


10. Pistol MKII

First on our list is the Pistol MKII, the enhanced variant of the regular Pistol. This gun isn’t the finest on our list, but it’s a must-have.

The MKII variant gives it a good damage bonus (32 per round) and allows you to equip a mounted scope and compensator for better accuracy and recoil control. It basically solves the issues the standard variant had.

What the Pistol MKII excels at:

  • Cheap and reliable: best choice if you’re out of options
  • Classic feeling: it feels realistic when you use it
  • Customizable: mounted scope and compensator, and custom rounds like armour-piercing bullets.

How to get the Pistol MKII:

  • Can be converted from a Pistol at the Weapon Workshop for $73,750.

Pistol MKII details:

  • Description: Balance, simplicity, precision—nothing keeps the peace like an extended barrel in the other guy's mouth.
  • Custom pistol: unlockable skins and attachments
  • Unlockable bullet options: Incendiary, Tracer, Hollow point, and FMJ rounds



  Next is the SMG MKII, based on the real-life MPX. The upgrade gives it a fresh new look, different from the “washed-out” standard design.

The SMG MKII does 25 instead of 22 damage per shot and has a higher fire rate than the already fast SMG MKI. You can use that to your advantage during close-quarter encounters or while shooting from a helicopter or motorcycle.

It is best used against NPCs without armour, and we highly suggest going for headshots. You can apply custom rounds and attachments thanks to the MKII, so build it however you like.

What the SMG MKII excels at:

  • Fire rate: high fire rate, allowing for easy headshots
  • Close-quarter combat is perfect for shredding enemies in tight spaces
  • Clearing NPCs: efficient against low-armour NPCs like gangsters

How to get the SMG MKII:

  • Buy standard variant from Ammu-Nation
  • Upgrade at you Weapon Workshop

SMG MKII details:

  • Description: Lightweight, compact, and with a rate of fire to die very messily for, turn any confined space into a kill box at the click of a well-oiled trigger.
  • Capacity: 20 rounds (Specialised ammo) 30 rounds (60 with an extended clip) 
  • Price: $85,500 (Workshop conversion)


8. Carbine Rifle MKII

Next is the Carbine Rifle MKII, a good weapon if you’re the type of player who wants a balance between damage, fire rate, and accuracy.

The Carbine Rifle is an elegant piece of weaponry; it sounds nice and shoots even nicer. It has excellent accuracy over distance, which makes for easy headshots. The fire rate is high, so you’ll be landing most of your shots most of the time. Combine the heavy barrel with armour-piercing rounds and see how you shred players at 100 feet.

What the Carbine Rifle MKII excels at:

  • Accuracy at long range: no bullet is wasted
  • High fire rate: perfect for PVP
  • Damage output: it deals massive DPS at 33 points per round.

How to get the Carbine Rifle MKII:

  • Buy standard variant from Ammu-Nation
  • Purchase a Weapons Workshop
  • Upgrade it to MKII through the workshop

Carbine Rifle MKII details:

  • Description: Combining long-distance accuracy with a high-capacity magazine, the Carbine Rifle can be relied on to make the hit. Ammo capacity: 20 rounds (Specialised ammo) 30 rounds (60 with an extended clip)
  • Price: $107,500
  • Unlocks at Rank: 42


7. Marksman Rifle MKII

  The Marksman Rifle MKII looks like an Assault Rifle, but it’s the farthest thing from that. It’s a semi-auto rifle that deals crazy damage at high RPM, making it perfect for PVP.

This beast deals 75 damage per shot, and combined with the wide choice of attachments and liveries and all the good stuff, you can find yourself clearing heists all by yourself.

If you choose to remove the scope, you’ll end up with a semi-auto rifle that kills players almost instantly within close or medium range. It’s an excellent upgrade if long-range combat isn’t your priority.

What the Marksman Rifle MKII excels at:

  • Even more useful for multiple situations: can be fully used for close-quarters combat thanks to the modified scope
  • Special ammo: can be equipped with ammo like Incendiary rounds
  • DPS: shoots like a rifle, hits like a sniper, perfect combo

How to get the Marksman Rifle MKII:

  • Purchase the MKI variant, then upgrade it at your Weapon Workshop

Marksman Rifle MKII details:

  • Description: Known in military circles as The Dislocator, this mod set will destroy both the target and your shoulder, in that order.
  • Ammo capacity: 8 rounds (16 with Extended Clip) and 5 with Special Ammo.
  • Price: $149,000 (upgrade price)


6. Pump Shotgun MKII

Up next is a shotgun that is both efficient and satisfying to use: the Pump Shotgun MKII, an upgraded version of GTA’s version of the Remington 870.

While this buckshot pump-action shotgun isn’t the finest in its class, it deals 32 damage per shot over a slightly slow fire rate. Where’s the catch? The MKII upgrade is only available for the Pump Shotgun.

Even though the upgrade gives you access to attachments, allowing for a better tactical advantage, the biggest improvement is access to special ammo. You can equip explosive or incendiary rounds, which let you wreck players, NPCs, vehicles, and pretty much anything that moves.

It’s a must-have, especially the explosive round combination.

What the Pump Shotgun MKII excels at:

  • Damage: best pick for close-range combat
  • Customization: can be equipped with attachments like sights and muzzles
  • Special ammo: one of two weapons with access to explosive rounds

How to get the Pump Shotgun MKII:

  • Purchase the MKI variant at Ammu-Nation
  • Upgrade it at your Weapon Workshop

Pump Shotgun MKII details:

  • Description: Only one thing pumps more than action: watch out, the recoil is almost as deadly as the shot.
  • Capacity: 8 Shells
  • Price: $82,500 (Workshop conversion)


5. Bullpup Rifle MKII

Next is a popular weapon in Free Mode lobbies: the Bullpup MKII. This rapid-firing rifle has been a nightmare for PVP fans.

Why? It has the highest DPS in the assault rifle class. Combine that with a heavy barrel and grip thanks to the MKII upgrade, and you have yourself a gun that maintains laser accuracy at fully automatic fire.

What the Bullpup Rifle MKII excels at:

  • DPS: highest DPS in an assault rifle, top 5 in all classes.
  • High fire rate: perfect for PVP
  • Stability: maintains recoil even for far targets
  • Easy Headshots: perfect for landing consecutive headshots

How to get the Bullpup Rifle MKII:

  • Buy standard variant from Ammu-Nation
  • Purchase a Weapons Workshop
  • Upgrade it to MKII through the workshop

Bullpup Rifle MKII details:

  • Description: So precise and exquisite, it's not so much a hail of bullets as a symphony.
  • Price: $105,750 (conversion at the workshop)
  • Capacity: 20 rounds (specialised ammo), 30 rounds (60 Extended clips)


4. Heavy Revolver MK II

  The Heavy Revolver MK II, also known as the best pistol in GTA Online, Using it is the equivalent of running around with an orbital cannon in your hand.

Here’s how to use it: Buy the normal Single-Action Heavy Revolver variant, upgrade it to the Double-Action MKII variant, add the Hollow Point rounds to it, and voila! You can’t die!

The damage per shot, accuracy and attachments all add up, so build it carefully to get the most out of your MKII Heavy Revolver

What the Heavy Revolver MK II excels at:

  • Damage output: one bullet to a non-maxed-health player
  • PVP: excellent for finishing damaged players
  • Vehicle damage: good for NPC cars and helicopters
  • Multiple customization options are deadly when built correctly

How to get the Heavy Revolver MK II:

  • Buy normal variant at Ammu-Nation
  • Upgrade it to MKII at a Weapon Workshop

Heavy Revolver MK II details:

  • Description: If you can lift it, this is the closest you'll get to shooting someone with a freight train.
  • Price: $99,000 (Conversion at Weapon Workshop)


3. Heavy Sniper MK II

Ah, yes, the Heavy Sniper MKII. It’s the only weapon you truly need out of all the others on the list; it opens so many closed doors.

Inspired by a 50-cal sniper, the Heavy Sniper MKII was built for long-range combat for NPCs and players. You can’t win a long-range gunfight even with the best Assault rifle or machine gun, so a sniper rifle is a must-have.

The MKII variant allows you to equip explosive rounds; they let you one-shot any player or blow up any vehicle within the 1500-metre range. You can also equip a thermal or multiple-zoom scope for better accuracy.

What the Heavy Sniper MKII excels at:

  • Damage: normal rounds one-shot anything that lives; explosive rounds blow up anything that moves.
  • Upgraded stats: MKII variant significantly improves performance
  • PVP: mandatory for long-range combat against players
  • Versatile: can be used against players, NPCs, cars, planes, or anything else.

How to get Heavy Sniper MKII:

  • Buy standard variant from Ammu-Nation
  • Purchase a Weapons Workshop
  • Upgrade it to MKII through the workshop

Heavy Sniper MKII details:

  • Description: Far away yet always intimate, if you're looking for a secure foundation for that long-distance relationship, this is it.
  • Price: $165,375 (conversion at the workshop)
  • Capacity: 4 rounds (Specialised ammo), 6 rounds (8 with Extended Clip)


2. Special Carbine MK II

The Special Carbine MKII is a popular assault rifle in GTA Online; half the player base uses it for everything, especially PVE activities.

While the standard variant is nice too, the MKII upgrade gives you even more DPS and tactical advantages. The upgrade gives you better accuracy and lower recoil thanks to the attachments.

Keep in mind that you lose the 100-round drum mag with the upgrade, but it’s certainly worth it.

What the Special Carbine MKII excels at:

  • Damage: second highest in its class
  • PVP: excellent DPS; can be combined with incendiary or armour-piercing rounds for even better performance.
  • PVE: perfect rifle for the entirety of the game, reliable for all difficulties
  • Customizable: wide range of visual and performance mods

How to get the Special Carbine MKII:

  • Buy standard variant from Ammu-Nation
  • Purchase a Weapons Workshop
  • Upgrade it to MKII through the workshop

Special Carbine MKII details:

  • Description: Combining accuracy, manoeuvrability, firepower, and low recoil, this is an extremely versatile assault rifle for any combat situation.
  • Price: $135,000. (conversion at the workshop)
  • Capacity: 20 rounds (Specialised ammo), 30 rounds (60 with Extended Clip)


1. Combat MG MKII

The best MK II weapon in GTA Online is the Combat MG MKII. The entire community agrees that using it almost feels like cheating.

The MKII variant gets a visual upgrade; it looks newer and more polished. It does 47 instead of 45 damage per shot, and you can now equip attachments for long-range combat and recoil like the muzzle break, grip, and heavy barrel, making it reliable for combat at all ranges.

It does everything you’d want a gun to do: shoot fast, hit hard, have big magazines, have good range, and be very accurate. It would be insane to pick another weapon over the Combat MG MKII during gunfights.

What the Combat MG MKII excels at:

  • Damage: higher than most weapons in GTA Online, highest if you consider other stats
  • PVP: excellent DPS; kills players with a few bullets at any range
  • PVE: perfect for clearing areas fast and with good ammo economy
  • Consistency: very reliable for all ranges and against all types of enemies and vehicles
  • Modified bullets: can use custom rounds for even more damage.
  • Customizable: it now has mods that the standard variant desperately needed

How to get the Combat MG MKII:

  • Buy standard variant from Ammu-Nation
  • Purchase a Weapons Workshop
  • Upgrade it to MKII through the workshop

Combat MG MKII details: 

  • Description: You can never have too much of a good thing; after all, if the first shot counts, then the next hundred or so must count for double.
  • Price: $119,000. (Conversion at the workshop)
  • Capacity: 80 rounds (Specialised ammo) 100 rounds (200 with the extended clip)


That’s it for our list; we hope you enjoyed reading it. Now get yourself a Weapon Workshop and get to upgrading!

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