[Top 10] GTA Online Best Businesses to Make Money

Best GTA Online Business to Make Money
Best GTA Online Business to make money

10. Vehicle Warehouse (Import/Export DLC) 

The Vehicle Warehouse is the first money making method in gta online.

The Vehicle Warehouse is the first money making method in gta online, the memories.

Do you fancy yourself a thief? Think you could steal exotic cars? do delivery on time with no fender benders? If you answered yes, then this is your new workplace. Added in 2016, the Vehicle Warehouse is all about stealing cars (standard, mid, & top range) and selling them to the highest bidder. (Beginner friendly).

As an active money grinder, the vehicle warehouse works best when paired with passive income businesses (Bunker, MC & Nightclub) or when dealing with any heist cooldowns. The following is a strategy we money grinders use: Complete a Cayo Perico heist while waiting for Bunker/Mc to finish resupplying, then source and sell vehicle cargo while supply inventory is building up, continue selling vehicle cargo until Cayo or Bunker/MC is ready again. Following this strategy will eliminate all downtime.

What’s Great about the Vehicle Warehouse

As a day one player, the vehicle warehouse is a good starting point for new/returning players with limited funds. To get it up and going you will first need to buy a CEO Office, low end around $1 million, then purchase a vehicle warehouse. La mesa is currently the cheapest to buy with a starting cost of $1.5 million without customization upgrades. When you buy this office, you gain access to certain CEO perks that make money grinding a lot less stressful. One such perk is the ability to spawn in a helicopter right next to you instead of going to an airport or helipad miles away.

How much can you earn with the Vehicle Warehouse

With 169 vehicles exported, my account has made a total of $17,414,958 completely solo. The only difficulty you will face is from other lobby players looking to steal the cars for themselves. My advice on how to get around this is by using the off-radar feature when driving (offered by Lester) or doing the source vehicle mission in an invite only session. The High Demand bonus does not apply for this job so there is no benefit in selling while a part of public lobbies.

Now for the good stuff, 

  • Top-Range sales will cost you $20,000 in customization upgrade for a $80,000 profit, sales can be made every 20 minutes (in-game cooldown). I recommend selling the moment a top range is sourced, doing it this way will save you a bunch of time. 
  • Mid-Range sales will cost you $12,500 in customization upgrade for a $62,500 profit.  Only sell cars in this category when no Top-Ranges are being found, if you don’t want to sell these you could choose to save them for a potential collection sale.
  • Standard-Range sales will cost you $7,500 in customization upgrade for an$37,500 profit. I recommend you don’t sell these cars but save them for potential collection sales.

Collection sales can be the highest paying option, but with over 700 vehicles in-game, getting a 4-car collection will be nearly impossible. Also, sales using this method are limited to a minimum of 4 players and are susceptible to varying profit margins (Range based).

How to Start a Vehicle Warehouse Business

The first thing to do is open your in-game phone and search for and select the internet icon, search for the Dynasty8 Executive website and pick the office you fancy the most. Now go directly to the office once purchase is accepted. 

At your personal desk sit down and open the computer which will give players access to the Vehicle Warehouse buy page (only available on this computer), look for a suitable warehouse and hit purchase.

Once Purchase is confirmed the computer will now show a screen with three options, Source Vehicle Cargo, Special Cargo, and mission. Click Vehicle cargo and begin sourcing cars.


9. Auto Shop (Los Santos Tuners DLC)

Whats better than a 10 car garage, A 10 car garage you can make money out of.

One of the most anticipated GTA DLC’s to be released, the Auto Shop was made specifically for criminal car enthusiasts looking for illegitimate/legitimate income. The legitimate side of this business focuses on the upgrade and delivery of customers' cars while its counterpart focuses on retrieval, assassination & destruction contracts. This business includes a 10-car garage with a customizable in-house mod shop and other quality of life accessories for a price.

I recommend not buying all the additions if you are low on funds or have limited access to personal cars, you can start buying them again slowly over time. Keep in mind, Auto Shops with max upgrades cost a higher daily bill than those without.  The Mission Row Auto Shop and the Burton Auto Shop are mostly owned by the griefer community. The Strawberry Auto Shop is the safest location I've discovered.

What’s Great about the Auto Shop

The auto shop is very similar to the vehicle warehouse, upgrading cars and delivering them to buyers. The big difference is you don’t pay to source vehicles, they are brought to the garage (1 in-game day) for you to simply upgrade. know you have extra time to focus on the other businesses mentioned on this list. On the illegitimate side, you get access to high paying missions that can be done completely solo.

How much can you earn with the Auto Shop

If you’re looking to make the most money, you will need to focus mainly on the missions. Currently, I made $10,669,200 doing these missions, that is 19 completed contracts with the occasional 2x bonus. There are 8 contracts with varying payouts, but I highly recommend only doing the Unit Depository contract as it is the highest paying auto shop heist.

  • The Unit Depository Contract has a payout of $300,000 but will go to $375,000 with a full lobby. I advise going solo if you are experienced with heists. 
  • The Super Dollar Contract has the second highest payout of $185,000, there is no pay increase for multiple players or time taken to complete.
  • The Agency Contract is the Third and last option you should consider, with a payout of $182,000. The remaining contracts are more time-consuming. 

*There is a 5-minute cooldown between contracts

How to Start an Auto Shop Business

Head to the Maze Bank Foreclosures website on your in-game phone, look for a fitting Auto Shop garage then begin the building customization process. After the setup is finished, then head over to the garage to activate the introductory mission. Once done you can start missions for Sassanta/KDJ.


8. Agency (Contract DLC)

The Iconic Dr. Dre and Anderson .Paak are featured with this Business.

The Contract DLC Brings back one of the three main protagonists, Franklin Clinton and his iconic homie Lamar Davis. This dlc features the renowned Dr. Dre and Anderson paak in which we are tasked with retrieving a lost mixtape with all of Dre’s unreleased songs. With this update comes a new vehicle upgrade called Imani Tech, one of these upgrades disables the lock on feature for rockets while another improves vehicle durability.

As a daily player, this is the best quality of life Rockstar could add. I have lost nearly $25 million in destroyed supplies. This was a welcomed upgrade.

What’s Great about the Agency

What makes the Agency business so great isn’t the payout for the payphone hits or for contracts but the Imani Tech addition we got. GTA Online has been plagued with constant griefers for many years ever since the MK2 oppressors came out back in  2018. With the upgraded missile lock-on jammer this griefer problem becomes non-existent. If you're not worrying about griefers you can make more money.

How much can you earn with the Agency

  • The Dr Dre Contract, when completed, you will get a profit of $1,000,000, this contract consists of roughly 13 individual missions that will take roughly 5 hours. Based on the length of each mission you can expect to make a total of around $1,560,000.
  • Payphone Hits will get you $15,000 with a max bonus of $75,000 when specific assassination criteria are met (usually says drive into a gas pump).
  • Short-Trip Missions when done on normal gives players $50,000, a $12k increase when switched to hard. These are only available once the Dre Contract is complete for the first time. 

How to Start an Agency

Head to the Dynasty8 Executive website on your phone or in-game computer, you will see options for Offices and Agencies, click on Agencies to begin the customization process. After purchase, head over for the usual introductory cutscene. Once the cutscene is over you can now start the Dre Contract (Partner computer at agency office).


7. Nightclub (After Hours DLC)

Veteran Players will recognize some familar faces from GTA: The ballad of gay tony

The Ceo Nightclub is the best passive income business you can own. Tony from GTA IV is the main guy responsible for the nightclub, in fact he handles everything for you, the only thing you need to do after buying is ensure popularity stays in the green, this can be done at any nightclub terminal.

Like every other business, choose the best option for your budget. I recommend purchasing the nightclub next to the city airport. This one is the cheapest and most secluded I've found. There is also a highway for easier delivery routes.

What’s Great about the Nightclub

The good thing about this one is that you don’t need to visit the physical location until the safe/underground facility is fully filled (get a notification) or whenever you feel like selling, currently the only business that does it this way.

How much can you earn with the Nightclub

The nightclub gives you two sources of passive income, one is from the underground technicians you hired, and the other source is from the nightclub earnings.

  • The underground sales have a max payout of $2,700,000 when done in 21+ lobby which can be done solo, you will need to buy a truck from war stock cache and carry for a full sale.
  • The nightclub safe has a max hold of $210,000. The rate this builds up is based only on the nightclub popularity.

How to Start a Nightclub

The nightclub buy page can be found on the Maze Bank Foreclosure website, once bought complete the introductory cutscene and prerequisite setup mission to start the official Nightclub business. 


6. Arcade (The Diamond Casino DLC)

Take a break from the fast life and settle down as the local Arcade Manager.

The Arcade business was released with the long-anticipated Diamond Casino DLC, the fanbase's favorite DLC since the heist update of 2015. The Arcade like the money has two sources of income, one from the legitimate arcade (upstairs) and the diamond casino heist setup (downstairs). Unlike the Nightclub the Arcade offers you a brand-new terminal computer that can be used to access all the CEO and MC Businesses.

The Master Terminal on release was the most groundbreaking addition money grinders ever got, a feature we all still use today. However, if you don’t do MC/Bunker sales this terminal will have 0 benefit to you

What’s Great about the Arcade

The Casino Heist is limited to a minimum of 2 players but if you can find a friend to do this with then the payout will be worth the time investment. The arcade also has a 10-car garage and an in-house bar featuring one of the main GTA V cast members.

How much can you earn with the Arcade

Depending on the heist setup chosen you can expect to make a minimum of $2,115,000 with a max payout of $3,619,000. All the casino heists have a setup cost of $25,000, the vault has 4 options: Cash, Artwork, Gold, and Diamond).

  • The Diamond approach has a payout of $3,290,000 normal difficulty and a max of $3,619,000.
  • The Gold Approach is $2,585,000 normal difficulty and a max of $2,843,500.
  • Artwork Approach is $2,350,000 normal difficulty and a max of $2,585,000.
  • The Cash Approach is the lowest at $2,115,000 normal difficulty and a max of $2,326,500.

How to Start an Arcade

To get started, look for an “L” icon on your in-game map, head over and go through the yellow circle, this will take you through a short cutscene. Once completed a new option should pop up on the Maze Bank Foreclosure page now showing arcades for sale. After the purchase head over for the usual introductory cutscene.


5. Hanger (Smugglers Run DLC)

Become your own Top Gun

Take to the skies in this action-packed DLC filled with new planes, cars and a new aircraft storage system. The Smuggler’s Run DLC introduced a brand-new Hanger system that allowed for the storage of multiple aircraft and the ability to make all aircrafts personal vehicles. 

This update was a double edge sword, on one hand we got faster means of travel, and on the other we were introduced to a new group of griefers in jets, it took Rockstar 6 years to nerf these griefers. With the most recent update a patch was made that nerfed explosive rounds for all aircraft, particularly jets. 

What’s Great about the Hanger

The ability to make planes/helicopters your personal vehicle is the best thing about the Hanger, but with the Mercenaries DLC, hanger missions got a recent buff in that source cargo can now be done on land instead of it always being aircraft related. Players that aren’t so good at flying or dog fighting can build up their hangers more effectively. Another recent addition was the technician Rooster, a hanger assistant that will source cargo for you, max 3 supplies daily. 

How much can you earn with the Hanger

  • The hanger can be sold at any level once a minimum of 1 cargo is sourced. All cargo has a base value of $45,000 plus a % bonus for each cargo type. For a full sale you can expect to make a max profit of $5,928,750 and a minimum of $5,231,250 (High Demand Bonuses).
  • The highest Paying Cargo Types are narcotics, chemicals and medical supplies, 35% bonus for every 25 crates, and a further 70% bonus for each 50 crates. This will net you $3,825,000.
  • The remaining cargo types pay $3,375,000 - $3,600,000.

How to Start a Hanger

The Hanger buy page can be found on the Maze Bank Foreclosure website. I strongly suggest getting the military base hanger as you will be granted permanent access to the base. After completing the introductory cutscene and prerequisite setup mission to start the official Hanger business.


4. Special Cargo Warehouse (Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC)

Being a Mogul was never this easy

This update came out in 2016 and for a very long time was the only business available for making real money, in these missions you will have to deliver cargos sometimes individually to the warehouse. As the first business in GTA Online, The Cargo Warehouse is perfect for new players.

If you are new to GTA Online, this should be the first business you consider buying. Doing the sale regardless of stock inventory can be done solo, difficulty varies based on the delivery vehicle you get, only the plane mission is difficult as there will sometimes be attack helicopters waiting at drop-offs.

What’s Great about the Special Cargo Warehouse

The great thing about this business is how solo friendly it is, from start to finish you can do it all by yourself. When you manage to get an oppressor mk2, retrieval/delivery time will be drastically shortened. 

How much can you earn with the Special Cargo Warehouse

If you’re looking to make the most money possible, you will need to focus on getting the max storage warehouse available. If you do choose this warehouse, then you can expect to make a max payout of $5,827,500 with high demand. It takes 37 three crate missions to fully fill a warehouse for a total cost of $666,000.

How to Start a Special Cargo Warehouse

To get this business going first open the Dynasty8 Executive website on your phone or in-game computer, look for the option saying Cargo/Vehicle warehouses, you want the former. After purchase is confirmed, go to the business location and then the setup mission will begin.


3. Bunker (Gunrunning DLC)

Guns, Cars and more Guns. The American Way

The Bunker initially came with the gunrunning DLC in early summer 2017 which introduced a new vehicle known as the M.O.C (Mobile Operation Center). This vehicle comes with a personal mod shop, terminal station, and heavy artillery machine guns. Unlike personal vehicles the M.O.C is considered a special vehicle which basically means it cannot be called by a mechanic but by the interaction menu.

The Bunker is the best business for building passive income, however you can be raided, so staying in CEO mode is very risky. The bunker has certain unlocks that make it worth the investment like a Machine gun bodysuit with high defense.

What’s Great about the Bunker

The bunker doesn’t require a lot of upkeep if you maintain the supply stock, so this is suited for the average casual gamer. The bunker at max inventory requires at least 3 players to get done in time, if done right you can sell solo after 1-2 resupplies, one delivery vehicle at this stage.

How much can you earn with the Bunker

The Bunker at max will do a base payout of $770,000 is sold close by if sold further away you get 1.5x bonus for a total of $1,155,000. You can get a further 25% bonus when sold in 21+ lobby. If you decide on selling solo the price will vary based on cargos own ($20k per cargo)

How to Start a Bunker

There are 11 bunkers available to buy on the Maze Bank Foreclosures site. To access this simply head to the internet icon on your phone and look under the money and services tab. There is only one setup mission for the bunker which counts as a free resupply once completed.


2. Motorcycle Club (Bikers DLC)

Sons of.. trademark

The MC business is my personal favorite on this list, I've spent hundreds of hours doing these sales missions. The MC business is all about guns, bikes, and more bikes. Released 7 years ago, the motorcycle club introduced a new feature that allows players to register as a mc president granting them abilities like instant personal bike arrival or lobby wide missions.

This business follows the same principles as the bunker, keeping stocks fully supplied. Like the bunker you can be raided and since you can own up to 4 individual mc businesses, the risk of you getting raided goes up.

What’s Great about the Motorcycle Club Businesses

Once you own all four MC businesses the title of best passive income generator switches over. Unlike the bunker, the motorcycle club businesses can be sold solo. There is only one potential delivery vehicle that will cause new player problems (box truck). Rockstar made a work around as you can now sell your product to dealers directly without having to do a sales mission.

How much can you earn with the Motorcycle Club Businesses

I have made a grand total of $276,866,922 doing these sales missions 300+ times. For most players you can expect to make:

  • Cocaine Lockup will give a payout ranging from $500,000.
  • Methamphetamine Lab will do a payout of $420,000.
  • Counterfeit Cash will get you $350,000.
  • Weed Farms are my personal favorite and give you $300,000.

Documentary Forgery is the lowest paying of the bunch at a whopping $150,000. That is half the second lowest but the fastest generating MC business.

How to Start a Motorcycle Club Business 

Open the Maze Bank Foreclosures site by simply opening the internet icon on your phone and under the money and services tab you will find the website. There is only one setup mission per business which also counts as a free resupply once completed.


1. Kosatka Submarine (Cayo Perico DLC)

"I swear i'm not watching"

The Kosatka Submarine is the main business you should own if you want to become a GTA Online billionaire. Released with the first and only map expansion, The Cayo Perico DLC introduces players to a party island filled with drugs, booze and endless partying in which the main objective is to plan the perfect heist. 

This Particular Heist has been constantly getting nerfed by Rockstar but still it remains the best option for solo money Grinding. Buying this business is the most lucrative investment you can make in this game, trust me no other compares. 

What’s Great about the Kosatka Submarine

The submarine has 3 specific features that make it the current best. The first feature is the custom helicopter you get that can be called in from your interaction menu, this mini helicopter is perfect for getting around the city quickly. The second feature is the guided missile you gain access to, like its namesake, the guided missile can be controlled by players and used to blow up players miles away. The last feature is the access you get to the Cayo Perico heist.

How much can you earn with the Kosatka Submarine

After the most recent nerf, you can expect to make an average payout of $1,103,333 solo with a newly added cooldown of 2 hours and 12 minutes for solo players. Based on the primary target the payout will decrease or increase.

  • Tequila Primary Target is now $630,000 by itself.
  • Ruby Necklace & Bearer Bonds Primary Target are now $700,000 by themselves.

*This is a 30% decrease straight across the board

How to Start a Kosatka Submarine Business

The kosatka submarine can be bought at war stock cache & carry for a base price of $2,200,000. The submarine needs to be bought first in order for the introductory mission at the music locker to begin, once you’ve completed this you will have to head to LSIA for the Cayo Perico Heist setup prologue, finish completing the prologue to gain full access.

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