[Top 15] GTA Online Best Outfits That Look Awesome

Awesome Outfits in GTA Online
Best GTA Online Outfits

15. Golf (The Drive)

Golfing never looked this Good

The Drive golf outfit was released with The Contract DLC on December 15, 2021. As of writing, there are currently only 4 custom made golf outfits players can buy (The Putt, The Chip, and The Birdie) making it one of the rarer outfits GTA Online players can buy, a true Collector's item.

Me and my crew members have been regularly playing a round of golf at the end of our game sessions and we would always make our own golf outfits to compete in. When this DLC dropped 2 years ago, we were hoping for a new golf course but unfortunately, we only got these four outfits and some missions that took place at the clubhouse. Better than nothing, I guess.

 My first impression was very meh but over time I started loving these outfits more, more so The Drive outfit.  A big bonus for these outfits is that you unlock a feature that allows for one glove to be worn at a time without having to use glitches.

How to get a Golf Outfit

After completing the first Dr Dre Contract mission, players will unlock a new outfit category titled “Outfits: Golf” (Clothing 53/56)

  •  The Drive outfit is available at any Suburban or Ponsonbys and can be edited to player liking.
  • The Putt outfit can also be bought at any Suburban or Ponsonbys.
  • The Chip and The Birdie outfits are the last two options in the Outfit: Golf category.


14. Grassland Armor (The Analyst)

"I can't find him Sir"

The Analyst is another 1 of 4 items released with the Cayo Perico Heist DLC on December 15th, 2020. Like their namesake, Grassland Armors are perfect choices for stealth combat in grassy/mountainous areas without breaking the bank. The price range starts off at $49,252 and goes up to a max price of $86,311. I highly recommend players choose The Analyst outfit as it is the only option in the bunch that comes with a reinforced helmet (Lowers headshot damage), note this is the most expensive choice to buy outright. 

I have concluded that The Analyst and The Tracker outfits work best when worn in Sandy Shores while The Naturalist and The Coordinator work best in Blaine County and Vinewood Hills.

How to get Grassland Armor Outfits

  • The Analyst can be bought at any Suburban or Ponsonbys Clothing store from the female cashiers located directly in front both entrances for $86,311.
  • The Tracker can be bought at any Suburban or Ponsonbys Clothing store from the female cashiers located directly in front both entrances for $51,815.
  • The Coordinator can be bought at any Suburban or Ponsonbys Clothing store from the female cashiers located directly in front both entrances for $40,825
  • The Naturalist can be bought at any Suburban or Ponsonbys Clothing store from the female cashiers located directly in front both entrances for $49,252.


13. Undertaker (The Ominous)

I've come for thee's soul

The Ominous is a special outfit players unlock after completing Prep work for the Diamond Casino Heist that was released back on December 12th, 2019. What makes this outfit special isn’t the custom-tailored tuxedo or the midnight-mass shoes, but the limited black top hat players unlock after their purchase is confirmed. This is unlike the regular matte black top hat player had access to since the launch of GTA Online.

If you are a new player or recently returning to GTA Online, I recommend skipping the custom-made choice and simply use any of The Sharp Black suits ($440 cheapest) with a regular Black top Hat ($5100 at Suburban). However, players that have been playing actively or casually should go ahead and complete the prep work mission.

How to get The Ominous Outfit

As the only option for the undertaker category, The Ominous can be bought at all Suburban and Ponsonbys Clothing stores and is found under the category “Outfits: Diamond Casino Heist” at number 16.


12. Firefighter Gear (The Intrepid)

Guarenteed to get you the Ladies

The Firefighter Gear outfits were of a new category style that implemented various trade work outfits players could buy or unlock and for some missions, making it much easier to infiltrate. The setup missions for the Dr Dre Heist have specific criteria (Trade work outfits) players can meet if they are looking to do the stealthy approach method.

There are four firefighter options to choose from but there are only two variants, Custom tank with mask or an option without them with only goggles. Keep in mind that The Intrepid and The Valiant are the only two that come with custom gas tanks on the back and custom mask.  I recommend players get one of these two mentioned as they both are almost half the price of the remaining two. 

How to get Firefighter Gear Outfits

These outfits are sadly locked behind the Diamond Casino Heist forcing all players to complete the matching approach method for them to become unlocked.

  • After the firefighter approach is completed, The Intrepid can then be bought at a clothing store for around $55,000.
  • The Valiant is also available for the same cost mentioned above but comes in a darker shade of yellow.
  • The Steady Is the counterpart to The Intrepid coming in at a total cost of $109,670
  • The Unwavering is the counterpart to The Valiant also at a cost of $109,670.


11. Gruppe Sechs Gear (The Rigid)

I have the Power

Gruppe Sechs Outfits are the last outfit category on this list from the Diamond Casino Heist and arguably the best purchase players can make from that entire DLC. The reason I say this is due to this category being an updated version of the pre-existing security outfits, but with added variations that come with built-in body armor and a riot helmet that significantly reduces player damage (up to 50% damage reduction).

For the past 5 years, Rockstar (Game developer) has been steadily increasing the cost of new outfits, sometimes even exceeding a million dollars if looking to own multiple sets. Players that do go for entire sets will be happy to know that the total cost of all Gruppe Sechs Gear outfits add up to less than $250,000.

How to get Gruppe Sechs Gear Outfits

There are six different outfits to choose from once you have completed the specific criteria mission for the Diamond Casino heist.

  • The Rigid can be bought at any clothing store for $56,980 and has a helmet that is locked in the downward position.
  • The Imposer is the variation of The Rigid with the helmet going up instead of down for a low price of $44,555, a good price drop for a minuscule change.
  • The Shatterproof is the third variation of The Rigid that comes in a button up short sleeve shirt for the lowest price of the entire category at $28,825.
  • The Defender is the fourth variation and continuing the trend, comes without any helmet but instead comes with a black hat as replacement.
  • The Unbreakable outfit is a white and black variation like The Shatterproof outfit but with the helmet down. The cost is $58,773.
  • The Enacter is the last of the Gruppe Sechs outfits and is basically the same as the imposer but with a long white shirt and no glasses. Total cost of $44,060.


10. Yacht Captain

Love Island Reboot?

The Yacht Captains outfit was released with the Los Santos Summer Special DLC on August 11th, 2020. This DLC had a heavy focus on the Galaxy Super Yacht in that we had six special made missions that when all completed will give players a first-time money bonus and the Yacht Captain outfit. For players who own one of the three Galaxy Super Yachts (The Aquarius, The Orion, & The Pisces), this outfit will be a welcomed gift as previously the closet outfit we players could make at that time, resembled nothing like an actual Yacht Captain. 

The Yacht missions can be done completely solo or with some friends, but it is very important that players host these missions, or the outfit won't become unlocked at the end of it all. The final payout of these missions will drastically vary based on the amount of time taken to complete. I recommend new players do these on easy/normal difficulty.

How to get The Yacht Captain Outfit

To unlock the Yacht Captain Outfit players will have to complete all six yacht missions (Overboard, Salvage, All Hands, Icebreaker, Bon Voyage, and D-Day) as the lobby's host. After the final mission is finished, the outfit will be available in your closet the next time players join a lobby.


9. Pogo Space Monkey

Have any Bananas?

The Pogo Space Monkey outfit was released with the highly anticipated Arena War DLC on December 11th, 2018, as an unlockable outfit set players can acquire for completing various Arena War jobs. Players who don’t mind spending some hard-earned cash are able to purchase right out.

The original pogo mask was in base GTA V way before the GTA Online servers launched, making this the most nostalgic outfit on this entire article. All players will have a blast wearing this around the map. 

How to get The Pogo Space Monkey Outfit

This outfit can be unlocked for purchase by completing the Arena War career or by buying a premium of $288,880 at the local clothing store.


8. Republican Space Ranger

Buzz, you look diferent than I remember

The Republican Space Ranger outfit was another character suit released with the Arena War DLC in 2018. This is another unlockable outfit set players can get for completing some of the Arena War jobs. For those who consider themselves high earners will have the ability to buy in-game cash.

If players have ever watched the in-game tv show “Space Rangers” they will recognize this outfit as an identical replica of the ones the three main characters wear, if you own the minigun weapon you will be in full cosplay. This outfit looks like it would have built in body armor but sadly it has the same defense value as a regular t-shirt. 

How to get The Republican Space Ranger Outfit

This outfit can be unlocked for purchase by completing the Arena War career or by buying a premium of $397,000 at the local clothing store.


7. Space Horror Suits (Flesh Space Creature)

Royal Bloodline 

All 12 Space Horror Suits have the same alien as the base design but are differentiated by the varying color options players can choose from, these outfit prices range from $289,380 - $302,800. Since this is only a $14k max difference, players can go with the variant they like the best. 

This outfit when paired with the “off radar” feature can be quite amusing when in the mood for trolling friends or other lobby players. Sometimes I would use these outfits for PvP combat because of their slightly smaller frame your character gets when worn.

How to get the Space Horror Suits

Players can unlock this item for purchase via the Arena War Career or by using the Buy Now feature for a max price of $302,800.

  • The Flesh Space Horror outfit is perfect for camouflage due to its tan color palate. The Buy Now price will be $301,440
  • Pink & Yellow Space Horror is the cheapest of the bunch at $289,380.
  • Light Blue Space Horror is the most expensive to Buy Now at $302,800.


6. Green/Purple Martian Bodysuit

The Greatest WAR

A year or two ago there was a meme war between two groups of players in the GTA online world, The Purple Aliens and The Green Aliens. This meme war between the green and purple alien factions lasted only a few weeks but managed to get the attention of Rockstar (Game Developer) and as a sign of solidarity, they made these two outfits free to buy (one week only).

For about two weeks, the entire gaming world couldn’t have enough of this meme and took it to such heights it featured on some local news stations. During this time this was the only thing gaming articles were writing about. This event has long been over but it’s still not too late to show your support.

How to get The Green/Purple Martian Bodysuit

The Green and Purple Martian Bodysuits normally cost over $300,000 each at any Suburban or Ponsonbys clothes store. 


5. Blue Galaxy Bodysuit

Marvels Eternity at home

The Blue Galaxy Bodysuit is a very unique universe inspired outfit that came with the Arena War DLC and is available to purchase to all players at all Suburban stores, this outfit comes in only blue and pink. Bodysuits are always a good choice for PvP combat but the Galaxy Bodysuits I've found do a much better job of confusing enemy players (Night only).

This bodysuit doesn’t have a story like number six on this list, but it makes up for it in the unique design department, like come one look at this thing. The only downside to this outfit is that most players will eventually switch to another outfit that is way less bright as this outfit gets quite bright at times.

How to get The Blue Galaxy Bodysuit

  • The Blue Galaxy Bodysuit can be bought at Suburban or Ponsonbys for $268,400.
  • The Pink Galaxy Bodysuit can be bought at Suburban or Ponsonbys for $258,400.


4. Deadline (White)

Tron *redacted

The Deadline outfit is very special as it is inspired by the legendary franchise Tron Legacy, there is also a matching bike and a custom adversary mode with the bike light trails activated. These Deadline outfits come in eight different colors; yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, red, white, & the iconic blue. This outfit is one of the few clothing sets that was released with its own matching vehicle.

I recommend getting at least one of these outfits as once you do buy, you are able to customize the light options on the suit to your liking. The neon lights can also be turned off for a stealthier feel.

How to get the Deadline Outfits

The Deadline outfits can be found at the clothing stores cashiers interaction menu under the Category Outfits: Deadline.


3. Flight Suits (Black)

Top Gun: GTA V

Flying Aircraft’s and dogfighting  has always been a big pastime in GTA Online since the beginning of the franchise and it’s truly amazing to see game studios like Rockstar show love to the old mechanics that made players fans

These flight suits are impressive as they are now the new complete set for the previous helmet we got when players would enter an aircraft. They come in a variety of colors and designs that will match most GTA players' style.

How to get The Flight Suits

Players can buy one of the nineteen Flight Suits outfits in any of the clothing stores ranging from $50,000 to $197,002. 

  • The Base Flight suit cost $50,000 to purchase.
  • The Light Woodland Flight Suit is the most expensive flight suit to buy at $108,679.


2. Scuba (Splinter Scuba)

Time for an Adventure

The custom Scuba suits were released with the Doomsday Heist DLC and are rather unique in the sense that when players enter a body of dive-able water, they will no longer lose oxygen and the shoes will transform into flippers making water movement significantly faster. This outfit is so good for moving around it almost guarantees itself a permanent spot in your wardrobe loadout.

From the moment I bought my first scuba outfit, I’ve never once removed it from my loadout rotation. With the first GTA V generational move from old gen (PS3, Xbox 360) to new gen (PS4, Xbox One), players were now able to switch among ten saved outfits from their interaction menu. After it became so easy to change outfits, it is now possible to use scuba gear for trolling players or for escaping aggressive NPC’s.

How to get the Scuba Gear Outfit 

There are 22 different scuba gear outfits to choose from containing all the major color pallets.

  • The cheapest option is the Blue Scuba for $156,000
  • The most expensive option will cost players $163,000
  • The Splinter Scuba can be bought for $ 162,500


1. GTA V Anniversary

Aren't They a Beaut

With the 10-year Anniversary of GTA V (September 17, 2023), one of the gifts players got was these three outfits the main characters wear in the story mode (Michael, Franklin, & Trevor). This Outfit is extremely rare as it was only available for the 10-year Anniversary week. For the players that did manage to log in, should be very happy to know they are members of a very exclusive club.

What made GTA V so popular these past ten years was not only the constant DLC we got but the amazing trio we got to play as in story mode. What better way is there to end this article than with the outfits that started it all. The Homie (Franklin), The Retired Criminal (Michael), & The Groupie (Trevor).

How to get the GTA V Anniversary Outfits

Players will get these three outfits for free by simply joining a GTA V Online lobby between September 14,2023 and September 20, 2023.

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